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A Checklist of Past Community Spotlights 2012

I'm doing to keep track of what has been spotlighted in FoxxFireArt's community spotlights. I'll add the name and dates for each entry.

Community Spotlights








Since the 2012 list was created on 1-12-12, I have the recent dates at the bottom while the 2011 list goes in the opposite direction.

1. Let's Talk About Space

Spotlighted on 7-19-12: Auron570 completed the page with plot summary and associations.

2. Takaiko and Narihira / Yukihira and Hiroko

Spotlighted on 7-19-12: Auron570 added plot summary. No characters or any other associations were added.

3. Episode 1

Spotlighted on 7-19-12: Auron570 added plot summary while Shels added associations.

4. The Time Has Begun

Spotlighted on 7-19-12: Daniel Newton format page, added quotes, attack tables, and associations.
Takashichea added plot summary.

5. The Landscape With a King

Spotlighted on 7-19-12: Takashichea added plot summary and images.
Daniel Newton added episode navigator box and associations.

6. Piccolino

Spotlighted on 7-19-12: Takashichea added plot summary and completed the wiki page.

7. Seeking Out Tsukkomi

Spotlighted on 7-19-12: Takashichea added plot summary, points of interests, manga/anime differences, and completed the page.

8. The Fairies' Subculture

Spotlighted on 7-19-12: Takashichea added plot summary and points of interests.

9. Unveiled! The Secret Weapons of the Sunny!

Spotlighted on 7-19-12: Foxx added synopsis, moves used, images, and associations.

10. Volume 1

Spotlighted on 7-19-12: DocHaus added plot summary and contents while Taka added all of the associations and characters.

11. Slayers Knight Of The Aqua Lord

Spotlighted on 7-19-12: DestinyHeroKnight added synopsis for volumes 1 to 6.

12. Sword Art Online

Spotlighted on 7-19-12: Buhssuht added overview, plot, characters (Kirito to Lisbeth), Light Novel, and anime sections.
Taka added manga section.

13. Magi

Spotlighted on 7-19-12: Taka added overview and plot.
Buhssuht rewrote the overview and plot; he added Characters (3 of the main cast), manga, and anime sections.

14. King Bumi

Spotlighted on 7-19-12: FoxxFireArt added origin, creation, story arcs, and other media.

15. Alice in the Country of Hearts

Spotlighted on 7-26-12:

16. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

Spotlighted on 7-26-12:

17. Super Saiyan 4

Spotlighted on 7-26-12:

18. The Sky Crawlers

Spotlighted on 7-26-12:

19. Kyoko Kagami

Spotlighted on 7-26-12: FoxxFireArt did her origin, creation, story arcs, and powers.

20. Episode 2

Spotlighted on 7-26-12: Auron570 did the page

21. Volume 2

Spotlighted on 7-26-12: DocHaus added plot and contents while Foxx and Taka finished the rest.

22. Swinging and Meeting

Spotlighted on 7-26-12: Taka and Auron570 finished the page.

23. Alarm, but No Clock

Spotlighted on 7-26-12: Auron570 finished the page while Daniel did some misc things.

24. Maidens with Black Hands

Spotlighted on 7-26-12: DocHaus did the page

25. Taking Orders From You Kinda Ticks Me Off!!! What Do You Mean, Kinda?!!

Spotlighted on 7-26-12: Takashichea, Sonata, FoxxFireArt, and Daniel Newton completed the page together.

26. To Become an Adult

Spotlighted on 7-26-12: Takashichea, Daniel Newton, and Sonata completed the page

27. Red-Nosed Reindeer

Spotlighted on 7-26-12: Takashichea completed the page.

28. Confessioni di una maschera

Spotlighted on 7-26-12: Taka completed the page.

29. The Reborn Oracion Seis Appears!

Spotlighted on 7-26-12: Daniel and Taka completed the page

30. Tsubaki's Lame T-Deep Meaning

Spotlighted on 7-26-12: Takashichea completed page.

31. From Afar, An Enemy Comes

Spotlighted on 7-26-12: Taka and Daniel finished the page.

32. Biscuit Dance

Spotlighted on 7-26-12: Taka finished the volume wiki page.

33. This is My Way of Life

Spotlighted on 7-26-12: Auron570 completed the page.

34. Gamblers and Gallantry - Fallen Angel

Spotlighted on 7-26-12: Taka finished the page

35. Jobber and Low Blow

Spotlighted on 8-2-12: HalberdierV2 did the plot
Daniel added navigator bar.

36. The Culprit Is in the Room

Spotlighted on 8-2-12: Auron570 finished the page

37. Getting Angry and Dancing

Spotlighted on 8-2-12: Auron570 finished the plot summary and page.
Daniel added navigator bar.

38. Throwing Away and Holding On

Spotlighted on 8-2-12: Takashichea finished the page's plot summary.
Daniel formatted it.

39. Pool on the Hill

Spotlighted on 8-2-2012: Auron570 only finished the plot summary.

40. Rogue Athena

Spotlighted on 8-2-2012: Taka finished the plot summary and rest of the page.
Daniel added navigator bar.

41. Captain

Spotlighted 8-2-2012: Dekken added Viz summary, contents, and moves used.

42. Iron Pirate! Here Comes General Franky!

Spotlighted on 8-2-2012: FoxxFireArt added plot summary and finished the rest of the page.

43. Amiri d'infanzia

Spotlighted on 8-2-12: Taka completed the page's summary and the rest of it.

44. Operation Love Potion

Spotlighted on 8-2-12: Completed by Taka

45. Hunt Down the Infinity Clock!

Spotlighted on 8-2-12: Daniel added associations and navigator bar. Taka added summary.

46. He Shrank, Didn't He?!

Spotlighted on 8-2-12: Sonata uploaded images and added references.
Daniel added navigator bar.
Taka added plot summary and anime/manga references.
Wraith added references.
BigHeart711 fix title.

47. The Black Swordsman

Spotlighted on 8-2-12: Taka finished its summary and the rest of the page.

48. Gangster Girl

Spotlighted on 8-2-12: DestinyHeroKnight added plot summary, contents, and attacks used.

49. Davy Back Fight!!

Spotlighted on 8-9-12: Dekken formatted page and added synopsis, contents, associations, and moves used.

50. The Noah Closing in! The Fish-Man Island Facing Destruction!

Spotlighted on 8-9-12: FoxxFireArt added synopsis and moves used.

takashichea moderator on June 17, 2012 at 6:22 p.m.

Duplicate Spotlights:Space Brothers Ep. 10 (6-14 and _), Tenzin (_ and 6-28), and Pipiruma (8-31 and 12-20).

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