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Welcome everyone to the Chaika Wiki Recognition blog! With recognition blogs, I give out recognitions for my teammates who worked hard in the wiki projects. My teammates are working to improve the site. With wiki pages, we help create pages for folks to attach blogs, reviews, and discussion topics too. It helps folks meet up with folks and bond while sharing their favorite anime and working together in the wiki community.

That's how we roll in Anime Vice.

First off, let me introduce my teammates.

Team Members

He's from Brooklyn, New York. His favorite anime series is Sword Art Online, High School DxD, and Blazblue Alter Memory. He enjoys spending time in Ecchi Club and Hentai Club. He's a strong advocate of a hentai site called Fakku. Finally, he's a Hentai wiki specialist, adding new Hentai pages for the Hentai Club monthly. Though, he feels he's still inexperienced but grateful to have me moderating his wiki pages and guiding him to become a top wiki editor soon.

He aspires to be the best Hentai wiki editor in Anime Vice with the most hentai pages created.
He is a new wiki editor who works at Anime Vice, and he originally a Wikia member who used to work at Chaika Wikia.
Unfortunately, I don't have Sidapa's intro since I lost contact with my teammate. This is all I have for now.
I'm a sixth year student of Asian American Studies, a resident of California, and a 3rd year member at Anime Vice. I currently serve as a wiki mod in Anime Vice since September 12, 2013. I'm currently a retired Admin at Sket Dance and Btooom Wikia since I have to stop due to being a new mod in Anime Vice. I still kept my account semi-active at To Hollywood and Beyond Wikia because it's Screened's second home.

I'm an episode wiki specialist, but I do work on other types of wiki pages. My strong skill is gathering groups of editors from across communities and building great wiki pages with them. My goals in Anime Vice is to build a strong, tight knit and balanced community by working with key users of various niches.

For those who are new to Chaika, here's a summary my teammates and I prepare for you. We hope you try out Chaika - Coffin Princess!

Chaika - The Coffin Princess revolves around a trio: a young female wizard named Chaika and the Saboteur siblings, Toru and Akari, who assist Chaika in retrieving her father's remains. Chaika wishes to give her father a proper burial. Her father is Emperor Gaz who had been slain by the eight heroes, and as a result, his empire had been dismantled. Individual countries are now managed by the Kliemann Organization during the post war period. There are individuals who will stop Chaika and her gang from her goals while there are others who compete with her in taking her father's remains.

Our Accomplishments

In the Chaika wiki project of Anime Vice, my teammates and I work in different pages. Sidapa was mostly a light novel and manga editor who also works on concept pages while AgentFakku works on concept pages and attaching things to character and misc pages.

Our work is not done given how difficult it is to obtain light novel and manga data because Chaika isn't available legally, forcing us to resort to other means in order to fulfill our tasks. Though, the light novel text is an issue still.

Best Works

  • Sidapa has written a great page on Fayla.
  • I have written a great page for Chaika Travant. I left the story arcs blank since that's reserved for original source material, the light novel.
  • I prepared a good season 1 wiki page for Chaika - The Coffin Princess's anime page.


  • August 17, 2014 - I finished all episode summaries for Chaika season 1.

Thank you everyone for reading this blog. Please give my teammates a round of applause for their hard work.

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