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Picked up my neighbor's kid. She reminded me of tonight's orchestra event. Since her mom works overtime and her dad gets wasted at the bar, I'm pretty much her parent, even though I'm 15 years older than her. I got to finish things fast before night
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Welcome to the last week of manga releases! I have to leave this OP blank since I need to hurry and take my neighbor's daughter to her orchestra recital event.

I would love to hear your recommendations on the rest of the manga series featured this week. All comments are welcome. Thank you.

Disclaimer: I'm just promoting the official release and the publishers. I'm not selling you anything. This is to combat piracy and get fans to support the official release. All summaries are from ANN.


  • Does the Flower Blossom? volume 1 is listed on Right Stuf and Amazon for this week while ANN listed it for July 7, 2015.
  • Milkyway Hitching Vol. 2 was listed on ANN and Amazon last week. Right Stuf has it listed this week. Same applies for Soul Eater Vol. 24.
  • Prophecy Vol. 2 is available on Amazon and Right Stuf, Feb. 10. ANN has it listed this week.
  • Lovephobia Vol. 3 is listed on Right Stuf this week and on ANN for last week. Amazon listed it for July 7, 2015.

Manga Releases

Does the Flower Blossom? Vol. 1
  • Distributor: Digital Manga Publishing
  • Suggested retail price: $12.95

Sakurai slaves away his days as a veteran ad man... but at what cost? Although his heart was broken years ago, he hasn't found the time (or courage) to move on. Will a mysterious young painter finally help him grow past his mistakes? Can two lonely men truly reach out? And will the first strokes on a fresh canvas reveal the shape of beautiful things to come?

Milkyway Hitchhiking Volume 2
  • Distributor: Yen Press
  • Suggested Retail Price: $29.99

There are as many people on Earth as there are stars in the sky. From the unique marriage traditions of a faraway tribe, to the unusual relationship between a fox and a chick, to the tale of a complicated royal succession, Milkyway continues to mark her place across the bright stars of people's lives, loves, tears, and laughter.

Lovephobia Volume 3
  • Distributor: Digital Manga Publishing
  • Suggested retail price: $12.95

With Kou as her master, Ako is doomed to live forever as a vampire. But the dark shadow of Yui, Kou's own master and father, is cast over them. In his quest to bring Kou under his cruel control once more, Yui uses Ako's family members as pawns in his own game. But Ako has a special life-giving gift that may ruin everyone's plans!

Fairy Tail Volume 46
  • Distributor: Kodansha Comics
  • Suggested retail price: $10.99

As the bloody battle against the Nine Demon Gates and their king Mard Geer engulfs all of Fairy Tail,​ the guild learns a terrible secret: the threat from Face,​ the magic pulse bomb,​ isn't over yet! Meanwhile,​ the ice demon slayer known as Silver faces off against Gray,​ and the bond that ties their fates together is revealed! The truth sends Gray from shivering terror into an icy rage,​ but what greater sadness waits in the fight ahead?​

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Welcome to the last week for the DVD and Blu-Ray releases this week! We have a small selection for you guys and gals to browse. I'm only familiar with 2 series, Nisekoi and Maid Sama. The best cover art would be Jin-Roh since it fits it summary well. You got the soldier standing in front of the moon, giving that dark impression.

  • Nisekoi - If you love harem, comedy, and slice of life, check this out. You have a yakuza kid and a mafia girl having a pretend relationship so their families don't fight each other. The yakuza kid has amnesia, and he seeks to find the girl he had met 10 years ago. I don't the series ever gets close to that mystery.
  • Maid sama - It's a cute Shoujo rom com with your usual comedic scenes. For me, it was just decent, nothing unique. I did get some unfortunate implications about the gender roles in this show.

I would love to hear your recommendations on these series. All comments are welcome. Thank you.

Disclaimer: I'm just promoting the official release and the publishers. I'm not selling you anything. This is to combat piracy and get fans to support the official release. All summaries are from ANN.



  • Nisekoi is only available on Right Stuf.

DVD and Blu Ray Releases

A Channel - Complete Collection Blu-Ray
  • Distributor: Sentai Filmworks
  • Suggested retail price: $59.98

Toru and Run have been best friends forever, so when Toru learns that she's managed to get into the same high school as Run, she runs to tell her... only to find Run in a compromising position with yet another girl, Yuko. Needless to say, that makes things a bit awkward at school, with Toru fending off those who might be interested in Run while Yuko and their other girlfriend, Nagi, have to deal with Run's own penchant for drama.

But it's not all angst all the time, and as the school year progresses the four girls and their many classmates find time to laugh, play, and figure out how to handle the unexpected problems life likes to throw at the them. Like bugs in the house, accidentally giving each other horrible haircuts, freezing up at karaoke, or forgetting to put your underwear on in the morning.

Contains episodes 1-12. Special Features: A+Channel, A-Channel, Clean Closing Animation. Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade
  • Distributor: Eastern Star
  • Suggested retail price: $29.95

In a very different Tokyo from the one we know today, the totalitarian government rules with an iron fist. But a group called "the Sect" is staging demonstrations and challenging the government's martial law. Constable Fuse of the Capital Police's Special Unit is on a mission to stop a Sect demonstration when he encounters a girl in the sewers under Tokyo.

When he fails to shoot as ordered, he is put on trial, questioned, and "re-conditioned" as a soldier. But the dead girl haunts him, both in his dreams and in the face of her sister, whom Fuse has befriended. But Fuse has made himself a target for some very powerful men... And as the world comes crashing down around him, Fuse is continually challenged to decide what is real and what is right.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

Log Horizon 2 - Collection 2
  • Distributor: Sentai Filmworks
  • Suggested retail price: $69.98 (Blu-Ray), $59.98 (DVD)

Even as Shiroe slowly learns the secrets behind the creation of the World Fraction spell, the origin of the Demi-humans, and how his own actions in the Real World have affected the world in which he now dwells, the seeds of thought he's planted in the minds of others begin to bear fruit. Game strategy and tactics may have been intended for amusement, but their origins were pulled from actual war planning and stratagems. As others begin to accept and implement those theories on their own, the existing alliances and balance of power begin to shift.

Those changes can't possibly come quickly enough, as the adventurers' preoccupations have allowed the Goblins to unite and amass a giant army. Now the Goblins are on the march, and as the Estal Lords debate their course of action, Minori makes a dangerous gamble and initiates action on her own. In the midst of this MMORPG turned real, an unassuming princess may prove to be the key to ultimate victory.

Contains episodes 14-25. Special Features: Clean Opening Animation, Clean Closing Animation. Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

Lupin the 3rd: Napoleon's Dictionary (DVD)
  • Distributor: Eastern Star
  • Suggested retail price: $24.95

The secret of the Lupin family treasure is out: its location is written inside a dictionary once owned by Napoleon Bonaparte himself! When the dictionary turns up as the prize for a historic motor car race, the notorious Lupin the Third and his criminal cadre race the world's superpowers to win - or steal - the Dictionary and unearth his grandfather's legacy of riches!

Maid-sama! - Complete Collection
  • Distributor: Sentai Filmworks
  • Suggested retail price: $99.98 (Blu-Ray), $79.98 (DVD)

Misaki Ayuzawa has enough problems being the first female student council president of the formerly all-male Seika High School. When cool, aloof and oh-so-handsome Usui Takumi discovers that she's also a waitress at a local maid cafe by night, things get very interesting, very quickly! Toss in an organized crime cartel, a handful of extremely annoying transfer students, and the inevitable trip to the hot springs and everyone is bound to end up in hot water one way or another. But Misaki isn't going to let any of that stop her from maintaining order in the classroom and taking orders in the tea room.

Contains episodes 1-26. Special Features: Clean Opening Animation, Clean Closing Animation. Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

Nisekoi: False Love (Blu-Ray 2)
  • Distributor: Aniplex of America
  • Suggested retail price: $64.98

Raku and Chitoge continue bickering, which does not help the situation, as their relationship status is already under scrutiny by Ruri and Kosaki. But when Chitoge confesses to them that their relationship is actually fake, Kosaki decides that she will let Raku know how she feels about him.

Then one day Seishiro, a beautiful girl dressed like a boy, transfers to their school. She is actually a hitman hired by Claude to expose Raku and Chitoge! Although Raku is her enemy, when she comes in contact with Raku's kind nature, Seishiro is confronted with a new emotion that leaves her totally confused.

Meanwhile, Chitoge finds her diary from 10 years ago and remembers the promise she made with a certain boy. As their feelings sway, the group sets out to the open-air school where they can expect unforgettable experiences with the hot springs and even the test of courage!

Contains episodes 6-10, plus collectible ending card pinups and a deluxe poster, all housed in a box designed by Character Designer and Chief Animation Director Nobuhiro Sugiyama! Special Features: Textless Ending (Seishiro Version), Textless Ending (Ruri Version). Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

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Hello everyone! One of the strange things you notice I have a high affinity besides cars and wiki is calendars. I like them a lot. I have a Club Nintendo one in my room. It's one of merchandise I can show off without feeling so weird and geeky.

Amagi Brilliant Park

I haven't seen Amagi Brilliant Park yet. I thought my friend Daniel did since he had 2 GIFs from that franchise for the caption contest. The calendar artwork is very vibrant and it features very cute girls. One issue is the numbers are hard to see since they are printed on the vibrant background. They get lost a bit. If you are into functionality, this might be a turn off.

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works

I loved the Fate franchise. The calendar is unfortunately decent. The March/April and May/June are simple poses of your beautiful heroines. For the covers July/August and September/October posters, they reuse covers such as these posters used for the simulcast. I wished they did more new things. I was expecting crazy outfits (that would fit Fate/Kaleid more) or more seasonal themes like Saber, Rin, and Sakura in beautiful yukatas or bikinis.

One Piece

I loved the One Piece 2015 version. You got a nice, traditional layout. Each cover features the Straw Hat Pirates in awesome poses, great attire, and colorful backgrounds. I loved January and December ones. Yes, the December one has Rebecca crying. I'm not a sicko who likes a cover with a beautiful gal crying. No, I'm not that way.

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Hello everyone! I'm here to spotlight a fall 2014 show which I believe is truly underrated and obscure. It's Yona of the Dawn, an anime adaptation of a Shoujo manga series by Mizuho Kusanagi. The series revolves around Yona, a princess of the Kouka kingdom, who finds herself in a perilous situation after her beloved cousin and love interest, Soo-won, killed her father to usurp the throne. After running away, she is on a quest to gather the 4 dragons to help her take back the kingdom.


Yona of the Dawn is one of the few Shoujo shows that has action with a bit of blood. It's a beautiful show that is character driven. If you are tired of Shoujo rom coms and Shonen series, give this show a try. It will give you a different experience if you are looking for something new to try.

Story so Far

(Spoilers Below!)

Let's go over the characters and their recent accomplishments.

Our main heroine of the story who did a lot of growing after enduring the assassination of her father by the man she loved. Being a sheltered princess and blissfully unaware of the circumstances of her kingdom, her journey helps her learn about her people as well as herself.
Son Hak
He is Yona's childhood friend and personal body guard, and he would risk his life to protect Yona. He helps teach Yona on archery once Yona asks Hak to help her be independent and strong, not someone who needs protection.
He is the main antagonist of the series. Having control over the kingdom and being officially crowned as the successor to King Il, he aims to restore the Kouka Kingdom to its mighty glory while uniting the divided tribes.
He is Ik-Soo's apprentice who serves as the group's navigator, doctor, and cook. He is the pillar in Yona's group.
He is the white dragon who was raised in a village that revered the clan's white dragon ancestry.
He is the blue dragon who was shunned by his village as a curse child because of his cursed eyes that paralyzes people through eye contact.


This is a bit challenging to do since there are a lot to say for episodes 1-15. I had wished I had time to do weekly episode reviews. We do have a Yona of the Dawn Discussion, and I'll be happy to discuss there or here. The blogs help to cover stuff if there is no activity in the discussion thread.

Main Points

The series had done a good balance of world and character building. I do feel the first 5 episodes were a bit slow since the show relies on heavy flashbacks to show how close Yona, Soo-won, and Hak are during their childhood pasts. A bit more tell than show. Getting the journey was the exciting part, meeting new characters and seeing more of the Kouka Kingdom. Going back on our character list, we had 2 dragons that were foil to each other. While Gija is raised in a village with love, Sinha was raised in a village full of hate. As a result, Sinha's story had more development than Gija's. Yona and Sinha had very dramatic character development more than Son Hak and Gija. Sinha is currently my favorite dragon in the series. I can't wait to see the Green and Gold Dragon characters.

For the theme songs, I still love the first cour's OP and ED songs more than the second cour. The second cour sounds more like Pop. I like the traditional and ambient music since it fits the series personally.

Lastly, I'm concerned about the anime's pacing. While it's not too fast or too slow, the manga is still ongoing (with a total 15 volumes published as of 2015). I'm worried if the anime doesn't have a chance to properly conclude.

Thank you everyone for reading. I hope you try out this anime series. Please check out the discussion thread, the staff review, or these blogs.

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Hello everyone! Winter 2015 season is approaching quickly. I'm working hard to make sure Anime Vice's community is up to date.

Here in Anime Vice, users are encourage to watch anime legally whenever possible. Territories are listed below. I will continually update this blog. Later in the first half of January 2015, I will have a comprehensive Simulcast guide for all legal anime streaming venue for the community. It will be on the front page.

Anime Digital Network is for French speaking countries while Anime Lab is for New Zealand and Australia.

Notes + Sources

This was challenging to do because I had no sources other than visiting the sites. Anime Digital Network was completely in French. Getting simulcast dates and time was weird. I thought the calendar (see shot below) was the simulcast info. I saw Maria Virgin Witch's calendar and days aren't consistent.

As for Anime Lab, there was no time or date found. I couldn't navigate much and see the other shows. The site was having loading issues.


1. Assassination Classroom
  • Anime Digital Network: http://animedigitalnetwork.fr/video/assassination-classroom
  • Anime Lab: https://www.animelab.com/shows/assassination-classroom

Forget about homework and pop quizzes. The students of Class 3E have a far more important assignment: kill their teacher before the end of the year! A tentacle-d sensei that moves at Mach 20 is out to conquer the classroom after destroying seventy percent of the moon. In addition to reading, writing, and arithmetic, the murderous monster behind the lectern will teach his students everything he knows about the assassination game. Should some eager beaver prove to be a quick study in killing, he or she will save Earth from extinction – and collect a hefty reward. But they’d better take some serious notes while class is in session because their slaughtering sensei has eight deadly tentacles just waiting to wreak havoc on humanity!

2. Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!
  • AnimeLab:

Teenage boys are notoriously lazy, and the members of Binan High School's Earth Defense Club are no exception. Their definition of “earth defense” is bumming around all day at the local bathhouse. But when a pink wombat appears out of thin air and begs the boys to help him save the planet, even the idlest high schoolers jump to action.

3. Death Parade
  • AnimeLab: https://www.animelab.com/shows/death-parade
  • Anime Digital Network: https://www.animelab.com/shows/death-parade

There is a place after death that's neither heaven nor hell. A bar that serves you one chance to win. You cannot leave until the game is over, and when it is, your life may be too. From Studio Madhouse (Death Note, Black Lagoon) comes a thrilling new series where the stakes are high and the rules are simple: your life is on the line.

4. Durarara!!x2
  • AnimeLab:

Mikado Ryugamine is a young man who yearns for the city like no other. At the invitation of his childhood friend, Masaomi Kida, he moves to Ikebukuro, Tokyo and enters school there.
Half a year after the turmoil that rocked the entire city of Ikebukuro— Peace has once again returned to the city and people are living each day normally. The high school students enjoy their days of youth as the strongest and most dangerous man of Ikebukuro works diligently. The informant plots a new scheme and the headless rider is pursued by the cops as she rides through the night…But soon this normal will be cut short by the abnormal. Slowly but surely, the unknown will seize the city and face an all new storm.

  • AnimeLab:

Shinichiro Asano is a penniless high school student who decides to look for a job in order to pay his rent. His teacher suggests that he find work doing housekeeping. While working for the Shimazu family, he meets Sakuya, a beautiful girl who comes off as a bit crude and selfish. But Sakuya is also the 37th head of the Shimazu family and works as an exorcist, capturing and eliminating unwanted creatures. One day, Shinichiro accidentally frees one of these creatures and they must cooperate to recapture it.

6. Kamisama Kiss 2
  • AnimeLab:

Nanami was just a normal high school girl down on her luck until a stranger’s lips marked her as the new Land God and turned her world upside down. Now, she’s figuring out the duties of a deity with the help of Tomoe, a reformed fox demon who reluctantly becomes her familiar in a contract sealed with a kiss. The new responsibilities—and boys—are a lot to handle, like the crow demon masquerading as a gorgeous pop idol and the adorable snake spirit who’s chosen the newly minted god to be his bride. As the headstrong Tomoe tries to whip her into shape, Nanami finds that love just might have cute, pointed fox ears. With romance in the air, will the human deity be able to prove herself worthy of her new title?

7. KanColle
  • AnimeLab:

Set in a world where humanity has lost control of the oceans to the “deep sea fleet,” the only hope to counter this threat are the Kan-musume, a group of girls who possess the spirit of Japanese World War II warships. The story revolves around Fubuki, a special class destroyer who comes to the Chinjufu base to train with other Kan-musume. Watch as their stories unfold!

8. Kuroko's Basketball 3
  • Anime Digital Network: http://animedigitalnetwork.fr/video/kuroko_basket/5883-bande-annonce-bande-annonce

Even in the glorious history of the Teiko Junior High Basketball team, the "Generation of Miracles" was where five genius players said to be at a one-man-in-ten-years level all resided at the same time. Even after advancing to high school, they are still called by that nickname with the same amount of glory.

Taiga Kagami, the ace player for Seirin High School, is developing powers to close in to their level. His natural talent increases in passion and brilliance with each game, and he is truly the "light" of Seirin, and if Kagami is the "light," the "shadow" supports the team's rapid progress with an unwavering will Tetsuya Kuroko of Seirin High School.

With the advancement to the Winter Cup, Seirin finds themselves on a roll and defeats Toô Gakuen, starring Aomine, and Yosen, starring Murasakibara.

They finally advance on to the semifinals...!

9. Maria the Virgin Witch
  • Anime Digital Network: http://animedigitalnetwork.fr/video/maria-sorciere-de-gre-pucelle-de-force/5884-bande-annonce-maria-sorciere-de-gre-pucelle-de-force

In the time of the Hundred Years' War, a young and powerful witch known as Maria leads a reclusive existence. Shunned by the church – but beloved by certain locals – Maria endeavors to use her magic to bring an end to the warfare she so despises. She assists people of all walks of life with the help of her two familiars: a succubus and an incubus with great powers of seduction. Though she seeks only peace, the archangel Michael despises her use of magic to interfere in human affairs and decrees that should she ever manage to lose her virginity, Maria's powers will vanish! To ensure that Maria no longer mingles magic with humans, Michael sends the angel Ezekiel to keep a watchful eye on the virgin witch.

10. Samurai Warriors
  • AnimeLab:

Based on the hit video game, this dramatic re-imagining of one of Japan’s most revered historical periods drops audiences into the middle of an epic battle royal. Great warriors and dashing rogues from cherished Japanese tales come to life in this rousing series. Follow along as your favorite hacking, slashing characters from the video game meet once more on the field of battle. Every deadly move you perfected in the game is recreated in the action-packed anime experience that is Samurai Warriors!

11. The Testament of Sister New Devil
  • AnimeLab: https://www.animelab.com/shows/the-testament-of-sister-new-devil

"Hey, you said you wanted a little sister, right?" First year highschool student, Toujo Basara, was suddenly asked by his father and fell into a state of panic. On top of that, the eccentric father told him he will be getting remarried. He then departed overseas after bringing Basara two beautiful step-sisters. But Mio and Maria's true forms are actually the newbie Demon Lord and a succubus!? Basara was almost entered into a master and servant contract with Mio, but a "reversed" contract was formed by mistake, and Basara is now the master!? Moreover, Basara is being hit by one ecchi situation after another due to the contract, but Mio's life is being pursued by other demon tribes and hero tribes! The most powerful contractor's desire action drama begins!

12. Tokyo Ghoul √A
  • AnimeLab: https://www.animelab.com/shows/tokyo-ghoul

In modern day Tokyo, society lives in fear of Ghouls: mysterious creatures that look exactly like humans, yet hunger insatiably for their flesh. None of this matters to Ken Kaneki, a bookish and ordinary young man, until a dark and violent encounter turns him into the first ever Ghoul-human half-breed. Trapped between two worlds, Ken must survive the violent conflicts of warring Ghoul factions while attempting to learn more about Ghoul society, his newfound powers, and the fine line between man and monster.

13. World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman
  • AnimeLab:

Akane Academy is just like any other school…except the students just happen to be reincarnated legendary heroes from a distant past who battled for the fate of the world. Now, evil monsters are threatening to wreak havoc, and it’s up to the students of Akane Academy to stop them! Follow Moroha, Shizuno, and Satsuki as they navigate love, past lives, and kicking butt in this action fantasy with a dash of fanservice.

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