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Finished Dream's wiki submissions! I'll go over my Gdocs and my team's and construct a Wiki community progress blog.
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Hello, fellow Blue Exorcist fans!


For you people who do not know Blue Exorcist, Blue Exorcist is a shounen series that is about a teenage boy who finds out that he is a demon and after a harsh event that changed his life forever. He vows to become the best exorcist and to kick Satan's ass.

The manga series is written and drawn by the mangaka, Kazue Kato.

Blue Exorcist Movie
Blue Exorcist Movie

The Blue Exorcist anime is coming to an end with its 25th episode coming out on October 2, 2011. Don't feel guys and gals. We have a movie coming out (in Japan)! The Blue Exorcist Movie has been green-lit. However, we don't know the exact release date.

More Good News

  • Aniplex will release Four DVD sets in October, January, April, and July as a commemoration to the end of the anime series.
  • Viz Media will release the 4th volume for the North America region next week.
  • For Anime Vice's wiki project on Blue Exorcist anime, it's ending. All right. Anna and I can focus on the characters and the reformatting of the episodes. It means that we only have to deal with one less project. Whoo!

Hopefully, you guys have enjoyed the anime or not. We have a strong wiki database and a fanbase in our community. Go out and post your thought or write up some wiki articles.

Go Anime Vice!


Thanks to Sotyfan16 for giving me the heads up. I should sign up for ANN or Crunchyroll's news email or check it everyday.

I'm Takashichea, partner of Annabanana on the Blue Exorcist wiki project and proud member of Team W.I.K.I Nation.

Thank you.

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