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Hello everyone! I'm just packing several ANN news for this wonderful movie since the site is still lagging. It's hard to post blogs when you have to wait for it save and refresh properly.

For those who haven't seen it yet, here is the plot and trailer:

Inspired by the aesthetics of design and the freedom of flying, Jiro Horikoshi pursues a life dedicated to the creation of a beautiful aircraft. He labors from his childhood, filled with dreams of engineering, to adulthood as he creates an elegant, flightworthy plane—the Mitsubishi A6M Zero—that eventually is used for something quite different than he expected: war.

Nominations and Awards

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Welcome everyone! This used to be called Quick Picks, but I change the name since Quick Picks is about picking favorite or obscure titles from weekly DVD/Blu-Ray and Manga releases. I'm just posting a table now. I figure out how to make this fun like the good old days that my teammates BigHeart711 and Geo, and I use to do together.

Note: I don't have much time to do a full on manga table. I just copy and paste ANN's manga releases. Please enjoy.

Previous Quick Picks


ImageTitle (Format)CompanySRP
Bleach - Season 19 Uncut Box Set (DVD)Viz Media$44.82
Btooom! - Complete Collection (DVD)Sentai Filmworks$59.98
Btooom! - Complete Collection (Blu-Ray)Sentai Filmworks$69.98
*Japanese DVD Cover
Koe de Oshigoto! (Sub.DVD)Media Blasters$16.98
Kokoro Connect - OVA Complete Collection (DVD)Sentai Filmworks$29.98
Kokoro Connect - OVA Complete Collection (Blu-Ray)Sentai Fimworks$39.98


Arata: The Legend (GN 16)VIZ$9.99
Hetalia - Axis Powers [Print on Demand] (GN 4)TRSI$15.99
Hetalia - Axis Powers [Print on Demand] (GN 5)TRSI$15.99
Itsuwaribito (GN 10)VIZ$9.99
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (GN 3)VIZ$9.99
Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin - Jaburo (GN 4)VTL$29.95
No. 6 (GN 4)Kodansha$10.99
Tiger & Bunny Comic Anthology (GN 2)VIZ$12.99
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Welcome everyone! I know it's winter now, but I was bogged down by school, work, and Anime Vice/Screened projects (both wiki and community). This series of blogs is about my friends in Anime Vice who give me recommendations to watch during breaks: spring, summer, and winter. Here's the list if you want to recommend some stuff or to get some ideas on starting your own blog about your experiences taking recommendations from the community.

Since the site is lagging, it's hard to upload images, post comments, and make blogs and new threads. This blog won't have images until the site fixes itself. It takes 10 minutes to upload one image. It's pretty crazy.

I had watched 2 new anime series excluding the shows from Summer Anime 2013 Guide. They are Gurren Lagann and Haruhi Suzumiya. Don't worry, I don't put spoilers.

Gurren Lagann

In their closed-off underground village, Kamina and Simon chafe at the limits imposed by the village elder. Yet all this will change, when Simon stumbles across a fantastic device - just as the village's peace is broken by a violent intrusion. What follows is a grand adventure that will shake the earth, heavens, and the very galaxy to its core.

Recommended by Sotyfan16, LordBane666, and maybe Daniel Newton

Ever since I heard Sotyfan16 and Superevil225 talking about the show, it sounds like Gurren Lagann was a show that matched my Shonen addiction because it's a coming of age story packed with drama, fights, giant robots, and fan service. I remember lil Superevil225 dropped the show because of too much fan service. I admit it does get out of hand, but I could tolerate it. The fights and animation were amazing. I finished Fooly Cooly from Toonami about 2 weeks ago. I see the parallels between Fooly Cool and Kill la Kill with Gurren Lagann's animation style. It's so fluid with a bit of Looney Tunes in it. The drama in the show actually made my little brother cry. I can't tell you who died for those who haven't seen the show yet. Some of the deaths are predictable while some were shocking. Simon and the others It's a good show to watch with family. Though, you have to watch out for Yoko's insane Gainax Bounce. Hell, I don't think it's a show you want to watch with conservative parents and really young and impressionable children. Gurren Lagann was one of a kind. I couldn't forget it after finishing the series. I wanted to change the ending and make it happier. The first theme song is stuck in my head. It's more powerful and memorable than Kill la Kill and any other shows I watched.

I definitely recommend Gurren Lagann, but it's not for folks who hate fan service.

...work in progress b/c site is lagging

Haruhi Suzumiya

Recommended by my little sister

When I heard Lucy Heartphilia's VA did Haruhi and told sis, my little sister asked me to watch the anime with her, both seasons. I liked the 2009 way better than the 2nd season because of the Endless Eight. I should have read reviews, but I never do because most reviews spoiled me or give false impressions, deterring you from watching the show. I looked at Crunchyroll's episode line up after watching 2 episodes of the Endless Eight. I was shocked at the anime series. That's pretty crazy with what they did. It would pissed a lot of Haruhi fans. Now to get back on the positive points of Haruhi. It was strange hearing Gintoki's voice coming out of Kyon, the main protagonist of the series. I'm not a fan of slice of life shows. The parts that I enjoy best were Kyon's interactions with Nagato, Haruhi's music festival, and other things that I can't remember. The annoying parts were Haruhi, the long radio scene with Yuki in the rainy episode, and the constant Haruhi harassment of Mikuru. Mikuru's scenes were cute, but it got too repetitive where it became mundane.

I'm not sure whether to recommend Haruhi Suzumiya to folks who don't like slice of life shows. For folks who do like Auron570, I tell them to try the first season, screw the second season, and watch the movie.

Thank you for reading. Hope you take some recommendations on new shows to watch in Anime Vice.

Natsu DragneelSimonTetsuya Kakihara was the VA for both of these characters. I was surprised. I didn't notice it in Simon until he yells. Older Simon's voice sounds more like Natsu's voice.
Lucy HeartfiliaHaruhi SuzumiyaThe reason I watched Haruhi was of Fairy Tail. I was curious how Aya Hirano went from Haruhi to Lucy. The voices are distinct.
Gintoki SakataKyonIt took me a while to figured out Kyon's VA until he yelled at Haruhi. Gintoki is more of emotional and exaggerated character while Kyon is more calm.
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Welcome to another Quick Picks article! For those who are new, I post new anime and manga releases that come out every Tuesday. I don't have much time to do a full on manga table. I just copy and paste ANN's manga releases. Please enjoy.

Previous Quick Picks


ImageTitle (Format)CompanySRP
Girls und Panzer - Complete OVA Series (DVD and Blu-Ray)Sentai FilmworksBD: $39.98
DVD: $29.98
Girls Und Panzer - Complete TV Series (DVD and Blu-Ray)Sentai FilmworksBD: $69.98
DVD: $59.98
Pokémon - Limited Edition Collector's Set (Dub.DVD/R1)Miramax$9.99
Magical Play - Complete Collection (DVD/R1)Sentai Filmworks$29.98
One Piece - Season 5 Part 4 (DVD/R1)FUNimation$39.98
Pokémon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened (Dub.DVD/R1)Viz Media$19.97
Zatch Bell - The Complete Seasons 1&2 (Dub.DVD/R1)New Video Group$99.95


A Devil and Her Love Song (GN 12 of 13)VIZ$9.99
Alice Love Fables: Toy Box (GN)SSE$13.99
Berserk (GN 37)DH$14.99
Dance in the Vampire Bund: The Memories of Sledgehammer (GN 1)SSE$13.99
Demon Love Spell (GN 5)VIZ$9.99
Dengeki Daisy (GN 13)VIZ$9.99
Dragon Ball [3-in-1 Edition] (GN 3)VIZ$14.99
Fairy Tail (GN 33)kodansha com$10.99
Happy Marriage!? (GN 3 of 10)VIZ$9.99
Hunter X Hunter (GN 31)VIZ$9.99
Kanokon [Omnibus] (GN 5-6)SSE$18.99
Knights of Sidonia (GN 6)VTL$12.95
Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan (GN 18)VIZ$9.99
Oh My Goddess! (GN 45)DH$12.99
One Piece (GN 69)VIZ$9.99
Pokémon: Black and White (GN 13)VIZ$4.99
Skip Beat! (GN 32)VIZ$9.99
Slam Dunk (GN 31)VIZ$9.99
The Sacred Blacksmith (GN 3)SSE$13.99
Toriko (GN 19)VIZ$9.99
Voice Over! Seiyu Academy (GN 2 of 12)VIZ$9.99
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Welcome everyone, I'm Taka, your wiki mod. I was a historian for a club at my school, and my book keeping habits influenced my role in the Anime Vice community. Before I became mod in September 2013, I had done a lot of documenting for the wiki community because I love wiki editing so much. During these past two months, my recent experiences helping Sonata with the Battle Forums, I got attached to this community, too. Yesterday, I proposed a crazy idea that was overly ambitious. After some doing some thinking at my workplace, I realized I confused my idea for something I had done before, an archive. A project that records the annual efforts and achievements of our community.

If you are curious about the achievements of the wiki editors, please see the related threads at the bottom of the project page.


I'm going to divide this project into 12 months. I won't be able to complete in one sitting. I estimate a month to complete it.

Type is referring what kind of thread is it.

  • S - Standard meaning two combatants
  • G - Gauntlet meaning a one combatant or a group against a set match
  • T - Tag Team
  • R - Battle Royale
  • RPG - Role Playing Game

Please be aware that post counts are not accurate for active battle threads. I can't update post counts until a thread has been locked. Right now, I recording posts counts once just to fill out the table. I won't go back and update until a thread is lock.




  • Most Created -
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  • Most Locked -
  • Most Fun Thread -
03/30xlab3000Yugi vs Jaden vs Yusei vs Yuma86NR



  • Most Created -
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  • Most Locked -
  • Most Fun Thread -
05/04Ikki_Minami_Four Heavenly Kings Vs Hulk32NT
05/05nishi99Barragan Vs Blackbeard16NS



  • Most Created -
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  • Most Locked -
  • Most Fun Thread -
07/16MasterofdeathUltimate Gundam Battle Royale52NR
07/25SylvainPixie Versus Suzumebachi (Blog post)20NS



  • Most Created -
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  • Most Locked -
  • Most Fun Thread -
06/19SMXLR8The Abyssal Ones (1st) VS The 3 Admirals38NT



  • Most Created -
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  • Most Locked -
  • Most Fun Thread -
08/03LordCravenShadows vs Hollows vs Akuma33NR
08/30SMXLR8Shounen - Jump Alliance VS Manga Warriors118NT



  • Most Created -
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  • Most Locked -
  • Most Fun Thread -
09/10GoldenStar66BM Naruto vs Whitebeard40NS
0915othus12toshiro hitsugaya vs natsu27YS
09/20GrinpatchSanji,Zoro,Luffy vs Gourmed Pyramid NitroT
09/23KingofAshZ vs Q31NS



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  • Most Fun Thread -
10/17alternative_backupHeinrich Lunge (Monster) vs. Light Yagami (Death Note)31NS



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  • Most Locked -
  • Most Fun Thread -
11/01WorldEaterNaruto and Sasuke vs Akainu and AokijiT
11/03SavageBeastNappa vs 4 Beast25YT
11/03xlab3000Greek Gods vs Anime Team54NT
11/05Carter_esqueGotei 13 Captains vs. Three Admirals153Y
11/08ImDictatorBowDownIchiryuu vs Jio Freed14NS
11/08axavierhanszGoku vs Monkey King28YS
11/08Carter_esqueDr. Solar (Valiant) vs. Lambadelta9N
11/09Carter_esqueAfro vs. King Bradley a.k.a. "Wrath" (FMA Brotherhood) - 2 Rounds36N
11/09Carter_esqueYusuke Urameshi (EoS) vs. Goku (Namek Saga)38N
11/09Ikki_Minami_Hashirama Senju, Madara Uchiha Vs Donquixote Doflamingo, Kuma32NT
11/09Kobra678Kambei vs Afro10N
11/10ImDictatorBowDownChad vs Gaou9N
11/10IndridColdSaiyans vs Corefire26N
11/10luthluthBills & Kid buu vs Zeus54
11/10NarutardKillerBills vs Pegasus Seiya25Y
11/10Carter_esqueLyra VS Konoha Kunoichi Team13N
11/10luthluthStrawhat Alliance & Aokiji vs Don, Kizaru and Fujitora8
11/10StezzyJuubito vs Mewtwo33N
11/10xlab3000Juubito vs Team
11/11alternative_backupJohan Liebert (Monster) vs. L (Death Note) in a chess game!10
11/11alternative_backupL (Death Note) vs. The Riddler (DC)3N
11/11DarkScarecrowBills Vs Kid Buu28Y
11/11Ikki_Minami_3rd Raikage Vs Minato Namikaze7N
11/11IndridColdRPG Tournament750NRPG
11/11LHWKnightObito who has just gained control of the Juubi vs Aizen23N
11/11LHWKnightSesshomaru vs Mayuri26Y
11/11luthluthWhitebeard vs Knuckles16N
11/11nishi99Barragan Vs Father18Y
11/11Platinum_94Monkey D Garp + Kizaru Vs DCUA Superman + DCUA wonder woman7N
11/12Carter_esqueTenchi Masaki vs. Thanos (w/ The Heart of the Universe)23Y
11/12Carter_esqueKenpachi Zaraki vs. Kratos: The Battle of the Bad-Asses52NS
11/12ImmortalWatchDogNaraku Vs sanji pts8Y
11/12ImmortalWatchDogNaraku Vs TS LUFFY15Y
11/12LHWKnightTobirama Senju vs Hei11N
11/12SavageBeastShinobu Sensui vs Juubito5N
11/12SMXLR8Anime Avengers VS Guardians of the Galaxy42NT
11/12StezzyGoku vs Ms Marvel3Y
11/12StezzySuper Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann vs Galactus2Y
11/12StezzyErza Scarlet vs Hidan37NS
11/13AlphaQIndyAsMayuri Kurotsuchi vs Caesar Clown
11/13Carter_esqueVegito vs. Thanoseid (Amalgam)36Y
11/13Carter_esqueAfro vs. Tomi Shishido a.k.a. "Gorgon" (Marvel)1N
11/13Carter_esqueGinyu Force vs. Admirals34Y
11/13GalenbetaHollow Ichigo vs. Starrk
11/13IndridColdSamus vs Juubito16NS
11/13Platinum_94Fusion Rage runs a Gauntlet
11/13ScuberCaesar Clown VS Toriko6Y
11/13StezzySTTGL vs Dormammu20NS
11/13StezzyNatsu vs Kagura2Y
11/13StezzyJenny the robot vs Megatron4NS
11/13StezzyCloud vs Inuyasha38NS
11/13supernova7005Current Naruto vs Dangai Ichigo vs Current Luffy47NT
11/13WorldEaterRoronoa Zoro vs Toshiro Hitsugaya16NS
11/14Carter_esquePegasus Seiya vs. Thought Robot a.k.a. "Cosmic Armor Superman"4Y
11/14Ikki_Minami_Current Sajin Komamura Vs Madara Uchiha22NS
11/14LHWKnightAyumu Aikawa vs Shizuo Heiwajima1N
11/14LHWKnightKusanagi Godou vs Shiro Emiya3Y
11/14LHWKnightKusanagi Godou vs Archer (Shiro Emiya)2Y
11/14LHWKnightKusanagi Godou vs Gilgamesh13Y
11/14luthluthMonkey D Luffy vs Durins bane, Gothmog ( Balrogs ) & Smaug
11/14NarutardKillerSun Wukong vs Gold Saint Seiya2N
11/14OfficialRikudouSenninMadara Uchiha Vs Sesshomaru8NS
11/14Platinum_94SSj4 Gogeta Blink vs SSj4 Goku 10x Kamehameha10Y
11/14StezzySsj4 Goku vs Kirby25Y
11/14SMXLR8Nami VS Usopp13NS
11/14xlab3000Blackbeard vs Barragan15YS
11/15alternative_backupSuper Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann vs. The Galactus Engine3N
11/15blackdemonMarvel's Scorpion Runs The Gauntlet!1NG
11/15blackdemonMagneto Runs The Gauntlet!3NG
11/15blackdemonGarurumon(Digimon Adventure)VS Venom(Marvel Comics)1NS
11/15IndridColdThe Dragon (Revelation) vs Dark Schneider7NS
11/15IndridColdUltimate Ben vs King Piccolo18NS
11/15LHWKnightAkuto Sai vs Mao Satan vs Devil Jin vs Abel Night Road vs Kazuya2N
11/15LHWKnightCasshern (Casshern sins) vs Alucard (First Anime) & Alucard Manga19NT
11/15LHWKnightErza vs Konan15YS
11/15LHWKnightPain and the six paths vs Team Natsu30YT
11/15LHWKnightNaruto vs Gildarts9NS
11/15LHWKnightGiglamesh vs Alucard6NS
11/15OfficialRikudouSenninJames Heller Vs Hulk2YS
11/15OfficialRikudouSenninJames Heller Vs Alex Mercer2YS
11/15shinjihirako123percer vs kenpachi24NS
11/15WorldEaterJinbei vs Ivankov5NS
11/16alternative_backupBernkastel (Umineko no Naku Koro ni) vs. Mister Mxyzptlk (DC)20YS
11/16alternative_backupIron Fist (Marvel) vs. Mercenary Tao (Dragon Ball)36NS
11/16blackdemonWereGarurumon VS Wendigo3NS
11/16blackdemonTiger Of The Wind and his pack VS Marvel animal villains1NS
11/16Carter_esqueRecoome vs. World Breaker Hulk23N
11/16Carter_esqueKami Tenchi vs. Pre-Retcon Beyonder9YS
11/16cosmicdudeSuperman runs the gauntlet29NG
11/16DreamYamamoto vs Human Torch107YS
11/16OfficialRikudouSenninJuubito Vs Ichigo36NS
11/16SaladKingDeathstroke vs Hellboy6YS
11/16SaladKingSpyro vs Charizard14YS
11/16SylvainKurapika Versus Itachi (Blog post)5NS
11/17AnimeDefenderMewTwo vs The Six Paths of Pain17NT
11/17GalenbetaXenovia vs. Saber3N
11/17GoldenStar66Ichigo vs Erza2YS
11/17LHWKnightKid Buu vs Akira9N
11/17LHWKnightSuperman vs Kefka4NS
11/17LHWKnightBeatrice vs Superman3YS
11/17SaladKingRias Gremory vs Ghost Rider2NS
11/17shinjihirako123All of the Kages Vs All of the Captains6YR
11/17Supreme MarvelSpike the Devil Man Vs Master Roshi4NS
11/17TakashicheaValvrave One vs Gundam Epyon7NS
11/17UssjFutureTrunksBarragan vs Luffy2YS
11/17UssjFutureTrunksGoku vs Z (Tenchi Muyo)2YS
11/18GalenbetaXenovia vs. Naruto21NS
11/18nishi99The Three Admirals Vs The Top Three Akatsuki Members61NT
11/18supernova7005SSJG Goku vs CCC Gilgamesh107YS
11/18SaladKingKakuzu and Kisame vs Natsu, Gajeel, and Wendy21NT
11/19SMXLR8Borsalino VS Monica Rambeau18NS
11/19BraxckloffMario VS Sonic64NS
11/20AnimeDefenderJack Atlas vs Jaden18NS
11/20AnimeDefenderYuki Nagato vs Lex Luthor9NS
11/20KingofAshBeatrice vs Pennywise9NS
11/20SavageBeastSM Naruto vs Kisame, Deidara, Kakuzu20NT
11/21Kuro_SanSeijuro Hiko Vs Afro11NS
11/21luthluthDonquixote Doflamingo vs Whitebeard
11/21LHWKnightMasane Amaha & Reina Soho vs Satsuki & Ryuuko
11/21OfficialRikudouSenninAkatsuki Vs Gotei 13 Captains Vs Admirals48YR
11/21OfficialRikudouSenninAizen Vs Enel63NS
11/21SMXLR8Buggy the Star Clown VS Robin
11/21ThitikiKonoha 11 vs Luffy76NT
11/22cosmicdudeThe doctors run the gauntlet.4NG
11/22cosmicdudeTeam runs the gauntlet.7YG
11/22cosmicdudeThe specter runs the gauntlet.2YG
11/22DarkScarecrowNatsu and Gray vs Sasori18NS
11/22DreamAlucard vs Jedah Dohma13YS
11/22GeneralVanFeatherine vs Counter-Actor15YS
11/22ImDictatorBowDownGurren Lagann (base) vs HST team25NT
11/22LHWKnightDio vs Naruto & Sasuke12NT
11/22LHWKnightCurrent Naruto & Sasuke vs Current Natsu & Gray5YT
11/22LHWKnightNaruto and Sasuke runs the Fairy tail25YG
11/22Ikki_Minami_History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi Team vs Tenge Tenjou Team18NT
11/22SaladKingAndroid 18 vs Ultron11NS
11/22SaladKingSora (KH) runs the Kirby gauntlet1NG
11/22SaladKingDangai Ichigo vs Kazuma Torisuna (S-Cry-ed)6NS
11/22SavageBeastTrafalgar Law vs Sir Crocodile20NS
11/22SMXLR8Nami & Usopp VS Pacifista11NT
11/22SMXLR8The Justice League vs. JJBA Villains16NT
11/22xlab3000Jaden Chazz and Aster vs Dartz12NT
11/23DarkScarecrowErza Scarlet vs Byakuya Kuchiki42NS
11/23DreamIchigo Kurosaki vs Younger Toguro5YS
11/23DreamYusuke Urameshi vs Elder Toguro17NS
11/23luthluthAngus vs Super perfect cell78NS
11/23NighThunderAy Vs Laxus21NS
11/23StingerrainRyu Hayabusa vs Hiei9YS
11/23UltimateHero0406Blood Battle Royale5NR
11/23VapovileHiei vs Akainu, Yamamoto and Human Torch25NT
11/23xlab3000Nagato vs Yammy Llargo29NS
11/24321zigzag1Madara vs Hades (Additional Bonus)11NS
11/24Ikki_Minami_Katekyō Hitman Reborn! Team Vs Rave Master Team25NT
11/24JgamesSSJ God Goku and Pre 52 Superman takes the Villain gauntlet (Senzu bean after each round)2YG
11/24JgamesSSJ God Goku and Pre 52 Superman takes Villain Gauntlet31NG
11/24luthluthRoronoa Zoro vs Gin Ichimaru59NS
11/24nishi99Baki Hanma Vs Shin Natsume4NS
11/24othus12Sinbad vs luffy17NS
11/24SaladKingMiami Heat vs Seirin High (Kuroko no Basket)7NS
11/24SaladKingWendy Marvall vs Kagura (Inuyasha)4NS
11/24SavageBeastPain vs Younger Toguro12NS
11/24ScuberRegal Mamoth VS Konoha 117NS
11/24SpeedForceSpiderJoseph Joestar runs the YYH Gauntlet4NG
11/24StingerrainHotsuma (Shinobi) vs Afro Samurai5NS
11/25DreamYoko Kurama vs Younger Toguro4NS
11/25GalenbetaSajin Komamura and Kenpachi vs. Eight Tails10NT
11/25GeneralVanLain Iwakura vs Z1NS
11/25IndridColdKurama vs Coco8YS
11/25IndridColdMithos Yggdrasil vs Dio Brando5NS
11/25luthluthChopper vs Sakura, Rock Lee and Kiba30NT
11/25OfficialRikudouSenninJLU Gold Amazo Vs Ultron3YS
11/25othus12yujiro hanma vs captain america9NS
11/25StingerrainJin Kazama vs Rock Lee9NS
11/25VapovileEzio Auditore vs White Power Ranger12NS
11/25WorldEaterEmporio Ivankov vs Donquixote Doflamingo8NS
11/26ALMIGHTYSosuke Aizen vs Sajin Komamura10YS
11/26ALMIGHTYKenpachi Zaracki vs Roronoa zoro15NS
11/26ALMIGHTYBeast Boy vs Ben 102YS
11/26axavierhanszMajin Vegeta + Sesshomaru vs fat buu8YT
11/26GalenbetaMayuri vs. Orochimaru5YS
11/26IndridColdMario (Manga version) vs Natsu1NS
11/26Kobra678Coby runs the CP9 Gauntlet23NG
11/26StingerrainKaras runs the Shichibukai gauntlet9NG
11/26SMXLR8Shichibukai VS Shichinintai10NT
11/26supernova7005Treebi vs Kurama21NS
11/27ALMIGHTYJuubito & Madara vs Sensui & Toguro23NS
11/27ALMIGHTYJinbei vs Kisame3YS
11/27alternative_backupDoctor Solar (Valiant) vs. ZeedMillenniummon (Digimon)4NS
11/27GeneralVanSoifon and Yoruichi vs Sasori and Deidara19NT
11/27IndridColdToriko vs Kefka11NS
11/27ObitoChopper vs Arlong9NS
11/27othus12strawhats vs Regal mamooth18NT
11/27nishi99Dark Tournament Yusuke Vs The Six Paths of Pain8NT
11/27SaladKingGoku vs Laharl9YS
11/27SMXLR8Bleach team vs Comics team (post From vine)52NT
11/27StingerrainVergo vs Younger Toguro29NS
11/27GalenbetaTailed Beast vs. DxD Dragons11YT
11/27WorldEaterKid Goku vs Hannya Panda14NS
11/28100RingsSuper Vegito vs. The Sun13YS
11/28AnimeDefenderIkaros vs Deidara33YS
11/28GalenbetaDxD Team runs Naruto Gauntlet30NG
11/28Ikki_Minami_Souichiro Nagi Vs Furinji Hayato9NS
11/28luthluthWhitebeard vs Wolverine34NS
11/28OfficialRikudouSenninLSSJ Broly Vs SSJ2 Teen Gohan17YS
11/28othus12terror guma vs BoS toriko12NS
11/28ShinsuiDreyar(bleach)Komamura Vs. (yu yu Hakasho) Kuwabara(read special rules)8NS
11/28TheNeutralOneSenator Pak vs The six paths of pein18YT
11/28VapovileAssassin's Creed Protagonists vs TMNT13NT
11/29DreamAccelerator (ToAru) vs Berserker (Fate/ Stay Night)11NS
11/29nishi99Sensui Vs Aizen and Madara15NS
11/29SaladKingIssei (High School DxD) vs Kazuma (S-Cry-ed)106NS
11/29SaladKingKirito (SAO) vs Psycho Mantis (Metal Gear)4NS
11/30bigz007Satsuki Kiryuin vs Kagura Mikazuchi1NS
11/30DreamMikoto Misaka (ToAru) vs Electro5NS
11/30GeneralVanYoruichi vs Shinji18NS
11/30Ikki_Minami_Current Naruto, Sasuke Vs EoS Tsuna Sawada, Adult Reborn6NT
11/30Ikki_MinamiSaitama Vs EoS Tsuna, Adult Reborn8NR
11/30luthluthShunsui Kyoraku and Kizaru vs Akatsuki7NT
11/30nishi99Sasuke Vs Nagato15NS
11/30SaladKingSting (Fairy Tail) vs Erza Scarlet25NS
11/30TheNeutralOneMadara and Hashirama(no edo) vs Sang man duk and Jun jae san(GOH)1NS



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  • Most Fun Thread -
12/01IndridColdSaitama and Garou vs Ginyu Force4NS
12/01StingerrainHazama vs Gilgamesh10NS
12/01supernova7005Whitebeard vs Current Naruto10YS
12/01TakashicheaJudar vs Gray Fullbuster10NS
12/01TakashicheaAladdin & Alibaba vs Natsu Dragneel & Gray Fullbuster13NT
12/01UltimateHero0406Dracule Mihawk vs Date Masamune13NS
12/02ALMIGHTYKankuro, Chiyo, & Sasori vs Doflamingo8NT
12/02alternative_backupDark Schneider (Bastard!) vs Tyrant (Marvel)2NS
12/02DreamKimimaro (Naruto) vs Senji Kyomasa (Deadman Wonderland)15NS
12/02GhostRippleKira runs an Espada Gauntlet5NG
12/02IndridColdBang vs Hayato Furinji6NS
12/02luthluthMonkey D Garp vs Roshi30NS
12/02nishi99Aizen Vs Akatsuki26NS
12/02othus12Naruto vs Buranchi6NS
12/02ridtom2Neji Hyuuga vs Daz Bones11YS
12/02GeneralVanWhitebeard vs Mr. Popo17NS
12/03eddz99Fujitora[One Piece] vs. Bluenote [Fairytail]16NS
12/03ImmortalWatchDogYammamoto genryusai Vs Mihawk3YS
12/03ObitoMadara vs Fujitora20NS
12/03SaladKingBayonetta vs Laharl (Disgaea)3NS
12/03SaladKingScizor (Pokemon) vs Stingmon (Digimon)3NS
12/04CosmicDudeCaptain Marvel (DC) vs team5YT
12/04shinjihirako123Team Soul Eater vs Team GB6NT
12/05Ikki_Minami_EoS Ryohei Sasagawa vs Current Kensei Muguruma2NS
12/05jinbeifan1Optimus Prime vs Titans9NT
12/05OfficialRikudouSenninLSSJ Broly Vs Kid Buu Vs SP Cell Vs Janemba Vs FrizeaR
12/05SMXLR8Shinji vs Sanji8NS
12/06cosmicdudeDark schneider vs horror villians (Freddy, pennywise, etc).S
12/07Ikki_Minami_Laxus Dreyar vs XanxusS
12/07ImDictatorBowDownKiller Bee (Naruto) vs Killua (HxH)S
12/07luthluthLuffy & Zoro(east blue) vs Levi & MikasaT
12/07nishi99Hanzo Vs Jiraiya
12/07ridtom2Rock Lee vs Spider-ManS
12/07SaladKingNeji Hyuga vs Shikachi Yasuri
12/08VapovileKuwabara vs Mr. SatanS
12/08GalenbetaTeam Natsu vs. Toshiro HitsuguyaT
12/08GalenbetaDeliora vs. Armored TitanS
12/08ShadowChaosHikaru Shindo vs Yugi MutoS
12/08SMXLR8Rurouni Kenshin Team VS Daz Bones & PaulaT
12/09nishi99Szayelaporro Granz Vs Kabuto YakushiS
12/09othus12pre timeskip Tenten (Naruto) vs Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin)
12/09KingofAshBills vs Sailor GalaxiaS
12/10OfficialRikudouSenninBroly Vs JanembaS
12/10luthluthWhitebeard pirates vs Sauron & The Which King
12/11VapovileJin Kariya vs Shusuke Amagai vs Koga KuchikiR
12/12Shinigami_DragonJuubi vs kid goku and oolong.T
12/12Ikki_Minami_Fairy Tail S-Class Vs Real Six Funeral WreathsT
12/12LHWKnightAkatsuki Ousawa vs Erza Scarlet
12/12takashicheaSakura Haruno vs Morgiana
12/13Alpha_Watcher_3000Ichiro Miyata (Hajime no ippo) vs Carlos Rivera (Ashita no joe 2)
12/13LHWKnightKusanagi Godou runs God of War Gauntlet
12/13othus12Dangai ichigo vs Monkey D. Garp
12/13StingerrainLeon Kennedy vs Spike Spiegel
12/14GomuGomuJyaku973(DT) Kuwabara vs. (End DB) Goku
12/14IndridColdKratos Aurion vs Kakashi Hatake
12/14LelouchCommandsYouKing Cold 4th form 100% 100% Vs Imperfect Cell
12/14luthluthMajin Vegeta & Goku vs Midora, Ichiryuu & The Four Heavenly Kings
12/14nishi99The Six Paths of Pain Vs Byakuya Kuchiki
12/14worldeaterMadara vs GarpS
12/15DestinyHeroKnightBlack Star & Tsubaki Vs Mask De MasculineS
12/15GomuGomuJyaku973Ryu & Ken vs. Terry Bogard & Ryo Sakazaki
12/15luthluthMarshall D Teach vs Hashirama Senju
12/16GalenbetaAkeno Himejima vs. Laxus Dreyar
12/16DreamMaster Asia vs RX-78 Gundam
12/16xlab3000Ulquiorra vs Killer Bee
12/17Ikki_Minami_EoS Black Star Vs EoS Kyoya HibariS
12/17IndridColdStarjun vs Demon Eyes Kyo
12/17ImDictatorBowDownSanji (OP) vs Meruem (HxH)
12/17Jinbeifan1Luffy vs AlucardS
12/17Jinbeifan1Doflamingo vs UlqiuorraY
12/17KingofAshMal vs Spike
12/17LHWKnightIssei vs Yusuke
12/17LHWKnightIssei Hyoudou & Team DXD vs Black star & Team Soul eater
12/17nish99Deidara Vs Laxus
12/17SaladKingErza Scarlet vs SephirothS
12/17SaladKingDark Shneider vs Shuma Gorath
12/17Savage BeastHiruzen Sarutobi vs Danzo Shimura
12/17ShadowChaosIssei Hyoudou vs Gundam101YT
12/17SMXLR8Leonardo (TMNT) VS Kenichi Shirahama (HSDK)
12/17supernova7005Renji vs Yamamoto
12/17takashicheaCobra (Fairy Tail) vs Coco (Toriko)S
12/17worldeaterUlquiorra Cifer vs Naruto and SasukeR
12/18GalenbetaIssei and Vali vs. Goku and Vegeta
12/18luthluthMinato Namikaze vs Isshin Kurosaki
12/18othus12Sani vs ichigo Kurosaki
12/18VapovileTsuna vs Iron Man
12/19OfficialRikudouSenninHinata Hyuuga Vs Sakura Haruno
12/19SaladKingAccelerator vs Dr Doom
12/19ShadowChaosShuuichi Asakawa vs Lucy
12/19shinjihirako123Nentou Vs Fujitora
12/19UltimateHero0406Iron Fist Vs Ryozanpaku
12/20UssjFutureTrunksMecha Godzilla vs Itachi Uchiha
12/21CrosswindvortexKirito ( SAO) vs Neptune (Hyperdimension Neptunia)
12/21GalenbetaNatsu Dragneel vs. Sasuke Uchiha
12/21LelouchCommandsYouGoku (Dragon Ball Z) Vs. Hyoudou Issei (High School DxD)
12/21LowMorgiana vs Toph
12/21luthluthAce & Enel vs Zoro & SanjiT
12/21thundercat35SSJG Goku vs SSJ8 Gogeta and SSJ8 Vegito
12/21UssjFutureTrunksBarragan vs Vice Admiral Garp and Third RaikageT
12/21UltimateHero0406Akisame Vs Spider-Man
12/22CosmicDudeHao Asakura, Father, Milenium Earl and Eve VS Super perfect Cell.
12/22CrossWindVortexMewtwo vs BeelzemonS
12/22gokugxBills vs SSJ4 GokuT
12/22ImDictatorBowDownMorgiana (Magi) vs Uvogin (HxH)
12/22Jinbeifan1Doflamingo vs Asura (Soul Eater)
12/22LHWKnightKagato vs Aizen
12/22LHWKnight23 budokai Krillen vs Aikawa Ayumu
12/22maxxonNirvash type TheEND (Eureka Seven) Vs. Reborns Gundam (Gundam 00) ?
12/22SaladKingRevy (Black Lagoon) vs Punisher (Marvel)
12/22supernova7005Barragan vs a Saibaman
12/22xBankaiChrisxOni Akuma (StreetFighter) vs SSJ 2 Majin Vegeta (Dragonball Z)
12/23Ikki_Minami_Kyuubi Naruto, EMS Sasuke Vs Tsunayoshi Sawada, Enma Kozato
12/23LHWKnightHaze Shenran/ Ryan Shenron vs Minato Namikaze
12/23LHWKnightGeat Red & Issei vs Acnologia, Zirconis, Atlas Flame
12/23SpeedForceSpiderToriko vs Jonathan vs UvoginNR
12/23othus12marvel vs shonen allianceT
12/23WorldEaterYounger Toguro vs Yammy LlargoS
12/23GIRUGAMESHFairy Tail vs Grimoire Heart (alternate)T
12/24SavageBeastAsura vs AlucardS
12/24gokugxMajin Buu vs General RilldoS
12/24nishi99Nagato Vs MenmaS
12/24UltimateHero0406L Lawliet and Miles Edgeworth Vs Light Yagami and Phoenix WrightT
12/25ridtom2Electric User BattleR
12/25ShadowChaosU-DO vs Main DxD CastT
12/26Endless_KhaosTeam Soul Eater Vs Team PsyrenT
12/26KingofAshThe Anti-Spiral vs GiygasS
12/26LHWKnightKain vs Monster Aizen and Juubito MadaraT
12/26LHWKnightKain, Kagato & Yuzuha vs Goku, Vegeta & GohanT
12/26nishi99Juubito Vs Dangai ichigo Hashirama and KizaruT
12/26supernova7005EoS Tsuna vs DB GokuS
12/26VapovileVongola Family vs Soul Eater TeamT
12/26xlab30001 billion Batmen vs Madara UchihaS
12/27DestinyheroknightNaruto U. & Ichigo K. & Luffy Vs Negi S. & Meliodas & Natsu D.9NT
12/27LHWKnightKain vs Omega Shenron3NS
12/27luthluthDangai Ichigo vs Donquixote Doflamingo25NS
12/27othus12Dangai ichigo vs Barragan28NS
12/27othus12Invaitdeath vs Sasuke and Naruto6NT
12/27SavageBeastDonquixote Doflamingo vs Admiral Kizaru8NS
12/27ShiryuPlaystation All Stars vs Gangan Heroes14NT
12/28Beelzebub64Dangai Ichigo vs BM Naruto7YS
12/28Beelzbub64Allen Walker vs Natsu Dragneel2NS
12/28cosmicdudeVirgo Shaka, Aries Mu and Gemini Saga VS Majin Buu.39NT
12/28GeneralVanSoifon vs Mercenary Tao32NT
12/28LelouchCommandsYouVegeta (Final Zenkai Frieza Saga) Vs. Second Form Frieza12NS
12/28nishi99Aizen Vs Barragan rematch5NS
12/28phantomrantJio Freed vs. Dragon Ball Z6NS
12/28SMXLR8Morgiana VS Hakufu Sonsaku5NS
12/28VapovileAizen vs Mukuro vs Itachi vs Babidi33NT
12/29DreamAizen vs Professor X (Read OP)10NS
12/29eddz99Blossom and Dexter vs. Batman and Goku33NS
12/29GeneralVanPowerpuff Girls vs Team Anime42NT
12/29Ikki_Minami_Kagura Mikazuchi Vs Adelheid Suzuki3NS
12/29ImDictatorBowDownJinbei vs Chinjao15NS
12/29Kobra678Pan vs Frieza18NS
12/29LHWKnightKenshi vs Spike spiegal3NS
12/29LHWKnightSuzaku Kururugi vs Kenshi Masaki1NS
12/29LHWKnightRushuna vs TenTen2NS
12/29LHWKnightRushuna Tendo vs Vash the Stampede13NS
12/29SMXLR8Top Cow Trinity VS Holy Shonen Trilogy12NT
12/30Beelzebub64Natsu Dragneel vs Rob Lucci15YS
12/30CerusSerenadeLambdadelta and Bernkastel vs Living Tribunal (re-evaluated)82YT
12/30ChromeDisasterPre-Timeskip Natsu VS Ogami Rei2NS
12/30CrosswindVortexGhost Rider vs Flandre Scarlet4NS
12/30HaikenAikawa Ayumu VS. Wolverine16NS
12/30ImDictatorBowDownJinbei vs Chinjao23NT
12/30StingerrainAlex Mercer vs Seras Victoria4NS
12/31Beelzebub64Oga Tatsumi vs Fullbring Ichigo2NS
12/31chrono122Kenichi Shirahama vs Takeda the puncher7NS
12/31HaikenAccelerator (to aru majutsu no index) vs Lucy (Elfen lied)18NS
12/31ImDictatorBowDownKirito (SAO) vs Prince (1/2 Prince)1NS
12/31ImDictatorBowDownSenji Kiyomasa vs Alex Armstrong2NS
12/31Othus12Iron Man (Hulk buster) vs Goku (ssj1)25NS
12/31SMXLR8Son Goku VS Kū Fei7NS
12/31WorldEaterShinobu Sensui vs Gaoh5NS

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