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Hey guys and gals! I've been receiving requests and recommendations from the new and old editors and folks in the community. I figured to open this blog. I'm not a mod which may explained why I been receiving two requests a week. I'm willing to help out anyone.

Just shoot me a request. Though, it has to be minor like upload some eyecatches or adding character pages. I can't do episode summaries for a random anime series. That's insane. I only do that for former teammates who want to team up with me like the old days.

Types of Requests

  • Upload Eyecatches - I'm doing an Wiki Task: The Eyecatch Collection. If you guys and gals know some shows with eyecatches, I'll be happy to upload them.
  • Find image sources for anime caps
  • Troubleshoot wiki pages
  • For Kanji and Romaji, you have to ask FoxxFireArt. He's an expert in that field. I use Google Chrome, but it's not 100% reliable.
  • Find Manga Covers for you. I find Japanese covers more easily than American versions. If you want American covers, I will ask a friend of mine, PikaHyper. I use a program called AZID. (Daniel showed me this cool program) Amazon does upload fine American covers if you use the program. Sometimes, the older manga series about 5 years or older won't have good covers.
  • Reuse and Recycle anime and volume series. I can actually delete volume covers without having mod powers. It's a trick I found accidentally. Though, one CV member got upset when I taught it to other wiki editors. I didn't know it was a secret.
  • Finding Implied Sex Scenes - I'm doing a project to make a big database on Implied Sex Scenes. Dream has been doing a fantastic job on it. If you guys find one, leave a comment on the implied sex scene thread.


This is request from me. My teammates, Acura Max and BigHeart711, and I are always hunting for trailers for the new seasons.

If you find one, please feel free to drop a comment or PM me.

This is a recent one: Summer Anime 2013 Trailers.


Some folks ask me for recommendations for shows. Surprisingly enough, I don't watch a lot of anime from different genre, but I do know folks who are specialists in certain areas. I'm more of a Shonen fan. I do venture out of my preference zone. I take recommendations, too.

  • If you want good ecchi titles, I know some buddies, Sotyfan16 or Daniel.
  • If you want good slice of life shows, my buddy Auron570 is an expert in this area.
  • If you want some hentai titles, my pal, Sonata, watches over hundreds of titles.
  • If you like harem titles, PenguinDust, DocHaus, and Supreme Marvel are experts.
  • For yaoi and yuri titles, I don't know anyone in the community. I don't watch a lot of yaoi and yuri. I do watch some, but I only know dull ones.

Don't be afraid. We do have good folks here.

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the Spring 2013 Experiences where I share my first and final impressions of shows that were recommended to me by my friends in the community. Don't worry, I don't put heavy spoilers here. I'll introduce myself to explain why I started these special blogs.

I'm Takashichea (Taka for short), a wiki editor who was a big Shonen fan. Most of the anime series I started out were Shonen series on Toonami, Fox Box, and Kids WB. I wanted to wet my feet and explore certain genres. That's when my good friends of Anime Vice come in. They recommend me some awesome stuff.

Feel free to recommend anime or manga series. I'll recommend some good ones, too.

Haganai Season 1

Daniel recommended it to me after he and I enjoyed Pet Girl of Sakura back in fall 2012. Plus, I wanted to say something in the Haganai Discussion thread. It all started when my pal, Acura Max, and I were talking about a Sena figurine. She was called meat, and we didn't know why. It was hilarious.

I finally tried the show. It was a slice of show about a club that helps people make friends. Since I was still under Pet Girl of Sakura mode, I expected some heavy drama and romance. No, Haganai is light hearted and full of fan service. What I will take from this show is Yozora and her treatment of Sena. Yozora likes calling Sena meat because of her endowed body. The cast of characters are mostly girls since this is a harem series. The two girls that stand out are Rika and Yozora. Sena is your blonde bombshell who only serves as fan service. Kobato is an average middle school girl who has an abnormal affection for her big brother. Yukimura is a docile girl who has mixed gender identities. She's like your Mikuru Asahina of the series. Rika is the mad scientist/fujoshi who inserts some crazy, sexual innuendos in her conversations. The male lead isn't meek & perverted or a perverted, asshole. Kodaka is an average guy whose hair color and appearance makes everyone fear him. They think he's a delinquent. He's like Ichigo of Bleach if he had a harem. Both Ichigo and Kodaka have no affection or affinity towards any of the girls in their show. To wrap this up, my final impressions of the show isn't fantastic. I didn't like the show. Sure, it had some entertaining episodes. It just didn't reeled me in enough to continue to the next season. It was boring most of the time since most of the characters just play game. Without spoiling anyone here, the ending focuses on Kodaka and Yozora. It's one of the few character developments. The show focuses predominantly on Kodaka, Sena, and Yozora. You won't see much of the rest of the cast.

Oreimo Season 1

This show was recommended by Daniel, too. On Twitter, I was telling Daniel that Oreimo was creepy after reading the premise. In the premise, Kirino had eroge that focuses on making love to little sisters. He and his friend's conversations just focused on Kirino. I thought Kirino was like those typical tsundere girls like Astarotte. I was wrong. Kirino is a bit different. Since I finished Haganai, I had low expectations for Oreimo. I thought I would hate it. After watching the first episode, it blew me away. It was entertaining, and it hooked me in. Oreimo had the drama plus a beautiful cast that blended well. All the conflicts came from Kirino. She wants to keep her hobbies a secret from everyone while at the same time, she wants to have friends who will appreciate her. Kyousuke is caught in it. He does so much for his little sister. I can't spoil you guys and gals on it. I didn't find Oreimo creepy anymore. It's not like those anime shows where the little sister screams "Onii-chan" repeatedly.

Speaking of little sister, I watched this show with my little sister. She got into the show when she got curious about me laughing so hard. Plus, this is the only anime series that made me got drunk for stupid reasons. I was stupid and somehow, I read the ending of the light novel series on Oreimo Wikia. It was on a character page. I forgot most of it.

My final impression of the show is that Oreimo is one hell of a show. I definitely recommend the show for fans who love comedic, slice of shows with some fan service. Don't worry, the show will not make you feel uncomfortable. It's not too indecent and full of loli fan service. It's pretty tame.

Shin Sekai Yori

This anime series was recommended to me by my little sister and her friend. I finished in a marathon in April during spring break with my little sister and her friend. Shin Sekai Yori or From the New World is a psychological, horror show about a utopia. There are five main characters who will uncover dark secrets about their town and the history behind humanity. I can't go far in details since this show's plot twists are killer. It makes you rethink about humanity. We are enemies to ourselves. This is quite a disturbing show. Despite that the studio has budget and animations issues, it still creates a beautiful story with lots of bloody and gorey scenes. After finishing the anime, I'm not going back to watch it again. It's depressing a bit. Though, the ending has hope. Saki and her gang will continue to make a better future. I'm happy with the whole anime series.

What discourages people from watching the show is probably the episode with two guys and two girls kissing. Everyone is okay with two girls kissing, but two guys, people drop the show. It didn't disgust me. I'm used to it because my hometown predominantly actively supports gay marriage. It's nothing new. Shin Sekai Yori is an underrated show. To me, it's one of the best shows in 2013 (despite starting in 2012). It won't be popular because it's not a show for everyone.

I recommend watching the anime or reading the novel. My little sister told me that the manga version is ruined by fan service. I haven't read the manga, but it's a shame that it uses it.

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All Anime Network and Crunchyroll dates are for premium members.

This is an incomplete list where I combined the Crunchyroll's Summer 2013 Simulcasts and FUNimation's Summer 2013 Simulcasts together with the other missing legal streaming websites, Anime Network and HULU.

Status Report: I finished Anime Network's list of simulcasts. I got some of Crunchyroll's. I still need to add FUNimation and HULU.



Blood Lad

Staz is one of the toughest vampires in the demon world. But unlike his ancestors, he finds being a vampire to be a serious pain and prefers to spend his time watching anime and playing video games instead. When a Japanese girl named Fuyumi wanders into his territory, Staz cannot hide his excitement at finally meeting a living human from his favorite culture. Unfortunately, Fuyumi dies after being swallowed by a monster, leaving her bare soul behind. Staz vows to Fuyumi that he will bring her back to life by any bloody means necessary.
HULU: Every Sunday starting on July 7

Brothers Conflict

Hinata Ema is the only daughter of a famous adventurer. When her father decides to remarry, she leaves the newlyweds alone and moves in with her 13 new stepbrothers, who each have a unique personality. Is love in the air for Hinata, too?

FUNimation: Every Wednesday starting on July 16th at 12AM Eastern
HULU: Every Tuesday starting on July 2

Danganronpa: The Animation

Hope's Peak Academy is an elite private school that only accepts the very best. The hallowed halls are ruled by the sadistic administrator Monobear, who declares that the only way to pass the class is by sending a fellow student home in a body bag.

FUNimation: Every Friday starting on July 12 at 5PM Eastern
HULU: Every starting on July 5

Day Break Illusion

Since ancient times long past, this world has been ruled by two tarot cards. Diablos Tarot—The tarot of the devil that feasts on the souls of living humans and uses that nourishment to bring countless pain and suffering. Elemental Tarot—The tarot that draws its energy from the power of nature in order to oppose the Diablos Tarot.

Crunchyroll: Every Saturday starting on July 6 at 9:30AM Pacific

Dog & Scissor

One day, Harumi Kazuhito was killed in a robbery. However, his fascination with books allowed him to miraculously come back to life - as a dachshund dog. As he lamented his loss of ability to read books, before him appeared a sadistic woman, Natsuno Kirihime, who used scissors as a lethal weapon. But, not only can she hear Kazuhito's thoughts as a dog - she also happens to be a novelist he was a huge fan of. What is to become of this dog's life?

Anime Network: Every Thursday starting on August 1 at 6PM Eastern
Crunchyroll: Every Monday starting on July 1 at 12:30PM Pacific

Fantasista Doll

Uzume Uno is an ordinary junior high school student nothing special to mention about school grades or in the field of sports. However, one day, her destiny is significantly changed. She happens to find mysterious cards from which dolls therein with special abilities come out to real life. Uzume becomes the “Card Master” and executes contract with these characteristic dolls. Soon or later, she somehow finds herself in a position to fight not just for her own town, but to save the whole world....

Anime Network: Every Wednesday starting on August 7 at 6PM
Crunchyroll: Every Sunday starting on July 7 at 11:30AM Pacific

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya

Illya (Illyasviel von Einzbern) is a typical young girl attending Homurabara Academy who just happens to have a slight crush on her brother-in-law. Then, one night, a magic wand called Magical Ruby falls from the sky into her bath and tricks her into signing a contract..

Anime Network: Every Monday starting on August 12 at 6PM Eastern
Crunchyroll: Every Friday starting on July 12 at 11AM Pacific

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

Nanase Haruka loved to be in the water - loved swimming. In elementary school, Nanase Haruka, Tachibana Makoto, Matsuoka Rin, and Hazuki Nagisa attended the same swimming class together. Time passed, and as Haruka was living an uneventful high school life, he suddenly encountered Rin again. Rin challenged Haruka to a race and showed him how much stronger he had become. Soon enough, Makoto and Nagisa also rejoined the group, and along with a new classmate, Ryugazaki Rei, they established the Iwatobi High School Swimming Club.

Crunchyroll: Every Monday starting on July 3 at 12:15PM Pacific

Gatchaman Crowds

"Gatchaman" is the general term for warriors who wear special power suits called NOTE, which are manifestations of special spiritual powers possessed by living beings. The Gatchaman force on Earth consists of aliens who have been dispatched by a council and Earthlings who have been scouted for their latent abilities, all of whom work together to protect Earth's people and resources from alien criminals who have invaded the planet in violation of the probation enforced by the council.

Crunchyroll: Every Fridays starting on July 12 at 11:30AM Pacific

Genshiken 2

After reflecting upon last year’s low freshman turnout, Chika Ogiue, the new president of Shiiou University’s “Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture” (aka Genshiken) seeks out new freshman members to join.

Crunchyroll: Every Saturdays starting on July 6 at 11:30AM Pacific

Gifu Dodo!! Kanetsugu and Keiji

Hiding within his heart the secret of his lord's illegitimate child while risking his life to protect him, Uesugi Kenshin's chief retainer, Naoe Kanetsugu, teamed up with the legendary warrior known as history's most infamous wild man, Maeda Keiji. Never once yielding to any number of powerful men, Kanetsugu and Keiji continue to blaze through the turbulent latter days of the Warring States era, faithfully fighting for justice and their own way of life...

Crunchyroll: Every Tuesday starting on July 2 at 2PM Eastern

Hakkenden Season 2

They would have lost their lives if they did not make the choice back then. The legendary eight beads and their owners... One is for someone important, and one is for his life as a human. The story of a destiny to encounter and fights lead by the beads, have just begun.

Crunchyroll: Every Monday starting on July 8 at 2:25PM Pacific

High School DxD New

After being killed by a fallen angel, Issei Hyodo is brought back to life by the gorgeous president of his high school's Occult Research Club, Rias Gremory, who turns out to be a high-ranking demon. With devilish new powers, Issei is bound to serve Rias.

FUNimation: Every Sunday starting on July 14 at 6PM Eastern
HULU: Every Sunday starting on July 7

Hyperdimension Neptunia

In the world of Gamindustri, four competing CPU Goddesses battle against dark forces - when they're not fighting each other, that is. Based on the hit RPG series, it's the video game console wars like you've never seen them: fought by gorgeous girls!

FUNimation: Every Friday starting on July 12 at 9:30PM Eastern
HULU: Every Friday starting on July 12


Shinobu Omiya is a 15-year old school girl. She may look like a classically Japanese girl with raven black hair and sweet eyes, but when she was a junior high school student, she actually went to stay with a host family in the UK. She misses her time abroad and one day a letter arrives for her by air mail.

Anime Network: Every Tuesday on August 6 at 6 PM Eastern
Crunchyroll: Every Saturday starting on July 6 at 8:00AM Pacific

Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist

William is the son of a prestigious noble family, and an exceptionally brilliant student. Then, one day, his uncle's business mistake causes the family to lose its fortune. Fearing that his prestigious name will be tainted, William returns to his home and searches for anything that could be worth some money. In the basement, he discovers a room once used by his ancestors with a strange magic square on the floor. There, he inadvertently summons the demon Dantalion, who declares that William is the Elector: one with the power to choose the demon who will rule over Hell.

Crunchyroll: Every Saturday starting on July 7 at 10:05AM Pacific

Monogatari 2

The second season arc of the Monogatari series. The series will cover the material from six volumes of the original light novel series in two cours or half a year.

Crunchyroll: Every Tuesday starting on August 6 at 10AM Pacific

Recorder and Randsell Mi

On the surface it seems as if Atsushi is an adult, but really he's just an elementary student! However, he is paired with a second-year high school student Atsumi, whose height is just the opposite of his. These two together create an unusual relationship and will undoubtedly instigate some comedic antics in this slice of life comedy!

Crunchyroll: Every Monday starting on July 1 at 7:30AM Pacific

Rozen Maiden Zuruckspulen

Jun Sakurada, a middle school shut-in receives a single letter. “Yes or No” When Jun chose “yes” he met Shinku, but if Jun chose “no”, he would’ve gone on to college without ever meeting Shinku. Those two worlds were never meant to cross, but now they have connected!!Although the Jun who chose “no” has ventured out to overcome his shut-in nature, he can’t find a place where he belongs. Shinku comes to this world where “Rozen Maidens” aren’t supposed to exist.What will their new encounter bring?!

Anime Network: Every Sunday starting on August 4 at 7PM Eastern
Crunchyroll: Every Thursday starting on July 4 at 10PM Pacific

Senyu 2

Long ago, there lived an evil being who reigned over the world through fear, called Satan Rchimedes. He invaded the human world with his many demon underlings, spreading madness and chaos everywhere. One thousand years ago, this menace was sealed by the hero Creation, and peace returned to the world.

Crunchyroll: Every Tuesday starting on July 2 at 10AM Pacific

Servant x Service

In a certain ward of a certain city in Hokkaido... The ward office where Yamagami Lucy has been hired employs many unique characters on its staff. Yamagami and her colleagues are full of energy and secrets as they're hard at work (?!) in this workplace comedy!

Crunchyroll: Every Friday starting at July 4 at 3PM Pacific

Silver Spoon

Hachiken Yuugo enrolled in Oezo Agricultural High School for the reason that he could live in a dorm there. In some ways he chose Oezo in an effort to escape the highly competitive prep schools he had attended previously, but he was faced with an entirely new set of difficulties at Oezo, surrounded by animals and Mother Nature. After growing up in an average family, he began to encounter clubs and training the likes of which he had never seen before.

Crunchyroll: Every Thursday starting on July 11 at 11:45AM Pacific

Stella Women's Academy, High School Division Class C3

Racing heartbeat and expanding fantasies... After being accepted to her dream school, Stella Girls' Academy, Yamato Yura is excited to begin her high school life. "Maybe, at this school, I can change!" Then, when she lies down to rest after moving into her dorm, her hopes still high... she finds a Desert Eagle under her pillow! High school girls?! The C³ Club?! A survival game?! A new youth survival story is about to begin!

Anime Network: Every Thursday August 8 at 6:30PM Eastern
Crunchyroll: Every Monday starting on July 8 at 9:30PM Pacific

Sunday Without God

God abandoned the world on Sunday. As a result, nobody in the world can die or have kids. A little girl – Ai – is the grave keeper for the village and is tasked with helping the would-be dead try and find peace. However, one day a boy who identifies himself as Hampnie Hambart – the Man-eating Toy – appears in the village killing everybody and disturbing the balance of things. Upon their first encounter both Ai and Hampnie come to realize shocking truth...

Anime Network: Every Friday starting on August 9 at 7PM Eastern
Crunchyroll: Every Tuesday starting on July 9 at 12PM Pacific

Teekyu 2

The series follows the hilarious everyday routines of four girls in the Kameido High tennis club who, on occasion, actually play some tennis.

Crunchyroll: Every Sunday starting on July 7 at 7:30AM Pacific

The Eccentric Family

In Kyoto, humans, tanuki, and tengu live side-by-side. The Shimogamo family lives in Shimogamo Jinja’s Tadasu no Mori. The father, Soichiro, used to be the head of tanuki society, but without warning one day he was made into tanuki stew, and no one knows how it happened. He left four sons behind. They all live happily with their mother. After taking care of Professor Akadama, the Shimogamo family suddenly finds itself in a desperate fix. Will the truth behind how their father got stewed be revealed?! What does fate have in store for this strongly bonded family?!

Crunchyroll: Every Sunday starting on July 7 at 8AM Pacific

The World God Only Knows: Goddesses Arc

Keima, a high school student, is an avid player of romantic simulation games. He is known on the Internet as the "Divine Capturer" for his legendary skills to "capture" any 2D girl in games. In his real school life, Keima is considered nothing but a gloomy geek with thick glasses.

Crunchyroll: Every Monday starting on July 8 at 11AM Pacific

WATAMOTE ~ No Matter How I Look At It, It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular!

The protagonist, Kuroki Tomoko, thought she would naturally become popular once she became a “high school girl”, but reality was different… Tomoko panics at her situation and decides to take action to become popular. But… she doesn’t stand out in class, she’s extremely shy, and bad at communicating with others so she has to start by talking to someone other than her family first… The unpopular girl, “Kuroki Tomoko” fights her hardest to become popular, but… Does a bright future await Tomoko?! The struggles of an unpopular girl start here!!

Anime Network: Every Friday starting on August 9 at 6PM Eastern.
Crunchyroll: Every Monday at starting on July 8, at 10:05a.m. Pacific

Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

Yamishibai is a picture-story style of animation whose motif is surrounded and based off the rumors, and urban legends throughout the history of Japan.

Crunchyroll: Every Sunday starting on July 14 at 10:45AM Pacific.
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Hello everyone! I somehow lost track of time, but that's because I was wiki editing and working too much. It's all right since we can catch up together. After a whole of doing the tables for the Quick Picks: July 2013 Edition, Mushibugyo is a nice break. This blog is going to be short. I'm a little brain dead.

Let's hit up with a mix of summary and impressions. Oh, don't forget to hit up the Mushibugyo Discussion. I love to chat here or there. This series just needs a bit more love.


Ep. 13: We'll Show You Everything!! The Edo Women's Baths!!

Episode 13 was a recap episode complete with fan service of three lovely ladies.

I don't know if we're going to see our self-conscious-about-her-breast-size news reporter. She disappeared. It wasn't a bad episode. It didn't give anything new, but it delivered sultry bath scenes. I love how they keep emphasizing how Insect Magistrate cannot stop thinking of Jinbei. Now, there are three girls who are in love with Jinbei. Jinbei is one clueless player. Regarding Hibachi, she doesn't show it, but her recap included Jinbei.

Episode 14: Insect!? Man!? A Mysterious Enemy Attacks!

This episode had a lot of grisly scenes where an insect man named Sarutobi chowed down on the people of Edo. Meanwhile, Jinbei and the others got all powered up from training. It also showcases two minor characters who haven't had a lot of spotlight. The names escape me since I haven't done the wiki pages for this anime series enough. With his Fuji Hammer technique mastered, he just swatted every ninja fly into the ground. I love that part.

Episode 15: To Kishuu! The Ten Crucifix Insects of Sanada Appear!

Where did Mugai go? It has been a while since I seen him.

"Your mother had big cans"
"Your mother had big cans"

In this episode, Jinbei's fan boy, Ieshige, reveals how much of a fan boy he is to Insect Magistrate. I love how the two got rowdy over Haru shoving her bazingas over Jinbei. Also, it reveals Jinbei's mother for the first time. It's quite amusing to see Jinbei's dad sharing how he got married after being reminded by Haru's boobs. Lots of boobage in this episode. Though, there was a bloody scene where an insectman who looked like one of those Sentai Rangers just smashed through a pile of corpse. Yeah, I just want to slap the staff for having fun with the violence.

Episode 16: The Cool Guy in Glasses Lectures on Right and Wrong

Insect Magistrate, Ooka, and Jinbei are taking a lovely trip to Kishuu. It's strange yet amusing that Ooka, the smartest guy in Edo, doesn't realize that Insect Magistrate is in love with Jinbei. I just love how she reacts with Jinbei. Sorry guys and gals, I just find her cute and adorable than the rest of the female cast. Haru is sexy, but she is a flat character. Hibachi has spunk and a bit of tsundere in herself. I like tsunderes, too. Insect Magistrate blows Hibachi away.

For action, Jinbei's fight with that one Insect Man was awesome. It revealed that these insect men were once human. It makes sense how these guys can fight so well. The bad stuff about this episode was the whole right and wrong montage. It drag on a bit long.

I hope you guys and gals enjoy the rest of Mushibugyo. It is full of cliches and tropes such as damsel in distress. If you don't mind the cliches, the heavy fan service, and the heavy violence with censorship, this show is for you.

Meanwhile, I should add some news characters to the wiki project!

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Genre: Historical

Release Date: July 20

Produced by Studio Ghibli

A biographical film about the life of Jiro Horikoshi, the man responsible for the design and creation of the famous Japanese World War II Zero Fighter aircraft. Inspired by the aesthetics of design and the freedom of flying, Jiro pursues a life dedicated to the creation of a beautiful aircraft. The film covers the passage of time from Jiro's childhood, filled with dreams of engineering, to adulthood as he creates an elegant, flight worthy plane that eventually is used for something quite different than he expected, war.

Check out the Summer Anime 2013 Trailers!

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