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Height: Unknown (Reports of Taichokage's height have been at, '5 4", "5 7" and '5 11")
Weight: Unknown
Age: Unknown  (appears to be a young man, perhaps even a teenager)
Race: Unknown (rumored Japanese/Indian/African/Spanish)
Gender: Male
Hair: Unknown (Rumored black, white and brown)
Eyes: Black Normally (variable) 
Build: Muscular but lean
Unusual features (Rumors have it that his skin is incredibly dark. Others claim that he is unusually pale while others still say he has a brownish complexion)
Real Name: Unknown
Martial Status: Unknown
Alignment: Presumed Good
Affiliation: World Government, Gotei 13, Shinobi Alliance, Shaolin Monastery, Catholic Church
Personality: The person known as Taichokage is for lack of a better phrase an extremely mysterious character. He appears in the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times. His reason for appearing is not always understood but in every instance he leaves a very strong impression on anyone who witnessed him. He is known to be extremely intelligent as even with small phrases with limited vocabulary, he has outwitted nearly anyone who spoke to or against him. There have been many attempts to spy on and capture Taichokage by various organizations across the world but not only has each and every one failed, but often times their own plans backfired upon themselves due to the fact that Taichokage saw through every plan and acted in such a way that they harmed themselves. There have also been numerous reports about extreme kindness from Taichokage such as helping the poor, feeding the hungry, rescuing the endangered, stopping large battles single handed, giving mass amounts of charity and even healing the sick. However there have been rumors that Taichokage has inflicted acts of evil and cruelty as well. Among these include theft, impersonation, physical assaults, and even rape, kidnapping, arson, murder and assassination. These rumors remain unproven but large amounts of evidence point in the direction of Taichokage for many heinous crimes.
Powers: Taichokage is a being of immense power an knowledge. Taichokage is actually a multi dimensional/reality being. He exists in several realities and worlds at the same time and is aware of all of his selves. They are linked together and share all knowledge that each one gathers individually. They feel all of each others feelings at once yet at the same time only feel their own. They share the same mind yet have different wills. All of his selves look almost identical but each has a major difference. There have been 3 reported selves of Taichokage. 
Self # 1: The first is described as being around '5 11" in height and weighing about 180 lbs. He has near shoulder length jet black hair, deep blue eyes, an extremely athletic build and most notably incredibly perhaps even unnaturally dark skin. He has no facial hair. The few that have reportedly seen him describe him as almost a model of a man having no flaws in his features. And perhaps most remarkably about his appearance is the description of his eyes. All that have seen them have never contradicted the initial description with theirs. It is said that when you look into his eyes, there is the an extremely benevolent feeling that one gets. The depth of his eyes have no end and you can stare into them with sheer awe never stirring or wavering.
Self 1
Self 1


Self # 2: The second is described at being around '5 4" in height and weighing approximately 130 lbs. He has off white, almost grayish hair, dark red eyes, a very lean build and very pale skin, almost as if it were painted such a complexion. He has no facial hair. Those that have seen him describe him as a boy with maturity beyond his years. And similarly with the first description, there have been strange reports about his eyes. In addition to it's unnatural color, reports say that when one looks into his eyes, the most indescribable and sudden fear enters you. When looking into his eyes it feels as though he is a giant despite his small stature and you cannot look away despite how much you want to.
Self 2
Self 2


Self # 3: The third is described at being around '5 7" in height and weighing about 165 lbs. He has dark brown hair, green eyes, a muscular build, and light brown skin. He has no facial hair. Reports have it that he appeared to be a young man (perhaps in his late teens.) Also like the previous two descriptions, there are strange reports about his eyes. It is said that one cannot look him in the eye. When glancing at his face one seemingly is forced to look away.
Self 3
Self 3

This explains the different descriptions of Taichokage. The reason that there are so many conflicting rumors about Taichokage's appearance is because they are all true.
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