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Time to work. I'll start uploading caps and adding characters for Free! Eternal Summer, Kaleid, Black Butler, Korra, and Tokyo Ghouls. PM me if you need me.
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This is a summary of all the wiki stuff I do across the Whiskey Media sites and one Wikia community.

New Projects

Hey everyone, I can't believe how time flies so fast. After the summer is over, my teammates and I finished most of the summer 2012 anime projects. We only added all of the characters (except for minor characters) and finish all of the episode summaries.

With the fall semester in session, it's going to be hard to manage wiki editing with school work and volunteering at Church and in my community. I tried to only do like 3 hours in the weekend. Somehow, I end up working overtime. I need to improve my time management because I tend to focus on one or two things a day instead of doing rotating from one area to another area.

Magi the Labyrinth of Magic
Magi the Labyrinth of Magic
Start Date: Oct. 10, 2012
I pick this project from the start because it was Annabanana's favorite manga series. Since she and I had similar tastes in Shonen anime shows, I decided to give the anime a try. Despite the shonen cliches, I got hooked onto the show with its characters and strong themes of slavery and poverty that will pop up frequently.

Roles: Complete episode summaries and adding characters
Start Date: Oct. 6, 2012
At first, I wanted to avoid watching this series because of the graphic content. Like Deadman Wonderland, Hagure Yusha, and Seikon no Qwaser, I'll end up getting hooked like a moth to a flame. Yeah, I don't know what drives me to work on these pages. It's not the sex or the violence that stimulates me, but it's more about watching the insanity and despair that makes me curious.

Roles: Complete episode summaries and adding characters
Teammate: Acura_Max
Start Date: Oct. 20, 2012
I had no interest in watching this show, and I was picking potential fall anime shows that the folks of Anime will be interested. Learning from my mistakes in the summer season, I noticed some discussion threads are dead while some are not. I know that Stein;Gates was popular in this community, so I open the discussion thread on this one. Along the way, Acura_Max and ElfenLied1012 got me to try this series. Somehow, I like the show because of the two characters that foil each other: Akiho Senomiya and Kaito Yashio.

Roles: Adding Characters.
*I don't think I have time to add summaries with a full plate of projects.

Old and Ongoing Projects

Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail
Teammates: Daniel Newton
Resting Teammates: Annabanana, Wales, Obsidian609, Buhssuht
Start Date: Around November 2010
This is one of my first and biggest wiki project. I love working and watching Fairy Tail, and I'm glad to work with one of the biggest wiki editing in the community. It was awesome when Ethan and FoxxFireArt open a slew of wiki tasks on Fairy Tail back in spring of 2011, and Anna, Wales, Buhssuht, and I just finished them in a day.

Roles: I still recall the old days. Now, I'm working with Daniel on the anime and keeping it updated.
Please see Wiki Project -- Fairy Tail and Fairy Tail Recognition Blogs for Animevice users
Sket Dance
Sket Dance
Resting Teammates: Annabanana, KuroNekoXIII, MohsinMan99, HalberdierV2, Piface314, Hibaru

Start Date: August 18, 2011
Piface314 invited Annabanana and I to try the show. When we got hooked on the show, I started the first weekly reports in order to boost discussion and spotlight the wiki work that my teammates do. Along the way, KuroNekoXIII and MohsinMan99 join the team. Geo came back and wrote news on the show. It was a fantastic experience, and I enjoyed working on this series with my teammates.

Roles: With the anime gone, I'm not working on it as hard as I used to be. I'm just cleaning up the formatting.
Please see Team W.I.K.I. Nation's Mega Updates on Sket Dance Sept-Oct 2011 to learn about my teammates.
Sword Art Online Season 2
Sword Art Online Season 2
Start Date: July 16, 2012
This is one of the newest shows I work on since the summer 2012 and the only one that is running. Ever since I saw the trailer, I was so hyped up to watch the show. It's one of the best shows I watch in the summer along with Binbogami Ga and Humanity Has Declined. I enjoy watching and discussing with the good folks here in Anime Vice.

Even this is a solo project, I had some help from Sonata who got some nice default images and Daniel who helped me on the main anime page and format the episode pages. AnimeReviewDaily worked on Kirito and the main anime page. Buhssuht helped me out on the franchise page.

Roles: Adding episode summaries and characters.

Giant Bomb

Independent Wiki Editors: Hailinel, Chalphy, and Video_Game_King

See Fire Emblem Community and the Unofficial Fire Emblem Fan Club

Start Date: December 2010?

I used to work on Fire Emblem characters, but I didn't have enough time to gather notes from Serenes Forest, Fire Emblem Wikia, and Youtube Videos. The challenge with these characters is compiling an article on their back story, dialogue, stats, and anything I can find. Right now, I'm just adding video games from Japan that were influenced or spawn the anime series that I worked on.

Examples: Alice in the Country of Hearts, La Storia della Arcana Famiglia, Guilty Crown: Lost Xmas, and Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment.


I'm just adding episodes and quotes for my favorite TV shows: Supernatural and Raising Hope. Don't have time to do full plot summaries like I do at Anime Vice.

Comic Vine

Start Date: Oct. 17, 2012

I first came to Comic Vine after clicking on the news articles on the bottom of Anime Vice's website. That was a year ago. I didn't know Comic Vine had Japanese manga until I stumbled upon FoxxFireArt's blog about having a staff writer focusing on manga. Over there, I was introduced to another awesome wiki editor, PikaHyper. The man had an ambition to expand on the foreign comic database and adding more manga titles than Anime Vice. It made me work in Comic Vine.

While I was working on the manga pages, PikaHyper helped me lot in Comic Vine with the wiki style and the rules. I added manga volumes from Anime Vice and adding manga volumes from Comic Vine to Anime Vice. Usually, I concentrate my work on a few projects, and I don't create a lot of different series that I'm not familiar with. His ambitions changed my wiki outlook, and I'm adding new titles either from Quick Picks or CV for the sake of expanding the database.

I hoping that the work on foreign comics that PikaHyper and everyone else did can bridge the gap between Comic Vine and Anime Vice and increase wiki editing in both communities as well.

Sket Dance Wikia

Teammates: Balthierfan, Utipintar, Lynxian (Admin)

Start Date: February 2, 2012

Became an admin on April 24, 2012. It's the same situation in the Sket Dance project for Anime Vice. Unlike Anime Vice, I have to check the community every day because the new and anonymous editors tend to mess up due to not reading the rules. I help them and fix any mistakes. Plus, there are spammers who attack the pages occasionally. Ever since the Sket Dance anime has ended, my gears are slow, but I still continue to work on the characters a bit and watching the wikia activity.

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Welcome to the biweekly report for Fairy Tail! I'm sorry for the late report. It's strange now that this week I only have Fairy Tail for weekly reports. All of the summer anime series that I work on have ended. For the Fall 2012 anime, I'm doing a discussion style.


Ep. 152: And We Aim for the Top

When Natsu and some others from the "Tenrou group" visit apothecary hermit Poluchka to see if they can get some medicine to become stronger, Wendy senses something extremely familiar about the misanthropic old woman. Also, the next master of Fairy Tail is chosen (for real) and another important decision is made that could elevate the guild's dismal reputation!

Ep. 153: Song of the Stars

Fairy Tail's best is back, but to rock the Grand Magic Games, they've got to make up seven years worth of time in only 3 months! It's time for some seriously hard training! But before that, a little party in the Spirit World can't hurt, right?

By Crunchyroll


Beware of spoilers!



Wendy and Porlyusica's scene
Wendy and Porlyusica's scene
  • With fillers finally over, the plot moves on. We learn that Porlyusica is actually Grandine's Edolas counterpart. It's nice that they bring back some of the Edolas theme. Also, Wendy and Porlyusica's scene was the only good scene in the episode.
  • Max shows that he is tough, but Natsu overpowered him at the end. It was interesting to see a minor Fairy Tail member giving Natsu trouble.


  • We get to see the Celestial World for the first time, so fans can see their favorite Celestial Spirits socializing with Lucy's group.
  • Juvia's jealously, Taurus's perverted request, and other silly scenes still provides some entertainment.


The bath scene would have made Ep. 152 better
The bath scene would have made Ep. 152 better
  • Not much happened in episode 152. The only important part is Wendy receiving Grandine's spells from Porlyusica. The talk about the Grand Magic Games could have done in episode 151.
  • Episode 152 was slow and felt like a filler. Pretty much, it's a flashback episode with the most training I seen so far in the series and a celebration portion that didn't do much.
  • Missing Fan Service: For those who love it, the anime did not include the bath scene where Natsu and the boys peep on Lucy and the girls who are bathing.
  • Less party scenes would better. All these scenes are just pretty useless unless they are entertaining.

Overall, these episodes are decent, but they are just stalling the plot. Episode 150 and 151 could have been combined if they wanted to explain more about the Grand Magic Games and show Porlyusica and Wendy's scene. Instead, they broke it off and slow down the plot. For episode 152, it was mediocre.

I forgot about the episode preview. I'm stoked to see Jellal, Meredy, and Ultear.


Thank you everyone for reading this report. My teammates and I are all busy with school. We're scraping by to make ends meet. I'll try to get the Fairy Tail report up early along with the wiki work. Daniel Newton is formatting the episodes, and he recently added images for Ep. 153. I didn't have much images when I did this report.

Check out our Fairy Tail wiki project and list.

Last Week's Reports

Special Blogs: Binbogami Ga! wiki project, Campione! wiki project, and Hagure Yusha no Estetica wiki project completed, Tari Tari's OtaRoad, Tari Tari wiki project is done,

Anime Discussion Threads

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Welcome everyone! My partner, Auron570, and I finish the Tari Tari anime project which includes the episodes. With limited time, we'll edit the characters later.

The project was started on July 12, 2012 and ended on October 6, 2012.

Final Impressions

Auron570 wrote his final impressions in his blog, Tari Tari final thoughts: well-made but shallow.

For me, Tari Tari was my first, official slice of life series. I don't include Sket Dance to be my first since I felt it was more gag shonen comedy than slice of life. It was a new experience, and I enjoyed how each character had a piece of the attention given to them in this short series. Though, Wakana and Sawa had most attention. I tried this series because people were calling it the Moe version of Glee. After I watched it, it was not Moe or Glee in any sense. The singing is not done every episode, and it's not overwhelming, but when they do sing, it sounds beautiful.

For those who are new to Tari Tari:

Tari Tari revolves around 5 Japanese school teenagers and when Konatsu quits the Choir, she tries to enlist the help of Wakana, Sawa, Taichi, and Atsuhiro in her new club. Each member of the choir struggle with their pasts as they go through every day life.



He's a wiki editor who specializes in Slice of Life wiki projects. He was my teammate on the Gosick project with HalberdierV2.

(Will fill in this later)

Episode Work

Auron570 and I took turns on the episode work. He did the even episodes while I did the odd episodes.

All episodes have a Crunchyroll synopsis except episodes 1 and 13, and I included weekly reports which helps promote discussion and the wiki.

Ep. 1: Running and Inviting

Miyamoto-san is in her senior year and she desperately wants to sing in the upcoming joint recital, but the vice-principal has barred her doing so. To get back on stage, she will have to take a different approach.
Ep. 2: Gathering and Struggling

Konatsu has finally got a choir team together, but fate continues to throw obstacles in her and the teams path.
Ep. 3: Swinging and Meeting

Kona’s Choir club has fallen apart before it had a chance to start. That hasn’t stopped her; she just needs to find 3 new members.
Ep. 4: Getting Angry and Dancing

Konatsu has given then group, Conder Queens, her groups’ stage for the World Music Festival. Her devotion to the group has caused a rift between her and Sawa.
Ep. 5: Throwing Away and Holding On

While the choir group is cheering for Tanaka, Waka seems to be withdrawing further from the group and tries to move on from her mother’s memories.
Ep. 6: Laughing and Remembering

Wakana and her father finally have an open talk about what happened to her mother, and what she left behind for her.
Ep. 7: Spinning in Circles and Losing Sight

Wakana has official joined the Choir and Sometimes Badminton Club and all seems well until Sawa starts acting weird.
Ep. 8: Worrying and Racing Ahead

Sawa dedication to getting into the school of her choice is affecting her mentally and physically. She believes that no one understands, but her friends are set to prove her wrong
Ep. 9: Turning White and Turning Red

Students are prohibited from having after school jobs, but the club has no funds to perform at the White Festival. An interesting job offer has been presented but they must have the approval of the vice principal.
Ep. 10: Crushing and Burning

Students are prohibited from having after school jobs, but the club has no funds to perform at the White Festival. An interesting job offer has been presented but they must have the approval of the vice principal.
Ep. 11: Waxing and Waning

The students, the parents, and the teachers are shocked to hear that not only is White Festival cancelled, but their normal school life is over.
Ep. 12: Piling Up and Rippling

The White Festival may be over but that is not stopping the Choir and Sometimes Badminton Club, they will put on their show with or without approval.
Ep. 13: Sunny Days and Crying and Sometimes Singing

The show must go on as the actors prepare their last time singing together.


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Welcome to the weekly Fairy Tail report. I'm proud to announced that the Starry Sky/ Filler arc is finished! Though, we get to see Byro and his gang for one more time in this episode.

After Makarov accepts Byro's apology, the Fairy Tail gang and Legion have a wild party. Then, Makarov has a word with Gildartz and the others reach some closure with each other. Meanwhile, two mysterious strangers appear. It's Sting and Rogue, the newest Dragon Slayers in the anime.


Beware of spoilers!


  • Juvia: Gray, who is this guy?
    Juvia: Gray, who is this guy?
    Finally this filler arc ends. We get a bit of Sting and Rogue and news that Gildartz is the new guild master. Wonder how Gildartz will handle leadership.
  • While Lucy and Mary's scene is touching, Juvia and Dan's scenes are funny. I love how Dan is frighten by Juvia or the fact that Juvia ignores that Gray's beauty attracts men such as Sugarboy. The part where Natsu tries to make Byro smile is awkward yet humorous.
  • Theme songs are great. The ending is mellow and shows Mavis who we haven't seen much. The opening is also mellow, and I like how it shows all of the guilds fighting in the tournament.


  • For those who want to get into the main storyline, the first half is just filler part where they party. It was a slow episode.


  • The cats are in strange color. When I first saw Frosh in the manga, I thought he is in a green or blue frog suit, and his fur is red. Instead, we get a pink frog. For me, I thougt Lector was suppose to be orange or yellow. I don't mind the colors.
  • In the opening, team Fairy Tail had purple outfits. It's a unique color to say the least.

Overall, the episode is average but good. It's just slow when you looking at the Fairy Tail characters catching up with Legion and there is some exposition on Zeref and Sabertooth's part.


Thank you guys for reading this report.

This Week's Ongoing Anime and Manga Coverage

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Anime Discussion Threads

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Hello everyone! The wiki editing team and I just finish another anime project, Campione! This project only covers the episodes since we don't have much time to do them now.

We started the project on July 7, 2012, and after 13 episodes, we finished it on September 29, 2012. It was an intense project since it was the first time that my teammates and I took on multiple wiki projects on the new summer anime and older anime shows.

Please see Wiki Project and List (Campione! and WIP) for more information on the wiki pages we created just for Campione! and other things.

For those who are new to Campione!, here's a synopsis:

CAMPIONE! surrounds protagonist Godo Kusanagi, a high school student that kills a god, claiming its power and title of Campione, to slay other gods. This harem love comedy is bound to be filled with magical battles.

Via Crunchyroll


My teammates are Daniel Newton and Sonata, and the independent wiki editors who help out in the wiki pages are FoxxFireArt and AnimeReviewDaily.

  • Daniel helps out with formatting the anime series and episode wiki pages. His character tables look awesome, and he adds anime art from the Nyantype and Megami magazines.
  • Sonata specializes in making profile images and adding powers to the characters


  • FoxxFireArt deals with the manga and light novel portion of Campione.
  • AnimeReviewDaily is a new wiki editor who worked on the character table and Godou's page. Even he struggles with grammar, his work is greatly appreciated.

Episode Work

Since Campione was a new summer series, my priority was the episodes. With the episode summaries all added, we can work on the characters.

All episodes have a Crunchyroll synopsis except episodes 1 and 13, and I included weekly reports which helps promote discussion and the wiki.

Ep. 1: Tale of the Beginning

Kusanagi Godo arrives to Italy to deliver a grimiore to a lady, Lucrezia Zora, that his grandpa has met a long time ago. He bumps into Erica Blandelli who fights a boar god and into Victor.
See Weekly Report.
Ep. 2: The Landscape with the King

Godou wakes with an unexpected guest in his bed, a guest that is here to stay.
See Weekly Report.
Ep. 3: From Afar, An Enemy Comes

Athena has come to Japan looking for Medusa and for that Godou will have to die, again.
See Weekly Report.
Ep. 4: Rogue Athena

Godou will have to set aside his pacifist ways and go full on attack against the newly restored Athena.
See Weekly Report.
Ep. 5: Unpleasant Days

Yuri is growing closer to Godou and sparks of jealousy fly from Erica. But that is the least of problems considering there is a new Campione in Japan.
See Weekly Report.
Ep. 6: The Kings Converse

Godou has picked a fight with one of the oldest and strongest Campiones, Voban.
See Weekly Report.
Ep. 7: Wind, Rain, Wolf

Voban has caught up and Godou is running out of ideas. Mariya makes the ultimate sacrifice, in front of Erica.
See Weekly Report.
Ep. 8: A Hero Arrives

A simple trip the beach turns into war for Godou’s affection, which he only manages to escape with the help of Athena. His troubles are only beginning…
See Weekly Report.
Ep. 9: The Missing King

Godou is resting at Liliana’s home after his fight with Perseus. He does not have the knowledge to fight Perseus on common ground, Athena visits offering a deal.
See Weekly Report.
Ep. 10: The Turbulent Demon King, The Sun Hero

Without the knowledge, Godou has no chance of defeating Perseus. He could order Liliana to give him the knowledge but that is not his way. How will Godou defeat this ancient hero?
See Weekly Report.
Ep. 11: Princess Shrine Maiden of the Long Sword

A maiden has come willingly to join Godou’s ranks, but his currents Knights have other plans.
See Weekly Report.
Ep. 12: The Sword of Amano Murakumo

In order to save Erica, she must sacrifice herself, body and soul, to Godou.
See Weekly Report.
Ep. 13: Tale of the God-slayer

Metis arrives to absorb her daughter, Athena. It's up to Godou and the gang to defeat Metis and save the world.

See Weekly Report.


Thank you everyone for reading my team's wiki blog. Please support the anime and the community by getting involved in the discussions, reviews, blogs, or wiki pages. I could not have complete this without having such great teammates.

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