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Purpose: To show Wiki Editors not to give up on wiki projects, and to inspire them that they can finish what they have started.

The Shaman King project was started on February 24, 2010. It was my biggest solo project where I took on the anime and the original manga series. I have been busy with the team W.I.K.I. Nation, Fairy Tail, and Beelzebub on the projects, so it was difficult to work on this project and to juggle school at the same time. My top priority is school and family, and after those priorities, my teams and their wiki project is up. I put Shaman King as my lowest wiki priority. In September 2011, the volumes wiki page is complete as I add the last 3 volumes; in October 2011, I finished the plot and characters for the last seven volumes of the series.

As for the anime, I haven't finished adding the plot to all of the episode wiki pages. I think I am on episode 43 by now.

In September 2011, I was informed by AgentJ that Shaman King has a Kanzenban series that has the true ending. (See Gia's Shaman King Replace Sham Ending blog) The bad news is that it's another 27 volumes, so more work is to be done. I can't complain because I see a lot of wiki editors working harder on longer projects. I should look at this as a challenge.

The Work and its Issues

Wiki Style

In this project, Shaman King had 32 volumes. At the time, I did not know the wiki style guide, so I went overboard with the plot summary. In the summer, I knew how to format the wiki page.

  • Plot (short)
  • Contents - English Dub titles, the Kanji, the romaji, and the page numbers (Basic goal is to get the titles)
  • Notes - Authors' note and character profiles
  • Full plot summary - I made this optional.

The top three are essential for the wiki style guide. In my early days, I thought I had to add a big plot, but now, I just moved the huge plot under the notes section for the whole reformatting project. I wanted to show other wiki editors what the right format was. I didn't want them to think that they had to add a huge plot. For the table of contents, I noticed that the English dub titles and the titles used on Wikipedia had some minor differences. FoxxFireArt informed me that these are translations from the Japanese titles, and he told me to use the official English dub titles and add the Japanese characters with the Romaji.

Volume List: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, and finally 32.

*20, 28, and 29 need plot

Time Management

It was tough to juggle a lot of wiki projects and school. The way I kept my sanity was to break these things down. I did not have a set plan for Shaman King, but I did 29 volumes' wiki pages for 9 months. That's an average of 3.2 volumes per month. The first 3 volumes had their plot summaries done before I started on the solo project.

A glimpse of the projects that I had deal with in my first year on Anime Vice:

  • Winter 2010 - Fairy Tail, Alice in the Country of Hearts, Hetalia Axis Powers
  • Spring 2011 - Fairy Tail, Descendants of Darkness, and Shaman King
  • Summer 2011 - Rave Master, Blue Exorcist, Beelzebub, Shaman King, and Fairy Tail
  • Fall 2011 - Beelzebub, Sket Dance, Fairy Tail, Guilty Crown, and Shaman King

The only finished projects are Rave Master (anime only). Blue Exorcist anime is almost done with two episodes (9 and 11) that need plot and images. (For more information, please see my condensed projects vitae list)


I list the blogs and forum threads that have some records of my work and other wiki editors' work as well. The historian blog is a summary of all those reports.


  • Work on the wiki pages bit by bit. Spread it out.
  • Read the volumes
  • Look at the wikia pages especially for the Japanese names (Don't plagiarize from their works)
  • If you need help, please ask the Anime Vice mods or veteran wiki editors.
  • For new wiki editors, pick a short manga series to work on. I mean it. 12 volumes manga project is a good amount to start.

Trust me, you don't want to work on 32 volumes like I did. It takes a lot of time with the reading, the notes, and the reformatting.


I need to reformat the volumes to its right style and add the last remaining characters: Manta's father (Mansumi), the little Patch twin girls, Lead, Lihite (X-Laws), Teruko (Voodoo woman), Anahol, Bron, and the other Patch Officiants. The character wiki pages need work on.

Streamline - condense story arcs

In the summer, FoxxFireArt and the staff had a streamline initiative goal to condense story arcs on character wiki pages whose pages are too detailed. I had some characters that needed streamlining, so I will do them in the winter if time is available.


I thank FoxxFireArt for helping me with his advice on the wiki style; I thank my teammates for inspiring me to keep working on this project. Finally, I thank Sotyfan16 for his advice on how to make beginner guides. I made my first beginner guide, and it was for Shaman King. It's an awesome feeling.


Team W.I.K.I. Nation

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Welcome to the ninth weekly Beelzebub article! I'm your host, Taka, and I'm here to present this episode and my team's wiki work to you. For those who do know my team, my awesome teammates are Annabanana, ShadowKnight508, Arussel, and Sreenivas. Be sure to check out this episode's image gallery, too!


Last week's episode was great because Hilda and Oga fight together for the first time. Now, the story continues off where Oga and Beel takes revenge on Hecadoth who impaled Hilda.

With Hilda down, Oga and Beel take on Hecadoth for some payback. At the same time, Kaname and Toujou's fight is interrupted by two, new demons, Graphel and Naga. Two brutal fights take place between the humans (one demon baby) and Behemoth's demon generals. Can Oga and Beel defeat Hecadoth and can Toujou and Kaname take down their opponents? Tune in and watch Beelzebub episode 40!


Beware of Spoilers! Keep in mind, I purposely do not cover everything in order keep the discussion going.


Wow! Yuka is riding him.
Wow! Yuka is riding him.
  • Yuka's misunderstanding of the situation is funny. Plus, she reminds me of Aoi Kunieda who misunderstand's Oga's intention.
  • Oga and Toujou's fights were spectacular. Well, Toujou's fight is better since more punches and kicks were exchanged without the flashy Zebul Spell animation.
  • Zenjuro makes an appearance and crashes the party. He certainly made an impact on Behemoth's men.
  • Kanzaki and Yuka make the comic relief part of the episode great while other scenes pale in comparison. See the bad section.


It's funny the first time but not for the 2nd and the 3rd time
It's funny the first time but not for the 2nd and the 3rd time
  • I like to talk about the flow of the episode a lot. I like how comic relief scenes cool off the tension, but some scenes were not great.
  • Alaindelon's scene with Furuichi is one of them. I get a good laugh at Alaindelon's relationship with Furuichi, but the fight scenes keep shifting to them witnessing strange and ominous things such as the maid outfit ripping and the cup cracking.
  • The ending theme is too sudden and ruins the mood of the show. I love the ending theme because how cute Beel and Hilda dance. They should have transition it better and start the theme song when the episode finally ends.
  • Censorship: After they make Hilda's impalement scene less visible and bloody in the anime (last episode), I could have sworn that Oga got impaled by Hecadoth. I have to read the manga chapter for this.


Shizuka's Hammerspace ability
Shizuka's Hammerspace ability
  • Shizuka pulls out a policeman from out of nowhere. Where did that come from? See HammerSpace concept.
  • Beel's like a kitty cat whose eyes glow in the dark.
  • Plot hole: Where did Furuichi get more lewd magazines? They were burnt off in the last two episodes.

Overall, the episode is great with the right mix of action and comedy even with the redundant Alaindelon scenes.


Now, I want to introduce you to Annabanana, a beautiful wiki editor who first worked on Beelzebub series in winter 2010. She has been working hard by herself while some independent wiki editors who work a bit and leave. It was only in the summer that ShadowKnight508 and I joined her. Our team love and support her. This week, she added a lot of trivia questions for Fairy Tail and Beelzebub.

  • Aoi Kunieda's questions: 1,
  • Beel's questions: 1,
  • Lord En's questions: 1, 2, 3,
  • Behemoth's 34th Pillar Squad: 1,

Wonderful Stitched Caps

I didn't want to spoiled you guys, but my team found or made some nice images. Please enjoy.


I thank you guys for reading my team's weekly reports; I thank my team for sticking with me. Since KuroNekoXIII did a special shout out, I like to give a shout out to ShadowKnight508 who did a marvelous job on Sora no Otoshimono, Arussel for joining our team and starting his first Beelzebub work, and KuroNekoXIII for being a valuable member to both teams: Beelzebub and W.I.K.I. Nation. Kuro is doing weekly reports on Guilty Crown; MohsinMan99 is doing the same for Gintama. Go out and support them. Plus, our friends, Sotyfan16 and Superevil225 wrote some spectacular articles. Check their blogs out.

This Week's Reports

In cased you missed last week's reports

Important Stuff To Check Out

Please support the community by checking out and commenting on FoxxFireArt's community spotlight page this week. For those who want to make beginner guides, please check out Sotyfan16's blog, Guide to Making Guides. Don't forget to check out Anime Vice's group on Crunchyroll and Anime Vice's Steam group! If you guys want to see how much work the team has done, go see Team Beelzebub's vitae list. Please give my teammates a pat on the back because they are busy with school, and they still continue to work on their wiki projects. One more thing, I made a twitter list of Team W.I.K.I. Nation members and their friends and mentors.

The Team and their friend's blog

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Team W.I.K.I. Nation and Team Beelzebub - Go Anime Vice!

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The last news article was about a new manga short, Zero Story, that revolves around Yoh Asakura. Not much information is known about this new development.

See Breaking News: Shaman King is Coming Back in a New Manga Short by Taka


Shaman King is a series written by Hiroyuki Takei that ran in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen magazine in 1998. The series ended abruptly in 2004 with 32 volumes. After Shaman King had an anime adaptation that ran in TV Tokyo and on Fox Box, the manga series had a Kanzenban format in 2009. The Kanzenban series is the perfect edition that ends Shaman King officially with 27 volumes.


Shaman King is about Yoh Asakura who dreams to be Shaman King to get the easy life. He has to fight many shamans from all over the world in a tournament for the title, Shaman King.

For more information, please see the Beginner Guide To Shaman King for those who haven't read or watched Shaman King.


Now, for the news, Shaman King Flowers is about Yoh Asakura's son, Hana Asakura. This development is on the fifth volume of Shonen's Jump Kai Magazine where Hiroyuki Takei announces that this story will premiered in April and in the same magazine. Also, Takei states that the Zero Story will be accompanying the sequel, too.

In related news

Voice actress and singer Megumi Hayashibara confirmed on Tuesday that she sang Shaman King's "Osorezan Revoir" song for the video of the same name that was posted on Nico Nico Douga on October 21. Osorezan Revoir is the title of the 19th compiled volume of the manga series and an arc of the story .

From ANN's article (See sources)



Fans rejoice for a Shaman King sequel. It'll be a blast! Thank you for reading this article. I want to thank ShadowKnight508 for giving the heads up on this news.


Team W.I.K.I. Nation

Please check out Shaman King's Historian Blog to see the current wiki work progress on Anime Vice. Go Anime Vice!

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Brief Background

Hiro Mashima's Autograph
Hiro Mashima's Autograph

His first original work is Magician which won him first place in an amateur manga's artist's competition in 1998. This paved the way for his first series, Rave Master (Groove Adventure Rave), that became well known series with 32 volumes (1999-2005). However, his anime adaptation of Rave Master fell short when the series got cancelled on it 51st episode in September 28, 2002. In the present day, his third work, Fairy Tail, is his longest anime series (104 episodes) to date, and for the manga, it is in its 29th volume and on its 258th chapter.

For more infomation: See Hiro Mashima's page.


Hiro Mashima
Hiro Mashima

In this interview, Hiro Mashima is interviewed by Brigid Alverson of MTVGeekand the AnimeNewsNetwork staff, Crystal Hodgkins, at the New York Comic Con. Last October 14, 2011, Hiro Mashima and some of the dub voice actors talk in a panel; Oct. 15, 2011, Hiro Mashima did a public signing event. Since there are two interviews, I will list Crystalyn Hodgkin's conversation of ANN first (Her name is staff for some reason) then post Brigid Alverson of MTV Geek second. Thank you.

Crystalyn Hodgkin of ANN

ANN: Last time we spoke with you was in 2008. Since then, Fairy Tail has been made into an anime. What do you think of the anime adaptation?

Mashima: I've been having a great time, just going along with the ride. I wanted to tell [ANN] about the anime during that earlier interview, but I couldn't.

What is your favorite part about having your manga turned into an anime?

Just watching Natsu and Happy move around. There's a limit to the effects I can draw regarding the depiction of the magic in the manga, so seeing that in the anime is so much fun, and it looks very beautiful onscreen. It made me realize how fun my characters are when I saw them moving around.

Did you read manga or watch anime as a child, and if so, what were your favorites?

Dragon Ball, and a lot of the works by Hayao Miyazaki.

At that time, did you ever think that you would become a manga creator?

It all started with me copying and tracing their works, and then, before I realized it, I knew I was going to be a professional. It was what I wanted to be so badly, that I knew I was going to be one.

Loyalty to family and friends is a frequent theme running throughout Fairy Tail. Is this also something you feel passionate about?

Absolutely. My friends have helped me a lot in the past, and that's something I wanted to directly show in this manga. And that was the beginning of Fairy Tail actually. But, because I've so busy lately, my list of friends in my cell phone has been quickly edited down (laughs).

Monster Hunter Orage is based on the Monster Hunter videogame franchise. And yet, it's a manga that those who don't know the game very well can read and enjoy. How is it different to create a manga about a world you didn't make, as opposed to Fairy Tail where it's all yours?

Of course, the first thing I understood was that I couldn't destroy the world of the original authors, so I had to respect that. But there were a lot of similarities, the vision of the world of Monster Hunter was very similar to the world I often depict, so it wasn't too difficult.

In Fairy Tail, often the "villain" characters get redeemed in one way or another. Do you believe in giving people second chances and that anyone can be redeemed?

Absolutely. However, I value life heavily, and that's something to keep in mind. Sometimes I depict where a character passes away, but then it turns out they actually hadn't, but I never draw how someone who was actually already dead coming back to life; that's not something that I depict.

Fairy Tail is a very imaginative manga. It has a lot of surprises in it, and it's also very funny. How do you come up with ideas for your characters and stories, and what do you do when you run out of ideas and inspiration?

So, at the actual moment that the idea is born, I'm not aware of it. It happens coincidentally and spontaneously. But I'm constantly thinking of ideas. Even as I was walking here from the staff room I was thinking about it, and even now, in the corner of my mind, I'm actually thinking of ideas. But when I can't think of ideas, I sleep it off. I just have to change my emotions and feelings.

What message do you have for your English-speaking fans?

There are 15 volumes of Fairy Tail out now in English, but many more interesting and surprising stories await you, so I hope you read on. There are also many more characters, and the plot is thickening and getting ever more passionate. I'm well aware that I have readers not just in Japan, but all over the world, so I hope everyone will look forward to my work.

From AnimeNewsNetwork: Interview: Hiro Mashima by Crystalyn Hodgekins

Brigid Alverson of MTV Geek

Crystal: Our company interviewed you three years ago. Since then, Fairy Tail has been made into an anime. What do you think of the anime adaptation?

Hiro Mashima: I have been having fun, I have just been having a great time just going along with the ride. I wanted to tell you then, but I couldn’t.

Crystal: What is your favorite part about having your manga turned into an anime?

Hiro Mashima: Just watching Natsu and Happy move around. There’s a limit to the effects that I can draw, the depiction of magic in manga so in anime it’s so much fun. I realize how much fun my characters are when I see them move around.

Brigid: I wanted to ask about Monster Hunter Orage. I know this is based on a game, yet it’s a manga that people who don’t know the game very well can read and enjoy. But for you, how is it different to create a manga about a world you didn’t create, as opposed to Fairy Tail, where it’s all yours. What are the challenges?

Hiro Mashima: Of course the first thing was that I couldn't destroy the world of the original author, so I had to respect that. But there were a lot of similarities. The vision of the world of Monster Hunter is very similar to the world that I often depict, so it wasn't too difficult.

Crystal: Back to themes in Fairy Tail: Often the villain characters get redeemed in the series in one way or another. Do you believe in giving people second chances and that anybody can be redeemed?

Hiro Mashima: Absolutely. But, however, I value life heavily, so that's something to keep in mind. Sometimes I depict … where a character passes on and it turns out that they actually weren't [dead], but I never depict … somebody that was already actually dead coming back to life. That’s not something that I depict, resurrections.

Brigid: Fairy Tail is a very imaginative manga; it has a lot of surprises in it, and it’s also very funny. How do you come up with ideas for characters and for stories, and—here’s the hard part—what do you do when you run out of ideas, when you have no inspiration?

Hiro Mashima: At the actual moment of the idea being born, I am actually not aware of it. It is the most spontaneous moment. But I am constantly thinking about ideas, and even as I was walking here from the staff room I was thinking about it, and even now, in the corner of my mind, I am thinking of ideas… But when I can't think of an idea, when my idea runs dry, I just sleep if off. I just have to change my emotion and my feelings.

Crystal: What message would you like to give to your English speaking fans?

Hiro Mashima: There are 15 volumes now, but a lot more different and interesting and surprising stories await you, so I hope you read on. There will be so many more characters, and the plot is thickening, and I am ever more passionate. And I am well aware that I have readers all over the world, so I hope that you will look forward to my work.

From MTV Geek: Hiro Mashima talks about Fairy Tail by Brigid Alverson

*On 2nd Examination: These interviews are similar, so it seems redundant to post two. I'm sorry about that. I collapse the second one into a spoiler block. Feel free to read the second one if you like. Please, click on the other sources for more information.


Hiro Mashima draws Natsu
Hiro Mashima draws Natsu


Since these interviews do not answer everything, I want to know what thoughts or unanswered questions you have. Please feel free to ask. I'll put down any questions that's related to Hiro Mashima and his works from the community here. To start it off:

Fairy Tail

  • How long will you keep on working on Fairy Tail or what is the goal for the manga and the anime? by Taka
  • When Fairy Tail does end, what inspirations from this series would you take for future series? by Taka
  • How successful do you think Fairy Tail would be? Do you think it's up to par with mainstream shounen series such One Piece, Naruto, and Dragon Ball Z? by Taka
  • What features or qualities do you think your work sets it apart from these mainstream series? by Taka

Hiro Mashima

  • Did you ever think about making a female lead protagonist for your series? by Taka
  • What western animation or comic series has inspired you or what is your favorite western animation/comic series? by Taka
  • Are you interested in collaborating with western artists and making a series? Example: Hiroyuki Takei and Stan Lee on Ultimo. by Taka
  • Are you an advocate for online manga simulcasts of your work? by Taka
  • Do you still see manga having strong outlook in the future? by Taka
Happy: Let's make some news!
Happy: Let's make some news!

Thank you for reading this blog. Please support Anime Vice community by doing coverage of your favorite shows and series. All these interviews are property of ANN and MTV Geek.


Team W.I.K.I. Nation


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Welcome to the ninth weekly Sket Dance article/ review! I'm your host, Takashichea, and my teammates for Team W.I.K.I. Nation are Annabanana, KuroNekoXIII, MohsinMan99, HalberdierV2, Piface314, and Hibaru. We have some trivia questions and wiki progress to reveal after this episode's review. For the recap, last week's episode, Crank up the Nyora!, was about an addiction to collecting toys and Momoka's Moe character change. Now, this episode (ep. 31 - Samurai and Clothes) focuses on Shinzo and the shenanigans of SKET Dan. Be sure to check our wiki work and the image gallery.


This episode has two stories. The first and major story is about Shinzo's pen pal who wants to meet him. Wanting to impress the pen pal, Shinzo asks SKET Dan to help him be a fashionable man. In the second story, Hime and the gang receive a DVD from Shinzo who is tired and decides to give away his pen pal's DVD. Hime tries out the DVD only to feel the burning and bizarre exercise routines.

Will Shinzo be able impress his pen pal and take his friendship to a higher level? What happens during the exercise DVD and what effects it has on the SKET Dan crew? Tune in and watch Sket Dance episode 31!


Beware of Spoilers!


Shinzo decorates his smart phone with pics of his pen pal
Shinzo decorates his smart phone with pics of his pen pal
  • Another story about Shinzo, the out of place samurai who doesn't look like a high school student. His story is pretty funny and how Sket Dance try to help him but fail is even more awesome. There are some great anime references in this episode.
  • The ending to Shinzo's story is a big and hilarious surprise.
  • For the second story, the exercise trainer has a unique thing shared by Switch that makes Hime goes "ew!" or "what the hell!"


  • Comparing the two stories, the exercise show is pretty weak in the comedic element.


Andre tells you to think like a girl
Andre tells you to think like a girl
  • Possible Edit Mistake: Bossun shaved off Shinzo's hook eyebrow to make him fashionable. How did it regrow back after the big makeover?
  • Switch is getting stranger with his information gathering thing. Not only he has measurements of Hime and Momoka, but he keeps track of what Shinpei doing.
  • Andre, the exercise trainer, has the same obsession like Switch.
  • Anime References: There's three of them (or more): Bakuman, Dragon Ball Z, and Gintama. I won't describe them because I want you guys to watch the show or check out our image gallery. Feel free to add some more that I missed.


Compared to the last episode, this episode is roughly the same because both of these episodes had great and hilarious episodes about one character but suffers from the other story's small time humor. The minor story in episode 31 is better than the minor story in episode 30 because the humor flows better without dragging the time. If you are Momoka fan, you'll dig episode 30 more than 31. Same for Shinzo fans except it's for episode 31. As for the anime and manga differences, I have not read the manga chapter versions yet, but I can tell you the anime is skipping around the manga since volume 5. It's strange.

Sket Dance's Lesson

Be yourself when you date someone. There's no use in pretending to be someone just to get the person to love you back.


  • Shinzo Takemitsu - 1, 2, and 3. *The image caption malfunctioned for question 3 when I submitted it. The good news is that the numbering of the images are in from left to right order. I'm sorry about that.


I thank you guys for reading this weekly article; I thank my team for doing an impressive job on the Sket Dance and other projects. KuroNekoXIII is doing great on his Guilty Crown while Anna is working on Beelzebub project with her teammates. As for this episode, it is my turn to work on it since last week is Anna's turn. I need to upload more images since I did not cover enough of the episode. When you love a show or a manga series, get involved in this community and write a blog or a review. You do some wiki work or even start up your own weekly reports. That sounds exciting.

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Wiki Editing and Blogging is a cool hobby
Wiki Editing and Blogging is a cool hobby

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