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I might hit flood fail after posting 3 winter 2015 trailers. I have to wait for folks to create new threads.
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Beginner Guide: Sket Dance


Unlike Rave Master and Shaman King, I haven't start this one since my team just formed in late August. It's worth a shot for my team. I just to write better. Wiki editing is different from writing beginner guides.

I'm happy with three characters.

1. Bossun

He's the leader in the Sket Dan club.
Powers: Concentration mode is where he puts on his goggles to figure out the solution to their requests' problems.

2. Hime Onizuka

She's the powerhouse in the Sket Dan club.
Powers: Don't be fool by her pretty appearance. Her field hockey stick, Cyclone, can dish a lot of damage such as bringing the down the roof.

3. Kazuyoshi Usui

He's the brains in the Sket Dan club.
Powers: Even though he uses a laptop to speak, he can gather information quickly and helps his team with his gizmos such as a homing device.

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