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But you're 8 years younger than me
But you're 8 years younger than me

I know it's Saturday, but I was busy with a business trip over at Little Tokyo, Los Angeles that took the whole day. Pretend it's Friday. I ran out of fetishes that were unisexual. I wanted to cater to both guys and gals with my past blogs.

Looking back at the blog I started, Help Me Find Anime/Manga with Older Women & Younger Men Couples, I realized it was a fetish.

Sorry, I haven't wind down lately with finals approaching.

For older women fetish in anime and manga, it's not common, but it's not too rare. Thanks to

Older Women

Let's go over why younger guys think older women are hot.

  • She's hot, sexy, and mature (especially if you're a high school guy, and the rest of the female students are pretty underdeveloped while your teachers are endowed)
  • For anime and manga series that borders with cheating fetishes, the woman, usually a house wife, has sexual frustrations. (Okay, this belongs to hentai series except for Chobits's situation where Takako's husband left her for a robot chick. Oh cool, I have a new fetish, Artificial Intelligence).

Anime/Manga Couples: Older Women Examples

See Help Me Find Anime/Manga with Older Women & Younger Men Couples. Thanks to Dream, Taichokage, and the rest of the users in the thread for their help.

1. Nike Remercier

World Is Still Beautiful

2. Livius I

World Is Still Beautiful

3. Haruko Haruhara


4. Naota Nandaba


5. Hiromu Shinbo


6. Takako Shimizu


7. Kaho Mizuki

Cardcaptor Sakura (formerly)

8. Touya Kinomoto

Cardcaptor Sakura (formerly)

9. Ayato Kamina


10. Haruka Shitou


11. Shuji

Saikano - Wiki Page: Not added Yet

12. Fuyumi


13. The Garden of Words

Takao Akizuki and Yukari Yukino (Garden of Words)

14. Takumi Mayama

Honey and Clover

15. Rika Harada

Honey and Clover

16. Yusaku Godai

Maison Ikkoku

17. Kyoko Otonashi

Maison Ikkoku

18. Negi Springfield

Negima Neo

19. Asuna Kagurazaka

Negima Neo

20. Haruka Kasugano

(Yosuga no Sora)- Among one of the scenarios in the anime.

21. Nao Yorihime

(Yosuga no Sora)- Among one of the scenarios in the anime.

22. Hikaru Ichijou


23. Misa Hayase


24. Clare

Claymore - Taichokage: It's not an intimate relationship (yet) but their feelings for one another are known.

25. Raki


26. Hae-Young Nah

Unbalance x2

27. Jin-Ho Myung

Unbalance x2

I forgot that this is a common trope in teacher fetishes.

Older Men

This is more common than older women fetish because most societies have guys marrying down while girls marrying up in the social and economic ladder.

  • He's dependable and mature.
  • Same with the teacher fetish. For girls, they find male teachers attractive due to their kindness and maturity.

I don't have a lot of reasons listed.

If you got more reasons or characters you like to bring up, feel free to share them.

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Welcome and good evening everybody! simmering from the heat, this is your host Hal, bringing back from a 5 month Haitus, the RoundTable Discussion! Tonight, we are looking at the anime Sket Dance, after just over 1 year's viewing, and we're gonna give our two cents on the show, its ups and downs, and where it should head from hereon. Joining me this evening are two guys fairly versed in all matters Sket, with Takashichea (AKA Taka) and KuroNekoXIII (AKA Kuro)!

We've seen this show out for one year so far, and this light-hearted High School comedy has made strides at being possibly a new mainstay anime for years to come.

The first part of the discussion focuses on the characters of the show. What are your opinions on them, do you like their development, what could use some more work?

Kuro: Personally, I love all three characters. I think Shinohara did an amazing job creating Bossun, Hime and Switch. They are very unique for a shonen cast.

  • Sket Dan
    Sket Dan
    Bossun: I think Bossun is an awesome main character, despite what he thinks :P I think he is a well-rounded character. Bossun started off in the series as a "not the coolest main character", which he actually tells the audience (referring to episode 9 I believe). I think Shinohara wanted Bossun to appear as an average guy, so the audience to relate to him more. I noticed as the series progresses, Bossun's leadership and responsibility shines through and his passion to help others no matter what, showing the audience that he truly is fit to be the main character. I guess in the end, I'm glad with how Shinohara created Bossun, and I don't think he needs any fixing.
  • Himeko: Himeko is a sweetheart! I love her character, and her origin story! I think Shinohara did an amazing job with her. I like how she has two sides to her: the tough-guy side and the girly side. Same as my opinion for Bossun, I think Hime is perfect the way she is!
  • Switch: Switch is hilarious! You don't see a guy talking with a laptop around that often! I like how Switch has that smart-side to him, and that crazy otaku side to him as well. And his inventions! Man those are epic! The only thing I'd suggest to work on for Switch is to add to his origin story. I feel like the origin story cut-off too soon. I wanted to see how he met with Bossun (the way Hime's origin did).
More Supporting Characters
More Supporting Characters

Taka: This whole year of Sket Dance has covered the three main characters' origin stories. They're awesome, but the only thing I find left unanswered is how did Switch get into an Otaku: love anime, pop idols, and playing Sim games. For Himeko, it was a story about being betrayed and finally getting friends. Bossun's origin story is different because he actually lack something from the start.

For the supporting characters, Tsubaki and Momoka stand out for me. Sure, Shinzo, Roman, and Reiko are unique in their personalities, but they do grow up a little, but they don't change much. It's good for the show because they're funny in their own way. Back to Sasuke and Momoka, they change without having a prominent flashback arc. Sasuke is a mild tsundere character who acts harsh to Sket Dance and a rival to Bossun, but when you get to know him close, you know he cares for them. Momoka is a former delinquent who becomes a pop idol. She is just like Himeko: tough looking on the outside, but she has sweet side to her.

Kuro: We can't forget about the teachers, notably Chu-san and J-son. I like how Chu-san has that distant and care-free aura to him, yet he does have his wise moments. I think he has a great presence in the plot-line. As for J-son, he is also a very funny and random character. He adds more humor to the anime and plot in my opinion, and I personally think he deserves more screen-time!

Hal: I do like the cast of Sket Dance a lot, they seem to get a comedic and satirical interpretation of the general character types in high school, and do it well, making them well rounded with multiple aspects to their personality rather than one-dimensional. Bossun, Himeko and Switch are easily the funniest and best developed out of the cast, with a unique dynamic between the three of them. My only fault so far, which hopefully can be attributed to the fact that the anime is only a year old, aside from Momoka (waifu! <3) and Captain, there really isn't much history behind the rest of the characters. Humor is one of the major driving forces of the show, and has had many a sidesplitting moment.

What have been some of your favorite funny moments in the show?

Switch: Give Me Autograph
Switch: Give Me Autograph

Taka: Darn, there are a lot of funny moments. I love how Switch ruined the moment during episode 56 where Momoka waits for Switch's answer. Then, he wrote "Give me your autograph." Another thing, I loved the expressions on their faces. Bossun's face has that trademark blush face, and Sasuke and Rumi made that face as well. It is hilarious. Switch and Reiko are my favorite, funniest characters while Himeko and Bossun make a great comedic duo due to their questionable relationship. Two of the funniest and memorable episodes are episode 9 where Switch and Himeko become the parents of little Bossun, and episode 43 where Himeko tries to take Bossun on a date.

Kuro: Man I've got a lot of funny moments that I can't get over!

Attaining Perfect Field
Attaining Perfect Field
  • Episode 42 - when Bossun, Himeko and Switch were helping out Momoka for her play. The entire episode was hilarious, but the funniest part is when they start changing the script to English! XD Shinji run away!
  • I forgot which episode number this was, but when J-son was first introduced! Man that episode was hilarious, with his hockey-mask face and all lol
  • Episode 19 - when Himeko kept messing up Bossun's hair and they kept using Tocolotion-10 to make it grow. The way the hair would grow instantaneously and how Himeko instinctively slapped Bossun's head was priceless!
  • When Himeko, Bossun and Switch got stuck in the storage room while they were in costume. The entire episode was hilarious! Especially how their plans of escape kept backfiring. I guess the best part was the explosion in the end and them walking out all burned, but alive! And they still performed!

Man, I can go on and on, but those are the ones that come to my mind at the moment. If I kept going on, I'd probably take over an hour to list them all :P

Hal: Don't forget about The Invisible Bossun in Episode 58! starts off pretty awesome with Chu-Sensei cooking up a slick invisible potion, which Bossun drinks by accident. he goes to scare Himeko, but in order to work properly, he has to strip naked. then after he scares her, the potion begins to wear off, and the two of them have to make it back to school, covering him up as they go along! needless to say, Bossun owes himeko big time for having her look like she's runnign around with a moose head like a crazy girl!

Moving on. The story also played a big role in the show, outside from the episodic silliness that punctuates it. how did you find the development of Sket Dance's story?

Ryosuke: Friends are treasures. Help each other and value the bonds you have
Ryosuke: Friends are treasures. Help each other and value the bonds you have

Kuro: I like the development of the Sket Dance story. I like how each episode is a well-rounded story with at least one take-home message that the viewer can learn. What's also something that I like about the Sket Dance plot is that there are links to previous episodes. For example, episode 9 was when Chu-san created his invention that was supposed to grow hair, but he ended up making people become younger. In episode 19, his invention actually worked, and he created the Tocolotion-10 cream that lets hair grow.

All in all, I like how the series is outlined; its light, humorous, yet filled with loads of life lessons.

Taka: For story development, we haven't seen any drastic changes to the current cast of characters, so it's not much. Only a few characters change due to events such as the Kindergarten performance and the origin stories, but the story still remains the same, comedic with a few serious episodes.

Hal: The story is still developing, in my opinion. we've got a good foundation in relation to the main members, and a few of the outside characters, and in a shift from the lighthearted tone that most episodes have, these arcs are rather deep and dark in comparison. even though the other characters have their own charm, their still isn't that depth in their development yet, but so far (and also since I haven't read the manga for it) it feels like there is a lot more to come in the future involving these characters than their initial portrayals. Mokoka is a good example, with her character development, being as deep as the main trio, shows her going from a Yankee to a pop superstar. so I hope we get good character depth with Saaya as a new Sket Dan member!

Of course, no production is 100% perfect, and Sket Dance isn't any exception. tell us about some of the shortcomings that you believe the show has, and what it could do to address them.

Fan Service felt out of place
Fan Service felt out of place

Taka: I think the fan service aspect is pretty useless, and I don't mind fan service, but Sket Dance does not really need them to boost its ratings. Not every character and their special story is awesome. One character I disliked overall for their episode is Yamanobe. I just find the episodes too dragged out except for the video game references in the New Year Special. They got me there.

Kuro: It's hard to pinpoint shortcomings for Sket Dance (I guess I'm biased since I really love the series). I know for one thing that I don't like seeing in Sket Dance is fan service. I don't know why, but I feel it doesn't suit the anime. I think the little fan service moments that do come up from time to time ruins the innocent air to the series.

Hal: Ok guys, we are starting to wrap things up. the last question of the night is, what do you think Sket Dance's best approach should be now for year 2?

Kuro: I think Sket Dance should keep doing what it does! The only thing I'd suggest for year 2 is to slowly add in a few more linear story-lines and to add more development to the side cast. Other than those two pointers, I'd say Sket Dance is perfect the way it is!

Taka: More minor characters appearing especially Roman, Reiko, Chiaki, and Shinzo. For the newer episodes, I want to see them centering more on certain pairs like Bossun and Himeko, Switch and Reiko, and Momoka and Himeko.

Hal: Well for the most part, you've said what I wanted to for character appearances. I'm not sure that the producers want to go down the shipping lanes as of yet, but we'll see. Well guys, we've reached the end of the show here, care to say any last words before we head out?

Kuro: Thanks Hal for holding this roundtable! I'd also like to thank all of the wiki editors and Team W.I.K.I. Nation. that work on the Sket Dance wiki pages. Finally, I'd like to urge you all to start watching (for the new Sket Dance fans) and continue watching (for the current Sket Dance fans) the Sket Dance anime! You have my word that you'll never get sick of it!

That's all from me folks!

Taka: Please try out Sket Dance! If you love comedy and slice life types of anime, then you'll dig the marvelous misadventures of three high school students whose mission to help out their fellow students with problems stemming from bullying to quests for love.

Hal: You've heard it that this trio advise you to check out the other trio, the Sket Dan trio. this is your host Hal, signing out.

SKETO-DAN! *Fistpump*

In the memory of Team W.I.K.I. Nation, please visit the thread to find out about my teammates on the Sket Dance Wiki project.

About the Authors

KuronekoXIII is an interdisciplinary science student, with a passion for story writing and character design. Follow him@KuroNekoXIII
HalberdierV2 is a student, video game and manga specialist, voice actor, sports enthusiast, and Christian. Yeah, that's about me. Follow him


Takashichea is an Asian American Studies student who is a big wiki and anime nerd. He's an Anime Vice mod and Sket Dance Wikia Admin. Follow him @Takashichea
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Welcome everyone! This blog is designed to supplement Foxx's Community Spotlight articles, adding more breadth and showcasing more of user content and major trends in our community on a monthly basis. I was debating whether to make it weekly. Given my current responsibilities (school, family, wiki, and mod duty), I don't think I can keep up.

I do make wiki/review reports to Foxx on a weekly basis, making sure our reviewers and wiki editors get spotlighted. Seeing Acura Max and Zombie Pie's community spotlight articles, I thought it would great to incorporate more content. This will help the community spotlights.

Recent Spotlights


Battle Themes 2014
Battle Themes 2014

Despite we had battle themes set up by our best battle users (Battlation of the Month), it's natural that we had some major trends that rock our forum, characters who become extremely popular with new feats revealed. Like What's Out of the Bag noted, the battle community hypes these characters by making lots of battle threads. I remembered Lil SMXLR8 was confused as I was during Might Guy March madness. This month, Gremmy is stealing the spotlight for this month's battle theme. We had a good Hitman Reborn theme going thanks to few users: Haiken, Low, General Van.

If you notice January is blank, it's because I can't remember what major character was popular in the battle threads during that period. Let me know if you remember. This is what stress does to me. Makes me forgetful.


Rising Rookies

  • Taichokage - Being one of the veteran battle user, he helps out with the Toriko and Seven Deadly Sin project. His newest projects are Magi and D. Gray-Man starting with Hakuryuu and Allen Walker.
  • Demonic13 - One of the new wiki editors I help moderate his submissions. It started out with a few hentai series, mainly images. Demonic13 has taken up writing up articles. Check out his wiki pages.
  • Gyn - Another new wiki editor I help moderate. It started out images, Viola and One Piece. He's very organized with his images, and he helps upload great, Hi RES images. After doing One Piece and Hellsing, he's uploading images for Bayonetta: Bloody Fate. The site has been glitching heavily especially with images. Gyn keeps on working hard and uploading the images despite the glitches in our site.
  • ForgottenOne - He joined the Toriko project and help developed the character and concept pages. His best Toriko page was the Full Course Menu. Now, he's working on Medaka Box and lending a hand in the Seven Deadly Sins project.

I feel bad that our new wiki editors are confronting these 3 to 4 week old image uploading glitches.


Friends, rivals, brothers or comrades that something happened to them that made them become enemies, started to hate each other, one or the two of them want to kill the other or became on different sides.

For more lists, check out Daniel's List Redist ~ Share & Build Lists with the Community!

Discussion Threads

The hottest discussion threads we have for Spring 2014 are...

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Discussion

Plot: The year is 1987 and 17-year-old Jotaro Kujo finds himself suddenly plagued by a ghost-like entity. Jotaro’s grandfather Joseph Joestar, a veteran of a fight to save humanity fifty years prior, arrives with his own supernatural aura and explains that this power, known as a “Stand,” physically manifests its user’s spirit and can be controlled by its user at will. The sudden emergence of these Stands is revealed to be caused by the revival of the megalomaniacal vampire DIO (the Joestar’s longtime enemy) whose awakening from his century-long slumber has triggered Stands to awaken down the Joestar family line, including in Jotaro’s mother whose uncontrollable Stand will ultimately kill her in a few weeks’ time. Jotaro, Joseph, and their allies have fifty days to locate DIO (using their Stands to thwart DIO’s network of devoted Stand-user minions along the way) and eliminate DIO himself in order to save Jotaro’s mother and prevent DIO’s ambitions of world domination.

Chaika - The Coffin Princess Discussion

Plot: Toru Acura is a 20-year-old retired soldier meandering through life now that the war has ended. He encounters Chaika Trabant, a 14-year-old sorceress carrying a coffin, and follows her in hopes of finding meaning to his life again. The two travel with Toru's adopted sister, Akari, the employed member of the group and thus Toru's source of income.

The Irregular at a Magical High School Discussion

Plot: The story takes place in a world in which magic is not a fairy tale, but has existed for nearly one hundred years. In the spring, the Private Magic University Affiliated High School (Magic High School for short) is welcoming its new students, and names the top student with the best grades at the time of their arrival the Bloom (read as “garland” in Japanese), and the student called the Weed is the Bloom's replacement. Siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba are designated as the Weed and Bloom, respectively. Miyuki is given the title of Bloom due to her amazing grades, while Tatsuya is given the title of Weed due to his poor magical practical scores. Tatsuya, the young man who always has a farsighted expression, and Miyuki, the young woman who feels far more for her brother than sibling love. Since the day the two entered the gates of the elite school, the establishment's peaceful days have become chaotic.

For more discussion threads, check out the #Anime Vice Discussion Threads.


Will fill in soon


Kuma is doing a great job of promoting the RPG forum. Check these links below.

Finished Community Projects

Fun Threads

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Hello everyone and welcome to this week's manga releases. This blog was one of Sora_thekey's project back in Anime Vice where he informs folks about weekly manga releases in the states. This is our way of encouraging folks to support the industry.

For this week, I'm only familiar with Watamote after seeing only the anime version. I love the anime. The manga is on my wish list. Other manga series I'm interested is Animal Land, Bunny Drop, and Flowers of Evil. Being a big fan of Zatch Bell, I didn't know Makoto Raiku did another series. I'm curious about Animal Land. I chose Bunny Drop because it was an anime series that Sora loved. I'm not much of a slice of life fan, but there are some series in the genre I loved, Sket Dance and Pet Girl of Sakurasou. Of course, Flowers of Evil was the dark horse anime series back in 2013. I still haven't seen the anime or read the manga, but it was popular back in my community. I seen the anime screenshots with the infamous retroscope.

All comments are welcome. I would love your two cents on these series. What series are you interested in? Thank you.


Note: This time, I posted in Comic Vine first since Anime Vice's image uploading is lagging. Plus, it would be interesting to see how the list looks like from being pasted from CV in AV. I did the opposite way for the last Quick Picks.

Thanks to PikaHyper for uploading this week's manga releases.

For the Light Novels, I have to add them in AV's database later.


Animal Land Vol. 9
  • Distributor: Kodansha Comics
  • Suggested retail price: $10.99
With the fate of the entire animal kingdom at stake, Taroza and his friends tackle the dreaded Tower of Babel and its cohort of monstrous chimera guardians. They were prepared for a fight, but were they expecting to see... humans?The tragic past behind the tower's purpose is brought to light, and Taroza's leadership ability is tested when he must choose between the greater goal and the lives of his friends...

Bunny Drop Vol. 10

  • Distributor: Yen Press
  • Suggested retail price: $14

As Rin and Daikichi embark on a new kind of life together, this collection of vignettes takes a trip down memory lane: Snapshots of Daikichi's chaotic life immediately after taking in Rin, his evolution from bachelor to parent, and his growing understanding of his duties not only to Rin, but also to his parents. Kouki's childhood with Rin, his time as a young delinquent, and the story behind his scar. Masako's struggles with the decision to give up her child, and her fateful meeting with her future husband. Like looking through an old photo album, these unique stories of the unlikely pair of Rin and Daikichi and their friends and family are colored into exquisite detail in this final volume of Bunny Drop!

Higurashi: When They Cry - Festival Accompanying Arc 4

  • Distributor: Yen Press
  • Suggested retail price: $18.99

At last, after countless failures, Rika has exposed Takano's mad plot to destroy the village of Hinamizawa for the sake of her and her grandfather's research. Barricading herself in Irie Clinic, Takano draws her allies in close even as Rika and her friends organize a siege outside the facility. Takano's cleverness has allowed her to elude capture in every other world. Will Rika find a way to defeat her would-be murderer and reclaim her life beyond the Cotton Drifting? This final confrontation will decide ...

Inu x Boku SS Vol. 3

  • Distributor: Yen Press
  • Suggested retail price: $11.99

The residents of Ayakashi Hall decide to make a time capsule and bury it on the grounds, so everyone writes letters to their "future selves" to be included within. As Ririchiyo composes her letter, she reflects on her time with Soushi, realizing how much she has grown with the fox at her side. But when those heartfelt feelings are accidentally delivered not to her future self but to Soushi, Ririchiyo's budding social skills will be put to the test! Is she ready for a face-to-face confession of her true feelings?!

Watamote Vol. 3

  • Alias: No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!

  • Distributor: Yen Press
  • Suggested retail price: $11.99
Mokocchi's second semester of high school has only just begun, but already it's taken a turn for the worst, as the dreaded tradition of seat changing lands her smack-dab in the middle of the cool kids' action. As if dealing with their not-so-subtle barbs wasn't bad enough, this time in the school year is overflowing with social events, including the most notorious and legendary of them all: the cultural festival! How will poor Mokocchi survive?!

Umineko When They Cry Episode 3: Banquet of the Golden Witch

  • Distributor: Yen Press
  • Suggested retail price: $21.99

Determined to secure a place of respect within the Ushiromiya family, Eva stretches her wits to their limit and successfully solves Beatrice's riddle! There is more than enough gold in the family fortune to ease everyone's financial woes, but Eva has no intention of sharing her findings with her siblings.

Eva has claimed more than Beatrice's gold - she has claimed also the role of "Beatrice the Golden Witch" for herself! And there are still nine nights that each demand a sacrifice be carried out...

Bride of the Water God Volume 15

  • Distributor: Dark Horse Comics
  • Release date: 04-23
  • Suggested retail price: $9.99

Mui and Soah's attempts to live happily in the human world are complicated by Soah's former fiance and his sister, who quickly falls in love with the powerless Mui and vows to steal him from Soah! What's worse, Mui's curse makes him revert to his childlike form whenever Soah is near!

Light Novels

Spice & Wolf Novel 11 (Side Colors II)

  • Distributor: Yen Press
  • Suggested retail price: $8.99

Side Colors II departs once more from Lawrence and Holo's travels north, taking the reader off the beaten path to explore three exquisite side stories. Remember, it's not so much about the destination as it is the journey...

Sword Art Online Novel 1: Aincrad Part 1
  • Distributor: Yen Press
  • Suggested retail price: $9.74
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Here are this week's releases.


Past Articles

Eureka Seven - Part 1 (Blu-Ray)
Eureka Seven - Part 1 (Blu-Ray)
  • Suggested retail price: $44.98

For Renton, every day's the same. Nothing happens, nothing changes. He goes to school, he goes home. The only thing that keeps him happy is lifting on his ref board. Then one day, a giant mecha called an LFO comes crashing down on him - literally. Inside is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen!

The thing is, the girl is on the run from the military with her stolen mecha, and she's brought trouble with her. Renton will have to summon up all his courage to face his childhood hero; get the girl he's hopelessly smitten with to like him; and - oh yeah - live up to the legacy of his father who saved the world. But hey, at least it's not boring anymore.
Special Features: Episode Commentary (see list), Interviews with Japanese Voice Actors Yuko Sanpei (Renton) and Kaori Nazuka (Eureka) Parts 1 & 2, Interview with Japanese Voice Actors Keiji Fujiwara (Holland) and Michiko Neya (Talho) Part 1, Interview with English Voice Actor Stephanie Sheh (Eureka), Interview with English Voice Actor Johnny Yong Bosch (Renton), Interview with English Voice Actor Crispin Freeman (Holland) Part 1.

Episode Commentaries:
Episode 1: Yuko Sanpei (Renton) & Kaori Nazuka (Eureka)
Episode 7: Yuko Sanpei (Renton), Kaori Nazuka (Eureka), & Mamoru Miyano (Moondoggie)
Episode 13: Yuko Sanpei (Renton), Kaori Nazuka (Eureka), & Shigenori Yamazaki (Dominic)
Episode 15: Yuko Sanpei (Renton), Kaori Nazuka (Eureka), Akio Nakamura (Matthieu), & Mayumi Asano (Hilda)
Episode 20: Yuko Sanpei (Renton), Kaori Nazuka (Eureka), & Keiji Fujiwara (Holland)
Episode 20: Yuko Sanpei (Renton), Kenichi Yoshida (Character Designer), & Masayuki Miyaji (Storyboard Artist)
Eureka Seven - Part 1 [Limited Edition] (Blu-Ray)
Eureka Seven - Part 1 [Limited Edition] (Blu-Ray)
  • Distributor: FUNimation Entertainment
  • Suggested retail price: $49.98
Eureka Seven - Part 2 (Blu-Ray)
Eureka Seven - Part 2 (Blu-Ray)
  • Suggested retail price: $44.98
Special Features: Episode Commentary (see list), Interview with Japanese Voice Actors Keiji Fujiwara (Holland) & Michiko Neya (Talho) Parts 2 & 3, Interview with English Voice Actor Crispin Freeman (Holland) Parts 2 & 3, Interview with English Voice Actor Kate Higgins (Talho).

Episode Commentaries:
Episode 27: Yuko Sanpei (Renton), Kaori Nazuka (Eureka), Jurota Kosugi (Charles), & Aya Hisakawa (Ray)
Episode 32: Yuko Sanpei (Renton), Kaori Nazuka (Eureka), & Ami Koshimuzu (Anemone)
Episode 36: Yuko Sanpei (Renton), Kaori Nazuka (Eureka), Eriko Kigawa (Maeter), & Fumie Mizusawa (Gidget)
Episode 39: Yuko Sanpei (Renton), Kaori Nazuka (Eureka), Yasunori Matsumoto (Stoner), & Taro Yamaguchi (Hap)
Episode 43: Yuko Sanpei (Renton), Kaori Nazuka (Eureka), & Koji Tsujitani (Dewey)
Episode 50: Yuko Sanpei (Renton), Kaori Nazuka (Eureka), Kazuhiro Wakabayashi (Sound Director), & Tomoki Kyoda (Director)
Eureka Seven: Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers (DVD)
Eureka Seven: Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers (DVD)
  • Suggested retail price: $29.98
In the year 2054, humanity is on the brink of destruction thanks to a half-century war with the strange beings known as the EIZO. In the middle of an important mission, mecha pilot Renton is reunited with his childhood friend Eureka, who was kidnapped by government forces years before. But their heartfelt reunion might not last for long: Eureka's life will soon come to an end, and the crew that Renton serves alongside on the GEKKO have their own ideas about what to do with the blue-haired girl. As mankind prepares to fire a doomsday weapon that will end the war once and for all, the fate of the world rests in the hearts of two young lovers.
Eureka Seven: Part 1 (DVD)Suggested retail price: $34.98
Eureka Seven: Part 2 (DVD)Suggested retail price: $34.98
Little Busters! - Collection 2
Little Busters! - Collection 2
  • Distributor: Sentai Filmworks
  • Suggested retail price: $68.98 (Blu-Ray) and $59.98 (DVD)
As if receiving enigmatic messages delivered by the cats wasn't odd enough,​ Riki Naoe's world continues to grow even stranger.​ Following the shocking twin revelations of Midori's missing shadow and the fact that he's the only one who seems to remember Mio,​ he's determined to learn the nature of the connection between them.​

Meanwhile,​ some of the secrets Haruka is keeping about her family are revealed with potentially devastating consequences and Riki finds himself pressed into a completely unexpected situation when a sleepover held by Rin and the other female members of the team goes out of control.​ As overwhelming as all that seems,​ however,​ it's merely the preamble to the drama that's unleashed when Kudrayaka learns that her cosmonaut mother is going to be sent into space! And in-between it all,​ the Little Buster's first ballgame is approaching,​ even though they still haven't found a ninth player!

Contains episodes 14-26.​
Hidamari Sketch x 365 - Complete Collection (Blu-Ray)
Hidamari Sketch x 365 - Complete Collection (Blu-Ray)
  • Distributor: Sentai Filmworks
  • Suggested retail price: $59.98
You didn't think Yuno's story was over, did you? Of course it isn't, but if you've seen the first series of Hidamari Sketch, you should know not to expect the "A happens after B after C" pattern of the rest of the world. In fact, instead of just taking place after Yuno's first year at Yamabuki High, X365 continues the saga on both sides, around, and in-between, filling in the details in an ever-expanding collage that's both avant-garde and slice of life! And if the format's not completely unexpected, we guarantee that some of the things that you never knew about before will be!

Contains episodes 1-14 and bonus episodes 1-2.
  • Distributor: Aniplex of America
  • Suggested retail price: $64.98
This story is about an incident that happened before Bakemonogatari.

On his way to the bookstore, Koyomi Araragi encounters Tsubasa Hanekawa whose face is covered with a bandage. The incident allows Koyomi to learn what has been happening in the Hanekawa household, but Tsubasa begs him not to tell anyone about it, saying she'll do anything to keep him quiet.

Without revealing her family's circumstances, Koyomi tells of the day's incident - he and Tsubasa buried a "cat" that had been hit by a car - to Meme Oshino. Meme tells Koyomi that he must immediately go to confirm Hanekawa's safety. He heads to her house, only to find...

So begins the nightmarish nine days of Golden Week.

This limited edition includes a deluxe booklet and a pinup postcard set, with packaging illustrated by character designer Akio Watanabe!

Contains episodes 1-4.

Special Features: "Bakemonogata
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