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I finished and closed Glasslip and Samurai Bakumatsu wiki tasks. I can probably post this week's DVD releases. It's short, 6 Titles. I saved Noriaki's wiki task tomorrow. Tonight, I need to work on a paper and study for Bio quiz. PM me if you need me
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Anime Vice Community's Magazine Wiki Project

List of Magazines wiki pages that Anime Vice wiki editors worked on: The tough part is compiling a list of issues in the right order and finding hi res covers.

1. Weekly Shonen Sunday

Takashichea: This is the hardest project because of the issue numbers. Since I can't read it, I have to rely on issues with the correct numbering as landmarks.

2. Comic Earth Star Magazine

Takashichea: This is the first one that I'm up to date with.

3. Nyantype Magazine

Daniel Newton's project: Daniel asked me for help to organize poster artwork for both character pages and magazine pages. The hard part is finding hi res magazine covers and old posters and figuring out where they belong. Plus, some posters are already uploaded on character pages long before the magazine wiki page was born.

4. Megami Magazine

Same as Nyantype

5. Manga Time Kirara Magazine

Takashichea: A brand new project.

6. Megami Magazine Deluxe

10-27-13: Started

7. Bessatsu Shonen Magazine


8. Monthly Dragon Age Magazine


9. Weekly Shonen Jump (US)


10. Shonen Jump


11. Comic Hotmilk Magazine


12. COMIC Potpourri Club Magazine


13. Canopri Comic Magazine


14. Monthly Sunday Gene-X Magazine


15. COMIC Kairakuten Magazine


16. Dengeki Black Maoh Magazine


17. Ultra Jump


18. Shonen Sirius Magazine

3-12-14: Takashichea

19. Anthology
20. Monthly Gangan Joker
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