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Beginner Guide: Beelzebub

Created on 10-12-11

This is for my teammates, Annabanana and ShadowKnight508, and the community.

1. Oga Tatsumi

Oga is a punk who does not care for his fellow men. When delinquents try to pick on him, he smashes and pummels them into submission. When he meets Beelzebub, his life changes forever.

2. Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV

Beel does not look like a demon baby, but he possesses a deadly voltage shock when he cries. He is the son of the demon king who is sent to destroy man kind with the help of a chosen human.

3. Hildagarde

Hilda is the demon wet nurse who is in charge of Beelzebub's care. Despite looking down on Oga, she helps Oga raise the child together to destroy man kind. She loves Beelzebub like a true mother.

4. Furuichi Takayuki

Furuichi is Oga's perverted friend who is not your average delinquent.

5. Aoi Kunieda

Aoi is the head of the Red Tails group and one of TKKH. Despite her reputation as the strongest female, she tends to misunderstand things especially when she is around Oga.

6. Bathym de Alaindelon

Alaindelon is a dimensional transfer demon who helps Hilda and Oga with his powers. He has a strange affection for Furuichi which he displays in a playful manner.

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