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Team Rave Master Project

My partner Fire_Star and I have finished all the plot summaries for Rave Master anime. Now, we are going over the episodes and giving the finishing touches: formatting, voices, proofreading, and everything else.

The project was started on May 17, 2011 and the anime finished on June 20, 2011. See Rave Master project blog and Rave Master Team Vitae list.

Rave Master Team Project Vitae

Rave Master Project Vitae

Project started by Fire_Star and Takashichea. It was started on May 17, 2011. The anime project ended on June 28, 2011.

Since my current vitae is getting crowded, I will allocate the pages of Rave Master characters, concepts, actors/actoresses, locations, and objects. I will state date of creation (if created by Fire_Star or I) and Contributions.

This is a supplement to the Rave Master Project (Recognition) blog. and the Team Status blog on Rave Master, Shaman King, and Fairy Tail projects. Some characters and other pages were created before the partnership of Fire_Star and Takashichea.


On June 28, 2011 (formerly 27th), the whole anime episodes are completely reformatted.

Note: This blog is still in draft mode since my partner and I are still working and the title will change from 99% Rave Master Anime Project Done to 100% Rave Master Anime Project Completed.

The Old Format

  • Two Titles of the episode (sub and dub) with dates
  • Plot Summary (H2)
  • Points of Interests (H2)

The Finishing Touches

  • Arc Name (H2)
  • Two Titles of the episode
  • Short Plot Summary
  • Full Plot Summary (H2) with opening and closing songs
  • Points of Interests (H2)

Reasons for the finishing touches are to make it consistent with the other anime projects' episode wiki layout, Fairy Tail, One Piece, and more.

What we enjoyed in the project


Fire_Star: fill in soon....

Takashichea: When I was watching the anime in dub and sometimes in the subs (to get some better snapshots), the names of things were very different. I think on of the beginning arcs, Musica, was too long. It wasn't good as the Tower of Din Arc which was the best arc in the anime. Even though the anime ended in a big cliffhanger, the Tower of Din arc was the saddest thing I saw in the anime. Fate is a cruel thing in Rave Master.


Fire_Star: Will fill in soon....

Takashichea: Haru and Elie definitely grown up at the end of the series, and they have some kind of romance going on. Plue is my favorite character because he acts like a human being who cries and fights to save his friends.

Frustrations we faced in the project

Fire_Star: will fill in soon...

Takashichea: Good images are damn hard to find for this series. Eventually, in later half of the series, I found a good source of images. Also, 51 episodes was tough to complete with all the characters and concepts to maintain.

It's a miracle that we finished the anime in a month compared to another project I have working on alone, Shaman King, which took five months.

Episodes' plot summaries take a long time to complete

Also, it takes about 48 minutes to an hour or more depending on how many images were uploading. I can't imagine how long it would take on volumes because I used to work on Shaman King volumes a month ago that took two hours to finish. I guess it depends on how detailed you want the plot summaries to be. The solution was given to me by Annabanana (see thanks below).



Takashichea: I like thank Annabanana for revealing a easier way to work on wiki episodes by doing it simultaneously when viewing the episodes. (See some of the frustrations above)

For wiki style, I struggle a bit on it for episodes and characters. It's thanks to Ethan, EgantheVile1, FoxxfireArt, and Fire_Star for helping get on the right track to format the episodes the right way.

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