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Welcome to the 14th Beelzebub Report! It's not weekly because it's about two episodes. When school hits, reports will be biweekly to let my team get some time to study. Without further ado, let's go over the most exciting Beelzebub episode, I'm His Parent, with a crazy New Year Special, Beelbeel Journey to the West. For you guys who do not know my teammates, they are Annabanana, ShadowKnight508, Arrussel, and Sreenivas.

For Images, check out episode 49's gallery and my Beelzebub gallery for episode 48. I'll let Anna upload her images for 48.

Plot Summary

Ep. 48: I'm His Parent - "Ore ga oya desu" (オレが親です)

Oga: I'm his daddy
Oga: I'm his daddy

Oga and Beel finally arrive to the big fight with Hecadoth, Naga, and Graphel to settle the score. Oga has an unusual arsenal with him that demonstrates the bond between father and adopted son. Will Oga and Beel defeat Behemoth's men?

Ep. 49: Beelzebub`s New Year`s Special! Beelbeel Journey to the West! - "Beelzebub Oshougatsu Supesharu! BeelBeel Seiyuuki" (べるぜバブお正月スペシャル! ベルベル西遊記)

Beel - Son Goku
Beel - Son Goku

It's a long title for Beelzebub episodes. Today's special is about Oga and his gang who journeys to Tenjiku to retrieve some Sutras. However, they get side tracked and end up at the Ox King's place. This episode is based on the Wu Cheng'en Journey to the West story.


Beware of Spoilers!

From Left to Right

  • Oga - Sanzou
  • Aoi - Sagojou
  • Furuichi - Chohakkai
  • Beel - Son Goku


Ep. 48

Super Milk Time
Super Milk Time
  • Despite how serious the fight is, Oga manages to crack the tension with the bizarre moments. Remember that arsenal? It's Super Milk Time!
  • Beel and his doppelganger are damn cute for copying the grown ups during their strategy.
  • Beel and Oga's combined form is powerful yet bizarre. The pants issue is one of the best scenes.

Ep. 49

Goku Furuichi
Goku Furuichi
  • A village of Shiroyamas will get you laughing.
  • New Theme song for the opening and closing are awesome. For Red Tail fans, you'll love the ending.
  • Fan Disservice might get you laughing or looking the other way in this episode.

Here is a video. Hopefully, it doesn't get deleted.


  • In 48, I didn't like how the punches and kicks are not connecting during the fighting. Despite that show is for teenagers, it show some violence because the show is okay by showing skin and cleavage. Why not guns or letting all the punches get connected.
  • In 49, it got a little dragged on between the village of Shiroyama to Lord En's game. I find Lord En's scenes not great, but when Toujou came, it got better a bit.


  • Out of the bizarre moments, one scene got me flustered a bit. Why did Toujou not stay for Oga's fight while Aoi remain to watch? There is anime and manga differences because the manga did not Aoi in that scene. Toujou is a guy who lives for fights and watching Oga is natural for guys like him.
  • For 49, you got your village of Shiroyamas, slutty MK5, Himekawa and Kanzaki scene, and other stuff. It is a regular Beelzebub episode. I didn't expect a village of Shiroyama, but I always knew MK5 would dress provocatively someday.


I thank you guys for reading my team's report, and I thank my team for being there to support the community and each other. Our wiki progress can found on this vitae list.

Daddy, is it my turn?
Daddy, is it my turn?

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