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I think I might hit flood fail since I created 4 threads today. There were so much news from this month. I almost done with CR. Then, I have to check ANN and Fandom Post.
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Hello everyone to my belated anniversary which was October 1. That was the deadline for Fall 2014 Anime Guide as well as my 2nd midterm that week. It has been increasingly busy here in Anime Vice along with juggling school, work, and family. I'm a bit sick right now, so I cut this blog short. Plus, I have so many people to thank which you can refer to these blogs. The amount of users I know has increased 2 fold over the years due to my wiki work and community work.

I became mod at the consent of wiki editors, independent and teammates, after Daniel Newton and Tom Pinchuk recognizes the cultural interviews I had done as well as the past seasonal anime guides my teammates and I have build. It's thanks to them.

Quote Henry Ford:

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

This is a community. Everyone contributes based on their preferences and strengths. I wouldn't be here if it was for my wiki teammates.

When I became mod last year, it was a pretty tough experience where I made plenty of mistakes. I always strive to correct them and find compromises. I have build relationships outside of the wiki community because I was mod. Many others call me for help that not in my area said I was the most active and responsive person. I did violate segregation of duty, but my heart was for the community. I always put the community above the individual. Of course, that clashes with many folks including my teammates' philosophies. That got me into trouble. I learn things. I'm not American born. I was raised outside of the states where the community was more important. It was hard to getting the right balance on roles I had taken along with priorities outside of the site. I did change my major last year after the wiki and battle forums had taken a toll on my time.

The Balance and Relationships title is what I had the most struggle with during the 4th year. I was a wiki editor for so long. I never went into the battle forums, the RPG forums, the fan fic forums, and many others. Becoming mod had opened my eyes a bit. Anime Vice is a unique community that has a lot of potential. It was same for Screened. No other site was like the Whiskey Media sites.


  • Always work with wiki editors intimately on projects. Help form teams. Toriko, Akame ga Kill, Chaika, and many others were my team projects. Got to meet and see how new wiki editors became editors.
  • Help pointed awareness and suggested policies for the wiki community. We needed to fix our image wiki policy. Before Screened was shut down, we had argued so much what we should include in our database, What Counts as Anime and Manga in the Wiki thread.
  • Helped users from Screened during the closure. I helped move wiki pages with users' consent to Hollywood and Beyond Wikia.
  • Kept making seasonal guides.
  • Help the battle forums and RPG forums get spotlighted. Tom was glad to see user spotlighted articles. I did wish I had asked earlier to put the best battle of user on the front page. I didn't think it was front page material since most of the front page dealt with anime and manga reviews.
  • Kept promoting anime and manga industry with legal means of accessing it such as Quick Picks and the Simulcast Guides.
  • Made Wiki and Battle Archives: Wiki Editors Project Archive 2013 and Battle Forum Archive Nov-Dec 2013
  • Helped users become well rounded users. I saw how WayBig, Yusuke52, Taichokage, Vapovile, Bigz007, SMXLR8, Kuma From Argentina started projects to help the site.

WayBig had the AMV Contest, Hall of Fame, and Summer Survey

Vapovile had the AV Battle Usage Project which we spent 2-3 months on inputting data.

Because of Yusuke52, he help started the Toriko project. We were asking users to help with the wiki project. That help promote Toriko in both wiki and battle forums. Yusuke, ForgottenOne, and Taichokage became one of the best wiki editors this year. I barely met Taichokage, Yusuke, and the gang. It was great seeing them trying out the wiki for the first time.

Bigz007 started the List of filler episodes project where we list filler episodes for the community.

Although SMXLR8 had troubles executing his project due to the rules he had set, he had good intentions with the closed project, The Battle Callout Phonebook ☎ AnimeVice Edition. He still promotes the CAV.

Kuma was a new user I met this year. I saw him delete his comment in one of the community spotlights during the time I wrote the Invisible Walls in Anime Vice blog. He was asking why the RPG community hasn't been spotlighted in the community spotlight. I quoted the user immediately and invited him to one of the Community Spotlight weekly report PMs I made. When there was an argument between Fox and Kuma, I suggested a compromise, making news blogs that will promote the RPG thread. Foxx only accepted blogs into his community spotlight at the time. Threads weren't in his scope.


I listed so much folks in my 1st and 3rd anniversary blogs. I do thank everyone for helping out the site. It's going to be really long if I list folks. I put these individuals who helped me through the rough times of my 4th year.

  • Daniel Newton - He didn't take no as an answer when I rejected the offer to be mod in front of the wiki editors. He had so many ideas to improve the site. I had been supporting his ideas and see how they worked out. He helped me with the wiki and forum issues many times.
  • BigHeart711 - One of my closest friends. He knows me pretty well. We had worked on many things together. It was hard but worth it and sometimes, it was fun.
  • PikaHyper - The best Comic Vine mod I met. He contributed a hell lot to Anime Vice and Comic Vine. He would help me with wiki issues if I reach stalemates with my teammates on policies.
  • FinalDasa - A down to earth guy who knows the Whiskey Media staff extremely well. He's a former Screened manager and now a mod at Giant Bomb. I took his advice as I helped both Screened and Anime Vice.
  • ZombiePie - He's a crazy guy with a bit of controversial things. He was a different person in Giant Bomb. He knows his job. He often comments on what Anime Vice needed improvement. I had asked him for advice back then especially for Kickstarter threads.
  • FoxxFireArt - He's one of the best wiki mods I met. He's very charismatic and passionate about the wiki and the plight of Anime Vice. He always fought for the community when we were alienated as a site in the Whiskey Media family.
  • Acura Max - He was a great teammate of mine. He and I worked on various wiki projects. When we had policies, he was the first one to spoke. He believe we needed to push forward not matter what.
  • Dream - I met Dream before as a reviewer and wiki editor. I never spoke with him in the battle forums until I became mod. He was very blunt and honest with what Sonata and I were doing. He cared for the site and knew the stress mods were taking on. I was grateful to him when he accepted the battle mod position. Things didn't work out when Sonata got busy. I couldn't quit the battle forums in the end. Such an ironic twist. I didn't regret it. I helped Dream because I didn't him to suffer a lot of stress like I did. Teammates look out for each other.
  • sickVisionz - He and worked on the Best of Anime project since 2012 I think. I found his project really fun. I did a lot of PRing. I was surprised when he ask me to help me record shows on the Gdocs. I worked hard for sickVisonz. I took his ideas for Screened. He helped me and Acura calculate votes for the Top Movies and TV shows.
  • Tom Pinchuk - Met Tom at Anime Expo back in 2013 and 14 in person. He's a great guy. Never thought I will be playing arcade games with him, Sam, and the the gang at Anime Expo. It felt so surreal to me. He spoke of how much work my teammates and I had done. Said Geo and Daniel talked highly of my work and sacrifices I took. I thank him for posting the cultural interviews and some of the crazy ideas.

Thank you everyone. I have hopes of making a balanced and active community. I will continue to work hard in my community.

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  • Genres & Themes: Sports, Drama
  • Producers: TMS Entertainment, TOHO Animation
  • Release Date: September 19

Yowamushi Pedal: Re:RIDE will compile the first half of the Inter High arc from the first television anime season with some cuts of new footage added.

Wataru Watanabe's Yowamushi Pedal (Yowapeda) manga follows Sakamichi Onoda, an otaku at Sōhoku High School. He loves anime and games so much, that he would ride his commuter bicycle to and from Tokyo's Akihabara shopping district in a 90-kilometer (about 60-mile) round trip over steep slopes after school. Onoda's life changes when he encounters his school's cycling team, and he ends up joining the competitive sport of bicycle racing.


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  • Genres & Themes: Sci-Fi, Mecha
  • Producers: Toei Animation, Nitroplus, Graphinica
  • Director: Seiji Mizushima
  • Screenplay: Gen Urobuchi
  • Release Date: November 15, 2014

Plot Summary is unavailable.

Female protagonist is named Angela while the male protagonist is named Dingo a.k.a. Zarik Kajiwara.


  • ANN (1, 2,
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  • Full Title: Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Star-Voyaging Ark
  • Genres & Themes: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Space Military
  • Producer: Xebec
  • Release Date: December 6


2199 AD. Yamato tried to leave behind the great Magellan system, after receiving a "Cosmo Reverse System" at his destination, Iskandal. However, suddenly, he encounters a mysterious group at the edge of the Magellan system. He finds out that they are called the "Gatlantis," and that their leader is the Gutaba expedition group's governor-general who calls himself "Goran Dagam of the Thunder," and the governor-general demands that Yamato be handed over to him. Yamato, wanting to hurry to Earth, escapes the fray. However, Yamato is attacked by a vicious beam weapon called the "Flame Direct Attack Cannon" that can transcend space.

Yamato was able to retreat within a hair's breadth, but ends up getting himself lost, and finds himself in a strangely-colored irregular dimension. He decides to turn off the engine on the ship, and explore the mysterious planet. In order to collect information, Kodai, Kirio, Sawamura, Niima, and Aihara also arrive at the planet. What they saw when they arrived was a ship that wasn't supposed to be there.

Dagam chases after the traces of Yamato's warp, and also reaches the strangely-colored galaxy. The planet on which Yamato landed was in fact what Dagam had been looking for all along.


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Every season, I post a blog that has every wiki editor I know casually or intimately on projects they have work on. The reason why I post this is to show that our community has a huge wiki community who are working in their free time, making our wiki pages great. This will be filed under Wiki Project PMs ~ Lets Conquer the Wiki Together! thread. I'll add the info to there as well.

If you are thinking of wiki editing and you are new or haven't been around, check with these folks to see if they want extra help or not.


Below are wiki editors who are working solo.

Acura Max
  • Psycho-Pass 2 [Active]
  • Various Newer Hentai Series (See Hentai Club) - Page Creation [Active]
  • Tokyo Raven [Semi-Active]
  • Wooser - Episode Summary, Character Creation - [Active]
  • Hayate - Character Attachments - [Active]
  • Kongou Bancho - Character Creation and Articles [Active]
  • Female Characters - Profile Portraits and Measurements List [Active]
  • Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho - Volume and Episode Summary [Active]
  • Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma - Volume Attachments [Active]
  • Weekly Shonen Jump (US) - Volume Attachments [Active]
  • World Trigger - Character Creation, Volume Attachments, Episode Attachments [Active]
  • Fate - Character Articles - [Semi-Active]


  • Psycho Buster - Character Creation [Active]
  • Carnival Phantasm [Active]
  • Various Video Game based anime or manga adaptations - [Semi-Active]
  • Various Hentai Pages - [Semi-Active]
  • Various Ecchi Pages - [Semi-Active]
  • Creamy Mami - Episode Attachments, Images [Active]
  • Various Older Magical Girl Anime - [Active]
  • A Town Where You Live (Kimi no iru Machi) - Character Articles
  • Berserk - Character Articles
  • Dragon Ball - [Active]
  • Tokyo Ghoul - Character Creation [Semi-Active]
  • Ikkiman - Character Creation - [Semi-Active]
  • Heaven's Lost Property - Volume Articles [Semi-Active]
  • Kampfer - [Semi-Active]
  • Katanagatari - [Hiatus]
  • Dragon Ball - [Active]


  • D. Gray-Man - Character Articles [Active]
  • Black Butler Book of Circus - Episode Attachments w/ Images, Character Creation [Hiatus]
  • When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace - Episode Attachments and Character Creation [Semi-Active]
  • Dramatical Murder - Episode Attachments w/ Images, Character Creation [Hiatus]
  • Fairy Tail - Episode Summary, Images, Character Creation - [Active]
  • Fate/Kalied liner Prisma Illya - Episode Attachments w/ Images, Character Creation [Hiatus]
  • Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works - Episode summaries [Active]
  • Free - Eternal Summer - Episode Attachments w/ Images, Character Creation [Hiatus]
  • Monthly Girls' Nozaki-Kun - Episode Attachments w/ Images, Character Creation [Semi-Active]
  • Tokyo Ghoul - Episode Attachments w/ Images, Character Creation [Semi-Active]
  • Wolf Girl & Black Prince - Episode Attachments w/ Images, Character Creation [Semi-Active]
  • Hellsing - Volume and Episode Attachments [Semi-Active]
  • Tokyo Ghoul - Character Creation [Semi-Active]
  • Korra - Character Creation [Semi-Active]
  • Blue Spring Ride - Episodes [Active]
  • Your Lie in April - Episodes [Active]


  • Hitman Reborn - Character Articles [Hiatus]


  • Madan no Ō to Vanadis - Character Creation, Episode/Volume Attachments [Active]
  • Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun - Magazine Scans and Cosplay Images [Semi-Active]


Akame ga Kill
  • Oglaphone - Active
  • Takashichea - Active
  • MadnessReaver - Semi-Active
  • Dekken - Semi-Active
  • WereWolverine - Semi-Active
  • MrWhiteX - Retired
Chaika -The Coffin Princess- AVENGING BATTLE
  • Takashichea - Active
  • AgentFakku - Hiatus
  • Sidapa - Hiatus
  • Takashichea - Active
  • AgentFakku - Semi-Active
  • Dekken - Hiatus
  • Sonata - Semi-Active
  • Naughty - Semi-Active
  • Demonic13 - Hiatus
  • BigHeart711 - Semi-Active
  • Daniel Newton - Hiatus
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
  • Takashichea - Semi-Active
  • ForgottenOne - Hiatus
  • RubberLuffy - Hiatus
  • Toxin45 - Hiatus
  • Eva_01 - Hiatus
  • RubberLuffy - Hiatus
  • SpeedForceSpider - Hiatus
  • MrWhiteX - Retired
One Piece
  • Takashichea - Active
  • Dekken - Semi-Active
  • FoxxFireArt - Hiatus
  • Gyn - Hiatus
  • Takashichea - Semi-Active
  • Taichokage - Active
  • Yusuke52 - Active
  • WayBig1010101 - Hiatus
  • SpeedForceSpider - Hiatus
  • IndridCold - Hiatus
  • Othus12 - Hiatus
  • Bigz007 - Hiatus
The Seven Deadly Sins
  • Takashichea - Semi-Active
  • Bigz007 - Hiatus
  • Taichokage - Semi-Active
  • DestinyHeroKnight - Hiatus
Terra Formars
  • adictoalatrama - Active
  • Takashichea - Active
The Legend of Korra
  • Takashichea - Active
  • Yusuke52 - Active
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