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Ran out of time today. Since I got home pretty late from Church, I had to catch up on school work. I didn't get to do some wiki after the caption article and requests. I got morning class on Mon-Thurs. Got to fix my schedule this semester.
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Hello Binbogami Ga! fans, this news is a bit late for those who already read the Crunchyroll's article on September 1st. I accidentally found this article when I was out image hunting for the recent Binbogami Ga! episodes, the wiki project.

Synopsis for those who are new to the show:

Sakura Ichiko is a young girl who is well endowed and blessed with athletic skills, wealth, intellect, and beauty. Some would say that she is extremely lucky, and that would be correct. Turns out that a god made a mistake and gave Sakura ridiculous amount of energy known Happiness Energy, mythical power that gives luck to people. Sakura's Happiness Energy is too much for normal human being, so much that she is actually absorbing other people's luck, causing imbalance of Happiness Energy and bringing misfortune to others around her. Momiji, the Japanese god of poverty and misfortune, is sent to suck out some of this energy in order to restore the balance of karma in the world. Sakura however doesn't cooperate and decides to fight against a god. Sakura and Momiji clash between each other as opposites. Which girl will emerge victorious?

The oppai pad or breast mouse pad for Ichiko is 3D which is pretty unique to say the least. I wonder how 3D will make it more erotic. Don't answer that. Anyway, I tried looking for Momiji's breast pad, but I couldn't find one.

It's 3D!
It's 3D!

Here we have a body pillow with Momiji and Ichiko are opposite sides in risque lingerie. Momiji has a see through gown which is nice by the way, and Ichiko is playing the innocent girl part with her flower and pink & white color scheme.

Price: 3,300yen ($42)

Ichiko and Momiji Body Pillow
Ichiko and Momiji Body Pillow

In episode 2, Momiji and Ichiko had a hilarious scene where Momiji tells Ichiko in order to boost ratings they should sell oppai pads especially since Ichiko has such big boobs. Then, little Ichiko shows Momiji's breast mouse pad which is flat like a board, and the two laugh for bit. Of course, Momiji vents her rage on Ichiko.

Price: 8,800yen ($112)

Thank you guys and gals for reading this late news article. Yeah, it felt strange talking about breast mouse pads. Believe me, it's really hard not to laugh.

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