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Welcome everyone to the 37th Kodansha Manga Award ceremony! Here are your winners for this year.

Best Children's Manga

Animal Land

Animal Land
Animal Land
  • Written and illustrated by Makoto Raiku
  • Serialized in Besatsu Shonen Magazine
  • Alias: Dobutsu no Kuni


It takes place in a world with no humans that abides by the law of the jungle. The tanuki Monoko suddenly stumbles across a human baby and decides to raise it as her own.

Best Shonen Manga

April is Your Lie

April is Your Lie
April is Your Lie
  • Written and illustrated by Naoshi Arakawa
  • Serialized in Monthly Shonen Magazine
  • Alias: Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso


The youth story revolves around a male middle school student who is also a genius pianist with rare ability, and a female violinist. Together the two help each other to cultivate each other's talents.

Best Shojo Manga

Ore Monogatari!!

  • Ore Monogatari
    Ore Monogatari
    Written by Kazune Kawahara and illustrated by Aruko
  • Serialized in Betsuma


The romantic comedy manga revolves around the love triangle between the unattractive and stern-faced Takeo Gouda, his cool and attractive childhood friend Sunagawa, and the pure Yamato, whose specialty is making sweets.

Best General Manga

It's a tie!


  • Written by Yuji Moritaka and illustrated by Keiji Adachi
  • Serialized in Morning

The sports manga focuses on a baseball team that operates as a highly-stratified society and where the player's performance determines his annual salary. The story follows an eight-year relief pitcher with an odd left-handed side-arm throw as he fights to survive under the team's strict system.

Prison School

Prison School
Prison School
  • Written and illustrated by Akira Hiramoto
  • Serialized in Young Magazine
  • Alias: Kangoku Gakuen

The comedy manga takes place at a prestigious all-girls high school with a student body of 1,000. The school decides to allow boys to attend, and five boys enter the school dreaming of a harem life, but end up instead forced to live almost as prisoners within the school.


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