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A Checklist of Past Community Spotlights 2012

I'm doing to keep track of what has been spotlighted in FoxxFireArt's community spotlights. I'll add the name and dates for each entry.

Community Spotlights








Since the 2012 list was created on 1-12-12, I have the recent dates at the bottom while the 2011 list goes in the opposite direction.

1. Azami Mido

Wales's work - Spotlighted on 1-6-12.
Wales added her origin, creation, evolution, story arcs, and powers.

2. One Piece Film: Strong World

FoxxFireArt's Work - Spotlighted on 1-6-12.
FoxxFireArt added overview, plot, points of interest, and other media such as DVDs, merchandise, and manga.

3. Squid Meets Grill?! / Wanna Learn Self-Squidefense?! / Aren't You Freezing Your Tentacles Off?!

Auron570's work - Spotlighted on 1-6-12
He did the plot, images, characters, credits.

4. Volume 2

Wales' work - Spotlighted on 1-6-12
Wales added plot summary, a full chapter breakdown, and moves.

5. Secret Plot

FoxxFireArt's Work - Spotlighted on 1-6-12.
FoxxFireArt added overview, plot, publishing history with publishers, characters, and altercations.

6. Retraction

Combination of Takashichea and KuroNekoXIII - Spotlighted on 1-6-12
They added synopsis, plot summary, images, and added everything else.

7. Excitement Blow-out! Sanji's Life Under Threat!

FoxxFireArt's Work - Spotlighted on 1-6-12
FoxxFireArt did the synopsis, summary, points of interest, and rest of the page. Other contributor is Dekken at this time.

8. Swimwear

Newten's Work - Spotlighted on 1-13-12.
After Newten did his quest of picking the best transparent png image, he gave this page, his otaku knowledge. He added overview, different types of bikini, anime and manga notable examples, fanservice, cosplay, and figures.
Other wiki editors included are thatrandomdude, shadowknight508, FoxxFireArt, gonzalomoya1, and more.

9. Jack Rakan

DestinyHeroKnight's Work - Spotlighted on 1-13-12.
He added origin, evolution, and abilities.
Other wiki editors include MrAsshole, FoxxFireArt, Wilyvereb, and more.

10. Kurama

HalberdierV2's Work - Spotlighted on 1-13-12.
He added origin, creation, character evolution, and story arcs. Other wiki editors include FoxxFireArt, Raiku, MrAsshole, and sickVisionz.

11. Netorare

Combination of Takashichea (majority) and BigHeart711's works - Spotlighted on 1-13-11.
BigHeart711 added summary and characters while Taka added examples.

12. Brave Police J-Decker

Buhssuht's Work - Spotlighted on 1-13-12.
Buhssuht added overview, characters. Other wiki editor working on this series is Obsidian609.

13. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Petiew's Work - Spotlighted on 1-13-12.
Petiew added plot, overview, drama cds.
Other wiki editors include Popgeejo, Juuhachi, Obsidain609, and Dochaus.

14. Beelzebub`s New Year`s Special! Beelbeel Journey to the West!

Taka's Work - Spotlighted on 1-13-12.
Taka added synopsis, plot, images, points of interest, and completed page.

15. The King of the Fish-Man Island! Neptune, the God of the Sea!

FoxxFireArt's Work - Spotlighted on 1-13-12.
Foxx added synopsis, points of interests, images, characters, and did the page. Other wiki editor is Veilor.

16. The Words I Couldn't Say

Combination of Takashichea (Majority) and Annabanana's works - Spotlighted on 1-13-12.
Anna created page, added characters and synopsis. Her teammate, Taka, added images, full plot summary, points of interest, and anime/manga differences.

17. Bankai

Spotlighted on 1-20-12
Buhssuht did the list of bankai with images and overview

18. GaoGaiGar: King of Braves

Spotlighted on 1-20-12
Buhssuht did the overview and added robots.

19. BioMega

Spotlighted on 1-20-12
Shels added overview, publishers, and publishing history.

20. Lizlet L. Chelsie

Spotlighted on 1-20-12
Mr. XD did the origin, creation, story arcs, and powers.

21. Issei Hyoudou

Spotlighted on 1-20-12
ShadowKnight508 (majority), Mr. XD, and other wiki editors contribute to origin, creation, story arcs, and powers

22. Sasuke Tsubaki

Spotlighted on 1-20-12
Taka added his origin, creation, evolution, and anime/manga differences. Kuro did the powers.

23. Mana Ouma

Spotlighted on 1-20-12
Kuro did her origin, creation, evolution, and powers.

24. Karen Bee, Part 2

Combination of sickVisionz (majority) and Shels works - spotlighted on 1-20-12.

25. Struggle

FoxxFireArt (majority), Magnificent, John_Martone, and Obsidian609's works - Spotlighted on 1-20-12.
Fox added synopsis, table of contents, points of interest, and other things.

26. The Ryugu Palace! Taken by the Shark that They Saved!

Combination of FoxxFireArt (majority) and Dekken's works - spotlighted on 1-20-12.
Both added images while Fox added synopsis, points of interest, moves this episode, and other things.

27. I Got a Girlfriend!

Mr. XD, ShadowKnight508, and Newten's works - spotlighted on 1-20-11.
ShadowKnight508, Mr. XD, and other wiki editors did the images, synopsis, characters, and finished the page.

28. Volume 10

Shels (majority) and UncleBenny's works - spotlighted on 1-20-12.
Shels added synopsis for each chapter, characters, table of contents, and more.

29. The Tenrou Tree

Combination of Takashichea (majority) and Annabanana's works - Spotlighted on 1-20-12.
Anna created the page and formatted it. Taka added synopsis, full plot, anime/manga differences, points of interests, and more.

30. Chō Soku Henkei Gyrozetter

Auron570's Work (Majority) - Spotlighted on 1-27-12.
He added plot and characters.

31. King's Game

FoxxFireArt's Work - Spotlighted on 1-27-12.
He added overview and rules.

32. The Girl of a Thousand Masks

Cathryn's work - Spotlighted on 1-27-12.
Cathryn added synopsis and characters.

33. Squisn't That Hypnosis?! / Shall We Join Tentacles?! / I Ink We're Alone Now?!

Auron570's work - Spotlighted on 1-27-12.
Auron570 added synopsis, images, characters, credits, and locations.

34. Rocketman!!

FoxxFireArt's works (majority) - Spotlighted on 1-27-12.
Foxx added synopsis, table of contents, points of interest, characters, and other things.

35. Princess Luna

BigHeart711 (majority) and ScarletKittie's works - Spotlighted on 2-3-12.
BigHeart711 added creation and overview. ScarletKittie did misc work and added things.

36. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Newten (majority), Sparklykiss, BigHeart711, and ScarletKittie's works - Spotlighted on 2-3-12.
Sparklykiss added overview and mane cast. Newten added images to character section while BigHeart711 and ScarletKittie added misc stuff.

37. Crystal Hearts

BigHeart711's work - Spotlighted on 2-3-12.
BigHeart711 added overview, currency, usage, and the section "When One Loses/Swap a Heart."

38. Alabasta

ShadowKnight508, FoxxFireArt, Bauagent, and Sorantheman's works - Spotlighted on 2-3-12.
ShadowKnight508 added the outline: origin, creation, leadership, and other media while filling it out. The others did misc works.

39. Mami Kawada

Konantenshi's works - Spotlighted on 2-3-12.
Konantenshi added her career and albums such as studios and singles.

40. noitaminA

Shels (majority)'s works - Spotlighted on 2-3-12. Shels added several detailed tables of current, past, and premiering anime titles.

41. Aki Izayoi

MrDirector786 (majority), Obsidian609, Sonata, Akihara, and Xion66758's works - Spotlighted on 2-3-12.
MrDirector786 added her origin and story arcs while the other wiki editors did misc works.

42. Komainu-sama is Watching You

Takashichea's work - spotlighted on 2-3-12.
Taka added synopsis, plot summary, points of interest, anime/manga differences, images, characters, and other things.

43. Academy: Isolation

KuroNekoXIII's work - Spotlighted on 2-3-12.
Kuro added synopsis, characters, images, and credits-concepts-locations.

44. Pettanko

Daniel Newton's works - Spotlighted on 2-10-12.
Daniel formatted the page and added overview, Anime & Manga, and notable examples. Other wiki editors such as Thage, Brony506, Juuhachi, Dekken, and more did misc things.

45. Baroque Works

ShadowKnight508's works - Spotlighted on 2-10-12.
ShadowKnight508 formatted the page and added origin, creation, ranks, and story arcs. FoxxFireArt, DestinyHeroKnight, Buhssuht, Dekken, and others did misc things.

46. Bardock

Dragoness1993's works - Spotlighted on 2-10-12.
Dragoness1993 added origin and story arcs

47. Papa no Ikuoto o Kikinasai

Buhssuht's works - Spotlighted 2-10-12.
Buhssuht added overview, characters, light novel, manga, and anime.

48. Bashful Girl

Takashichea's works - Spotlighted 2-10-12.
Taka added synopsis, images, points of interest, characters, concepts, and more.

49. I've Found Myself A Prince

Wales's work - spotlighted on 2-10-12.
Wales formatted page into summary and did misc things. Schwindelmagier added summary, and Amandabee, Gia, and Agent_Lost did misc things.

50. To Zero

DestinyHeroKnight (majority) and FoxxFireArt's works - 2-10-12.
Both of them added chapters, moves used, characters, concepts, locations, and objects.

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Duplicate Spotlights:Space Brothers Ep. 10 (6-14 and _), Tenzin (_ and 6-28), and Pipiruma (8-31 and 12-20).

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