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I spotted a Crunchyroll article on Game Stop ending all Playstation 2 trade-ins and related merchandising. In that article, I didn't notice that Sony had discontinued manufacturing Playstation 2 consoles back in January 2013. I thought Sony had stopped producing PS2 consoles when the PS3 came in town.

My personal experience with Sony games is short. I was a Nintendo fanboy back in the 90's when the neighbor boys and girls had most Nintendo 64 games. Only one person on the block had a Playstation 1 console. That's how I came into the video game experience. I went with Nintendo, and it was my first console. I got into Playstation when I was playing with my neighbor during that decade but never own a Sony console. It was up until January 2012 that I bought the Playstation 2 console and the following games: Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 for my little sister as a late Christmas gift. I was too poor and had to work a 2nd job because I don't get paid at my family restaurant. On a related note, I didn't know Re:Chains of Memories was the sequel to Kingdom Hearts 1, but that's another story.

Now for the blog, I discover I'm an RPG fan as I work the wiki pages at Giant Bomb. I own these games:

  • Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, Re:Chain of Memories
  • Legend of Mana
  • Dark Cloud

That is all I have.

It's almost summer and I need a break from Anime Vice, Anime Wikia communities, and anime stuff. I'm open to anything. Though, I admit I'm scared of Silent Hill and other horror games. My neighbor's older brother enjoys forcing my friend and I to play Silent Hill in the dark. It was a bit traumatizing.

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Sentai Filmworks and Section23 Films announced that the Dusk Maiden of Amnesia Blu-Ray and DVD will be released in English and Japanese (w/ English subtitles) languages on June 4, 2013.

There is currently no trailer available.


At the Private Seikyō Academy, there is a legend that all students have heard. Sixty years ago, there was a girl who for some reason, was left behind in the old, abandoned school building to die. Teiichi Niiya one day meets a beautiful, mysterious girl named Yūko Kanoe at the old school building and gets a surprise—she's the ghost of the girl who died 60 years ago, but does not remember her past or how she died. Teiichi becomes determined to help her remember, and together, they seek the truth behind the gruesome legend.


  • Christopher Ayres


  • Teiichi Niiya voiced by Clint Bickham
  • Yuuko Kanoe voiced by Emily Neves
  • Momoe Okonogi voiced by Brittney Karbwoski
  • Kirie Kanoe voiced by Jessica Boone



Published by: Sentai Filmworks

Distributed by: Section23 Films

Run Time: 325 min.

Street Date: 6/4/2013

Format: BD

Language: English & Japanese with English Subtitles

SRP: $69.98


Published by: Sentai Filmworks

Distributed by: Section23 Films

Run Time: 325 min.

Street Date: 6/4/2013

Format: DVD

Language: English & Japanese with English Subtitles

SRP: $59.98


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Hello everyone! Below is a letter that was written by Yomi Hirasaka and translated by SG Cafe:

To my readers,

As this time around I can’t just go “eh, what the heck?” and feign ignorance about everything [with regards to the Haganai live-action film], I’ve written this slightly long response that I would greatly appreciate if you could sit through without skimming ahead.

That the movie’s existence was outed by a recruitment ad for extra/calefare actors is incredibly “dasai” [lame] (I will not use the word “zannen” [unfortunate] here, which is an important keyword used throughout the Haganai series) but what’s happened has happened so, yes, production on a live-action movie based on my work, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, is currently on-going.

The offer to make a live-action movie based on my light novel series first came to me in June of 2011. At the time, production work on the first season of the anime series was also going well, so it had been a very positive period of my life.

Personally, I’ve always thought that the scenarios depicted in Haganai were never really meant to translate well in a live-action medium, so if you were to ask me if I was for or against the live-action movie, then I would say, without a doubt that I am against it. That said, the offer came during a period of time when I saw that the future of the light novel industry was getting dangerously bleak, and so I thought, “rather than fight over a small pie (marketshare) with other authors over and over, this is a rare chance me to break away from the industry’s status quo of excellent authors forever burying one another’s successes with their next excellent release. The live-action movie could bring into the light novel market a new audience (on top of what the manga, anime, and game adaptations are already doing), so shouldn’t I be taking a bold step forward with this instead?” That was what I remember to be my thought process at the time, and so after a period of deliberating I went ahead and gave my stamp of approval on it.

Now that the anime adaptation is well into its second season, if you were to ask me about what I thought about the decision I made back then, well, it’s already too late as a great deal of industry folks have already pushed forth with the project. As there really is no point in me commenting about that [whether I should have let the movie project happen or not], I’ll refrain from doing so.

Moving on, with regards to whether or not I’m personally involved on the production of the live-action movie or not, this time around the circumstances are quite different from when Haganai was adapted into a manga, an anime, or a game. Unlike with those projects, I am a complete amatuer when it comes to the live-action movie scene, and I do not know which folks are the truly passionate people in that genre, so this time around I’m taking a completely no-touch/hands-off approach. I’ve entrusted the project fully in the hands of the live-action movie’s production crew.

Given my personality, if I were told the details of what’s going on with the project, chances are I’ll feel like opening my flap and intervening, so I’ve asked the editorial department [of Media Factory/the publishing label MF Bunko J] to not keep me in the loop with regards to progress on the movie’s production. Accordingly, that means I do not know anything about the script for the movie, or its casting details. (Although I have checked with the editorial staff, following the movie getting outed, and they have confirmed for me that the so-called “leaked” casting details currently circulating on the Net are completely false).

I have but only one thing to say to the movie production side: “you do not have to try and re-create the light novels’ scenes and details faithfully, if that’s not very possible. Instead, all I want is for you to make a great and interesting movie, independently.” I eagerly await to see the finished product from these professional filmmakers.

… Okay, this has went on long enough, so in summary, “I have no idea what kind of movie the live-action Haganai film will turn out to be. To all of you my faithful readers, if you’re interested in the movie, please do watch it.” That’s pretty much what I want to say.

Lastly, I do also need to ask something from all of you.

On Twitter and various other platforms, I’ve noticed that some of you have been calling for production of the live-action movie to be stopped. No matter how much the news of this live-action adaptation displeases you, I hope that rather than to try and crush it, that instead, if possible at all, I hope that you would simply ignore it. This applies not only to the live-action movie, but to the anime, manga, and the game as well – everything that’s based on the original light novels.

Even if it’s not possible for you to put a lid on your displeasure upon seeing these adaptations [not living up to the original work's quality], there is no need to force yourself to accept them [as part of the Haganai franchise].

There is no need to watch something that you do not want to watch, and if it’s something you really hate, I think it’s okay to just continue hating it. But please do not go out of your way to destroy or crush something simply because you hate it, for that is evil, and something that I believe I’ve written about time and time again in my novels. I have faith that you, my readers, will understand.

Personally, I’m a big fan of light novels, anime, and other 2D mediums. And so, to be perfectly honest, I would be lying if I said that I’m not worried about the live-action film. That said, as to whether I approve or regret my decision two years ago [to let the movie happen], I will reserve final judgement on that for when the film is finally complete and after I’ve actually sat down and watched it.

2013.5.2 From the author of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, Yomi Hirasaka


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No release date is set for Gen Urobuchi's infamous ero visual novel, Saya no Uta.


The 2003's Lovecraftian horror eroge tells the story of a young medical student who receives experimental brain surgery after a traumatic accident. He survives, but is left with warped senses that perceive the world as a hellish wasteland of pulsating flesh and twisted monsters. His salvation is a mysterious girl named Saya.


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Welcome to the Let's Talk edition where my teammates and I introduce a spring 2013 anime series to promote the discussion. Today's topic is Henneko, and the full title of Henneko is Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat.

(Since I don't have much time, I'm going to rush this blog. Sorry for the inconvenience)


Genres: Romance, Comedy

Yoto Yokodera's mind is always in the gutter, but no one seems to acknowledge that he's totally a pervert. One fine day, he visits a cat statue that he heard can grant wishes. He prays that he can express dirty things at any time. Then, he meets a girl named Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi who also made her wish to the statue.

— Anime News Network

Note: it's not a harem more like a love triangle. I got mixed up on this series when I made my impressions from the opening song.

You can watch Henneko legally on Crunchyroll.



Here is our beautiful cast.

Yoto Yokodera
Voiced by Yuki Kaji, he is our perverted protagonist. He is a chatterbox - who only joins the track team, so he can peek at the all girls swim team through a crack in the wall.
Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi
Voiced by Yui Ogura, she is one of three heroines. At first, she is shy girl. Once she makes that wish, she is emotionless. Though, it's a drawback because the children are afraid of her. Tsukiko has a dream to become a kindergarten teacher, but she cannot express any emotions.
Tsukushi Tsutsukakushi
Voiced by Yukari Tamura, she is the "King of Steel." Tsukushi is a strict gal and has no tolerance for Yoto's pervertedness.
Azusa Azuki
Voiced by Kaori Ishihara, she is a pompous girl with a tsundere personality. Yoto believes Azusa has his facade and goes to great lengths to get it back from Azusa.

First Impressions

To be honest, I only watch the first episode when I heard there were Eyecatch. It's my wiki hobby to collect eyecatches for the Wiki Task: The Eyecatch Collection. As I watch it, it pulled me in a bit. Even though I didn't like Yoto who is so perverted and can't shut his damn mouth, I like Tsukiko. Her voice and mannerisms (after the wish) remind me of Mashiro Shiina from Pet Girl of Sakurasou. The characters' chemistry blend well, and it produces some good entertainment. Though, the comedy element doesn't feel natural or realistic like Oreimo. Most of comedy comes from Yoto being perverted or reprimanded.

For the animation and art style, I thought the characters are in middle school. However, they are high schoolers since Azusa has a part time job. In Japan's culture, high school students are the only ones below 18 to get a part time job. The art style makes the characters look so young.

Audience: I say fans who love slice of life, romantic, or comedy themed shows should give Henneko a try. Henneko is a cutesy, comedic series with a love triangle that is pretty common.

Thank you for reading and please check out the Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat Discussion thread that is located in the Community Directory: Discussion Threads, Lists, Projects & More! thread in the forum pages or the #Anime Vice Discussion Threads wiki page.

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