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Welcome everyone to my Summer 2014 marathon blog, Inuyasha. In the previous blog (New Summer 2014 Marathon: Sailor Moon, Inuyasha, and Arrow (HULU)), I was planning to do a marathon on this series along with Sailor Moon and Arrow. However, I didn't have time to start on Arrow due to the wiki work and outside job I had as well as summer school back in July.

This project of mine is to show that our community has folks who can get their friends to try new anime and manga especially for beginners who haven't started watching anime or read manga yet.

Here's a list of blogs where I tried so many recommendations from my good friends in this community.

  • Summer Experience 2012 - I tried Astarotte's Toy, One Piece manga, Highschool of the Dead, Puella Magi Madoka...

How I got into Inuyasha

Back in middle school, I had cable for about a year. I got introduced to anime for a short time even though I seen Pokemon, Digimon, and other anime series on the mainstream channels, Kids WB and Fox Kids. As a young child, I thought they were just cartoon and didn't know what was anime. It was only until college in my sophomore year, I got really serious about anime after joining Anime Vice back in 2010. I would call myself a fairly young anime fan.

For Inuyasha, I saw it on Adult Swim around midnight. I was captured by the series' tone and its characters. The shows I watched on Kids WB and Fox Kids were Americanized, devoid of any Japanese culture. Inuyasha paint what was it like in feudal Japan, making me more interested in history and the culture of Japan. I actually asked one of my middle school teachers about his vacation in Japan and what was it like in the country. I never been out of the States ever since I immigrated from my home country.

My time with Inuyasha as a young kid was cut short. This summer starting in June 2014, I wanted to finish the series when I was contemplating what to watch during my summer break while trying to keep up with summer school. Around the same time, my friend, Dream, was also doing a marathon on the series. He finished before me. He watched it on DVD while I watch it on HULU. He informed me that the series had a sequel which gives the true ending, Inuysha Final Act. What's strange when I checked it on HULU, it was all subbed. During July's 2nd week, I finish the series and started diving into Final Act which had all of the dubbed episodes. I did continue all the way in dub. I never saw the series in subbed.

Final Impressions

Compared to what I felt toward the series during the 13 years gap is was pretty profound. I saw how the voice acting was a bit bad compared to how I remembered it. The voices grew on me, and I love it. Kagome's voice took me the longest to get used to. During the Koga arc with the Birds of Paradise, Kagome scream so shrill which annoyed me. I never heard a scream like that in dubbed anime. I was pretty lax on the animation since it was an old show. I'm more strict on the newer anime series I watch post 2010. Seeing Final Act retain the old style from its predecessor and making it improved was a joy for me. I seen Sailor Moon Crystal during my marathon on Sailor Moon (starting back in May 2014). Seeing the difference between the art style, I lean towards the classic Sailor Moon. It could be the mother goose imprint syndrome, but I love Sailor Moon's classic look, it's more expressive and feels natural to me than Sailor Moon Crystal's less expressive art style.

Wrapping this up, Inuyasha was one of a kind series. Having watched Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Fairy Tail due being primarily a Shonen fan, Inuyasha step out of the mold a bit. It still holds the cliche inner demon that Katmic observed from Ichigo, Soul (of Soul Eater), Naruto, and other Shonen heroes. Its romance was realistic. I was annoyed by Kagome and Inuyasha's romance, but it was done realistically and grew into a beautiful relationship compared to other Shonen series that either execute it poorly by making it shallow or letting it skate around while fans make speculations on their own. Most Shonen series suffer from pacing and filler issues. I never read Inuyasha manga yet. It felt natural to me. They had a small character cast compared to most mainstream and obscure Shonen series. They spotlight the characters with good story telling in a way that you want to see the characters grow and develop over time. For the main villain, he was shown pretty early, but he was feature in a way that he wasn't used up. By used up, I refer to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's Dio and Bleach's Aizen and loosely, Korra's Amon. Those villains are personally favorites of mine, but they were introduce so early and didn't develop enough time to show us their true potential.


I would definitely recommend Inuyasha for shonen fans. It will show you a great deal of difference between how Shonen series incorporates their characters, their growth, and romance elements.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the series. Feel free to make recommendations here or on my list of Anime Vicer's recommended shows. I would love to try them.

Thank you everyone for reading.

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