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Finished uploading all Winter 2015 pilots' caps, the ones that were available legally through simulcasts.
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It's a short blog because I know myself well. I tend to be scatterbrain and distracted with many things. Using my status bar helps, but it doesn't plan out things.

  • Introduce Akame ga Kill wiki teammates
  • Add Falbium and IndridCold's Manhwa series to the wiki database
  • Write reviews for WayBig's project, Anime Survey and Reviews (Summer 2014)
  • The Best Battle User of August 2014 is having issues since Girugamesh is inactive. So Flashback180 will take over as soon as I get word from him, too.
  • Continue the Tsundere Tournament ♀. Vapovile is doing the semi-finals. Haven't receive word from him either. I might do it without him by Wednesday.
  • Add the Fall 2014 Anime Series to the wiki database. I have to prepare for September when we start adding trailer/discussion threads for the new anime season, fall 2014.
  • Start the Gdoc program for sickVisionz's Top Anime and Manga of 2014. It's important I get a head start because when fall starts, I won't have time.
  • Plan out a wiki schedule for Fall 2014 anime season.

I believe Fall 2014 has the most sequels and Shonen series that were part of my wiki projects.

  • Chaika Season 2
  • Fate/Stay Night Remake (2014)
  • Seven Deadly Sins
  • Akame ga Kill (It's 2 cour)
  • One Piece
  • Fairy Tail
  • Stardust Crusaders (rumored to be 4 cour)

I have teammates to support, but I have to make some sacrifices later on in order to balance school, family work, and Anime Vice moderation roles.

Current Community Projects

  • Assist Daniel with Caption Contest
  • Issue the Weekly Manga and Anime DVD/Blu-Ray Releases
  • Moderate Wiki
  • Post the monthly Megami and Nyantype posters at Ecchi Club
  • Assist WayBig with his AMV project
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