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BigHeart711 and I finished 19 out of 28 winter anime 2015 trailers. I thought we had more than 28. I have to double check different sources. Sometimes, one source overcounts shows that falls out or gets postponed.
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Welcome to this belated news article on Btooom! This time, we got some sexy Himiko merchandise. Uh-huh, that's right. It's not your average, cute, Moe, doe eyed merchandise. No, this is sexy....

Please ignore my stupid title. I was sleepy when I did this. Anyway, I discovered an old Crunchyroll news when I was out hunting for Btooom! images.


First off, let's start with the bath goodies. We got a lovely towel that costs 4,515 Yen which is $57.

Then, we have a waterproof bath poster that sells for 1,890 Yen ($23.75).

Next, we got cups, plates, a placemat that has a relationship diagram, and a zippo lighter. I couldn't find the price for those things.

Yeah, those plates really make it awkward to eat food.

Now, for the hottest and somewhat embarrassing t-shirt that a fan would die wearing:

It look cool on the front, but on the back, I wonder about people's reactions to an anime girl hugging the back with only lingerie on.

Front Side
Front Side
Back Side
Back Side
Original Design
Original Design

I finally found out where this image came from when I uploaded from Zero Chan.

That's pretty much it for Btooom! Himiko is definitely Btooom!'s mascot. Who would imagine Kira Kosuke on a body pillow? Speaking of body pillows, I didn't see one for Himiko or even a mouse pad which is odd given how sexualized Himiko is. This is the most tame merchandise I've seen since there was plenty of oppai mousepads and body pillows for fan service heavy shows.


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