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Finished Tari Tari and half of Attack on Titan episode summaries. Be back later tonight. PM me if you need me.
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All the Women that Ash Lost
1. Misty
2. May
3. Dawn

The two argue a lot like a couple. Dawn finds Ash like a kid for not understanding romance or picking up hints. Ash finds Dawn annoying for only caring about her looks. After that, the two became friends.

4. Iris

Iris had no interest in Ash, but fans are crazy and ship the two. Like Dawn, Iris finds Ash like a kid.

5. Serena

Daniel guessed the two are childhood friends.

6. Anabel

Spoiler Alert After Ash's battle with Anabel, Anabel shook hands with Ash and was touched by his admiration for her. She was blushing. Uh-huh.

7. Melody

Spoiler Alert Furura has a thing for Ash. It's too bad, she's a movie only character.

8. Latias
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