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Finished the manga releases and the omnibuses. Going to eat dinner. Be back to work on wiki pages for the spotlight.
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Mari Maya: Police Officer beats Doctor!
Mari Maya: Police Officer beats Doctor!

Hello everyone, I know it's not Friday, but I was caught by surprise when my family had me work at the restaurant in the afternoon. I keep this blog short because I got to do finish Star Trek at Screened. Plus, these crazy blogs are good for destressing oneself from work and wiki.

Let's do this!

I asked some random folks in Anime Vice, Twitter, and Comic Vine.

Anime Vice

Joy oh Joy There are two perfect girls for me
Joy oh Joy There are two perfect girls for me

BigHeart711 says this:

I'm most attached to the school uniforms more than the general work uniforms. A close second goes to the nurse uniforms.

Oh, I see BigHeart711 likes nurses, and I know why he watches Pokemon.

Bigz007 says:

Erza: Is it bad that we don't wear bras underneath our costumes?
Erza: Is it bad that we don't wear bras underneath our costumes?

If we're talking about an outfit fetish then it's probably cat girl outfit that work for me the most.

Yes, Fairy Tail and other anime make us swoon over cat and bunny girl outfits. I should know Bigz007 likes Erza's cat outfit.

Daniel Newton says:

I love the sexy librarian look. Sexy and sophisticated.

Barney: Chicks dig guys in suits
Barney: Chicks dig guys in suits

Daniel Newton didn't say he had a uniform fetish, but in the Fetish Friday: Glasses are Hot, Baby edition, he dig the librarian look. I'm taking his answer as implied.

For me, I like a woman in business attire for some odd reason. That's why I'm have a thing for teachers! You can say I'm a guy who likes suiting up just like Barney from How I Met Met Your Mother. I have a thing for suits being a waiter.


Most folks ignored me like last time. This time, I asked Gia! Though, she didn't give me an answer. I guess I wasn't subtle enough. I should have worked on PR skills better.

Gia, tell me!

Comic Vine

The only person that replied was my buddy .

Hey you! =D How have you been? Hard to believe the year is almost over. =O Hehehe! xD Uniform fetishes? =O Hehe! xD Nothing swoons me over more than the Assassin Creed's hoodie and Master Chief's armor. =O Anime-wise though, I'd say Lelouch's outfit! =3 Hehe! xD Do you have any? Would make a great article for AV! Hehehe! Maybe it's the innocence! xD You should do a belt fetish for Nomura! =O

Tetsuya Nomura, the godfather of Final Fantasy has a thing for belts and zippers. I think she likes military men and men of stature.


I forgot to do this. Do you know any characters in anime and manga that have a uniform fetish? Don't forget to share your uniform fetishes!

I'm not happy with my captions if you notice how many times I changed it.

Anime and Manga Characters with Uniform Fetishes

Mari Maya

She loves cops.

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Spoiler Alert!

Don't read this blog if you haven't watched up to episode 11.

This is sort of a mini-review or something to get off my chest since the Samurai Flamenco Discussion doesn't promote blogs and reviews.

I was not a fan of slice of life shows because I was mostly a Shonen fan. I was attracted to this show because I was a fan of Tiger and Bunny and this series reminded me of it. I thought it was going to involve real folks becoming heroes. After episode 7, the show did a major game changer. Things became unreal. You don't see a lot of anime series that have the guts or balls to do this. The tone of the show was comedic became dark all of the sudden. After episode 10, I thought it was the end of the show. What can Samurai Flamenco do? You have your final climax, and the heroes are pushed over the edge. With episode 11, it introduces a new team of characters while Goto and Mari are not shown at all. I feel there is an inconsistency with the tone of this show. Samurai Flamenco is desensitizing the audience of the brutal violence. The show is becoming more of a satire on Power Rangers with some dark humor. While people were slaughtered, your so called heroes were bickering about who is the leader, who is red. Personally, I enjoy the first half of the series. It could have ended on episode 10.

Samurai Flamenco is one of those underrated shows. It's not for everyone. I wonder about the direction of the show. Who knows? I hoping this series has a well thought out and satisfying ending that tops episode 10.

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Hiya everyone! After doing the Which Shonen Series has the Most Damsels in Distress?, I got to do it for the opposite sex. Instead of Shonen shows, I made it broad. Please enjoy this list. I tried not to put too many spoilers.

Dudes in Distress

Just to balance the Damsel in Distress lists.

1. Komatsu

He's like the Krillin in the Toriko franchise. Wait, Krillin didn't get kidnapped. You get my point. He's a sidekick character who has no real powers. He's more like Manta from Shaman King, a kind man. He got kidnapped by a thug in the Puffer Whale cave.

2. Ash's Pikachu

Despite being level 100, he gets kidnapped by Team Rocket. Ash is too stupid to keep Team Rocket from jacking his Pokemon. Or maybe Pikachu needs some space from Ash.

3. Ichigo Kurosaki

Gets his ass saved by Rukia and vice versa. Oh, he got his ass save by Nel. He's a lucky bastard to be saved Rukia and Nel who are sexy. Was Ichigo pretending to lose?

4. Eren Yeager

Gets his ass saved by Mikasa and Levi. I seen fans shipping Eren with these two and fan art of Eren getting carried bridal style.

5. Yukiteru Amano

Gets his ass kidnapped by his stalker.

6. Portgas D. Ace

Spoilers - Can't tell you. He was Luffy's bad ass brother whose pride got him in trouble.

7. Usopp

Pre time skip Usopp was a weak, but he was a smart guy.

8. Kon

In his plushie form, he can't do crap on his own.

9. Happy

Needs Natsu and Lucy to save his butt.

10. Gaara

Kidnapped by the Akatsuki.

11. Kakashi Hatake

Was Zabuza's Bitch. Pardon my language, he was a prisoner held in Zabuza's water prison jutsu. His students had to save him.

12. Mokuba Kaiba

Gets kidnapped by that green haired dude.

13. Manta Oyamada

Gets kidnapped by Faust who was dissecting him. It's pretty brutal.

14. Yamcha

Krillin saved him after his chest was stabbed by some androids.

15. Gohan

As a little kid, all he could was throw tantrums and call daddy.

16. Mamoru Chiba


The human plot device for saving the day has himself been embarrassingly captured more than once and is rescued by the ones meant to be rescued. How he still keeps the Batman-like persona of arrogance and cockiness is a mystery.

17. Kenshiro


Claimed his Hokuto Shinken technique was invincible, Captured without inflicting any damage and was rescued by a child.

18. Crona


Probably the only character in the series to be taken by both the Protagonists and the Antagonists. The guy can't catch a break.

19. Trafalgar Law


Masterminded a brilliant strategy, Beaten and captured by a greater Mastermind!

20. Rokuro Okajima


You know you are not irreplaceable when you're kidnapped and your company won't pay your ransom.

21. Natsu Dragneel


yes, it's the true, Natsu was kidnapped one time. I guess it's the first and only time that he needed help from someone.

22. Joshua Lundgren


taken by Claw's group

23. Killua Zoldyck


got kidnapped and tortured by his brother Illumi

24. Hatchan


he was saved by Strawhats at Nami's request

25. Raki


saved by Clare just before he was about to be eaten by a yoma.

26. Alphonse Elric


since his body is a metal armor, he got taken and worn by a kid. He had to convince that kid to stop wearing him.

27. Sado Yasutora


Sado aka Chad is a nice guy and a great friend. He tries so hard. He will fight to failure reapedly if necessary. Unfortunately that's exactly what happens with Chad. When you are rescued by the friend you promised to fight for at least 5 times and you're captured twice, your relevance is put into serious question.

28. Furuichi Takayuki


The #1 pervert in Beelzebub. He is captured, threatened or beaten many times but is usually rescued by his best friend Oga

29. Kazuma Kuwabara

Nishi99 and Taichokage:

While somewhat over the top, he is actually a fairly reliable guy. Nevertheless, he was captured and used to lure out his best friend into a trap. Not so reliable there I suppose.

30. King Neptune


He's a nice enough King, but he was foolish enough to accuse some Pirates without proof and tried to apprehend them personally. He was beaten and captured with ease, but was lucky that those same "Pirates" were good guys and they let him go.

31. Krillin


Saved his waifu from Cell and became a damsel by Cell

32. Coby


Kidnapped by Alvida

33. Yusuke Urameshi


Kidnapped by nerds

34. Honoka Takamiya


He gets saved by the school idol, Ayaka Kagari, who is a witch.

35. Ciel Phantomhive


Without Sebastian, he's just a kid. And as such, he has been snatched up on multiple occasions. Even his soul was kidnapped once lol

36. Free


Apprehended by witches and thrown into a dungeon, this non aging, immortal magic wielder was rescued by traitor Witches because he was too simple to think about breaking the small iron bars

37. Albert Morcerf


Kidnapped by hired Pirates and rescued by the one that paid for his capture in order to manipulate the naive Albert into befriending and working with him.

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Hello everyone, welcome to this week's manga releases! One of the manga series I'm looking forward to read is Summer Wars. Are there any manga series that you guys and gals are dying to read? Sorry, I did a Sankarea pun. I haven't started Sankarea, but it looks interesting.

Previous Quick Picks

This Week's Manga Releases

Are You Alice? Volume 3

  • Distributor: Yen Press
  • SRP: $11.99
  • Rightstuf: $8.99
  • Amazon: $7.19

Alice tags along on a little excursion with the Queen of Hearts, hoping to prove his loyalty and thereby gain entrance to Caterpillar Lane. Though initially Alice strongly opposed the cruelty of the Queen's murderous methods, he is surprised to find himself hesitating when the Queen moves to kill three children who defied royal orders. How long can Alice forsake his true self?

Bloody Cross Volume 1

  • Distributor: Yen Press
  • SRP: $11.99
  • Right Stuf: $8.99
  • Amazon: $9.35

Half angel, half demon, Tsukimiya must drink pure demon blood to stave off the curse that will eventually claim her life. When she meets an angel named Hinata, he's eager to team up with the half-blood to take down a vampire that has been attacking humans. Tsukimiya is surprised to find that Hinata is a capable partner, but when the vampire is slain, it is Hinata who claims its demon blood, leaving Tsukimiya to be taken by the curse. In a last-ditch effort to save herself, Tsukimiya tries to drink Hinata's blood, now mixed with the vampire's pure demon blood. But in taking the blood that will save her, Tsukimiya has also transmitted the curse that will kill her. Hinata and Tsukimiya now share the curse... and they're running out of time.

Dorohedoro Volume 11

  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • SRP: $12.99
  • Right Stuf: $9.74
  • Amazon: $10.00

Caiman finds his true face, and the person who cursed him is revealed, shaking the world to its foundation! The severely injured Nikaido's heath is draining perilously. Meanwhile, En may just possibly have met his match. What drives him? A dark secret known to none save En himself...

Pandora Hearts Volume 19

  • Distributor: Yen Press
  • SRP: $11.99
  • Right Stuf: $8.99
  • Amazon: $7.33

The truth of the being known as Oz Vessalius is exposed to Pandora, which has been captured by Leo and the Baskervilles. Amidst the warped tragedy that plays out mercilessly, the one who has lost everything catches a glimpse of the ridiculous fairy tale contrived by one man. The forbidden box has just been opened... What will be found within?

Sankarea: Undying Love Volume 4

  • Distributor: Kodansha
  • SRP: $10.99
  • Right Stuf: $8.24
  • Amazon: $7.08

A strange foreign doctor warns Rea that her "turbid period" is approaching... and that it will bring with an insatiable desire to eat Furuya's flesh! Realizing she may not have much time left to live as a sane, normal girl, Rea works as hard as she can to enjoy her first, and maybe last, summer festival with Chihiro. But is it already too late for them both?!

Summer Wars Volume 2

  • Distributor: Vertical
  • SRP: $14.99
  • Right Stuf: $11.21
  • Amazon: $11.65

Kenji is your typical teenage misfit. He's good at math, bad with girls, and spends most of his time hanging out in the all-powerful, online community known as OZ. His second life is the only life he has - until the girl of his dreams, Natsuki, hijacks him for a starring role as a fake fiancee at her family reunion. Things only get stranger from there.

Sunshine Sketch Volume 7

  • Distributor: Yen Press
  • SRP: $16.99
  • Right Stuf: $12.74
  • Amazon: $10.75

With the seniors staring their college entrance exams straight in the face, the underclassman of the Hidamari Apartments are reminded that their own graduation is just a short time away. The girls have grown close during their time as neighbors and classmates, and even if life leads them along different paths, the bonds of their friendships will not be so easily broken... But there's still plenty of time for building fun memories before the seniors graduate! The girls' daily lives carry on, full of the warmth, gentleness, and happiness that can be found just where they've always been - at the Hidamari Apartments!

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Volume 17

  • Distributor: Yen Press
  • SRP: $13.00
  • Right Stuf: $9.74
  • Amazon: $8.22

One weekend, when Kyon reaches the usual SOS Brigade rendezvous spot, he is met not by his fellow club members but instead by Sasaki, an old friend from middle school. Haruhi isn't thrilled to find Kyon already waiting when she arrives (who's going to buy drinks?!) and is even less thrilled by his attractive female friend!

Until Death Do Us Part Volume 5

  • Distributor: Yen Press
  • SRP: $18.99
  • Right Stuf: $14.24
  • Amazon: $14.89

Caught in Wiseman's trap and besieged on all sides by snipers and drug-crazed attackers, Mamoru is saved only by the arrival of Haruka and a stroke of good fortune. Frustrated by his own helplessness, Mamoru abandons the Element Network to further hone his skills. He can't rely on luck alone if he wants to survive his next encounter with Wiseman...

Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Raising Project Volume 13

  • Distributor: Dark Horse
  • SRP: $9.99
  • Right Stuf: $7.49
  • Amazon: $8.80

Plot development? In MY The Shinji Ikari Raising Project? It's more likely than you think! SEELE's frustrations with Gendo's plans leads their agent inside the school to abduct Shinji and place him under their mental control... which means Rei and Asuka must put aside their own rivalry long enough to join forces and rescue him!

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Welcome everyone! This used to be called Quick Picks because my teammates and I used to do this together. We would pick some DVDs and Blu Rays that we were interested in just to promote a certain franchise.

Previous Quick Picks

DVD and Blu Ray Releases

Blue Exorcist: The Movie (DVD)
  • Distributor: Aniplex of America
  • SRP: $39.98

When his adopted father, Shiro Fujimoto, was killed by his biological father, Satan, Rin Okumura swore to become an exorcist to avenge Shiro's death declaring war on his own blood-relatives of the underworld... Everyone is in the midst of preparing for a festival which is celebrated once every 11 years in True Cross Academy Town. However, behind the scenes in the shadows, a "Phantom Train" goes berserk while the barriers protecting the town from demon intrusions are under repair. Rin, Yukio, and Shiemi are sent to exorcise the Phantom Train, but as usual Rin complicates the situation. Amidst the chaos, Rin meets a demon in the form of a young boy. Meanwhile, Cheng-Long Liu, a Senior Exorcist First Class from the Taiwan Branch joins Shura in the repair operation and the story takes an unexpected turn as all their fates cross...

Di Gi Charat - The Complete OVA Series (Sub.DVD)
  • Distributor: Sentai Filmworks
  • SRP: $24.98

You never know when the chance for a new adventure is suddenly going to pop up, and even if you were born here, our world can be a pretty strange and unusual place. However, when you're an alien princess like Dejiko, who came to Earth to break into the music industry, it's almost impossible to go out walking without it becoming the start of something wild and wonderful. Distributor: Sentai Filmworks SRP: $24.98 Whether Deji's just hanging out, going on a Christmas Cruise or being kidnapped by her new arch rival Pyocola Analogue III (just call her Piyoko), you never know what might happen next. The one thing you can bet on, however, is that Dejiko's stalwart companions Genma and Puchiko will be right alongside her... and usually in trouble up to the tips of Puchiko's cat ears!

Oreshura - Complete Collection (Sub.DVD)
  • Distributor: Aniplex of America
  • SRP: $74.98

Eita Kidou is a high school freshman with excellent grades and a disdain for love. Along with his childhood friend Chiwa Harusaki, a girl who's nearly a sister to him, Eita lives an ordinary school life concentrating on his studies - until the school's most beautiful girl, Masuzu Natsukawa, surprisingly confesses her love to Eita. However, her true desire is only to fool the eyes of others and pretend to be a couple. With a "certain secret" of his in Masuzu's hands, Eita is forced to play along. Moreover, a fierce battle over Eita begins as his ex-girlfriend, Himeka, and his virtual fiance, Ai, join the fray! Will Eita be able to continue his ordinary school life while maintaining a pretend relationship and dealing with all of his admirers?

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou - Collection 1 (Sub.DVD)
  • Distributor: Sentai Filmworks
  • SRP: $49.98

Banished from normal housing for the crime of adopting stray cats, Sorata Kanda's life has gone to the dogs and now he's been impounded in Room 101 of Sakura Hall, a notorious den of troublemakers, geniuses, and weirdos. Meanwhile, Mashiro Shiina in Room 202 is the cat's meow of the art world. However, she's so unfocused and dysfunctional that she needs a full-time keeper to survive day-to-day life while she puts her career as a famous artist on hold and studies to be a manga creator. That's too big a task for Chihiro, Mashiro's cousin who lives in the same dorm and also happens to be Sorata's teacher. But given Sorata's weakness for taking in small, cute but sometimes not completely loveable creatures, could he be the one destined to take over Mashiro's grooming, feeding and general, er... domestication? Well, if he's not,< too bad, 'cause no one else is stepping up and he's stuck with it and her! Heavy petting gets redefined, the dorm's the only thing likely to get housebroken and hopefully no one will get neutered as who's on whose leash becomes anybodies' guess!

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou - Collection 1 (Sub.Blu-Ray)
  • Distributor: Sentai Filmworks
  • SRP: $59.98
Vividred Operation - Complete Collection (Sub.DVD)
  • Distributor: Aniplex of America
  • SRP: $74.98

On an artificial island, Akane Isshiki, an innocent 14-year-old girl, lives a simple but happy life with her level-headed little sister Momo and their genius inventor grandfather. On clear days just over the water, everyone on the island can see the revolutionary invention that solved all the world's energy problems, the Manifestation Engine. Thanks to the Manifestation Engine, the peaceful days that everyone had dreamed of had arrived. But suddenly, a mysterious enemy called the "Alone" appear out of nowhere aiming to attack the Manifestation Engine, jeopardizing their quiet way of life. Equipped with incredibly powerful Palette Suits designed by her grandfather, Akane and her friends must rise up together in this desperate situation. Their friendship is the only hope to save the world.

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