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Looking back at the Types of Wiki Editors blog, I had a strange idea about the #Anime Vice concept page when I looked back at the many blogs posted on that page. I wanted to ease and sieve the many stuff to different pages.

I created a #Wiki Editors and #RPG concept page where everyone can add or link blogs/ forums to that page. It will alleviate traffic and make searching for people's work easier. All these concepts revolve around Anime Vice and connects to the #AnimeVice page.

I hope you enjoy using it.

I don't know if the staff will allow it, but let us try using it. There will be more pages soon.

Thank you.


A flaw: The RPG people have a RPG forum area, so the #RPG concept page might be redundant. On the bright side, we have a wiki editor page where wiki editors can post their projects on.

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