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It's 1AM, but I'll hang around for 20 minutes for any spam and upload Spring 2014 Pilot Ep's shots in case, folks or staff want to use them for reviews or discussion threads. PM me if you need me.
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Latest from Aniplex, Recent Announcements, KILL la KILL English Cast Reveal, Physical Release Details and English Dub Trailer Premiere and more!

We are 30 minutes away before the Aniplex Live Show featuring the Kill la Kill English Cast Reveal, English Dub... http://t.co/hFqNWPZ78v

— Aniplex USA (@aniplexUSA) May 29, 2014


  • Anohana Movie Collector's Edition

Kill la Kill Announcements

  • Anime Expo Event on July 4th. Meet VAs of Ryuko and Satsuki, Eir Aoi, Kazuki Nakashima (the producer), Yousuke Toba (scriptwriter), and Sushio (character designer). Attendees will get Fire Flow, a cool glow stick. This event requires tickets.

Kill la Kill will be released in 5 volumes. There are three types of releases: Standard, BD, and Limited Edition (that has soundrack CD).

Kill la Kill English Dub

  • Nanon: Sarah Ann Williams
  • Gamagoori: Patrick Seitz
  • Uzu: Grant George
  • Inumuta: Steve Cannon
  • Senketsu: David Vincent
  • Mikisugi: Matt Mercer
  • Mako: Christine Marie Cabanos
  • Satsuki: Carrie Keranen
  • Ryuko: Erica Mendez
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Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Kenjiro Hata, notable for creating Hayate the Combat Butler, also created the new series Hayate the Combat Butler! Can’t Take My Eyes Off You. In this series, Hayate Ayasaki continues to work alongside Maria at the Nagi Sanzenin’s mansion. Nagi receives a call from “Area 51” inviting her to the universe but will she accept?

Via Crunchyroll

According to Crunchyroll, there are 3 planned episodes that will be bundled with volume 41 on June 18th, 2014.

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Hello everyone, this is a schedule update. In addition to serve as a temp mod in the battle forums to assist Sonata and Dream and moderate the forums, I moderate wiki. Depending on the submission, it can take up to an hour for me to review wiki submissions because to root out plagiarism, fix formatting style according to the Anime Vice Wiki Style Guide, and enforcing the image policy (Wiki Main Image Rule).

Please bear with me. Even though we have 4 wiki mods, I'm the only active one here. I wish we had a rotation of wiki mods by certain days, but my teammates, the mods, are busy with obligations outside of the site.

I will try to moderate wiki every day during the evening.

I have summer school classes from May 27-July 3th. I still have to complete a checklist from My Current Wiki Projects and Goals for Spring 2014 blog. I have four main episode summary projects:

Then, I have character projects for Toriko and Magi.

Thank you everyone. I'll try to support the community and assist new and veteran wiki editors. I was chosen as a wiki mod, but I wasn't meant to moderate the forums especially the battle forums.

Please let me know if you have questions. I'll direct you to the right person if it deals with battle threads, RPGs, or specific wiki pages I'm not knowledgeable in.

My Teammates' Areas of Wiki Expertise

Wiki Mods

  • One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach - FoxxFireArt
  • Dragon Ball Z and Images - Daniel Newton
  • Overall Concept system - Daniel, Foxx, and sickVisionz\
  • Manga - PikaHyper
  • ??? - Acura Max

Key Users

  • Medaka Box - ForgottenOne and Taichokage
  • Toriko - Yusuke52 and Taichokage
  • Wooser, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and Pretty Cure - BigHeart711
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Shueisha and Viz Media announced on Tuesday that Daisuke Ashihara's World Trigger manga is getting a television anime adaptation.

Viz Media describes the series as follows:

Weekly Shonen Jump's newest series is out of this world! A gate to another dimension has burst open, and from it emerge gigantic invincible creatures that threaten all of humanity. Earth's only defense is a mysterious group of warriors who have co-opted the alien technology in order to fight back!

World Trigger debuted in last year's 11th issue of Japan's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Viz Media added the series to its digital anthology version of Weekly Shonen Jump, and it will publish the first print volume on October 7.

Ashihara previously wrote the four-volume Kashikoi Inu Lilienthal manga in Japan's Weekly Shonen Jump from 2009 to 2010.


Check out the World Trigger Discussion (Manga)!

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Welcome to this week's harem and reverse harem blog where we talk about this season's new shows.

The idea behind this project is to promote the #Anime Vice Discussion Threads in the community. I'll be taking comments or pics to highlight the best moment of the anime series' episode on a weekly basis.

** Images will be placed soon due to glitches in the site.

Please beware of spoilers, but I try not to put so much. Feel free to check out the last Harem Sundays with some Reverse Harem Love: 5/11/2014 edition.


Nisekoi finally finishes well, but not with a bang. We get to see everyone for the last time doing their own shenanigans. The two main love interests, Onodera and Chitoge, get a huge chunk of attention. I got hand to the megane characters for driving the relationships.

Check out the Nisekoi Discussion!

Kamigami no Asobi

The only dark reverse harem I seen was Amnesia, but it was a boring show until your most unexpected surprise came in episode 9. For Kamigami no Asobi, we get that dark turn with an unexpected duo. I loved the 2 episode arc we had on Loke and Balder.

Check out the Kamigami no Asobi Discussion!

Brynhildr in the Darkness

Kazumi was known for being bold, but in this episode, she went the extra mile and asks Murakami to have sex with her. She strips naked for him, but she got rejected by Murakami. It was a pretty touching episode for Kazumi. If you're a fan of her character, you'll love episode 8 and 7.

Check out the Brynhildr in the Darkness Discussion!

Dragonar Academy

This is the only series I haven't watch. I have to reply on Twitter. For this week, I used Sankaku Complex.

It's another typical beach/pool/lake trope for fan service. On top of that, you got Eco fondling girls and the new, loli girl sleeping naked with Ash Blake.

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