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Finished DVD releases. Will now work on episode summaries for the spotlight and PM the wiki/review report to Foxx. It will be late since I came home late. Sorry everyone.
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Genre: Romance, Comedy

I couldn't fit the entire name, so it's Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru (My Girlfriend and Childhood Friend Fight Too Much).

Eita Kidō enters high school with the aim to attend medical school. Due to his parents getting divorced and his intention to maintain his grades, he shuns anything to do with romance or love. One day, the school beauty Masuzu Natsukawa invites him to walk home with her, though he initially refuses. After she continues to do this for several days, he gives in and walks home with her. Masuzu is tired of constantly getting confessed to by boys, so she suggests that she and Eita become a fake couple. Although Eita tries to refuse, Masuzu blackmails him into becoming her boyfriend in name only. News spreads fast within the school of the new couple and Eita's childhood friend Chiwa Harusaki begins to confront Masuzu for Eita's affections.

For more trailers, check out the winter index blog which I will create in December.

Just see Fall 2012 trailer anthology blog for now.

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Welcome to the last La Storia della Arcana Famiglia weekly report! 12 weeks has passed so quickly, and the series is all wrapped up. Let's goes over the episode.


The day of the Arcana Duello is here! Who will the winner and the new Papa or Donna (the female mafia boss) of the Arcana Famiglia? Be prepared for the season finale of La Storia della Arcana Famiglia!

All episodes of this series can be watched legally on Crunchyroll.


Beware of spoilers!


Best yet predictable match
Best yet predictable match
  • We finally get the tournament and some action. Though, there's not much since Libertà and Nova's match along with Felicità's match with Mondo take up a lot of attention.
  • For Libertà and Nova fans, you'll love this episode. Besides those two characters, Felicità gains some closure since she saves her father and restores everything back to normal. She has matured well throughout the series.
  • For wiki, this is just me being weird. I got to see most of the stigmata except for Mondo and Elmo's. We'll never know what Elmo's Arcana Powers are unless you guys play the game or read the manga. Feel free to fill me in.

Here's the stigmata shots.

I hope to complete the Arcana Powers wiki page soon. I didn't expect Luca's stigmata to be on his tongue because I thought Debito's stigmata would be under his eyepatch or his tongue.


Don't cry Luca. You'll get some love
Don't cry Luca. You'll get some love
  • Characters missing in action: For fans who love Jolly, Debito, Pace, or Luca, you'll be sad with their matches and low spotlight. This series just favored Libertà, Nova, and Felicità. Though, I felt that Jolly had a more significant role than the three guys due to his past and involvement with Arcana Powers. It's such a shame that we don't see their fights in detail.
  • Unneeded flashbacks: We seen Libertà and Nova's flashbacks twice already. There's no need to play them again in this episode where we need to see new stuff and more action.


I expected more boom from Dante
I expected more boom from Dante
  • Debito and Luca's Arcana Powers are amazing. I thought Luca had a good chance because he pretty much nullifies other people's power. For Debito, he cheats with his powers.
  • Why was Sumire fighting? There was nothing to gain for her.
  • Weapons Match up: Even though most were swords, there were guns, a fan, knives, and a bazooka. I was stoked that Dante is using a bazooka, yet he misses Libertà. This means Dante is a bad shot. But, it's anime, so there's no logic.

Overall, this episode is fine and depends on you guys and gals. The action leaves a lot to be desired since you have flashbacks that stalled and were unneeded. A little action between Felicita and Debito, Pace, and Luca wouldn't hurt. The sword fight between Nova and Liberta is good but a bit mediocre. The best sword fight in the series was Dante and Liberta on the ship.


Thank you guys and gals for reading this report and supporting the franchise.

Wiki Progress: I finished Ep. 12, and I have to add the right accent mark to Felicità and Libertà's names for each episode. Also, I have to make sure the formatting is consistent. For characters and concepts, I have to put it off later, or my teammates will tend to them or not. I have other wiki projects with teammates that need attention since this series is done.

If you fans out there have free time, my teammates and I appreciate any help on the wiki pages.

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Genre: Action, Fantasy, Supernatural

Three kids are stuck in a strange city causing massive mayhem through the land. They are searching for an atypical rabbit in order to return home. Koto, the eldest of the three, seems to have some sort of connection to this weird place ruled by a monk, a demon, and a priest.

For more Fall 2012 trailers, check out the Fall 2012 anime anthology blog!


  • Koto (voiced by Rie Kugimiya)
  • Myou (voiced by Kenichi Suzumura)
  • Lady Koto (voiced by Aya Hisakawa)
  • Shouko (voiced by Chiwa Saito)
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Hello Binbogami Ga! fans, this news is a bit late for those who already read the Crunchyroll's article on September 1st. I accidentally found this article when I was out image hunting for the recent Binbogami Ga! episodes, the wiki project.

Synopsis for those who are new to the show:

Sakura Ichiko is a young girl who is well endowed and blessed with athletic skills, wealth, intellect, and beauty. Some would say that she is extremely lucky, and that would be correct. Turns out that a god made a mistake and gave Sakura ridiculous amount of energy known Happiness Energy, mythical power that gives luck to people. Sakura's Happiness Energy is too much for normal human being, so much that she is actually absorbing other people's luck, causing imbalance of Happiness Energy and bringing misfortune to others around her. Momiji, the Japanese god of poverty and misfortune, is sent to suck out some of this energy in order to restore the balance of karma in the world. Sakura however doesn't cooperate and decides to fight against a god. Sakura and Momiji clash between each other as opposites. Which girl will emerge victorious?

The oppai pad or breast mouse pad for Ichiko is 3D which is pretty unique to say the least. I wonder how 3D will make it more erotic. Don't answer that. Anyway, I tried looking for Momiji's breast pad, but I couldn't find one.

It's 3D!
It's 3D!

Here we have a body pillow with Momiji and Ichiko are opposite sides in risque lingerie. Momiji has a see through gown which is nice by the way, and Ichiko is playing the innocent girl part with her flower and pink & white color scheme.

Price: 3,300yen ($42)

Ichiko and Momiji Body Pillow
Ichiko and Momiji Body Pillow

In episode 2, Momiji and Ichiko had a hilarious scene where Momiji tells Ichiko in order to boost ratings they should sell oppai pads especially since Ichiko has such big boobs. Then, little Ichiko shows Momiji's breast mouse pad which is flat like a board, and the two laugh for bit. Of course, Momiji vents her rage on Ichiko.

Price: 8,800yen ($112)

Thank you guys and gals for reading this late news article. Yeah, it felt strange talking about breast mouse pads. Believe me, it's really hard not to laugh.

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A lot of Sword Art Online fans notice the so-called platonic harem in Sword Art Online. Originally, I was going to call this blog, Platonic Harem: Sword Art Online. However, I was unsure about if it's a harem or not, so I titled it different.

Sword Art Online
Sword Art Online

Here's a synopsis written by Buhssuht

Technological innovation named Nerve Gear allows players to enter virtual world, achieving the true immersion. Soon after the invention of Nerve Gear, beta invitations of MMO named Sword Art Online are sent to numerous players. The game was fun to play until player realized that they cannot log out of the game. Suddenly Akihiko Kayaba, the creator of Sword Art Online appears and announces that everybody in the game are trapped within, and cannot leave the game until they defeat boss at top of dungeon, and if they were to remove Nerve Gear by force before defeating the final boss or die within the game, they would permanently die in real world. As parting gift, Akihiko leave mirrors to each players, which reveals players' real face causing more panic. Among them is a boy named Kirito, who determines to reach the final dungeon and leave the game no matter what.


Welcome to the Sword Art Online Romance Edition where we talk about the girls who have a thing for Kirito. This blog covers Episodes 1 to 10. Don't read this until you finished episode 10 because something special happens in Kirito's relationship with one of the girls.

Let the discussion begin!


Kirito is your main player and a bit of a lone wolf who avoids joining guilds due to a tragic end to his first guild. Though, his lone wolf self does not stop him from getting the ladies.


Asuna is at first a reclusive girl, but when she becomes the Vice Commander of the Knights of the Blood Oath, she is seen as the perfect girl. She is called the White Flash known for her lightning speed, and she is one of the best cooks in the game. Kirito just loves her cooking.

Relationship: They are a cliche pair. She beats him for being perverted, and the two argue a lot on tactics. Despite that, the two get along fine and eat together. For those who watched episode 10, Kirito makes his move and asks her to marry which she accepts. Does this mean that rest of the girls don't have a chance? Maybe but it's up to fans to decide.


I know she's dead by now, but a lot of people support this relationship. Sachi won the hearts of many fans with her tragic death and her little Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer message to Kirito.

Relationship: Despite she's dead, Kirito does think about her. When he married Asuna, he probably moved on.


Silica is a pretty loli girl and a monster tamer, and she attracts many admirers who wants her as their mascot for their guild. It's implied that she has a thing for Kirito. Though, she sees him as a big brother since Kirito explains he saved her because Silica reminds him of his cousin.

Relationship: They're like older brother and sister right now. Silica has not made a move on Kirito.


Lisbeth is a young blacksmith who is Asuna's friend. She is looking for something in her life, and then Kirito appears to asks her to forge a sword. It was an awkward yet cute start of their strange relationship, and they sleep near each other in front of the campfire. It was a touching scene where Lisbeth realizes that Kirito is the one for her. Lisbeth is the first girl to confess to Kirito that she "like" him. She asked Kirito to let her be his personal blacksmith. Though, she got sad when she sees Asuna and Kirito is awfully close.

Relationship: They are friends.

Suguha Kirigaya
Suguha is Kirito's little sister, but in reality, she is Kirito's cousin. She is a better kendo warrior than Kirito, and she has an avatar in ALFheim Online which Kirito does not know yet.

Relationship: ??? - Kirito sees her as his little sister while Suguha keeps blushing as she thinks more of Kirito.

Thank you for reading this blog.

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