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Jun Sadogawa (aged 34), known as the mangaka of Ramen Fighter Miki, was announced dead when a 60 year old man found him hanging from a tree that was in the Shinsui Park located in Tone City's Kitaosoma District in Ibaraki Prefecture. The police suspected that Jun committed suicide and found no note regarding reasons for the suicide.

Fans reported that Jun Sadogawa had been to the second day of Comiket, and they believe he wanted to spend his last moments talking with his fans.

Tribute to Jun Sadogawa

The young mangaka made his debut with Ramen Fighter Miki in 2000 and earned an honorable mention in the 55th Weekly Sh┼Źnen Champion Newcomer Award for his Twin Burner series. His current and last manga series is Amane Atatameru with only 2 volumes published.


Note to FoxxFireArt and the mods: Can I moved this thread to Jun Sadogawa's page since the search engine is still broken? Thank you.

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Hey guys, I'm Taka, and I'm just picking off where Katmic left off. See his Ch. 344 review blog. Don't worry, I'm a temp. Feel free to join the gang in the Fairy Tail Discussion (Manga) thread.

Don't worry, I got your back.


After the intense battle between Fairy Tail & the guilds and Future Rogue & his dragons, Natsu and the gang are taking a trip to save the giants - who all have been frozen. While Erza finds herself reverted to her child form, Natsu and his team are fighting against some treasure hunters. In the middle of battle, Natsu follows a voice. He finds himself reverted to his child form by a strange man. Around the same time, Erza runs into Minerva, who is a member of Succubus Eye. Elsewhere, Wendy and Lucy find themselves in a tight bind until Flare Corona arrives to save them. Is she Lucy's friend or foe? (Looking at her breast that holds the Succubus Eye stamp)



  • Cana and Wendy
    Cana and Wendy
    I forgot the bonus chapter where Fairy Tail B do their punishment game. It's a fun chapter, and it explores another aspect, Cana and Wendy's relationship. What I love about Fairy Tail is that it has a huge roster of characters, and it does well exploring them. Lot of shows can't do what Fairy Tail does with its characters. Cana has that gentle side to her, you don't see much.
  • Old Villains Come Back: It's awesome that Minerva and Flare are coming back. It's not Fairy Tail when it's missing some dangerous divas. I wonder if Flare is bent on getting revenge on Lucy after that bath scene.
  • Little Natsu and Erza are pretty cute. Erza's imagination and her insecurities are pretty hilarious especially that Jellal is not into lolis.


  • With this new arc, the fans who want a serious story after Mavis and Zeref declare war will be disappointed. It's Hiro Mashima's style. You see it in Rave Master and his other works. Heck, a lot of Shonen shows do this. Just sit back and enjoy it. It's not bad like the Key of the Starry Sky arc with the Big Butt Bandits.

Overall, these last three chapters are enjoyable. It's slow in story, but you'll love the punishment game, little Erza's scene, or the skirmishes/reunions between Fairy Tail and its new and old enemies.

Wiki Progress

I have been behind. Fairy Tail Wikia is doing pretty well. Here, it's just Daniel and I, but we're busy with other things. If you love Fairy Tail, come and join us in the discussion or wiki. I'll do a catch up. The search engine is broken for two weeks or more. New pages won't appear, but I will create new Fairy Tail pages.

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Welcome to another trip to the library! I'm Taka, your casual anime fan and wiki editor. The last time I did the library blogs was in 2012. Things have change. I got more attached to the community which means more anime exposure.

My favorite library that I used to volunteer often didn't have Chobits. I had to bike downtown with my siblings to the the biggest library in the city. While my little bro and sis look for their books, I was browsing the video section and found Chobits. Though, the cover makes me feel weird. I couldn't come up to the counter with some girly anime. People would look at me weird. I was more comfortable at my favorite library since I knew the staff. Then, I found something to balance out all the cuteness from Chobits, Batman Under the Red Hood. I did watch this movie once. I guess I couldn't stay away from the movie or Jensen Ackles (voice of Jason Todd).

I wanted to watch Chobits dub ever since I found out that Michelle Ruff, who voices Rukia from Bleach, voices Chi while Crispin Freeman, voices Itachi Uchiha from Naruto, voices Hideki. I haven't watched the sub yet, but I got attached to the dub after seeing the first 4 episodes on Funimation's Youtube channel. I was sad to see no more dub episodes. That's why I rented from the library. It's much cheaper than Netflix. Though, I can only hold these DVDs for a week.

(My little bro is a big Yugioh fan. Sis checked out Rozen Maiden since she got curious about the show.)

With all the work at the family business, wiki editing, and the cultural experiences interview, a guy has no time to watch all these episodes of Chobits.

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Hey guys and gals! I've been receiving requests and recommendations from the new and old editors and folks in the community. I figured to open this blog. I'm not a mod which may explained why I been receiving two requests a week. I'm willing to help out anyone.

Just shoot me a request. Though, it has to be minor like upload some eyecatches or adding character pages. I can't do episode summaries for a random anime series. That's insane. I only do that for former teammates who want to team up with me like the old days.

Types of Requests

  • Upload Eyecatches - I'm doing an Wiki Task: The Eyecatch Collection. If you guys and gals know some shows with eyecatches, I'll be happy to upload them.
  • Find image sources for anime caps
  • Troubleshoot wiki pages
  • For Kanji and Romaji, you have to ask FoxxFireArt. He's an expert in that field. I use Google Chrome, but it's not 100% reliable.
  • Find Manga Covers for you. I find Japanese covers more easily than American versions. If you want American covers, I will ask a friend of mine, PikaHyper. I use a program called AZID. (Daniel showed me this cool program) Amazon does upload fine American covers if you use the program. Sometimes, the older manga series about 5 years or older won't have good covers.
  • Reuse and Recycle anime and volume series. I can actually delete volume covers without having mod powers. It's a trick I found accidentally. Though, one CV member got upset when I taught it to other wiki editors. I didn't know it was a secret.
  • Finding Implied Sex Scenes - I'm doing a project to make a big database on Implied Sex Scenes. Dream has been doing a fantastic job on it. If you guys find one, leave a comment on the implied sex scene thread.


This is request from me. My teammates, Acura Max and BigHeart711, and I are always hunting for trailers for the new seasons.

If you find one, please feel free to drop a comment or PM me.

This is a recent one: Summer Anime 2013 Trailers.


Some folks ask me for recommendations for shows. Surprisingly enough, I don't watch a lot of anime from different genre, but I do know folks who are specialists in certain areas. I'm more of a Shonen fan. I do venture out of my preference zone. I take recommendations, too.

  • If you want good ecchi titles, I know some buddies, Sotyfan16 or Daniel.
  • If you want good slice of life shows, my buddy Auron570 is an expert in this area.
  • If you want some hentai titles, my pal, Sonata, watches over hundreds of titles.
  • If you like harem titles, PenguinDust, DocHaus, and Supreme Marvel are experts.
  • For yaoi and yuri titles, I don't know anyone in the community. I don't watch a lot of yaoi and yuri. I do watch some, but I only know dull ones.

Don't be afraid. We do have good folks here.

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the Spring 2013 Experiences where I share my first and final impressions of shows that were recommended to me by my friends in the community. Don't worry, I don't put heavy spoilers here. I'll introduce myself to explain why I started these special blogs.

I'm Takashichea (Taka for short), a wiki editor who was a big Shonen fan. Most of the anime series I started out were Shonen series on Toonami, Fox Box, and Kids WB. I wanted to wet my feet and explore certain genres. That's when my good friends of Anime Vice come in. They recommend me some awesome stuff.

Feel free to recommend anime or manga series. I'll recommend some good ones, too.

Haganai Season 1

Daniel recommended it to me after he and I enjoyed Pet Girl of Sakura back in fall 2012. Plus, I wanted to say something in the Haganai Discussion thread. It all started when my pal, Acura Max, and I were talking about a Sena figurine. She was called meat, and we didn't know why. It was hilarious.

I finally tried the show. It was a slice of show about a club that helps people make friends. Since I was still under Pet Girl of Sakura mode, I expected some heavy drama and romance. No, Haganai is light hearted and full of fan service. What I will take from this show is Yozora and her treatment of Sena. Yozora likes calling Sena meat because of her endowed body. The cast of characters are mostly girls since this is a harem series. The two girls that stand out are Rika and Yozora. Sena is your blonde bombshell who only serves as fan service. Kobato is an average middle school girl who has an abnormal affection for her big brother. Yukimura is a docile girl who has mixed gender identities. She's like your Mikuru Asahina of the series. Rika is the mad scientist/fujoshi who inserts some crazy, sexual innuendos in her conversations. The male lead isn't meek & perverted or a perverted, asshole. Kodaka is an average guy whose hair color and appearance makes everyone fear him. They think he's a delinquent. He's like Ichigo of Bleach if he had a harem. Both Ichigo and Kodaka have no affection or affinity towards any of the girls in their show. To wrap this up, my final impressions of the show isn't fantastic. I didn't like the show. Sure, it had some entertaining episodes. It just didn't reeled me in enough to continue to the next season. It was boring most of the time since most of the characters just play game. Without spoiling anyone here, the ending focuses on Kodaka and Yozora. It's one of the few character developments. The show focuses predominantly on Kodaka, Sena, and Yozora. You won't see much of the rest of the cast.

Oreimo Season 1

This show was recommended by Daniel, too. On Twitter, I was telling Daniel that Oreimo was creepy after reading the premise. In the premise, Kirino had eroge that focuses on making love to little sisters. He and his friend's conversations just focused on Kirino. I thought Kirino was like those typical tsundere girls like Astarotte. I was wrong. Kirino is a bit different. Since I finished Haganai, I had low expectations for Oreimo. I thought I would hate it. After watching the first episode, it blew me away. It was entertaining, and it hooked me in. Oreimo had the drama plus a beautiful cast that blended well. All the conflicts came from Kirino. She wants to keep her hobbies a secret from everyone while at the same time, she wants to have friends who will appreciate her. Kyousuke is caught in it. He does so much for his little sister. I can't spoil you guys and gals on it. I didn't find Oreimo creepy anymore. It's not like those anime shows where the little sister screams "Onii-chan" repeatedly.

Speaking of little sister, I watched this show with my little sister. She got into the show when she got curious about me laughing so hard. Plus, this is the only anime series that made me got drunk for stupid reasons. I was stupid and somehow, I read the ending of the light novel series on Oreimo Wikia. It was on a character page. I forgot most of it.

My final impression of the show is that Oreimo is one hell of a show. I definitely recommend the show for fans who love comedic, slice of shows with some fan service. Don't worry, the show will not make you feel uncomfortable. It's not too indecent and full of loli fan service. It's pretty tame.

Shin Sekai Yori

This anime series was recommended to me by my little sister and her friend. I finished in a marathon in April during spring break with my little sister and her friend. Shin Sekai Yori or From the New World is a psychological, horror show about a utopia. There are five main characters who will uncover dark secrets about their town and the history behind humanity. I can't go far in details since this show's plot twists are killer. It makes you rethink about humanity. We are enemies to ourselves. This is quite a disturbing show. Despite that the studio has budget and animations issues, it still creates a beautiful story with lots of bloody and gorey scenes. After finishing the anime, I'm not going back to watch it again. It's depressing a bit. Though, the ending has hope. Saki and her gang will continue to make a better future. I'm happy with the whole anime series.

What discourages people from watching the show is probably the episode with two guys and two girls kissing. Everyone is okay with two girls kissing, but two guys, people drop the show. It didn't disgust me. I'm used to it because my hometown predominantly actively supports gay marriage. It's nothing new. Shin Sekai Yori is an underrated show. To me, it's one of the best shows in 2013 (despite starting in 2012). It won't be popular because it's not a show for everyone.

I recommend watching the anime or reading the novel. My little sister told me that the manga version is ruined by fan service. I haven't read the manga, but it's a shame that it uses it.

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