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I think I take off the Stardust Crusaders off the community spotlight report. I write the summaries less detailed than One Piece and Fairy Tail for some reason. It's like Toriko. Not much to add besides powers and manga differences.
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Anime Expo is an annual convention that is held at the Los Angeles Convention Center usually in the July 4th weekend. It's a 4 day event. For this year, AX 2013 is scheduled for July 4 to July 7.

Source: Anime-expo.org/What is AX

Porno Graffiti

Anime Expo proudly announces Porno Graffitti as a Guests of Honor! The legendary rock band, known for hits like “Melissa” from Fullmetal Alchemist and “Hitori no Yoru” from GTO will be performing live at Club Nokia on Saturday, July 6th! Originally from Innoshima, Hiroshima Prefecture, Akihito Okano (vocal and guitars) and Haruichi Shindō (guitars and vocals) formed the band while in high school, and subsequently moved to Osaka where they launched their career as best-selling artists, with a number of hit singles, albums and sold-out stadium shows and record-setting tours.

George Wada

Anime Expo proudly announces Producer George Wada as a Guest of Honor for AX2013! Mr. Wada has produced a number of recent hits, including the wildly popular Attack on Titan. His credits also include Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings, Kimi Ni Todoke, Guilty Crown, Robotics;Notes and PSYCHO-PASS.

Masaaki Yuasa

Anime Expo proudly welcomes Kick-heart! Director Masaaki Yuasa as a Guest of Honor for AX2013, where he will be presenting the North American premiere of the Kickstarter-funded project. Mr. Yuasa has been involved in many notable series such as Crayon Shin-chan, Hakkenden, My Neighbors the Yamadas, and Samurai Champloo, leading up to his directorial debut with Mind Game—the Winner of Best Film, Best Director, Best Script and Best Animation Film for the 2005 Fantasia Festival in Canada.

Megumi Han

Anime Expo welcomes Voice Actor Megumi Han as a Guest of Honor for AX2013! Originally from Tokyo, Ms. Han had her screen debut in 2008 in Sakura no Sono. In 2011, she achieved her goal as a voice actress and was given the lead role of Gon Freecss in HunterxHunter.

Kazuhiro Furuhashi

Anime Expo proudly announces Director Kazuhiro Furuhashi as a Guest of Honor for AX2013! Born in Hamamatsu City in Shizuoka Prefecture, Mr. Furuhashi began his career as an animator, and then moved to directing with the series Ranma ½.


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Welcome to the Weekly Fairy Tail manga! I'm Takashichea, a Fairy Tail wiki editor and fanatic. Continuing off chapter 333, we are heading deep in the battle between mages and dragons.


Natsu and evil Rogue and their dragons are neck and neck in their battle. While Rogue has brute force, Natsu has Nakama power. Meanwhile, one dragon tells present Rogue that he cannot kill him. Rogue denies it, but his shadow keeps taunting him. Nearby, Ultear is thinking whether to kill Rogue or not. Despite what Natsu said, Ultear is bent on killing Rogue to fix this time period.



  • Some dragon on dragon action is seen as well as the power of friendship is being demonstrated by Natsu.
  • At last, there are some conflicts with Ultear who is planning to kill Rogue. Will she do it, readers?
  • The timeline is a nice addition to the chapter. Clears some things up.


  • For those who hate cliches, Natsu's friendship can be heavy. I'm pretty used to it.


  • Where is Meredy? I want to see her take on killing Rogue.

Overall, the chapter is pretty entertaining. A good read to pass the time. For me, every Fairy Tail chapter is short. I try not to read it under five minutes.

Thank you for reading and please support the franchise by buying the manga or checking it out in the library in your home country. Or you can help out in the Fairy Tail wiki project.

All comments are welcome here or over at the Fairy Tail Discussion (Manga) thread.

Wiki progress:

Been preoccupied with the spring 2013 shows, I will update volumes and their list of chapters. I thank Pikahyper and Daniel for helping me out in the project. I will add the new manga characters such as Atlas Flame.

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At the A-Kon panel, FUNimation announced the dub cast for Haganai.


Kodaka Hasegawa is a recent transfer student to St. Chronica's Academy, a Catholic high school. As with every other school he has ever attended, he finds it difficult to make friends there because of his naturally-blond hair and fierce-looking eyes, which make him look like a dangerous "yankee" to his prejudiced schoolmates. One day, Kodaka accidentally comes across the equally solitary and very abrasive Yozora Mikazuki while she converses with her imaginary friend Tomo. Realizing that neither of them have any social lives, they decide that the best way to improve their situation is to form a club: the Neighbor's Club precisely intended to make friends and learn social skills.

Dub Cast

Shoutout to Haganai fans: and


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Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet: Mizuhana no Bellows
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet: Mizuhana no Bellows

In the Famitsu Comic Clear magazine, the company announces that they will be publishing a side story that focuses Bellows's salvaging career leading up to the discovery of Ledo and Chamber. It will use Hanaharu Naruko's original character designs. The story is written by Oceanus in collaboration with Hiroki Uchida. The manga will premiered in the magazine on June 7th.


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Welcome to the weekly Mushibugyo review! First, I wanted to apologize for the late report due to the wiki workload both in Anime Vice, Animanga Wikia communities, and Screened. I will do a review every Monday to promote the Mushibugyo Discussion thread. All comments are welcome here or over at the discussion thread.


Mitsuki is investigating the whereabouts of the Insect Magistrate, and she plans to seduce Jinbee Tsukishima to get answers. When she gets jealous of Oharu (mostly Oharu's large breasts) and does not get much answers from Jinbee, she kidnaps Oharu in order to get the answers. Though, Mitsuki does not get any answers when Jinbei confesses that he doesn't know anything.

Meanwhile, the Mushikari head to Hachijo Island to hunt the Insect Magistrate.



  • Mitsuki gets the spotlight in this episode. I enjoy how she is dumbfounded by Jinbei's stupidity.
  • Speaking of Jinbee, his funny moments are entertaining. I love his dumb moments.
  • Mushikari gets introduced. The plot is moving from Monster of the Day theme to something else interesting in the series. It's a nice refreshing change.


  • The repeated scenes of Jinbee freaking out when Haru and Mitsuki press their breasts against Jinbee's body gets tiring.

Overall, this episode is great. It finally changes things up. It's has been Monster of the Day plus the character origin stories theme. With the Mushikari, I hope to get answers if Koikawa will get revenge on the Mushikari for killing his mother. I wonder why Koikawa does not have a grudge against Mugai, a former Mushikari member.

Wiki Progress

In terms of wiki progress, I created the Mushikari and Mushibugyo concepts. I still struggle to find the Kanji for these pages.

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