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Welcome everyone! We had a voting thread just like for the Battlation ones, but this one was for reviewers. I wanted to promote the reviewers in our community. We have a small group of reviewers. With the Wiki Editing and Battle Community being so predominant, I don't want this community to lose its reviewers. Get out there and review anime and manga! Since we had only one person voted, I'm going to spotlight 4 top reviewers in our community who did a stellar job from 2013. Please give them a round of applause.


Dream is one of our oldest users in the community. He's from New York, USA. He has written 94 reviews so far. Out of the 94 reviews, he has written 10 reviews in 2013. His review style is more of an analyst. He breaks things such as the characters, plot, animation, and other parts. He may not explore everything about the anime in his review. Rather, he features key parts of the anime that will make it and break it. Also, Dream likes to bring to the table, industry or notable news events such as crimes of pedophilia in one of his Ani Crap reviews.

In addition to be a reviewer, Dream is an avid user in the battle threads, and he started a community project called the Ani-crap where he reviews terrible anime. His recent one is Ani-Crap Review #33: Kodomo no Jikan. Every week, he puts out a poll for the community to pick which crappy anime titles to pick. He is one his 34th poll right now. Please visit that poll and vote! His first article that was posted on the front page was one of Takashichea's cultural interviews, AV MOD MATERIAL: The Anime Fan's Experience in the US, Part 1, where he and DBZ Universe share their experiences with anime culture in their home countries. He is a big wiki editor who specializes in character pages.

2013 Reviews

  1. Twilight of the Cockroaches -
  2. Madlax -
  3. Shangri La -
  4. Btooom -
  5. Yu Yu Hakusho -
  6. Moonlight Mile -
  7. Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto -
  8. Future Diary -
  9. Flowers of Evil -
  10. Hakkenden -

His best anime that he reviewed is Flowers of Evil, A controversial psychological drama that won't be for everyone., with a five star rating. His worst anime that he reviewed is Future Diary, A nice example of a train wreck anime with a lot of hype., with a 2 star rating.

For a full list of his reviews, visit his profile page's reviews.


ElfenLied1012 is one of most proactive user in our community. His account is actually hosted to two folks: male and female. The male counterpart is currently making reviews while the female counterpart (she's from Russia) is on hiatus. To make this less confusing, I'm going to refer ElfenLied1012 as "he." His review style is more interpersonal. He greets you and talks about the show like a guide giving an anime a tour. In addition to his interpersonal reviews, he's a completionist because he will go over everything: animation, characters, music, etc. He's worry that he will bore his readers with his long analytical reviews. In addition to being a reviewer, ElfenLied1012 has a community project: the podcast. The most recent one is the M-Cast Episode 5: The Shaftcast. He has a crew who hosts talks on various anime series and trends in the industry. He does frequent the wiki editing business. He tackles the anime series pages.

2013 Reviews

  1. Planetes -
  2. Attack on Titan -
  3. Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek -
  4. IGPX -
  5. Mass Effect: Paragon -
  6. Oreimo (ONA) -
  7. Oreimo -

ElfenLied1012 has written 76 reviews, and for 2013, he has written 7. His best anime series that he reviewed was Attack on Titan and Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek. He doesn't have a worst anime reviewed. Why? ElfenLied1012 is a big softy!

For a full list of his reviews, visit his profile page's reviews.


Katmic is our new user who has a blog outside of Anime Vice. His review style is like a story teller. He tells his experiences of watching the show. His reviews are fairly short and hit the usual key parts: plot and characters. He gets deeply involved with the character elements in the majority of his reviews. When he encounters good anime and manga, he praises the show with a lot of passion. In addition to being a reviewer, Katmic does visit the battle threads occasionally. His first article that was posted on the front page was one of my cultural interviews: AV MOD MATERIAL: The Anime Fan's Experience in Africa. He's a native to Uganda, and he brought a unique experience to our community as he shares how he embrace the anime culture in Africa.

2013 Reviews

  1. Natsuyuki Rendezvous -
  2. Devil is a Part Timer -
  3. Break Blade -
  4. Umineko no Naku Koro Ni -
  5. Shiki -
  6. Katanagartari -
  7. Valkyria Chronicles -
  8. Robotics;Notes -
  9. Gamaran -
  10. Jormungand -
  11. Btooom! -
  12. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure -
  13. Zetsuen no Tempest -
  14. Fairy Tail -
  15. Kokoro Connect -

Katmic has written 15 reviews, and all of them were in 2013. His best shows are Valkyria Chronicles, Katanagatari, and Shiki. His worst show he reviewed is Umineko no Naku Koro Ni.

For Katmic's full list of reviews, please visit his profile's review page.


Snowymountain is a Screened native who loves anime. He is a quiet person who only does reviews for Anime Vice. In Screened, he's a different beast. He works on the wiki pages and frequently contributes to the discussion in Screened's forums. For his review style in Anime Vice, he's blunt and not afraid to point the flaws in a manga or anime series. He's a harsh critic who writes brief reviews with an indepth literary analysis of key concepts of the franchise while comparing it to literary works and movies.

2013 Reviews

  1. O Parts Hunter -
  2. Zombie Powder -
  3. Eyeshield 21 -
  4. Avatar: The Last Airbender -
  5. Iron Man -
  6. Guvyer: Dark Hero -
  7. The Last Airbender -
  8. The Guyver -
  9. Firefighter! Daigo of Company M -
  10. Tiger & Bunny -
  11. Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo -
  12. Teen Titans -
  13. Batman: Gotham Knight -
  14. Claymore -
  15. Soul Eater Not! -
  16. Ai Yori Aoshi -
  17. Eagle: The Making of an Asian-American President -
  18. Negima! -

Snowymountain's worse anime/manga review was O-Parts Hunter while the best anime series reviewed was Tiger & Bunny. He has written 19 reviews so far, and all of them were in 2013. (I omitted Ben 10 since that's for Screened).

For a full list of his reviews, visit his profile's review page.

Thank you everyone for reading!

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