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Finished clearing all Attack on Titan characters. Was really close to 5PM. I'll be back to save up the Attack on Titan episode summaries and finish Taichokage and rest of my teammates' wiki subs.
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A Checklist of Past Community Spotlights 2012

I'm doing to keep track of what has been spotlighted in FoxxFireArt's community spotlights. I'll add the name and dates for each entry.

Community Spotlights








Since the 2012 list was created on 1-12-12, I have the recent dates at the bottom while the 2011 list goes in the opposite direction.

1. The Fierce Fight Begins! Luffy vs. Hordy!

Spotlighted on 8-24-12: FoxxFireArt added Funimation synopsis, points of interest, and moves used.

2. The Fairies' Time Management Part 2

Spotlighted on 8-24-12: Taka added plot summary, points of interest, and misc.

3. Is This That So-called Boy-Raised-As-a-Girl Pattern?

Spotlighted on 8-24-12: Sonata added references.
Taka added plot summary, points of interest, manga/anime differences and misc.
Daniel added navigator box.

4. Genius Poopman Yearning

Spotlighted on 8-24-12: Taka added plot summary, points of interest, manga/anime differences, and misc sections.

5. Mysterious Girlfriend X

Spotlighted on 8-31-12: Daniel formatted the page and added a character section using a special code.

6. Seka x Seka

Spotlighted on 8-31-12: ShadowKnight508 added overview, creation, characters, and chapters.

7. Pipiruma!

Spotlighted on 8-31-12: ShadowKnight508 added overview, creation, characters, and other media.

8. Gokusen

Spotlighted on 8-31-12: ScarletKittie added overview, plot, and characters.
Buhssuht assisted her in formatting the page.

9. The World God Only Knows

Spotlighted on 8-31-12: Buhssuht added overview, plot, characters, manga, and anime sections.

10. Call Me By My First Name

Spotlighted on 8-31-12:

11. Falling Apart

Spotlighted on 8-31-12:

12. Worrying and Racing Ahead

Spotlighted on 8-31-12:

13. A Long-Awaited Glimpse of the Sky

Spotlighted on 8-31-12:

14. Episode 7

Spotlighted on 8-31-12:

15. A Massive Confused Fight! The Straw Hats vs. The New Fish-Man Pirates!

Spotlighted on 8-31-12:

16. A Stormy Summer Vacation 2/2

Spotlighted on 8-31-12:

17. A Stormy Summer Vacation 1/2

Spotlighted on 8-31-12:

18. BABEL’s Ranking Matches Begin

Spotlighted on 8-31-12:

19. The Fairies' Survival Skills

Spotlighted on 8-31-12:

20. Chase Kagerous!

Spotlighted on 8-31-12:

21. A Hero Arrives

Spotlighted on 8-31-12:

22. Real Nightmare

Spotlighted on 8-31-12:

23. The Sword Dance of White and Black

Spotlighted on 8-31-12:

24. La Ruota della Fortuna

Spotlighted on 8-31-12:

25. Days of Missing

Spotlighted on 9-7-12

26. "Eh?! You Said, 'After All This'?!" & "There's No Way That Happens After Just Two Minutes!!!!"

Spotlighted on 9-6-12

27. Gattai

Spotlighted on 9-6-12

28. Volume 1

Spotlighted on 9-6-12

29. Arcana Famiglia

Spotlighted on 9-6-12

30. Luffy Loses the Fight?! Hordy's Long-Awaited Revenge!

Spotlighted on 9-6-12

31. Blue-Eyed Demon

Spotlighted on 9-6-12

32. Spiral of Time

Spotlighted on 9-6-12

33. The Missing King

Spotlighted on 9-6-12

34. The Time I Fully Came to Know Peeping

Spotlighted on 9-6-12

35. The Fairies' Earth

Spotlighted on 9-6-12

36. Can't Stop Can't Stop Can't Stop

Spotlighted on 9-15-12: Hal and Daniel

37. Volume 4

Spotlighted on 9-15-12: Dochaus, Daniel, FoxxFireArt, and Takashichea

38. To the Infinity Castle!

Spotlighted on 9-15-12: Daniel and Taka

39. Turning White and Turning Red

Spotlighted on 9-15-12: Taka, Daniel, and Auron570

40. Crushing and Burning

Spotlighted on 9-15-12: Auron570 and Daniel

41. Working on the Dream

Spotlighted on 9-14-12: Auron570

42. Episode 9

Spotlighted on 9-14-12: Auron570

43. It's Like Secretly Mixing Pumpkin Into a Stew in Order to Feed It to a Child Who Hates Pumpkin

Spotlighted on 9-14-12: Taka, Daniel, and Sonata

44. Implied Sex Scene

Spotlighted on 9-14-12: Dream, Taka and Sonata

45. Comic Hotmilk Magazine

Spotlighted on 9-14-12: FoxxFireArt

46. Crimson Killing Intent

Spotlighted on 9-15-12: Takashichea

47. The Turbulent Demon King, The Sun Hero

Spotlighted on 9-15-12: Taka and Daniel

48. The Fairies' Secret Tea Party

9-15-12: Taka

49. Arcana triangolo

Spotlighted on 9-14-12: Taka

50. Food Fighter Home Visit!

Spotlighted on 9-14-12: Taka

takashichea moderator on June 17, 2012 at 6:22 p.m.

Duplicate Spotlights:Space Brothers Ep. 10 (6-14 and _), Tenzin (_ and 6-28), and Pipiruma (8-31 and 12-20).

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