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Welcome to the first review of BONJOUR♪Sweet Love Patisserie! Just trying to promote obscure series and the Bonjour Koiaji Patisserie Discussion thread.

A bit of background on why I started this review. You can skip this if you like:

Every season of anime, I make it a goal to watch a lot of shows to support the discussion trailers my friends and I make for the community. We are in charge of making trailers for every new season starting in 2012. It's more fun and convenient to discussion threads than episode reviews for most of us. Of course, discussion threads only work if you got two folks. I do review shows that didn't get much attention. Last time was Rock Lee's Spin-off series. I'm a soft reviewer. Just giving the highlights. For this particular series being a microseries, it's going to be a difficult given how short the episodes are.

This isn't first time I seen a reverse harem microseries. I seen Diabolik Lovers which was a bit darker than this series. Let's take a gander at our characters.

Love Interests

Sayuri is a promising character. In most Otome games, the gal doesn't grow as much as her love interests. She serves as your viewpoint character. The only gal I seen that has spunk and I like was Felicita of Arcana Famiglia. The guys look normal. I seen Kamigami no Asobi which looked warm and friendly on the outside, but some of the guys had a dark past in them. Amnesia also carries this theme but to a greater and darker twist.

A reverse harem and harem series are like ice cream. You have your love interests which come in different flavors.

Sayuri Haruno

Sayuri Haruno is the main female lead in Bonjour Koiaji Pâtisserie.

Aoi Mitsuki

Aoi Mitsuki is a teacher who is an expert in western sweets using chocolate.

Trope: Bishie

Hanafusa Gilbert

Hanafusa Gilbert is a teacher from France.

Trope: Cutesy, little brother type. - Not sure what trope he fits as of episode 3. Please correct me.

Suzumi Yoshinosuke

Suzumi Yoshinosuke is a teacher who is in charge of Japanese sweets.

Trope: Cold, Strict

Ryō Kōzuki

Ryō Kōzuki is a student at at the Fleurir Confectionary School.

Trope: Tsundere

Supporting Characters

I believe this is my first reverse harem series that had a lot of female characters. I haven't seen a lot of reverse harem shows in my 5 years of watching anime. Most reverse harem shows I watched were based on otome games. It's usually one or 2 gals and a lot of men. Looking forward to see how this show incorporates the characters in its story.

Ran Mochizuki

Ran Mochizuki is Sayuri's friend at the Fleurir Confectionary School.

Nadeshiko Minagawa

Nadeshiko Minagawa is the head teacher of Fleurir Confectionary School.

Tsubaki Sannomiya

Tsubaki Sannomiya is a rich student at Fleurir Confectionary School.

Impressions So Far

After seeing the first three episodes, I do wish it was a normal series. At least, it doesn't cut abruptly like some micro-series, Strange +. Since they have jump in it, I don't have to worry about exposition. They are going to do Show not Tell. Well, I'm hoping for it. So far, they are doing it. Most otome game based anime adaptations resort to the Love Interest of the Week. Ryo is our first one and our first love interest who appeared.

This is a bit skeptical, but I'm hoping it becomes a good show that breaks the rules I seen in the Reverse Harem based Otome Games: Their Anime/Manga Adaptations thread I did back then.

Hope you guys try it if you do like reverse harem shows. It's probably better to marathon it in one try. I just watch it on Saturdays after getting through the usual Fall 2014 shows: Fate Stay Night UBW, Log Horizon 2, and Sword Art Online.

Feel free to share your thoughts here or at the Bonjour Koiaji Patisserie Discussion thread.

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Welcome to this week of manga releases! Just a bit week shy of Halloween. We have a medium size for today.

I see we have manga series for the recent anime series that came out this year, Witchcraft Works and No Game, No Life. For Witchcraft Works, if you love magic, action, and comedy with a lot of beautiful gals, you should check it out. For folks who love games and shows that put everything in a gamble, No Game, No Life is for you.

Familiar manga series I would recommend No. 6 for dystopic fans, Arpeggio for folks who love a dominating female cast, Animal Land for Zatch Bell fans, and Haganai for comedic/slice of life harem fans.

I would love to hear your recommendations on these series. All comments are welcome. Thank you.

Disclaimer: I'm just promoting the official release and the publishers. I'm not selling you anything. This is to combat piracy and get fans to support the official release. All summaries are from ANN.



  • Air Gear 32 is listed by Amazon and Right Stuf on November 11.

Manga Releases

Animal Land Volume 10
  • Distributor: Kodansha
  • Suggested Retail Price: $10.99

To save Riemu, Taroza and his friends continue heading to the top of the Tower of Babel. Stuck in a gladiator-style arena where the exits are only small enough to fit a fraction of the animals, Taroza and the bigger beasts have no choice but to fight their way out. Taroza's power is unleashed like never before, testing the limits of the human body, but will it be enough to defeat the abominable Chimera standing in their way?

Arppegio of Blue Steel Volume 2
  • Distributor: Seven Seas Entertainment
  • Suggested retail price: $12.99

For fans of Attack on Titan comes an all-new science fiction manga epic

In the early 21st century, the majority of Earth’s landmass is submerged due to rising sea levels. Enter the Fleet of Fog, a host of sentient alien battleships of unknown origin who easily decimate earth’s naval forces. Humanity is now on the verge of extinction.

In the year 2039, the stalwart Captain Chihaya Gunzou and his intrepid crew on the Blue Steel fleet may be humanity’s last chance to fight off the alien invaders. The Blue Steel fleet happens to contain a secret weapon that could turn the tide of war: a mysterious I-401 submarine that can transform into a girl.

Haganai Volume 9
  • Distributor: Seven Seas Entertainment
  • Suggested retail price: $12.99

The New York Times bestseller manga about fandom continues!

This is the ninth volume of an ongoing manga series that is sure to appeal to today’s manga fans in the same way The Big Bang Theory appeals to geeks.

Recent high school transfer student Hasegawa Kodaka is pathetically inept at making friends. Kodaka is an outcast, with his natural blond hair which he inherited from his deceased English mother, and his unpleasant, fierce gaze. When he comes across the brash loner Mikazuki Yozora, who typically chats with her imaginary friend, the two outsiders become the unlikeliest of allies.

Realizing that they have no hope of a normal social life, the two rejects decide to form a group called “The Neighbor’s Club” in order to make friends and maybe even learn a thing or two about social skills. As luck would have it, five new members join the club who are more socially awkward than they are. Will these quirky misfits ever make normal friends, or are they all doomed to social failure?

Monster Vol. 2
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $19.99

Dr. Tenma has fallen into a trap set by Johan and is now wanted by the police as a serial killer. While narrowly evading the police dragnet, Tenma pursues Johan in an attempt to prove his own innocence and prevent another murder, edging closer to the Monster by tracing his secret past.

As the only person who knows what Johan is, Tenma searches for Nina, who has been captured by neo-Nazis. His investigation leads him to uncover a horrific fact: the ultra-rightists are conspiring to set Johan up as a second Adolf Hitler!

This omnibus "perfect" edition collects volumes 3-4.

No Game, No Life Vol. 1
  • Distributor: Seven Seas Entertainment
  • Suggested retail price: $12.99

The story of No Game, No Life centers around Sora and Shiro, a brother and sister who are brilliant (but unemployed) gamers whose Internet fame has spawned urban legends all over the Internet. One day, they are summoned by a boy named "God" to an alternate world. There, God has prohibited war and declared this to be a world where "everything is decided by games" - even national borders. Humanity has been driven back into one remaining city by the other races. Will Sora and Shiro, the good-for-nothing brother and sister, become the "Saviors of Humanity" in this alternate world?

No. 6 Volume 9
  • Distributor: Kodansha Comics
  • Suggested retail price: $10.99


With Rat critically injured protecting him, Shion finally returns to NO. 6. But what he finds there is not the tranquil utopia he left behind, but a city in the grip of panic and chaos. As the “holy city” collapses in on itself, Shion and Rat put will the future of humanity — and their future together — on the line in the shocking final volume of NO. 6!

Sankarea Volume 9
  • Distributor: Kodansha Comics
  • Suggested retail price: $10.99


Though barely escaping with their lives, Chihiro returns with the rest of his crew to Shiyoh City with newfound hope for Bub and Rea. However, the research that led to Bub’s recovery took its toll on Rea, leaving her with only vague memories of the “boy with the cat-ear hairdo.” But Chihiro will do anything to bring Rea back to normal, and with his camera, some props and a few friends who can carry a tune, he’s going to set the scene for Rea’s big come back!

Sunny Volume 4
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $22.99

What is Sunny? Sunny is a car. Sunny is a car you take on a drive with your mind. It takes you to the place of your dreams. Sunny is the story of beating the odds, in the ways that count. It’s the brand-new masterwork from Eisner Award-winner Taiyo Matsumoto, one of Japan’s most innovative and acclaimed manga artists. Translated by Tekkonkinkreet film director Michael Arias!

The fourth installment of this poignant series focused on the young lives of a group of foster children travels their trajectory from painful yearning to bittersweet belonging.

Vagabond Volume 36
  • Distributor: Viz Media
  • Suggested retail price: $9.95

Musashi continues to battle a different type of foe when he comes to the aid of an orphaned boy and tries to enrich the soil of a barren land. Will he be able to single-handedly take on the forces of nature in the manner that he took on the seventy swordsmen of the Yoshioka dojo? Or will a devastating famine ravage the village?

Witchcraft Works Volume 1
  • Distributor: Vertical
  • Suggested retail price: $12.95

Honoka Takamiya is an average student. Ayaka Kagari, his classmate who sits next to him in class, on the other hand, is the class "Princess". Ayaka is tall, strikingly gorgeous, and has a regalness to her that almost exudes a royal attitude. Despite their proximity in school, over the school year the two have never shared much conversation... until today.

So today as class ended, Takamiya was suddenly attacked by a cat-eared witch and her band of bunny-costumed thugs! And if that were not enough of a shock, this average joe would then be saved like a Princess by none other than Ayaka Kagari... a witch herself!

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Welcome everyone to the first Supernatural reviews in this site! I'm doing this to promote the Movies & TV Club and keep the Screened spirit alive. We had a Supernatural discussion, but I wasn't so active due to Anime Vice projects and school. I'll try to keep the reviews on time if I can.

I'm a light reviewer because I believe it help boost the discussion if I just cover a few parts like the good, bad, and bizarre moments. That's my style.

I'll try to post this as regular thread, but I hit flood fail today.


Beware of Spoilers!

Season 10's first 2 episodes starts us off on three stories that overlap with each other. You got Dean living his life as a demon with Crowley, Sam searching for his brother, and Castiel trying to solve problems with Hannah on the angels.


  • I love the three stories we had. Supernatural has such a big cast. It has potential for spin-offs and such, and we almost had a spin-off series. The way they spotlight the characters this time was great. It was great to see Hannah having character development. She contrasts Castiel because she is an Angel who doesn't understand humans. It resembles Castiel back then. It was intriguing.
  • Brotherly issues build the series. You can't have Supernatural without Dean and Sam arguing and fighting. This isn't too different. Used to be Sam being the antagonist. Now, it's Dean's turn. These brothers dream of a normal, peaceful life, but fate ties them in.
  • Metatron still poses a threat. He's nerdier than Crowley, but he plays a big role. Can't wait to see what he does this season.
  • We got a new character, Cole Trenton. Looking forward to his backstory. Still don't know why Dean killed his father. I assume his father was a human who got turned into a monster back then.


Well, I don't have one. I'm pretty lax reviewer. If I try to pick something bad, I might enjoy things less. I do notice when folks become over analytical in anime and manga, they won't be satisfied with new shows because all anime and manga recycle tropes and cliches. I do pick out things that are annoying for the bad section. This time, I don't recall any.

Let me know if you have one.

Best Moments

  • Dean singing songs such as Heartbreaker, Imaginary Lover, and I'm too. I remember I first heard I'm too song on a NewGrounds parody video of Kakashi.
  • Crowley holding a picture of Dean and himself smiling with the song, Lonely Girl, playing in the background. It's one of those things that make Crowley one of the best characters for me personally. He got style.

Overall, this season is looking great. Hopefully, Supernatural keeps Hannah. I haven't seen a lot of female angels nowadays. Naomi was a great character who was brutal, but she has her good side. I love the show ever since I got into season 4. I did backtrack to see the other seasons by hitting the public library and renting DVDs. Missed a few episodes here and there from season 4.

Here's the episode preview via CW:

Thank you everyone! I encourage folks to hit the TV club or start some reviews on shows.

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Welcome to this week's DVD/Blu-Ray releases! We are one week before Halloween. It's a bit short selection. I don't mind it because it usually takes 2 hours or less for DVD releases and usually 5 hours for manga releases.

Out of the 5 shows, I only have 2 familiar series and quick two cents on them.

  • Kill la Kill - One of most favorite anime series back in 2013. I admit it was overly hyped and overrated, but it was entertaining. It's not for everyone. If you don't like tons of fan service (this show does take it to extreme with the outfits and Gainax Bounce). If I had to criticize the show, it's that the series is a bit repetitive, and it was more exciting in the beginning than the end. You can bring up deep meanings about its fan service and feminism and red thread or not. This series has potential for it.
  • Sunday Without God - This one is a bit confusing for me to explain especially how the series ended. I did finish the series and will recommend trying the first 4 or 5 episode (the first arc) because it was the best part of the series for me personally because of a certain character who made the show for me, Hampnie. It's about how god abandoned the world, and the dead cannot be put to rest. You have dead people and living people. Not like zombies. Grave Keepers are there to help the dead be at peace. If you like the synopsis, give it a try.

Unfamiliar shows I would try, Bayonetta. I haven't played the game, but I'm interested in the film itself. Using hair as a weapon remind of a lot of anime characters such as Sunny and JasDevi.

I would love to hear your recommendations on these series. All comments are welcome. Thank you.

Disclaimer: I'm just promoting the official release and the publishers. I'm not selling you anything. This is to combat piracy and get fans to support the official release. All summaries are from ANN.



  • Bayonetta is only listed on Right Stuf.
  • Kill la Kill Volume 2 is listed on Right Stuf and ANN.

DVD and Blu Ray Releases

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate DVD/Blu-ray (Hyb)
  • Distributor: FUNimation
  • Suggested Retail Price: $34.98

Twenty years after her awakening, Bayonetta is still searching for clues that could help unravel the mysteries of her dark past. Aided in her quest by the clandestine weapon smith Rodin - and his deadly creations: Scarborough Fair - Bayonetta continues to leave a trail of angel corpses in her wake. Her search for answers leads to encounters with a mysterious - and eerily familiar - little girl, a vengeance-obsessed journalist, and a deadly white-haired beauty that seems to know more about Bayonetta than the witch herself.

Special Features: Audio Commentary, Storyboards, Trailers. Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

A Letter to Momo (DVD)
  • Distributor: New Video Group
  • Suggested retail price: $19.97

The last time Momo saw her father, they had a fight. Now all she has left to remember him by is an incomplete letter penned with the words "Dear Momo," but nothing more. Moving with her mother to the remote Japanese island of Shio, Momo soon discovers three Yokai living in her attic, a trio of mischievous spirit creatures that only she can see and who create mayhem in the tiny seaside community as she tries desperately to keep them hidden. But these funny monsters have a serious side and may hold the key to helping Momo discover what her father had been trying to tell her.

Ghost in the Shell: Arise (Blu-Ray 1-2)
  • Distributor: FUNimation Entertainment
  • Suggested retail price: $39.98

This set contains Ghost in the Shell: Arise Borders 1 and 2 on Blu-ray and DVD!

Border 1: Ghost Pain

When cyborg hacker Motoko Kusanagi is hired to investigate a devastating bombing, she must fight her way through a maze of phantom memories to unlock her mysterious past – and track down the evil mastermind behind the attacks.

Border 2: Ghost Whispers

Witness the formation of the legendary Public Security Section 9. When a clandestine organization hacks every car in the city, Kusanagi recruits a lethal team of cyber operatives that includes a badass brawler with Special Forces training, an explosives expert, a technology specialist, and a chain-smoking jack-of-all-trades with a sordid past. Together this ruthless gang of enforcers sets out to clamp down on the chaos and make the city safe again.

Kill la Kill (Blu-Ray) or (DVD) Vol. 2
  • Distributor: Aniplex of America
  • Suggested retail price: $39.98 (DVD), $49.98 (Blu-Ray)

Ryuko Matoi spends her days battling student after student as they continue to aggressively confront her in hopes to raise their own status and living conditions as promised to them by Satsuki Kiryuin. In the midst of all the chaos, Uzu Sanageyama, one of the Elite Four, gets permission to face Ryuko in battle. He corners Ryuko with his super-human vision, but Ryuko manages to fight back! This leads Satsuki to resort to drastic measures as she declares to begin the great "Naturals Election," or "Battle Royale!!"

Now every student at Honnouji Academy must enter an unbelievable ceremony of destruction as they clash to survive for seven whole days to participate in "The King of the Hill Final Battle." There, Ryuko finally comes face-to-face with the formidable Ira Gamagoori!

Contains episodes 5-9. Special Features: Textless Opening & Ending, Web Version Previews. Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles, Spanish subtitles.

Sunday Without God - Complete Collection (Blu-Ray) or (DVD)
  • Distributor: Sentai Filmworks
  • Suggested retail price: $69.98 (Blu-Ray), $59.98 (DVD)

Fifteen years ago on a Sunday, God abandoned the world and closed the gate to Heaven, leaving the souls of humankind trapped in limbo. With the dead unable to rest and the living unable to have children, the world is slowly coming to a halt. The only key to mankind's salvation rests with the Gravekeepers, mysterious beings charged with the task of sending the deceased to their final resting place.

Twelve-year-old Ai, one of the last children in the world, soon finds herself shouldered with the burden of becoming her village's newest Gravekeeper. But beneath the village's unassuming exterior lies a dark secret that is revealed with the arrival of a gun-wielding stranger in black. With her position as a Gravekeeper now uncertain, Ai has no choice but to set out to put the living dead to rest. But in a world where no one can die, is death truly the ultimate blessing?

Contains episodes 1-13. Special Features: Clean Opening Animations, Clean Closing Animations. Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

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Welcome to the first conclusion to the first Tsundere Tournament in the site! I thank BigHeart711 for making the awesome banner. Upon seeing his banner, I had an idea. You seen polls and Sai Moe where folks vote on characters for their categories. I figured Anime Vice community deserves their own Tsundere Character of the year. Why not, let's do it?

Thanks to everyone who voted. I thank Vapovile for his part in setting up the tournament and randomizing our nominees. He was busy with school, so I carried out the whole tournament.

I welcome any suggestions for next year.

Shana - 1st Place

Shana is a Flame Haze contracted to Alastor, a really powerful Crimsom Lord, that helps her to defeat evil Denizens that come to our world to feed themselfs with human souls.

Haruko Amaya - 2nd Place

She is Takeru Ohyama's busty childhood friend and student at Tenbi Gakuen.


Selnia Iori Flameheart
Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière


  1. Asuka Langley
  2. Taiga Aisaka
  3. Rin Tohsaka
  4. Saya Takagi
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