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For tonight, I work on making winter 2015 anime series and work on weekly DVD releases. Since I came home from school late, I work on the episode summaries on Thursday. Got free time until the weekends. Pm me if you need me.
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Hello everyone, I'm Takashichea (Taka for short), your neighborhood wiki editor. Every season, I make wiki tasks due to being a requirement of a wiki mod in this community.

I do it for many reasons:

  • For wiki projects with my teammates - I do these for new wiki editors especially those who haven't reach 1,000 wiki points. I help guide them in formatting, objective writing, and technical matters.
  • Compliment Staff Reviews - anytime, we have a staff review a new anime series of that season. I put it up as a wiki task. However, I pick series that have a lot of attention. I don't pick a new anime series whose discussion thread or talks of it is gone or series that fall under wiki projects. In team wiki projects, it will be done by the group without the need for help of a wiki task. Popularity's example would be Nobunaga Concerto which is a dead series in this community compared to Aldnoah.Zero.
  • Event Based - The anime and manga industry greatly influences our community. Events can varied from being a manga or anime series ending, a company beginning or going in closure, etc.
  • Hot Community Trends - In this community, anime and manga interests are dynamic. One series can be really popular at one point and died in the next cycle. To capture momentum, I observe the community's interests especially battle and wiki editing communities due to the large numbers of active users.

Completed Wiki Tasks

Before we go over this season's new wiki tasks, let's congratulate these wiki editors for completing these tasks.

Completed by DocHaus and YotaruVegeta (main contributors) - Added Overview, Plot, Characters, and Theme Song

Note: MrWhiteX participated in the wiki task, but he deleted the Romaji and Kanji. I had to add it back and reformat the page.
Anime Weekend Atlanta
Completed by BigHeart711 - Added Images
Kamigami no Asobi

Note: There was no one could took this task. With any wiki task incomplete that I set, I add what I can accomplish. Usually, it's the skeletal details, but not the meat. For this one, I added overview, plot, characters without descriptions, and theme songs.
Weight Gain
Completed by MrWhiteX - Added Images

New and Currently Open Wiki Tasks

We have a Anime Vice Wiki Style Guide for all pages. Concept, Location, and Object pages are more flexible since they are very diverse. Having a strict guide on those concept, location, and object page will limit creativity in wiki data.

Wiki Project Based

These are pages that were suggested from the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure wiki team. I work with the Jojo team back in spring 2014. These are opened until it's completed.


Leader of the Pillar Men awoken during Part 2 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. A genius who initially created the vampire-making Stone Masks, he also has light-based abilities.

Write Character Article - Please see wiki task

The most honorable of the Pillar Men awoken in Part 2 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Has control over wind and automatically attacks anyone who steps on his shadow.

Write Character Article - Please see wiki task
Noriaki Kakyoin

A man that aids Jotaro in his adventure after he was released from Dio's mind control.

Write Character Article - Please see wiki task

Compliment Staff Reviews

For these pages, I have to pick certain anime series that have a lot of interest but aren't part of any team wiki projects. Every season, I add simulcast data and overview for pages whose trailers I added.

Right now, the summer 2014 season is ending. Excluding Dragon Ball, these tasks will expire by October 2014. I open new tasks. I showcase these in this blog and in my Fall 2014 Wiki Projects blog.

What's interesting is that Samurai Jam didn't get interest yet Love Stage and Dramatical Murder had a lot of response in their discussion thread. I was wrong to underestimate certain genre. I guess Anime Vice loves most anime series except sports and musical types. Yaoi had more response than sports and musical themed anime series.


The next title from P.A. Works, the studio who did Nagi no Asukara (Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea), GLASSLIP follows the story of Toko Fukami, an aspiring glass-blower whose family runs a glass-working business. During the summer, she and her four friends meet a transfer student, Kakeru Okikura, who claims that a voice from the future lead him to Toko. His arrival sets off a chain of events for the six of them that will make their final summer together full of hope and heartache.

See wiki task.
Rail Wars!

Takayama Naoto is a high school second-year who dreams of being a train conductor. In hopes of getting a job with Japan National Railways, one of the most stable businesses in Japan due to government support, Naoto has applied to an on-the-job training program for students.

See wiki task.
Samurai Jam-Bakumatsu Rock
Marvelous’ Samurai Jam -Bakumatsu Rock- game gets an anime adaptation! The story is set n the Bakumatsu Era, at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate’s rule over Japan. The government has been using “Heaven’s Song” played by the top idols in the Shinsengumi to brainwash its citizens. Writing or singing any other song is considered a crime. Ryoma Sakamoto and the other rockers, want to start a revolution against the shogunate using their rock’n’roll for freedom and justice.
See wiki task.
Dragon Ball

The story of the adventures of Goku from a small child to a young adult.

See wiki task.

Event Based

The following wiki tasks are influenced by events in our industry. We have to be a site that is current as best as we can.

Studio Ghibli
With the news on Studio Ghibli closing down, it's imperative to get this page up to speed with the company.

See Wiki Task
History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
With the manga series ended on September 17, 2014 and the rise of interest in the series due to Anime Vice Battle User of September 2014: Flashback180, these new factors increase renewed interest in the franchise.

See Wiki Task

Hot Community Trends

Steel type (Pokémon)
The Pokémon Video Game Club is one of the most popular club threads in Anime Vice. With Pokemon X and Y still current and the new games Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire remakes arriving in stores for the future, it's best to capture the momentum.

Spark wiki interest - I decided to promote our Pokemon Type threads. Simple overview write ups. Make some fun wiki tasks.

Thank you everyone for reading. I welcome all editors as long as you follow the rules, work together, and respect the wiki pages.

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  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Fighting, Ninja
  • Release Date: December 6, 2014
  • Animation Production: Pierrot

Trailer's Script:

  • Narrator: The manga Japan can boast of to the world: Naruto. It's been 15 years since the start of its serialization. His battle is moving toward a shocking development! And so, in winter 2014, finally, the curtain will open on the last stage. The super epic film that connects to the next generation begins! To what's beyond the original work...
  • Narrator: The Last -Naruto the Movie-
  • Naruto: Let's get going.

In the period between 2004 and 2012, a Naruto film was released every year. This will be the last film in the franchise.

Editor's Note

There aren't much information about the summary of the movie. It's likely Naruto and his cast have all grown up based on the film's concept art work.

For the wiki page, I recycled it from Sonata's Hentai pages. The US date will be fixed when we get a US release one day day.

Character Concept Art



New Trailers

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Welcome to this week's manga releases! We have a small selection this week. What was surprising for me is that I didn't know Attack on Titan Before the Fall ha a light novel version. I bought the manga version a month ago or so. I'm looking forward to the Attack on Titan guidebook. For new series that caught my eye, I'm interested in Terra Formars which has a new anime series this October 2014. Please check out the Terra Formars Discussion.

I would love to hear your recommendations on these series. All comments are welcome. Thank you.

Disclaimer: I'm just promoting the official release and the publishers. I'm not selling you anything. This is to combat piracy and get fans to support the official release. All summaries are from ANN.



  • ANN did not list Attack on Titan: Before the Fall (Light Novel) this week. Amazon and Right Stuf has it listed.
  • ANN and Amazon have New Lone Wolf & Cub Vol. 2 this week.
  • Both Amazon and Right Stuf has Attack on Titan Guidebook: Inside and Outside.
  • ANN did not list Kamen vol. 1 and Phantasm Japan: Fantasies Light and Dark, from and about Japan.
  • My Little Monster Vol. 4 was on ANN for this week. Amazon listed by September 30.

Manga Releases

Attack on Titan: Before the Fall (Light Novel)
  • Distributor: Vertical
  • Suggested Retail Price: $10.95

Humanity has been devastated by the bizarre, giant humanoids known as the Titans. Little is known about where they came from or why they are bent on consuming mankind. To combat these monsters, mankind has developed a new set of tools to grant them the skills of flight, speed, and agility. Before the Fall details the development of those tools.

Bokurano Volume 11
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $12.99

One summer, fifteen kids innocently wander into a nearby seaside cave. There they meet a strange man who invites them to play an exciting new video game. This game, he explains, pits one lone giant robot against a horde of alien invaders. To play the game, all they have to do is sign a simple contract. The game stops being fun when the kids find out the true purpose of their pact.

Genshiken: Second Season Volume 5
  • Distributor: Kodansha Comics
  • Suggested retail price: $10.99

Hato's past drove him to cross-dressing, Yajima's got a complex about her looks, and no matter what happens, no one seems to be able to tell what's going on in Yoshitake's head. Still, this newbie trio has finally made themselves at home in the Genshiken. Which makes it a perfect time for a visit by the old boys of the club, in town for the school festival! But when generations collide, Madarame ends up alone in the club room with Saki, with his back against the wall. Everyone expects him to confess his feelings, but what will come out of his mouth at this pivotal moment?

New Lone Wolf & Cub Volume 2
  • Distributor: Dark Horse Comics
  • Suggested retail price: $13.99

aigoro, young son of the slain swordmaster,"Lone Wolf" Ogami Itto, begins his own training at the hand of Togo Shigekata, Daigoro's benefactor and warrior of the Satsuma clan. But the secret message Togo carries to Satsuma is a fraud, and dark forces have aligned to ensure the planted message's delivery. . . and the delivery of Daigoro to certain death!

Kazuo Koike's Lone Wolf and Cub is an acclaimed masterpiece of graphic fiction, and New Lone Wolf and Cub (Shin Kozure Okami) is the 21st century sequel to this groundbreaking manga. Illustrated by Hideki Mori and translated by Dana Lewis.

Terra Formars Volume 2
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $12.99

Thailand,​ twenty years after the ill-fated Bugs 2 mission.​ Two American U-NASA agents arrive to find Akari Hizamaru,​ a "child born after the operation,​" and recruit him for Annex 1,​ a new mission to Mars.​ The purpose of Annex 1 is to research the origins of a new disease that is ravaging the earth.​ But the reasons why U-NASA would need the incredible powers that Hizamaru possesses are still a closely guarded secret.​ Once again,​ humanity launches an expedition to Mars that has frightening implications for the future.​


Attack on Titan Guidebook: Inside and Outside
  • Distributor: Kodansha USA
  • Suggested Retail Price: $24.99

The definitive guide to the secrets of the Attack on Titan universe. A single volume of nearly 400 pages, including more than 16 color pages in the center, this guidebook contains concept art, complete character profiles, and setting details - even Titan papercraft!
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Welcome to this week's DVD and Blu-Ray releases! We have a medium selection. The only two series that caught my eye are Ranma and Valvrave. I did a Ranma - - Character Spotlight with SamJaz and Hal. I still have to complete the series. It's a fun, romance comedic series that involves gender bending to some degree. For Valvrave, it's hard to recommend. I had mixed feelings on how the series ended. I prefer season 1 over season 2. It's like Guilty Crown. It had promise, but it went down. I see folks get more enjoyment by making fun of it.

I would love to hear your recommendations on these series. All comments are welcome. Thank you.

Disclaimer: I'm just promoting the official release and the publishers. I'm not selling you anything. This is to combat piracy and get fans to support the official release. All summaries are from ANN.



  • Right Stuf has Ghost in the Shell this week while ANN and Amazon have it next week.


Dragon Ball Z - Season Seven (Blu-Ray)
  • Distributor: FUNimation Entertainment
  • Suggested retail price: $44.98

Seven years of peace have passed since the defeat of the monstrous Cell, and the Z-Fighters have enjoyed a return to normal life. Goku has eagerly continued his training in Other World, Krillin has gotten married, and Gohan has renewed his scholarly pursuits while attempting to navigate the pitfalls of high school. Two fresh new Saiyan faces have also appeared on the scene - Goku's son Goten, and Vegeta's son Trunks!

This new Blu-ray edition has gone through a frame-by-frame restoration process to remove any blemishes, tape marks, and foreign bodies from the film. All three audio tracks have been re-mastered in the interest of noise reduction and superior sound quality, and the colors are bolder and more vibrant. Lastly, a precise shot-by-shot reframing of the entire series was done to create a modern HD widescreen presentation!

Majestic Prince - Collection 2 (DVD) or (Blu-Ray)
  • Distributor: Sentai Filmworks
  • Suggested retail price: $69.98 (Blu-Ray), $59.98 (DVD)

For the members of Team Rabbits and Team Doberman, each new sortie becomes increasingly dangerous. As the fight against the Wulgaru continues, it's harder to determine what the real objectives of Team Rabbits are, and the arrival of a new addition to team's lineup only further confuses things. The unwritten rules of mecha combat teams seem to require that there's always at least one mysterious loner in the group, but the enigmas and conundrums surrounding Ange Kuroki are so extreme that even the new pilot's gender is a riddle!

As the pieces of the puzzle come together and the layers of the riddle slowly peel back, it becomes apparent that everything Izuru, Asagi, Kei, Tamaki and Suruga have encountered are interconnected to a greater extent than they ever imagined. Deadly reversals and shocking revelations await!

Contains episodes 13-24. Special Features: Clean Opening & Closing Animations. Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

Ranma 1/2 - Set 3 (DVD)
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $44.82

Things just can't stay quiet at the Tendo Dojo. After a morning ruckus, Ranma hits his head, falls into water, and turns completely into a girl. Now, even when Ranma transforms back into a boy, he still thinks he's a girl! Things become even more complicated when Shampoo, still in love with Ranma, gets a surprise visit from Chinese Amazon twin sisters Ling-Ling and Lung-Lung, two of her proteges who have it in for Ranma.

Then, after Soun and Genma's master, Happosai, uses moxibustion to weaken Ranma, Ranma must master a new legendary technique and defeat Happosai to become strong again. Everything culminates in a final battle against Happosai as Ranma fights to regain his strength! Contains episodes 47-69.

Ranma ½ - Set 3 [Special Edition] (Blu-Ray)

  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $54.97

This special edition includes a full-color art card and a 32-page booklet with episode summaries, all housed in a premium chipboard artbox!
Special Features: "We Love Ranma" Part 3 - The Appeal of Ranma 1/2, Next Episode Previews, Clean Openings & Endings, Trailers.
Valvrave the Liberator - Complete Collection (Blu-Ray)
  • Distributor: Aniplex of America
  • Suggested retail price: $149.98

True Calendar, Year 71 - A new age where 70% of the human population lives in space thanks to the development of the "Dyson Sphere," a city in space.

The world is divided into two main powers: The Dorssia Military Pact Federation, a power which grew out of a military alliance, and the Atlantic Rim United States (ARUS), which grew in power as it expanded its trade agreements. The minor nation of JIOR has declared neutrality between these two forces and maintained its peace through economic prosperity.

Within JIOR's Sphere, Haruto Tokishima lived an ordinary life as a high school student in the division known as "Module 77" until the Dorssian military begins their sudden invasion. The whole world will be shaken when Haruto meets the mysterious humanoid weapon, Valvrave!

Contains episodes 1-12 plus collectible postcards and a deluxe poster illustrated by character designer Katsura Hoshino! Special Features: Textless Openings, Textless Endings, Trailers. Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

Ghost in the Shell: Arise Japanese Collector's Edition 3 Import (DVD)
  • Publisher - FUNIMATION
  • Suggested Retail Price: $69.98

The cyberpunk classic returns with all new story lines! Ghost in the Shell: Arise sheds new light on the mysteries that have haunted fans for decades - while rebooting the genre it helped define.

This collector's edition includes a 22-page guide booklet and a unique cut of the film strip! Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles. This product is an import from Japan, and is limited to 2,400 units total. All sales are final. It may be returned for an exchange if defective, but unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal
  • Distributor: New Video Group
  • Suggested retail price: $24.95

A Duel Monsters player teams up with a ghostly visitor from another world to help the spirit regain his memories, which have been scattered among 99 monster cards.

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  • Genre: Suspense, Survival, Horror, Action, Psychological
  • Animation Studios: Silver Link and Connect
  • Source Material: Manga Series
  • Release Date: October 17, 2014 (1st episode bundled with Vol. 12)

OVA has a total of 3 Episodes Bundled Separately with Vols 12-14, respectively.


The manga revolves around Ryōhei Arisu (pronounced the same way in Japanese as "Alice"), a male high school student who is irritated with his intolerable everyday life. One night, he tags along with his bad friend Karube and Chōbe to hang out in town. However, the town is suddenly covered in giant fireworks, and when he came to his senses, Ryota noticed that no one else was around. Finding themselves in a different world, Ryota, Karube, and Chota are forced to participate in survival games, or die off the bat. The three fight to live, as well as find a way back to their own world.


For more trailers, please see the Fall 2014 OVA list in the meantime. I haven't created a Fall 2014 blog yet.

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