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It's felt like a short week. A friend of mine recently got back into Guild Wars after a 3 year absense so I've returned to the game and have been helping him out. This translated into not as much time to spend on anime as I thought.
First up in the week was Fairy Tail. I was 6 episodes behind on the simulcast but I caught up after catching an episode per day. The first couple had to be on fansub due to Crunchyroll and their 30 day viewing limit but after that I stuck to the streams. Overall my opinion on the show hasn't changed much. It's still rather poor overall. The fights and animation haven't gotten any better.  The comedy still isn't funny. The storyline still has poor moments and bad writing in many of the developments. And they continue the trend of introducing new OP animations way too early. They're currently telling Erza's story arc and have just barely scratched the surface yet they've already shown a new OP that tells who the next villain is going to be. The show might not even get around to that point for the next 5-10 episodes. 
Other than Fairy Tail, I've also been catching up with Durarara on Crunchyroll. I've also been watching this one at one episode per day. So far the show has been very mysterious, entertaining, and surprisingly funny. It's not a full blown comedy but there are moments where I've laughed out loud like when Shizuo punches a guy clean out of his clothes or Mikado's rescue attempt does a slight reversal. The mystery keeps building and has kept me thinking trying to figure out what's next. It's going to be interesting to see how the stories connect as the series progresses. 
Also on Crunchyroll was a new show this season called Occult Academy. I have mixed feelings about the first episode of this one. I didn't know whether to laugh or take it seriously at first. The "funny" parts I just couldn't find funny at all and the rest could barely hold my interest. I'm hoping the next episode will be better otherwise this may end up on the shortlist to get dropped.
Then there's Gunslinger Girl Il Teatrino. Sad to say but this series so far has been a massive disappointment. I'm only 6 episodes in but I've yet to see any sign of decent animation anywhere. The entire thing has been piss poor so far which is sad considering how nicely the first season was handled.  
Lastly I watched Cyber City Oedo 080 as this week's anime club movie. This 3 episode OAV was just awful. It had all the trappings of bad early 90's anime. Bad music, ugly character designs (80s rocker hair be dammed), a high level of violence, and a dub that relies on cursing to make it seem more 'adult'. I ended up fighting to stay awake as it went on but somehow I made it through. I hope next week won't be as bad. 
So all in all that makes the only winner for this week to be Durararararararara (is that enough 'ra's?). I might try looking into other new shows this season to see if they'll be worth keeping up with or not. I need more good shows to balance out the average and crappy.
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Haibane Renmei is my favorite.
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