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Welcome to the Anime Vice's Best Fan Fic Writers of 2013! I know it's late, but a few folks ask me to promote the fan fic forum. I started a contest, but it had the same low voter turnout like the Reviewers project. Like the Reviewers project, I'm going to write a top Writers blog and promote the writers. Please check out their fan fic threads!

Best Fan Fic Writers


UltimateHero0406 is a seasoned battle veteran who makes his own fan fic series called Ultimate Hero. It's about Ultiman, Captain Palmer, and his crew who are saving the Earth from a mysterious being from space. It's an original series He's a big Psyren, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Bleach fan. He enjoys Shonen, Ecchi, and Slice of Life series and video games like Persona 4 and Sonic. Now, he's into Space Dandy! He has completed over 50 anime series. He loves women from exotic countries.

His list of Fan Fic episodes:


Jinbeifan1 is a frequent battle veteran who loves to comment on the HST manga discussion threads. His favorite series are One Piece, Bleach, Dragon Ball Z, and Fairy Tail. His biggest fan fic project is Protector of Monster which is a crossover of Avengers and Rosario Vampire.

His list of Fan Fic episodes


LHWKnight is a new user in Anime Vice who loves light novel series and making battle threads on High School DxD, Problem Children, and other light novel series. He likes all sorts of anime series, and he's a frequent poster in the #Anime Vice Discussion Threads. He has a thing for strong women. Occasionally, he writes reviews.

Honorable Mentions

Since the fan fic forum has a lot of first debuts, I wanted to give some recognitions to these guys and gals.

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