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@SMXLR8:If it is an anime or manga review and there is no wiki page, you can simply ask me to make one. I don't mind that since it's partof my job to build the wiki database for the community. If it is a non anime or manga, it goes in the off-topic forum.
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Yeah I remember that being said, but I was on the page anyway trying to figure out how to add the volume so I thought I might as well just throw the plot over while I was at it, didn't waste any time giving it something special. I worked some on Opals page there too, got up until she left for the Air Temple done, and I will see if I can get the rest of book 3 done later today time permitting, I just bought Naruto Full Burst on the steam holiday sale there since it was £5, so I am just playing a bit of that right now before I get some breakfast, you should check out the sale, might see something you like and they change them ever few hours so most of their games go on sale for dirt cheap. I also made a few other Toriko pages for Bambina, Kaka, Area 7, Birth Cry Tree, Goritaurus and Kingdom of Hope, there might have been another one but its slipped my mind if it exists, I did a bit of work on Area 7 I think, nothing special and I will maybe flesh it out a bit more later.
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nishi99 wrote to takashichea:
I believe yespls's Frieza thread wasn't using the 2015 Frieza, but you might want to add 2015 God Frieza to the banned list until he gets feats.
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Two episodes for this week is pretty awesome. I hope the young artist survives next episode, but then again, no one is safe in this show. Shinichi has become more like Migi. He's detached but more emotional. For some reason, Shinichi has two love interests. Why?
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@SMXLR8:I don't mind threads going off-topic unless it's with good reason or folks just want to have harmless fun. If you are going to ask a question, shouldn't you do it in the right thread or PM the person instead?
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@CosmicKnight75:Often Dream or myself lock threads for being too early such as One Piece characters who have little feats (Whitebeard in his prime).However, with the new movie coming out in 2015, Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F, we have to wait until 2015.I have to lock it for now if the creator has intentionally wanted to use that specific incarnation of Frieza. Then reopen in 2015.
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Part 2 of Machine Wiki WorkThe reason why I started a 2nd part is that I don't know if lists can go beyond 1,000 items. See Hitting 1,000 on Anime Vice's List FeatureThis is basically any wiki pages I create and record on list is not part of my main wiki projects. I added these for non wiki projects such as Quick Picks, Seasonal Anime Guides and Trailers, and user ...
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@Kobra678:Not Safe For Work. I have to use when I link to explicit stuff and encourage users to do the same when they link to websites with explicit content.
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Toriko man. Toriko.
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Writing for school paper is tiring :o
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So much food so little time!! :-)
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Ho! Ho! Ho!
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Finally catched up with Lord Marksman and Vanadis.
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Bambina.... is too powerful.....
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Monkey King capture level 6000... What happened!?
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One Piece and Bleach were pretty brutal this week. But Toriko.........................
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