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Beginner Guide: Shaman King Characters

This is one I struggled with the most. I got too much characters, so I paired them in twos for the shamans and their spirits. Now, I have 10 rows.

What I finished: Characters and Story.

Need to finished: Verdict, Terminology, Conclusion, and perfecting hook.

1. Yoh Asakura

He is a slacker who only wants to listen his music. His dream of becoming Shaman King is to get the easy life to get the easy life. Spirit Ally: Amidamaru is a samurai whose nickname is the fiend since he goes on a rampage to avenge his friend.

2. Ren Tao

He is a Chinese shaman who comes from the Tao family whose reputation he must restore their reputation. His true dream is to end the cycle of vengeance. Spirit Ally: Bason is a warlord.

3. Manta Oyamada

He is Yoh's friend who accompanies him during his battles in the Shaman King fight.

4. Anna Kyouyama

She is Yoh's fiancee who shares the same goals as Yoh as the shaman queen.

5. Bokuto no Ryu

Bokuto no Ryu and his punks seek and defend their hideouts. Ultimately, Ryu and his friends' dream is to find their happy place. Spirit Ally: Tokagero is a bandit who was killed by Amidamaru.

6. Horohoro

From Hokkaido, he is an Ainu shaman who works hard to reach his and his sister's dream. Their dream is to build a vast field of Butterbur to save the Koropokku from extinction. Spirit Ally: Kororo is a Koropokkuru.

7. Johann Faust VIII

A former German doctor who has lost his wife and his happy life. He resorts to necromancy to revived his beloved Eliza by becoming the Shaman King. Spirit Alley: Eliza is his wife, his partner, and his nurse.

8. Lyserg Diethel

A British dowser who aspires to be the best detective like his parents. Even though he aspires to be the best detective in the world, he wants to avenge his parent's death by killing Hao Asakura.
Spirit Ally: Morphine is a spirit handed down from the dowsing generation.

9. Chocolove McDonell

An African American shaman whose gang life is changed by a Brazilian man named Olona and put on the right path. His dream is to save the world with laughter by becoming the best comedian. Spirit Ally: Mic the Jaguar is Olona's former partner.

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