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Welcome everyone to the Legend of Korra discussion! I hope you enjoyed Legend of Korra series and its finale last weekend.

Today, I'm doing something different instead of going over what was good and bad. I will introduce two stellar reviewers of Anime Vice who have already reviewed this series, Wales and ElfenLied1012. They both had opposite views of how the Legend of Korra series performed.

Here are their reviews and a brief info about them if you haven't met them yet. Please enjoy their reviews and thoughts on the Legend of Korra.

ElfenLied1012 is a well known reviewer in Anime Vice with 29 reviews; he has a bubbly and kind personality who just got back to Anime Vice this summer. He is doing lots of reviews as well as engaging community members in the forums and welcoming new people to Anime Vice.
In her review and blog, He has rated this season with 4.5 out of 5.
Note: After talking to ElfenLied1012, it's the male account who's working.
Wales is a veteran wiki editor who has been working on the Legend of Korra wiki project and several others, and in addition to wiki edits, he has written a couple of reviews. Wales is known for busting out articles on a wide range of different wiki pages from episodes to characters. This is rare since most wiki editors who are mostly specialized on one type of page.
In his review, he has rated this season with 3.5 out of 5.

Questions To Think About

Before you guys and gals go, here are some questions for you take as you read their reviews.

What do you feel about Legend of Korra? Where did they perform well and poorly in? Did it live up to its predecessor? How was the season one finale overall?

Which reviewer do you find that you agreed or disagree? Have fun, everyone!

Let's kick the Legend of Korra discussion up a notch!

Thank you everyone! Please support the wiki pages. The Legend of Korra wiki editors are on their A game.

Note: Despite that Legend of Korra is an anime or not, I did this to get in theme with the other anime wrap-up projects: Beelzebub, Guilty Crown, Sket Dance, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead, and others that haven't been posted yet.

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