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It's almost time for Korra. I think I added most of the news from ANN to Anime Vice. I have to clear the One Piece and Akame ga Kill summaries. Just got to check the wiki queue a bit. PM me if you need me.
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@ownagepants:That's good to hear. I should invite you to the Tokyo Ghoul discussion thread.
2 hours, 3 minutes ago
@Marshal Victory:Best moment for me was the Gyroid mech fight. I just notie every girl has a ahoge.
2 hours, 19 minutes ago
takashichea wrote to SMXLR8.
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Thanks for recommending the archer list. I added a few more and there are more still needing to be added. I bumped the List Redist thread.
3 hours, 22 minutes ago
@Dekken:Thank you, I took care of it.
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This wouldn't be a good object page to have. You are a new wiki editor, so you don't know about our major rule change. We're making franchise specific objects, concepts, and location threads instead of general pages.
4 hours, 50 minutes ago
UpdatesI did a survey using Flashback's Which anime/manga are you currently following? thread and created discussion hub threads with interactive links. Please check out the discussion threads. For the anime, please see Summer 2014 Anime Guide or the most current anime season.
4 hours, 51 minutes ago
Welcome to Assassination Classroom discussion thread. Come here to chat about the latest episodes, the characters, plot, or the series in general.Assassination Classroom (暗殺教室 Ansatsu Kyōshitsu)Publisher: Shueisha (Japan), Viz Media (North America)Genres & Themes: Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Slice of LifePlot: A blob-like alien named Koro has shocked the world by blowing up the Moon and threatening to do the same to the Earth one year from now. Strangely enough, his ...
4 hours, 58 minutes ago
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takashichea replied to the topic Sabine's Guide To Originality on the RPG board.
@waybig1010101 said:@Lobos_Del_Rayo: who supesNickname for Superevil225.
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This is July 25's status.Taking Taichokage and Flashback's Which anime/manga are you currently following ? thread, I should be able to update Daniel's list of manga discussion threads that would appeal to battle folks and RPG folks. Trying to divert folks to increase activity of the forum.The anime discussion threads are doing fine, but the manga discussions are not doing well. It could be from folks not knowing them or ...
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Try not to take shots that in quick motion. You will get a blurry shot. Trying getting shots that aren't moving too quickly that makes it blurry.
5 hours, 56 minutes ago
For this image, you have a transition frame where you see the second and first frame together, making this weird transparent shot. I wouldn't accept this image.
5 hours, 57 minutes ago
This is the transparent banner I made. It can be resized for any purpose. It can served as a blank placeholder in the wiki pages.You guys and gals can use this image on your wiki pages.
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An archer one. Now, you becoming a weapon specialist (specifically long range and mid range weapons) in our community.I'll keep an eye out for archers. When did you create this list? Don't forget to share your list in the List Redist ~ Share & Build Lists with the Community! thread. I have been waiting for someone to bump it. I got some weird lists to show off. You probably saw ...
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takashichea recommended taichokage's list Archers (Robin Hood Would be proud).
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Sonata 12 hours, 51 minutes ago
Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!XD
Bigheart711 1 day ago
There are two cards, but chances are, Duo TrueSister Meer could be the Meta Card for her skill most likely. This avatar's of Duo Temptation Reit.
waybig1010101 1 day, 7 hours ago
UltimateHero0406 1 day, 14 hours ago
But he was playing Ping Pong with nunchakus thooo!
lentfilms 2 days, 17 hours ago
I still like anime.
DBZ_universe 3 days, 9 hours ago
No worries.....I will only use 1% of my power.
taichokage 4 days, 7 hours ago
Been a bit tired lately. But my activity in the wiki and otherwise will pick up shortly.
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