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Tagline: Ayumu is a zombie who wants a regular life. One day, he crosses path with a Magical Girl, and his life is forever changed when he dons the Magical Girl outfit to become the world's first cross dressing, Magical Girl? Zombie.

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? (Is This a Zombie?) is a franchise that is originally a light novel series, and it was created by writer Shinichi Kimura and illustrators Kobuichi and Muririn. The series spawn multiple adaptations: five manga series and two anime series. The manga is produced by Fujimi Shobo. For the anime, both seasons are produced by Studio Deen and directed by Takaomi Kanasaki. The first anime season is legally licensed by FUNimation.


Ayumu Aikawa is a lazy teenager who wanted a normal life, and when he meets a beautiful, silver haired maiden clad in iron, Eucliwood Hellsythe, and befriends her, he goes home where he gets murdered. Eucliwood resurrects Ayumu as a zombie using her necromancer powers. Now, he lives with Eucliwood and goes to school without revealing to anyone that he is a zombie. As he goes to school, he searches for his killer. One day at the cemetery, he encounters Haruna, a Magical Girl, who falls from the sky and on top of him. Ayumu's life gets crazier when Haruna and busty vampire ninja live with him.


Ayumu Aikawa

Voiced by: Junji Majima Austin Tindle

The sunlight hating, cross dressing, Magical Boy who has fantasies about Eucliwood calling him, "Onii-chan." He seems to get in troubling situations with Haruna and Seraphim who sees him as a pervert.

Eucliwood Hellsythe

Voiced by: Midori Tsukimiya (Ep. 12*) Cherami Leigh

Eucliwood (AKA Yuu) is a quiet, silver haired necromancer. Others see Yuu as the Harbinger of Death, but Ayumu sees her as a close friend and possibly more. Unable to talk due to her powers, she communicates with a notepad.

*Note: She is voiced by many Seiyuus due to Ayumu's fantasies.


Voiced by: Iori Nomizu Jad Saxton

Haruna is an energetic, flat chested, Masou Shoujo girl with a passion for inventing things. After being stripped of her magic, she lives with Ayumu and teaches him the way of the Masou Shoujo. Her specialty is cooking fried eggs that look like gold!


Voiced by: Yōko Hikasa Morgan Garrett

She's a busty, vampire ninja who loves saying Tsubamegaeshi with her attacks. Her favorite word to called Ayumu is dung beetle.

Yuki Yoshida

Voiced by: Hisako Kanemoto Brittney Karbowski

She is another voluptuous, vampire ninja who loves Tonkotsu Ramen soup and uses it as a weapon. She belongs to a faction opposite of Seraphim. She goes by Yuki, Maelstrom, and Tomonori.

Taeko Hiramatsu

Voiced by: Rie Yamaguchi Erica Harte

She is the only normal girl in the series, and she has a crush on Ayumu.


Voiced by: Aya Gōda Caitlin Glass

She is a vampire ninja and the superior of Seraphim. She is a conservationist who upholds traditions with utmost priorities.


Voiced by: Hiroyuki Yoshino Anthony Bowling

He's Ayumu's best friend who is a super pervert. He doesn't know that Ayumu lives with 3 beautiful ladies.

Why Watch?

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? is for older audience due to graphic violence and abundance of fan service scenes. It's a show for those who love the supernatural themed harem. Don't take the story too seriously for the show. It's a comedic series that puts an emphasis on its ladies and male lead but mostly the ladies.

To add more information about the story, the difference between season 1 and season 2 is that season 1 has the element of mystery and focuses on the relationship of Ayumu and Eucliwood while season 2 focuses on the rest of the girls.

Manga, Anime, or Light Novel?

The anime and manga have different art styles. If you love big boobs and older female character art, go with the anime. If you prefer younger female character, go with the manga. The manga has more fan service focused on Haruna while the anime has more fan service towards the bustier characters such as Seraphim and Yuki.

Story-wise, I only read the first 2 volumes of the manga (illustrated by Sacchi). There are some minor changes such as how Ayumu met Seraphim. The anime has an exclusive scene where Seraphim fights Ayumu. The manga does not have the scene. For the most part, the manga and anime has the same storyline. However, I assumed the manga is ahead of the anime since the anime's season 2 just set up things.

Sub or Dub?

It's up to you. The best way to decide is to watch both the first episodes in sub and dub. The weird altercation to the dub is the use of Magical Garment, and it ruins the theme a bit.

(This is the 2nd season trailer for the video above).


Thank you everyone for reading this Beginner Guide! I thank these guys who supported me in the wiki project and Anime Vice community: , , , and .

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A set of 1/2 scale (5cm) fairies from Humanity Has Declined are now available for pre-order ahead of an August release. The six pre-painted figures in the first set features a quartet of dancing Yōsei-san from the anime's finale, The Fairy's Secret Tea Party, with one in three different dance poses, along with a tea set.

The set goes for 3600yen ($36).

Via Crunchyroll

Hey , check this out!

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The publisher of the Zero no Tsukaima light novel series, MF Bunko J has confirmed in an obituary dedicated to him and posted earlier this morning in Japan that the author, Noboru Yamaguchi had died from his 2 year long battle with cancer on April 4th. He was 41 years old. A private ceremony was held on April 10th in Japan.

Yamaguchi had long planned to write the final volumes of the long-running fantasy light novel before falling ill to cancer, receiving successful surgery to remove it in 2011 and telling fans that he would write and finish the main novel series once he recuperated. However, he continued to struggle with his health, even enduring another hospital stay in late 2011, but not before contributing directly to the final season of the anime adaptation aired in Winter of last year. Below. the obituary translated in full:

The writer, Noboru Yamaguchi has fallen to the battle against his sickness at the young age of 41 years old on April 4th, 2013. Yamaguchi first made his name in writing for video games, then made his professional novelist debut through the Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko label in the year 2000.
In 2004, his "Zero No Tsukaima" novel was first published by the MF Bunko J label and it quickly became a hit, fascinating many fans and resulting in 20 volumes and 5 spin-off novels while contributing to 4 seasons worth of anime. MF Bunko J and Media Factory feel sincerely indebted to Yamaguchi Noboru sensei and his "Zero No Tsukaima" series. He was indeed, our benefactor.
Just like his work, Yamaguchi sensei had a bright and cheerful personality and was loved by many of his friends, editors and anyone who had met him. He was always comfortable in his own skin and full of courage and humor, which have not changed from the first time I have met him to the very end, even during the hardships that he endured mentally and physically.
April 11th, 2013
Media Factory Inc.
Editor in Chief, MF Bunko J

Yasuji Misaka

Source: Crunchyroll

Yamaguchi had confirmed in 2011 that he had advanced-stage cancer that was originally considered inoperable. However, during an unrelated gallstone surgery, the cancerous growth was confirmed to have shrunk in size. Yamaguchi then learned that there was surgery that he could have that might cure the cancer. He reported later that year that this surgery ended without incident, although he returned to the hospital at the end of 2011.

Source: ANN (Took the 2nd paragraph)

Original Letter
Original Letter
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Funimation has posted a trailer for the Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail without a release date yet. The OVA will be released in a DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack.


Brace yourself for a barrage of hot lead and shorts short in the gun-blazing follow up to the critically-acclaimed Black Lagoon. This tour de violence was inspired by the masters of mayhem John Woo and Quentin Tarantino -- and brought to you by the studio behind Hellsing Ultimate!

The cutthroat crew of Black Lagoon faces their stiffest challenge yet when a Venezuelan assassination sparks a killing spree that spans the globe. Roberta was a reformed assassin until a clandestine clash between politically backed acronyms claimed the life of her master. In flash of a muzzle, she goes from maid to murderer on a pill-popping, crimson stained quest for vengeance. When Revy and the gang are hired to stop Roberta's killing spree, they quickly find themselves in the middle of an international shootout starring everyone from the KGB to the CIA. The bullets are flying, the bodies are piling up in the street, and Roberta's painting the town red -- with blood.


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FUNimation's North American release of Summer Wars director Mamoru Hosoda's Wolf Children is still hitting film festivals rather than a wider theatrical or home video release, but it's getting to many corners of the country this month.

Dallas International Film Festival (link)

April 8 - 10PM

Angelika 6

5321 East Mockingbird Lane

Suite 230

Dallas , TX 75206

April 13 - 12PM noon

Magnolia 5

3699 McKinney Avenue

Suite 100

Dallas, TX 75204

Boston International Children’s Film Festival (link)

April 16 - 12:45PM

April 17 – 3PM

Remis Auditorium, 161

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Avenue of the Arts

465 Huntington Avenue

Boston, MA 02115

San Diego Asian Film Festival Spring Showcase (link)

April 20 - 3:45 pm

April 21 - 1:00 pm

Digiplex Mission Valley

7510 Hazard Center Drive

San Diego, CA 92108

American Cinematheque (link)

April 27 - 7:30PM

Aero Theater

1328 Montana Avenue

Santa Monica, CA 90403

Newport Beach Film Festival (link)

April 27, 2013 - 12:15pm

The Triangle Theater

1870 Harbor BlvdCosta Mesa , CA 92627


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