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Strongest DBZ/GT Characters

This is a list comprised of the most powerful DBZ/GT characters in approximate order. This list will include all manga, anime and movie characters. This list will not include any characters that are part of a fusion of 3 or more way fusion such as Nova Shenron, as a character like Yi Xing Long is the combined power of 7 shadow dragons including Nova Shenron and effectively is Nova Shenron. If anyone feels the list in any way is inaccurate, please PM me or comment below. Also note that I intend to have at least 30 characters on this list so please do not assume that the few you see right now will comprise the entire list. I think my aim is to put everyone who is at the Super Saiyajin level (give or take a little) and anyone stronger onto one list.

1. Gogeta

In his Super Saiyajin 4 form, Gogeta is considered to be the most powerful DBZ/GT character known. He made the power of Yi Xing Long seem childish and could have finished him at any point he wanted. Gogeta is the power of both Goku and Vegeta combined and then multiplied. His personality is a mixture of both Goku and Vegeta.

2. Yi Xing Long

Yi Xing Long is the combined power of all the 7 shadow Dragons. His power exceeds that of a Super Saiyajin 4 and he easily overpowered both Super Saiyajin 4 Goku and Super Saiyajin 4 Vegeta at the same time. His power in all the known DBZ universe is exceeded by Super Saiyajin 4 Gogeta alone. Yi Xing Long even claims that he could destroy the universe with his minus power and it required an attack charged with energy from literally everything in the DBZ universe to defeat him.

3. Super Android 17

Super Android 17 possesses sufficient power to battle on par with a Super Saiyajin 4. He battles and nearly defeats Goku but is finally killed by Goku's dragon fist when he is distracted by his sister Android 18.

4. Goku

Son Goku is the main protagonist of Dragonball/Z/GT. His power by the end of GT rises to phenomenal levels. By this point he is able to shatter whole dimensions in his base form with a kamehameha wave (and note that in Super Saiyajin form he is 50x more powerful, in Super Saiyajin 2 form he is 100x more powerful in Super Saiyajin 3 he is 400x more powerful and in Super Saiyajin 4 he is presumed at 3200x more powerful than base form. The true power level of the Super Saiyajin 4 form is unknown other than the fact that it dwarfs the Super Saiyajin 3 form in power.)He also defeated both Cell and Frieza in his base form with ease (Frieza can easily destroy a planet more massive than earth with a trifle of his power and Cell is several times stronger than Frieza and claimed he could destroy the solar system in one blast.)He can in mere Super Saiyajin 1 form, punch Super Android 17 all the way to the other side of the earth. And he is capable of forming an attack called the genki dama powered by the entire universe. It is possible that he could destroy the universe with this technique as his planetary genki dama could destroy planets, the same should apply to his universal scale version. Among his many other powers Goku is capable of using the shunkan ido technique which allows him to traverse space and travel faster than light. he has traveled to other solar systems, dimensions, and even the world of the dead. Even when he is killed Goku is one of the very few in the universe allowed to keep his body in the afterlife and can in fact bend the rules of the spirit world to some extent as he was able to stay in the living world longer than he was allowed to. By the very end of GT Goku is portrayed as a god-like figure and undoubtedly his power by that time is truly amazing.

5. Vegeta

Vegeta is the Prince of all Saiyajins and is the second (possibly third) strongest member of his race ever (surpassed only by Goku and possibly the original Super Saiyajin.)He nearly matches Goku feat for feat throughout the manga and at some points, even rivals Goku's power. He is naturally (through training to the extreme), capable of transforming into the Super Saiyajin 1 and super saiyajin 2 forms, but he never achieved the super saiyajin 3 form like Goku did. However, due to the brilliance of his wife also Goku's life long friend Bulma, he is able to artificially transform into a super saiyajin 4 via the bultz wave amplifier. In his Super Saiyajin 4 form, his power in nearly identical in level to Goku's super saiyajin 4 form. Out of the entire Saiyan race only Goku and VEgeta achieved the Super Saiyan 4 form (with Goku being the only one naturally to do so.)

6. Baby

Baby on his own is not powerful when compared to the Z warriors, but he has the ability to completely take over any body by joining his parasite-like body to the respective host. He has possessed Gohan, Goten and most notably Vegeta. When he possessed the body of Vegeta and used the bultz wave amplifier, his power was on par with that of Super Saiyajin 4 Goku.

7. Vegito

Vegito is the most powerful of all manga canon Dragonball Z characters. His power made a mockery of Super Buu who had absorbed most of the strongest Z warriors and was many times more powerful than a Super Saiyajin 3. He was able to counter everything Super Buu did and even stopped Super Buu's alleged Universe Destroying Scream with his sheer physical power. Vegito is the combined power of Goku and Vegeta through the potara fusion rather than the dance fusion. According to the Elder Kai, the potara fusion is superior to the dance fusion so if Vegito were to ever again rise only this time as a super Saiyajin 4, he would be much stronger than even Super Saiyajin 4 Gogeta who is the strongest known DBZ/GT character. ( he is ranked no. 7 because at the time neither Goku of Vegeta had achieved the Super Saiyajin 4 form but undoubtedly if Vegito were to even turn Super Saiyajin 4 he would be the strongest known being the the DBZ/GT universe.)

8. Majin Buu

Super Buu is the second most powerful character in all of the manga canon Dragonball Z material. He is (at the peak of his power) the combined power of Fat Buu, Evil Buu, Super Saiyajin 3 Gotenks, Piccolo, and Mystic Gohan. His power is so frightening that not even Super Saiyajin 3 Goku dared to face him as he was literally only a fraction of Super Buu's power. Among his various powers Majin Buu possesses an extremely high level of regeneration (superior to that of Cell) and can easily reform after being destroyed. When he utilized all of his power into an ultimate scream attack, he literally tore down the dimensional barriers and caused them to begin collapsing upon each other which would eventually have consumed the entire universe. This was only prevented by the interference of Super Vegito who alone in the known Dragonball Z Universe, surpassed Super Buu in power.

9. Janemba

Janemba is the combined evil of thousands of years worth of evil in hell, formed into one being. His power is notably higher than that of a Super Saiyajin 3 and even exceeds Majin Buu's (but not Super Buu's.) His primary ability is reality warping. He warped the reality of the entire spirit dimension to his liking and easily dispatched of Super Saiyajin 3 Goku and Super Saiyajin 2 Vegeta simultaneously. He even has the ability to create an exact replica of an enemy, literally forcing them to not only fight him but themselves as well. He is only defeated when Goku and Vegeta fuze into one being via the fusion dance, the result being Super Saiyajin 2 Gogeta, who disposed of Janemba in a matter of moments by cleansing all of his evil.

10. Hirudegarn

Hirudegarn is a giant magical monster of terrible power. He defeated Mystic Gohan (a being who initially dwarfed even base Super Buu in power)and Super Saiyajin 3 Gotenks (who is also stronger than Base Super Buu)and Super Saiyajin 2 Vegeta at the same time with relative ease. He was however destroyed in the end via Dragon Fist, a new technique that Super Saiyajin 3 Goku developed.

11. Uub

Uub is the reincarnation of Kid Buu as a being of good. He is trained by Goku himself and he is able to fight on par with GT Goku's base form. He later on combines with his other self (Fat Majin Buu) and his power rises dramatically to the point where he could easily defeat a being as powerful as Rildo. Uub is even able to briefly hold off Yi XIng Long, though the latter's power is still much greater.

12. Tatsuko Gakumazawa

General Rildo according to Goku has an even stronger ki than Majin Buu (it is unclear however if he was referring to Super Buu, Kid Buu, or Fat Buu.)He was also able to outmatch even Gohan in the GT saga however he is defeated by Uub.

13. Gohan

Son Gohan, the elder son of Goku is the most powerful non fuzed character in all the canon manga of Dragonball Z. He is the one who ultimately destroys the villain Cell and is the first to achieve the Super Saiyajin 2 form in history. In the Buu saga, he achieved the Mystic form which surpassed the power of even a Super Saiyajin 3 and of Super Buu (prior to absorbing Gotenks and Gohan himself.)Were it not for his cockiness, he would have finished Super Buu with ease.

14. Gotenks

Gotenks is a being created from the fusion of Trunks Briefs and Son Goten. In his base form he was able to challenge Super Buu, and in his Super Saiyajin 3 form, (which he easily achieved with no effort)he toyed with Super Buu. Gotenks is capable of ripping through space and time with a mere focused scream. He easily leaves behind gigantic craters with mere punches and can fly around the earth many times over the course of a few seconds while not even being serious. His power however does not match that of Super Buu with Mystic Gohan absorbed.

15. Broly

Known as the Legendary Super Saiyajin. Broly even as a newborn infant was already as strong as a Super Elite Saiyajin and was capable of destroying whole planets or traveling in space via a powerful force field. His later self of course is far more dangerous and wild. He achieves not only the Super Saiyajin 1 form, but a Super Saiyajin from unique only to himself called the Legendary Super Saiyajin Form. In this form, his strength and sheer size are enormous and his ki growth is supposedly limitless. It is a form very similar to the bulky Ultra Saiyajin from only even bigger and bulkier yet without the speed hindrance. He is the only Dragonball Z character to have been confirmed to destroy an entire galaxy and he easily destroys planets with mere palm sized blasts. He was even more powerful than Super Saiyajin 2 Gohan, Super Saiyajin 2 Goku and Super Saiyajin 1 Goten all at the same time and was only defeated when the trio had additional surprise assistance from Trunks Briefs.

16. Hatchyack

Hatchiyak is a supercomputer who absorbed the hatred of his creator to become a powerful fighting force. Hatchiyack has many forms all formidable and each with different strengths and weaknesses Including a Giant from, a multi body form and a super form. He is ultimately destroyed by a genki Dama from Super Saiyajin Goku. He is noted by Goku to possibly be as powerful as Broly and his feats are comparable, such as being able to defeat most of the Z warriors.

17. Kibito Kai

Kaiobit or Kibitokai is a combination of The Supreme Kai and his right hand Kibito via the potara fusion (effectively making them many times stronger than either individually was.)Even before Kaibit was one being, the Supreme Kai (part of Kaiobit) was much stronger than a Super Saiyajin 1 or Super Namekian from the Buu saga so much so that the Super Namekian Piccolo was not even willing to fight him. Though his power was never revealed, it is known that Kaibit is many times more powerful than a Super Saiyajin from the Buu saga. He also is one of the few users of the Shunkan Ido technique.

18. Dabura

Demon King Dabura is the most powerful of all Babidi's subordinates with the exception of Majin Buu. His power is on par with that of Super Saiyajin 2 Gohan and easily exceeded that of Piccolo from the Buu saga and Kibito. Just coming in contact with his saliva causes a victim to turn to stone as he did to both Piccolo and Kibito. He is killed however when he challenges Majin Buu. However upon his death and journey to the spirit world, Dabura has a change of heart and becomes a being of good and even befriends Chi Chi and Bulma (the wives of Goku and Vegeta.)

19. Cell

Cell is the main antagonist in the android/cell saga of Dragonball Z. Cell is a Super bio android created by Dr. Gero. He possesses nearly all the techniques of the all the Z warriors and Frieza combined and later on the powers of Android 17 and Android 18 as well. At the peak of his power (his Perfect Form), he is on par with a Super Saiyajin 2 from the android saga. He possesses high level regeneration (even able to regenerate his head and reform from a single cell) and he is the learns the shunkan ido technique from absorbing it from Goku. He also possesses a high level of durability and it seems that attacks that are sub-Super Saiyajin level are completely beneath his notice such as Krillin's extremely dangerous destructo disc having absolutely no effect on Cell and the combined blasts of Tenshinhan, Krillin, and Yamcha were ignored by Cell. He is so powerful that he claims he could destroy the Solar System with a full powered Kamehameha Blast. He also claims to have the Genki Dama technique which would truly be the most fearsome power in his arsenal, however he never demonstrated it.

20. Piccolo

Piccolo is one of the most important characters in the whole Dragonball/Z/GT series. Piccolo was formerly a being who wanted to become the guardian of Earth, but the then guardian declined Piccolo, telling him that his heart had too much malice in it. To change this, Piccolo transformed himself into two separate and far weaker beings, Kami (his entirely good side), and Lord Piccolo (his evil side.) Kami eventually became the guardian of earth while Piccolo tried to dominate it. Eventually Piccolo is killed (by none other than Goku) but before he died, Piccolo created a "reincarnation" of himself (it is actually his son who inherited his will) and he grows up and becomes the final antagonist in Dragonball. However he later becomes a force for good as apparently the reincarnation was not as evil as the original. He is the final antagonist in Dragonball, but at the start of Dragonball Ball Z, he becomes Goku's ally. Upon Goku's death, Piccolo looks after Gohan like his own son and trains him to become much stronger. Piccolo has fought against nearly every major antagonist in Dragonball Z with only a few exceptions such as Vegeta. Much later in the Cell saga, Piccolo finds and re-fuses with his other self Kami, to once again become a much more powerful being, this time an entirely good being. At this point, Piccolo became stronger than a Super Saiyajin 1 from the Cell saga and fought on par with Android 17. Piccolo is also one of the characters in Dragonball/Z/GT with proven spacial body destructive capability. Back in the Saiyan saga, with a power level in the early hundreds, Piccolo destroyed the moon instantly with a simple blast. It is known that his later power level is in excess of 150,000,000 (the power of initial Super Saiyajin 1 Goku) as he was much stronger than a Super Saiyajin 1 at the time so you can imagine how much greater his power and destruction are at this point.

21. Bojack

Bojack appeared in a martial arts tournament shortly after the Cell saga to challenge the Z warriors. He defeated all of them with ease and would have killed Gohan had Goku's spirit not interfered. Gohan eventually musters the energy and transforms into a Super Saiyajin 2 and kills Bojack with his overwhelming power.

22. Supreme Kai

The Supreme Kai is the most powerful and authoritative Kai in existence. His power is fearsome to the point that in the Buu saga, Piccolo was not willing to fight him even for a moment, meaning that he is much stronger than a Super Saiyajin 1 and possibly a Super Saiyajin 2. He was however, not a match at all for Majin Buu and is nearly killed by him. He later on combines with his subordinate Kibito via the potara fusion and become the more powerful Kaiobit.

23. Paikuhan

Paikuhan is an anime and movie only character from Dragonball Z. His power is fearsome an his initial demonstration of his abilities were him instantly defeating King Cold, Frieza,and The Ginyu Force together instantly and even speed blitzing Perfect Cell. He later on challenges Goku in the final round of a tournament in the spirit world, and only slightly loses when the latter used his Max Super Saiyajin form and the kaioken technique at the same time. He was considered the second strongest fighter in the Spirit world, second only to Goku (at least at the time).

24. Future Trunks

Trunks is the son of Vegeta and Bulma Briefs. He is from an alternate time-line where all the Z warriors are killed and he alone opposes the androids. He achieves the Super Saiyajin 1 and Ultra Saiyajin forms and was stronger than Semi-Perfect Cell who even Android 16 could not defeat, he was however, not strong enough to defeat Perfect Cell and is killed by him. He is however, revived after Cell is defeated and returns to his own time-line. Trunks is actually the one who kills the ruthless Tyrant Frieza and does so with exceptional ease.

25. Tapion

Tapion is a semi-ancient being who along with his elder brother, had imprisoned and later guarded the being Hirudegarn to prevent anyone from freeing him. Hirudegarn however is eventually freed and Tapion (shortly after meeting the Z warriors for the first time) fought alongside the Z warriors to defeat Hirudegarn. Though he and the other Z warriors ultimately fail to defeat Hirudegarn, Goku does not fail and eventually destroys the beast with a newly invented Dragon Fist. After the destruction of Hirudegarn, Tapion travels back to his home and time line but during his brief time on earth he had become an ally of the Z warriors and even befriended Trunks Briefs.

26. Tien Shinhan

Tenshinhan or Tien Shinhan is an important protagonist in the Dragonball Z series but along with his best friend Chiatsu, initially started off as the enemy of Goku, Kuririn, and Yamcha. He along with Chiatsu later befriend Goku after they battle against each other in the 22nd Budokai Tournament and ever after is Goku's ally. He assisted in the battle against the Saiyajins Vegeta and Nappa although he was killed by the latter. After training in the spirit world and becoming much stronger, he is revived and later on is a key element in defeating Cell. He is able to hold off the latter for an extended period of time, a feat that not even Super Namekian Piccolo, or even Android 16 were able to do at the time. In the later parts of Dragonball Z and Gt, Temshinhan is somewhat overlooked, but he does contribute to the power of Goku's genki dama which ultimately destroyed the villain Majin Buu.

27. Android 16

Android 16 is a pacifist Android of great power. He rivals both android 17 and Android 18 in power and was on par with Imperfect Cell in power if not slightly stronger. He protects Piccolo, Android 17, Android 18 and later Gohan with his life and is partially responsible for Gohan achieving the Super Saiyajin 2 form due to his rage about Android 16's eventual death at the hands of Perfect Cell.

28. Android 13

Android 13 is an android second in power only to Cell and Super Android 17, and possibly Android 16. In his Super Form, he was able to defeat Super Saiyajin 1 opponents with relative ease. Only Super Saiyajin 1 Goku with an absorbed Genki Dama for much additional greater power was able to kill or even hurt him.

29. Android 17

Android 17 was created by Dr. Gero and is the 3rd strongest android in the canon manga after Cell, and Android 16. He along with his fellow androids Android 18 and Android 16 start off as antagonists, but only commit minor disturbances such as wrecking vehicles and scaring civilians but not actually harming anyone. They are eventually confronted by Super Saiyajin 1 Vegeta but he is defeated by Android 18 who was the weakest of the 3 after a moderate battle. However Piccolo who had just reabsorbed Kami and became a Super Namekian (which at the time was stronger than a Super Saiyajin)confronted the Androids only this time Android 17 battled him and they were exactly evenly matched. Their heated battle was disturbed by the arrival of Cell who was stronger than either of the combatants however Android 16 stepped in and nearly killed Cell when until the latter managed to absorb Android 17 and became Semi-Perfect Cell and dominated Android 16 as well. Android 17 is later released from Cell's absorption when Gohan struck Cell so hard that he regurgitated Android 17 and Android 18. Android 17 is not heard from again for a long time but 7 years later, he assists Goku is powering up his genki dama to destroy Majin Buu by adding his own power to it.

30. Android 18

Android 18 was created by Dr. Gero, is the sister of Android 17, and is the 4th strongest android in the canon manga. Her first battle is with Super Saiyajin 1 Vegeta and she wins with relative ease. She is later absorbed by Cell but freed again after Gohan severely injures him. She meets Kuririn as an enemy but Kuririn is smitten by her and cannot bring himself to fight her seriously despite being far weaker than Android 18, even when he had a clear chance to destroy her with a remote device. After Cell is defeated the Androids no longer are hostile towards the Z Warriors or Earth and Android 18 eventually marries Kuririn and joins the Z warriors. Android 18 can easily be considered the most powerful female Dragonball Z character in the mainstream continuity and she was notably stronger than a Super Saiyajin 1 from the Cell saga.

31. Cooler

Cooler is the elder brother of Frieza and is even more powerful and notorious than his brother. He witnessed Frieza destroy planet Vegeta and also noticed the small space capsule with Baby Goku inside but did nothing to destroy Goku due to curiosity. Years later when Goku is older and achieved the Super Saiyajin 1 form, Cooler meets Goku for the first time since Goku was an infant and they do battle, with Goku being the eventual victor. Cooler returns however as the even more powerful Metal Cooler and nearly defeats both Goku and Vegeta but ultimately is defeated again.

32. Frieza

Frieza is a main antagonist in the Dragonball Z series. He possesses 5 forms. His weaker forms were designed so that he could restrain his power more easily. In his weakest form he destroyed planet Vegeta, a planet with greater mass than earth and 10 times the gravity with a blast from a single finger while remaining in his space chair. His final form is approximately 230 times more powerful than his weakest form. He dominated absolutely all opposition he ever faced until the fated day that he faced the Z warriors and drove Goku into a rage by mercilessly killing his lifelong friend Kuririn which triggered his Super Saiyajin transformation. Though he was nearly as strong, the Super Saiyajin form at the time was still 25% more powerful than Frieza's final form and Frieza ultimately was defeated but not killed by the merciful Goku. A year later Frieza, after recovering from his severe injuries, came to earth as the even stronger Metal Cooler to seek revenge on Goku and the planet he lived on, but instead and unfortunately for him, he is met by Super Saiyajin Future Trunks who crushed his attempts to destroy the earth and utterly destroys him. Many years later in GT, Frieza is finally revived from the dead after he escapes the Spirit world and along with Cell whom he had befriended in hell ,they meet their common enemy Goku once more. They once again attempt to get their long awaited revenge, however by this point, Goku had become so powerful that he disposed of the duo in his mere base form with complete ease and accidentally kills them again.

33. King Cold

King Cold is the Father of both Frieza and Cooler. Like his sons he is a very powerful tyrannical warlord. He bears a remarkable resemblance to Frieza, most notably Frieza's second form as he is as large if not larger than it. He accompanies his son Frieza on a revenge trip to earth. He tells Frieza that either of them could easily destroy the earth with a blast but Frieza wished to savor his revenge and crush Goku in person. They arrive on earth but do not meet Goku (as the latter is still traveling to the earth via star ship and is still a few hours away.)Frieza becomes impatient and decides to destroy the earth but is is stopped by and utterly destroyed by Trunks. King Cold, extremely surprised, manages to remain calm and pretends to take an interest in Trunks and his sword, asking if he could hold the latter. The extremely confident Trunks allows him to do so. But as soon as King Cold takes the sword he attacks Trunks saying that his source of power was gone (as he had used it to easily destroy Frieza), but the Tyrant is quickly surprised as he is dominated even with the sword and shortly follows his son to the next dimension (the DBZ term for the afterlife) at the hands of Trunks.

34. Trunks

Trunks Briefs is Future Trunks but in the normal time line continuity. He is the son of Vegeta and Bulma Briefs and is the second youngest to ever achieve the super saiyajin form. He is the best friend of Goten and along with him, they can combine into the being known as Gotenks. They first did this in the Buu saga in order to fight Majin Buu and were successful in holding off and even harming the latter for a significant period of time.

35. Goten

Goten is the younger brother of Gohan and the second son of Goku. He bears a remarkable resemblance to his father and his potential to grow strong was much higher than both his father and his brother. He is the youngest ever to achieve the super saiyajin from and he did so with virtually no effort. Yet he put his talents almost to waste. He could easily have become the strongest saiyajin ever but did not train hard to increase his power, similarly to his older brother but even more so. He was however notably helpful in the Buu saga. He along with his best friend, the young Trunks Briefs combined into the super powerful being known as Gotenks and held Majin Buu at bay for a lengthy period of time.

36. Original Super Saiyan

The Original Legendary Super Saiyajin. His real name is unknown but his power was never forgotten. He is the first Saiyajin to have ever achieved the level of super saiyajin and is the only one for over a thousand years to do so until Goku finally achieves it. It is unknown precisely how powerful the Original Super Saiyajin was or what he looked like, or if his super saiyajin form was even the same as Goku's and the rest, but it is known that he was the first to achieve any form of the Super Saiyajin form. He is at the back of the list because while he is known to have achieved the suer saiyajin form, it is not known exactly how strong he was.

hitsusatsu11on Feb. 15, 2011 at 9:44 p.m.
Good, comprehensive list. 
You think Mystic Gohan could beat Janemba?
taichokageon Feb. 16, 2011 at 11:27 a.m.
@hitsusatsu11: To be honest no. I do think it would be a fair possibility but I would bet on Janemba. I only ranked it that way because a lot of people disagree on this. If you recommend it though I will switch their places because I agree. Also I started looking at it a different way. I think that Gohan may be more powerful than Janemba, yet couldn't beat him in a fight (kinda like Starrk and Baraggan from the bleach espada. Starrk is more powerful but I don't see how he could defeat Baraggan)
Toxin45on March 5, 2011 at 8:24 p.m.
o do you have a giantbomb account
TheSaiyanGodon June 26, 2011 at 6:34 a.m.
Very good list but I do have to ask one question. Why did you rank Bojack below Piccolo. He is stronger than Piccolo I think.
maigreton Oct. 25, 2011 at 4:29 p.m.

because piccolo in gt is way above SPCELL.....

DBZ_universeon May 14, 2012 at 2:23 a.m.

Great list!! even tho I think Gohan and Broly deserve a higher place... but hey it's your list! but I do recommend it! :)

taichokageon May 14, 2012 at 9:36 p.m.
Hey thanks. It's been a while since I had some feedback.
DBZ_universeon May 14, 2012 at 9:55 p.m.

@taichokage: you should make a list of the strongest but using canon characters... just saying.

taichokageon Dec. 3, 2012 at 10:24 a.m.
Going to finally add a few more entries soon. By my own criteria there are still a few characters left that need to be here.
MarioRedfieldon Dec. 20, 2012 at 8:05 p.m.

Wait, wouldn't Goku be the most powerful or at least above 17 at the end of Z after he controls all the dragon powers by absorbing the dragon balls?

thundercat35on Nov. 13, 2013 at 2:25 p.m.

I guess it's a great list.

thundercat35on Nov. 13, 2013 at 2:27 p.m.

do u thinks Tatsuko Gakumazawa is in the DBZ? i have never saw her in the DBZ.

LelouchCommandsYouon Dec. 28, 2013 at 8:38 p.m.

What the fuq is Tatsuko Gakumazawa doing here?

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