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A Major Event and its Domino Effect

Now, I seen people writing beginner guides which makes me want to do more. Plus, Sotyfan16 invented a new guide called the complete guide on Afro Samurai, Superevil225 had published her beginner guide to Baccano, and my partner, ShadowKnight508, is planning a beginner guide as well. I'm way behind everyone.

Ever since I wrote that blog about working outside wiki comfort zone, I had goals of submitting guides before my 1st year anniversary on Anime Vice to prove myself. In the summer, I used summer school and wiki projects as an excuse to delay the beginner guides. In September, things were looking good when I submitted the Beginner Guide to Shaman King two weeks before Oct. 1. However, I got one guide five days after that day due to the hectic lives that my buddy, Perry, and I had.

It doesn't matter if my beginner guide does not get posted on the front news. What matters is that a beginner guide is finished and posted for everyone. I thank Perry for spotlighting the guide to Shaman King under the rad stuff column. That was a bonus point. Whoo!

The NEW Plan

Oct. 1 was too early, so I decided to space my work two weeks apart.

Preparation: As you know I was typing the weekly reports for Sket Dance, Beelzebub, and Blue Exorcist to promote my team's work and to spread the love, the reports help me write better and with passion even though it took a bit more time off for school. Now, I have to get serious since I feeling the pressure from the other Anime Vice users.

  • Rave Master Beginner Guide: Goal is October 23, 2011.

I chose this franchise because Fire_Star and I finished the anime project from May to July 2011. For the guide, I have finished the characters, overview, and the plot. I just need to make the hook, why watch, and the conclusion.

  • Blue Exorcist Beginner Guide: Goal is November 10, 2011**

Since the Blue Exorcist anime was done since Oct. 2, 2011, it makes sense to do this one since most of the episodes' plot are done by Anna, Dochaus, Hibaru, and I. Unlike the other guides, I have picked six characters and the terminology, but I haven't done much.

**This may sting me a bit since midterms are after Veteran's Day, so I might have to published earlier.

  • Beelzebub Beginner Guide: Goal is November 25, 2011.

I loved working on the anime with my teammates, Anna and ShadowKnight508. Hopefully, I get to have a writing buddy for this guide since ShadowKnight508 has some nice style for thrilling plots. In the weekly reports, I do cite his plot summaries because it's brimming with action, suspense, and passion. For the guide, I have the characters, overview, and terminology down.

All I had finished is the characters and the overview.

  • Sket Dance Beginner Guide: Goal is December 10, 2011. **

The team project started back in August, and our team is big. That's why I chosen to do Sket Dance last. I have the overview and the 3 characters (will get six probably) chosen with their descriptions down.

**I may change this because the week after December 10th is finals week.


This is it. I have changed my goals again, and I hoped to get these done every two weeks. It all comes down to time management, fate, luck, and will power. My success rate is 75%. I got to work smart and divide the work up.


Team W.I.K.I Nation and Team Beelzebub

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