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Finished watching Black Butler: Book of Circus and Tokyo Ghouls. That's two summer 2014 shows which had ended. I should get back to WayBig's Review project when I get some time.
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Welcome everyone, this is an expanded version from the Condensed Day 3 of Anime Expo blog. Here, I go into greater depth of the panel, and I evaluate the panel on its selling its idea and reaching it target audience.

Key Speakers:

  • Luigiamania
  • Danica

What is Crunchyroll?

Before I talked about the panel, I have to explain what Crunchyroll is for new folks. Crunchyroll is a company that specializes in legal streams and simulcasts of anime, manga, and drama. It's one of biggest simulcast companies in the market. We have HULU, Daisuki, Aniplex of America, Anime on Demand, FUNimation, and Netflix. Crunchyroll specializes in targeting newer anime series from upcoming seasons, and its library for older anime series is smaller than HULU and Netflix. As of now, Crunchyroll is available for mobile devices, computers, and gaming consoles such as PlayStation 3.

Notes:I wish I could take a picture of the speakers in the future. I think that would be better, but I had crappy seating in both Crunchyroll and Project-H panels. My camera cannot zoom far enough and take a clear shot without flash.

Summer 2014 Simulcasts

I have a Crunchyroll's Summer 2014 Simulcasts blog added before this panel, so after today, I'll update it with announcements from this panel.

I didn't write down all of the information. Thank god, ANN has a news article.

Akame ga Kill
July 6 at 9AM
The dark action fantasy manga follows the title character, Akame, a girl who was bought, and raised by the Empire as an assassin. After meeting Akame, a boy named Tatsumi vows to stand up to the evil of the corrupt Empire with the secret assassin group Night Raid and special weapons known as Teigu.
Survival Game Club!
July 7 ? Time
It revolves around Momoka Sonokawa, a girl who transferred into a certain girls' high school. The club she ended up joining at school was the "Sabagebu!," a club that conducts survival games.
DRAMAtical Murder
July 7 at 9 AM
The game's story centers on a young man named Aoba who lives with his grandmother on the island Midorijima. He works at a junk shop in the island's Former Residents District after Toue builds the Platinum Jail resort on part of Midorijima and forces residents to move. Aoba is content with his simple life but gets pulled into mysterious events unfolding on the island.
4. Blue Spring Ride
July 7 at 11:30AM
The story revolves around Futaba, a girl who was in love with a boy named Kō Tanaka in middle school. However, after a misunderstanding, their relationship as friends ends when he transfers schools over summer vacation. In high school, her world is turned around once again when she meets Kō again, this time under the name of Kō Mabuchi.
5. Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun
July 6 at 12:05 PM
A romantic comedy story begins when high school student Chiyo Sakura confesses her feelings to her classmate Nozaki. Due to a misunderstanding, Nozaki thinks Sakura is just a fan of his shōjo manga work. Sakura has to convey her true feelings while her relationship with Nozaki develops

I didn't include Persona 4 Golden Animation since that was announced days before the panel. Crunchyroll did a PV on it due to the hype this series has.

Misc Anime

  • Crunchyroll has announced it will stream the dub version of Toradora, courtesy of NIS America.
  • It will also stream all of the Original GTO series.
  • It will continue its back catalog of One Piece.


I had already included A Silent Voice and Inside Mari since this is old news. Crunchyroll brought these two manga series in addition to a new simulpub title, Ajin Demi-Human.


These are Crunchyroll's new acquisitions:

  • Galileo
  • Liar Game
  • Team Medical Dragon

Simulcast: Crunchyroll will do a simulcast for the new GTO live adapted series.

Recent Tech Updates

Crunchyroll did a 2.0 for phones. It will improve zoom in and zoom out features. It improves search engine's sort and filter mechanic. For manga, you can bookmark your pages. That's all I wrote, but there are more features I missed.

Sorry about that.


There are stickers of Crunchyroll's mascot, Hime-chan, and bracelets.


  • Luigiamania changed the name of Free to Free! Iwatobi Swimming Club due to their URL. This actually changed the anime's name and was used internationally.


Crunchyroll's two hostesses have done extremely well in catching their audience's attention while announcing their company's recent acquisitions and developments. The audience has been wonderful, enthusiatic and respectful in their responses.

The two series that had most audience roars were GTO and Persona 4: the Golden Animation.

I would say this panel was my best out of the two in my 2nd visit to Anime Expo. My second panel was Project-H Book.

Thank you for reading. Please visit Dream's Anime Expo 2014 Announcements thread.

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Welcome everyone, this is an expanded version from the Condensed Day 3 of Anime Expo blog. Here, I go into greater depth of the panel, and I evaluate the panel on its selling its idea and reaching it target audience.

Key Speakers:

  • Yoko
  • Natasha
  • Spicy Tentacles
  • President Hikaru Sasahara

*Sorry, the panel started late which started before I came in around 10:30PM. PinkShikibu helped me add the names of two hostesses. I only got Yoko's name down.

What is Project-H Book?

Before I talked about the panel, I have to explain what Project-H Book is. Project-H Book is a part of Digital Manga Publishing, so it's like a branch, manga distributor that specializes in selling hentai and ecchi manga series.

The Project-H Panel covers 5 parts.

  • Teaser - Showing Shocking Pink Hentai clip to rile and arouse fans.
  • History - Project-H explains their upbringing of their company.
  • How to work for Project-H Book - The hosts emphasizes their fans to dive into their Digital Manga Guild which involves Translation of Japanese manga, Photoshop (cleaning text), and Editing.
  • Battle Against Piracy.
  • Q & A, Trivia, and Raffle

New Things I Learned

From the Q & A: here are quick facts I picked up:

  • Shocking Pink was the first hentai manga book that Project-H Book licensed.
  • Digital Manga Guild as Yoko and her hosts quoted, "It's like fapping for money." She means that fans can get involved and start working for the company by entering this guild which is like an internship. They have to demonstrate efficiency in one of three areas: Translation, Editing, and Photoshop.
  • The old URL address for Project-H Book was Project-HBook.xxx, but they changed it to Projecthentai.com due to Google blacklisting them.
  • In the near future, Project-H Books announced a magazine which picks out fan favorites in uncensored version.
  • Project-H Books has teamed up with a new publisher called Fujimi Shuppan.
  • While Doujinshi (fan drawn manga) is allowed to be sold in Japan, they cannot be licensed in America due to licensing and keeping manga family friendly. They would get into trouble with Viz Media and other manga distributors.
  • Benefits of working at Project-H Books can be summarized in four words: Recognition, Money, Experience, and Fun.

New Hentai Announcements

Non Hentai example of how the process of translation
Non Hentai example of how the process of translation
President Hikaru Sasahara explains the lack of licensing titles drive piracy and increase scanlation demands
President Hikaru Sasahara explains the lack of licensing titles drive piracy and increase scanlation demands

Project-H Books did release a 2014 calendar of their releases on Tumblr and Twitter.

  • Yellow Rock - It's a censored released for January 2015.
  • Princess Lucia - I didn't write the date quickly. It's a censored release as well.
  • Magical Warriors: Chocolate and Pudding - It's an uncensored release.
  • Fetishisms with Dignity - I don't have a complete information on it.


  • Ecchi, uncensored posters (Aqua Bless and Cute Devil Girlfriend)
  • Physical copy of the Project-H Sampler 2014 which has a promo card for a digital copy.
  • I Heart Hentai shirts (pink with a red heart).

For the raffle contest, it was Boing Boing poster, Love on the Job with an autograph, and and 3D Breast pads.


While the panel was late, it made up with its Shocking Pink hentai clip. A lot of people enjoyed it. I admit it felt weird watching a clip in a crowd. Interestingly, I remember the demographics from Fakku's panel from last year (see My First Experience at Anime Expo - Day 2 (Complete Edition)) was mostly male. Project-H Book panel had more women and notably, they were in couple, (romantic relationships - I don't know how to phrase that).

When Project-H Book start diving into real world and telling everyone how to apply and work at the company, people started to complain and acted rude. During President Hikaru Sasahara's talk about licensing and piracy issues, a lot of folks left before the last event, the raffle/Q&A.

The hosts did an excellent job. I felt bad that they lost their audience during the halfway point when they got serious and talk about jobs. They are trying to help their fans, the ones who are passionate, get involved.

Editor's Note

I apologize for the blurry images. I haven't replace my camera that can only take clear shots by using flash. I try to conserve the battery life due to being ill prepared and not bringing enough batteries. I left the panel around 1:10AM before the raffle since I had to tend to my family.

Why Does This Relate to Anime Vice?

We are like a small community just like how Project-H Books started out. Its fanbase is growing. The best way to keep it growing is to encourage and get folks involved in the process. President Hikaru Sasahara and Tom Pinchuk's speeches stress the value of driving the community to meet goals and make things better for everyone.

Lastly, Yoko is a sales representative who was friend with Gia Manry, a former staff member of Anime Vice. A year ago or so (before I was a mod), Yoko talked me on Twitter, thinking I was a staff member. I told her I was a regular user, and she asked me to help promote the company with Anime Vice's wiki pages. Also, she recommended hentai reviews for her company. I seen Chris Beveridge and others reviewing hentai for Project-H Books. Since Yoko was my first contact in the manga industry, I took her request seriously.

I wrote the Quick Picks: Erotica Version 2012 and Quick Picks: Erotica Version 2013, to make AV more comfortable with Hentai. I don't want to bombard it with hentai like a mad man. Sex is a private thing. Not everyone is comfortable sharing it. That's why pornography is seen as vile in most media sources.

I thank , Sam Weller, for giving me the courage to do this. I'm still embarrassed to do this kind of thing.

Twitter Photos

Thanks to the folks who uploaded photos on Twitter.

From PinkShikibu:

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Happy 4th of July!
Happy 4th of July!

Welcome everyone! This blog is designed to supplement Foxx's Community Spotlight articles, adding more breadth and showcasing more of user content and major trends in our community on a monthly basis. I'm sorry for being late. May was my month of finals while I was preoccupied with summer school in June which ended on July 3. Hope you guys and gals continue to help out the community.

Credits: The banner comes from this website. I just slap the AV logo on it. It's a nice anime fan art.

Past Reports


We had two stellar users become our best battle users: DBZ_Universe and Kurohige. To read their experiences, check out these threads:

As for battle themes, I didn't keep track of the patterns. We had a rash of Toriko vs Dragon Ball Z battle threads like back in the fall. Kurohige's inverse battle theme was very successful in comparison to DBZ_Universe's theme, Kekkaishi. I assumed the franchise is underrated and obscure while it had a narrow scope compared to Kurohige's.

Low started a new community project called the Debater's Rating Thread: June 2014 which did not get much attention to user outreach and not informing users especially the judges with PMs beforehand.

Discussion Threads

With Spring 2014 ending, the Summer 2014 Anime Guide is up. The most commented and viewed discussion for spring season is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Discussion with 108 posts and 1,270 views.

Here are the following 6 top discussion threads. Note, the ones who had legal simulcasts generally had more comments.

Brynhildr in the Darkness94871
Black Bullet84381
Chaika - Coffin Princess86379
Blade & Soul Discussion70043
Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara58455

The least commented and viewed discussion thread was Magica Wars with 68 and 1 post.

Forums (Tournament)

Dream had finished his Anime/ Manga Villains Tournament Voting Thread and he is working on the Best Anime/ Manga Teams/ Organizations Voting Tourney Nominations. WayBig, Vapovile, and I also started our own tournaments.

WayBig has started the Pick Anime Vice's Most Rockin' AMV! which is on the front page with thanks to BigHeart711 and myself. Vapovile and I are still working on the Tsundere Tournament ♀.

Just Anime and Just Manga

Not much activity compared to the tournament forums, RPG, and battle forums. Kingofash started the Favourite English dub vs least favourite which is our newest thread excluding the occasional anime/manga request threads. Check out Girugamesh's Which is the better anime, based on animation, music, characters, premise and story? poll, too. OwnagePants's The manga endorsement thread . has some nice recommendations from out users.

Anime DVD/BD



After being inspired by Taka's Anime Vice 2013's Top Reviewers and Screened 2013's Top Reviewers projects, Waybig started the Anime Survey and Reviews (Summer 2014) project in order to boost the reviewing community.


Kuma and SamJaz did a role call of all active users without their alts. Thanks to them, we have a count of how many members are there plus the 3 new recruits (WayBig, Vapovile, and LHWKnight) and Sonata. Check out the July 2014 RPG Highlights: Night at the Castle for the best RPG thread and to know about the writers themselves.

  1. Samjaz
  2. Lobos del Rayo
  3. Fehafare
  4. Chronowolf
  5. Vapovile
  6. Shadowchaos
  7. Myself
  8. LHWKnight
  9. Ninja2190
  10. Ownagepants
  11. Justalittlegirl
  12. waybig1010101
  13. Indridcold

Wiki Editing

Four of the newcomer wiki editors are still burning wiki pages. Taichokage, who was most prolific editor in the Toriko project, has moved on to the Magi, Seven Deadly Sins, and D. Gray-Man projects. He specializes in character pages. Demonic13 is doing volume and plot summaries for Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho. ForgottenOne is rustling up Jojo Bizarre Adventure character pages. Yusuke52 is clearing Bleach character pages.

Current Wiki Projects

  • Chaika - the Cofin Princess - Takashichea, Sidapa, AgentFakku
  • Stardust Crusaders - Rubberluffy, ForgottenOne, SpeedForceSpider, Mrwhitex,
  • Fairy Tail - Takashichea
  • One Piece - Dekken, Takashichea
  • D. Gray-Man - Taichokage
  • Magi - Taichokage and Takashichea
  • Bleach - Yusuke52
  • Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho - Demonic13

New Wiki Editors Who Passed 1,000 Wiki Points

These past 2 months, I had the pleasure of moderating wiki and working with new editors. These two are MrWhiteX and Lycanmon12. For MrwhiteX, he is a native from Saudi Arabia, and he has trouble writing in English, but he continues to work hard on the One Punch Man pages. He has moved on from text heavy submissions to image submissions due to Taka's advice. Lycanmon12 made his/or her debut on the Pokémon and Digimon wiki pages. I had strong confidence in trusting the user's edits. The wiki editor just needs watch the spelling, and she or he would be fine.

Misc Community Projects

Dream started the Anime Expo 2014 Announcements project.

Taka starts a few Anime Con's Guest of Honor and Industry Guests (see 2014 Anime Convention Hub Thread).

New Users Growth in Various Niches

There are overlaps. This is to show which community parts have rapid growths while some are stagnant.

NichesNew Users
  • WayBig
  • LHWKnight
Wiki Editing
  • AnimeAddict117
  • Lycanmon12
  • Reiyo
  • Ragnhildbursvik
  • Crazynong
  • Night_Fury_
  • ReginaldKastlefan14
  • Deadman323
  • Low
  • Tsukomogami
  • Masternc
  • Phyllo
  • Flarethevulpix
  • CensoredCat
  • Partev
  • Stive
  • SepHIIIrotH
  • Generator2000
  • Rickert
  • Oni_Gajeel
  • Deadpool42
  • Evertonian4Life
  • Eva 01
  • Falbium_Asmodeus
  • IAmKira
  • SonNeko
  • Kikotsu
  • Playboymike
  • Damo15
  • Overlord_Xenolith

April and Before

  • Avarici0us
  • Bruce246
DiscussionsEva 01
Fan Fic
Fan Art
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Welcome everyone, here is the FUNimation's Summer 2014 simulcast. This blog will be continually updated.

Here in Anime Vice, users are encourage to watch anime legally whenever possible. Territories are listed below. I will continually update this blog. Later in the first half of July 2014, I will have a comprehensive Simulcast guide for all legal anime streaming venue for the community. It will be on the front page.

FUNimation's Summer 2014 Simulcast

Space Dandy 2
  • Start Date: Watch tonight on Toonami! July 5
  • Subtitled episodes available every Sundays at 9:30am
Terror in Resonance
  • Start Date: July 10 at 12:10pm CT
  • Streaming every Thursday at 11:50am
Black Butler: Book of Circus
  • Start Date: Thursday, July 10th at 2:50pm CT
  • stream weekly on Thursdays at 2:20pm CT.
In Victorian London, the breathtaking performances of the Noah’s Ark Circus have captured the attention of people all across the city. But the spell of magic and wonderment woven under the big top is not without consequences. Children have suddenly begun to vanish, and some suspect these mysterious performers are responsible. In an attempt to get to the bottom of these disturbing disappearances, the dashing duo of demon butler, Sebastian Michaelis, and his young master, Ciel Phantomhive, will infiltrate the circus and uncover whatever darkness may lie at its core!
Free! Eternal Summer
  • Start Date: Wednesday (7/2) at 11:30am ET


The boys of summer are back! Haru, Makoto, Nagisa, Rei, and Rin are reunited for a second season in Free! Eternal Summer. After the last swimming meet, the bonds of friendship have only gotten stronger, and with each passing day these boys continue to grow. This season brings new rivals and new challenges. So get ready, the competition is about to get fierce!

Psycho-Pass New Edit Version
  • Start Date: Thursday 7/10 at 12:40pm CT
  • stream weekly at Thursdays at 12:20pm CT
The Extended Edition of this sci-fi thriller features all new footage that takes you deeper into a world where justice is dispensed from the barrel of a gun. In the future, Detectives work in teams made up of Enforcers and Inspectors. Enforcers take out the bad guys, and Inspectors make sure their partners don’t cross the line. The equalizer in the war on thugs is the Dominator, a weapon that can tell when citizens are about to turn criminal.
Sengoku Basara: Judge End
  • Start Date: ?
  • Saturdays at 12:05pm CT
Get ready for the hacking, slashing battle of a lifetime in the third season of the legendarily violent Sengoku Basara franchise. Based on the best-selling video games, the third installment of this action-packed anime revolves around one massive battle featuring mechanized samurai, mystical ninja, gun-toting warriors, and a blinding array of deadly special moves!
Shonen Hollywood - Holly Stage For 49-
  • Start Date: Saturday (7/5) at 1:30pm ET


These boys won’t stop till they make it to the top! Fifteen years ago, the legendary idol group Shonen Hollywood stole the hearts of thousands adoring fans. Their performance at the famous Hollywood Tokyo Theater is the stuff of legend, and now a new group of boys is determined to become the next generation of this famed super group. Ikuma, Kakeru, Shun, Kira, and Daiki will train day and night as they chase their dreams on the road to superstardom!

Tokyo Ghoul
  • Start Date: Thursday (7/3) at 12pm ET


In modern day Tokyo, society lives in fear of Ghouls: mysterious creatures who look exactly like humans -- yet hunger insatiably for their flesh. None of this matters to Ken Kaneki, a bookish and ordinary young man, until a dark and violent encounter turns him into the first ever Ghoul-human half breed. Trapped between two worlds, Ken must survive the violent conflicts of warring Ghoul factions, while attempting to learn more about Ghoul society, his newfound powers, and the fine line between man and monster.


Related Threads

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Hello everyone! I call this a pseudo day because I didn't get a chance to attend AX today due to school. I might as well report on AX and anything related, so more folks will be encourage to share their experiences in the community.

Finals are over for me today. Unfortunately, it took place at 2PM and ends at 4. I was able to finish it early, but it was pretty challenging. Rushing out of school and taking the bus. I bump into an old classmate who was heading home back in LA. We bordered the metro around 4:40. It was great to catch up with folks you haven't seen it a while. He wanted to go AX, and he never had been to a convention, comic books, video games, or any nerdy thing that can rile up a convention. His stop was before mine. I arrived at Anime Expo around 5:20.

When I hear Star Wars Burlesque, my mind went to Leia's metal bikini
When I hear Star Wars Burlesque, my mind went to Leia's metal bikini

There was no Girls Und Panzer tank in front of convention last year. What was in front and at the intersections were Christian folks telling everyone to believe in Jesus. That was a bit strange sight to see. I saw some folks shouting Star Wars Burlesque and some time I couldn't remember. I noticed a lot of folks carrying bright, orange Crunchyroll handbags. Crunchyroll was working hard, mass promoting their name than the other companies I saw during the evening. As for cosplay, I saw more Street Fighter cosplay than anything else along with obscure maid and school girl characters.

Waited in a long line until 6:30PM because they cut off the line due not able to process badges for unknown reasons. I know some folks were mad because the convention doesn't close at that time. I didn't regret wasting my time. I got to catch up with an old friend while on the bus and the metro. I never done that before. I went home, learning a new lesson I didn't put on the Anime Convention Survival Guide! article. Some conventions will cut the badge processing line early in the evening.

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