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A currently incomplete list that will contain all the members of the shichibukai. There are numerous SPOILERS in this list so I advise you to read only if you are current in the manga of One Piece.

1. Marshall D. Teach

Teach is the newest member of the Shichibukai, but threw away his title almost immediately after gaining it because he only needed it for one task, getting into the infamous Impel Down Prison which held the most notorious and powerful criminals alive. He freed them from prison to serve as his allies and subordinates. Teach is a very powerful man. Before he gained any devil fruit powers, he was powerful enough to kill the Whitebeard Fourth Division Commander Thatch (who was ranked above the likes of Vista)and even battled against Shanks, one of the 4 Pirate kings and managed to heavily scar his face. Later on Teach does consume a devil fruit, but not just any. He eats the Yomi Yomi no mi, an elite logia-type fruit which Teach himself describes as the most powerful devil fruit in the world. It's power is darkness. It gives Teach the ability to manipulate gravity, to draw in anything he wishes, and to cancel any devil fruit ability when in contact with the user. He used this power to defeat Ace, an elite logia type himself who could manipulate fire. Unlike other logias though, Teach cannot become intangible. Additionally Teach apparently knows a secret that allows him to hold the power of 2 devil fruits, which is impossible for a normal person. After the death of the Great Pirate King Whitebeard (a.k.a. the strongest man in the world), Teach steals his devil fruit ability via some unknown method. That fruit was the gura gura no mi or the quake fruit. This gave him unbelievable destructive power on top of his already elite power set. It is also known that Blackbeard has persued and taken down other devil fruit users and stolen their abilities. Which abilities those are and whether he has taken them for himself or distributed the abilities to his ccrew members is yet unnown.

2. Dracule Mihawk

Dracule Mihawk, also known as Hawk Eyes Mihawk is considered the greatest swordsman in the world. He is a member of shichibukai and is the first shichibukai that the Strawhat crew meets. After dispatching The Strawhat First Mate Zoro, he inspires him to surpass him and become the new greatest swordsman in the world. Mihawk had a role in the Marineford War and fought many elite fighters and managed to remain unharmed. Dracule Mihawk is extremely powerful. He is the greatest swordsman in the world. With a mere wave of his sword he was able to cleanly slice a mountain sized ice burg in two while standing hundreds of meters away from it. He can even dispatch the likes of Las Bones, a powerful Pirate who ate a devil fruit and has a 60,000,000 beli bounty with a casual slash.

3. Don Quixote Doflamingo

Doflamingo is probably the most mysterious shichibukai member. His power is shrouded in mystery but it is known that that he can use to manipulate victims. He can completely control a victim's movements or remove any part of their body at will regardless of their size as he demonstrated against the super giant, Oars Jr.. He has also shown to be very physically adept. During the Marineford battle he heavily injured Oars Jr. with ease (a powerful super giant that was defeating Vice Admirals), he froze Whitebeard Commander Diamond Jozu in place and toyed with him afterwards, and was able to easily battle Crocodile a fellow shichibukai member. Doflamingo also seems to have a sadistic type of personality as he seems to enjoy manipulating victims in torturous ways. He is also the only shichibukai member that the Straw hat pirates have not encountered yet. He was ecently revealed to be a mastermind in the Underground world and is known there by the title of Joker. Amon his subordinates are the Mad scientist Casesar Clown, Monet, a logia Devil Fruit user, Vice Admiral Vergo (secretly) and formerly Shichibukai Trafalgar Law. Doflamingo even works along side Emperor Kaido, who is considered one of the 4 strongest Pirates in the World, however due to his former Subordinate Trafalgar Law's betrayal, his relationship with the Emperor is possibly in jeapardy.

4. Bartholomew Kuma

Kuma is a member of the Shichibukai. He is the only member that follows all orders given by the World Government. He even allowed himself to be modified by Dr. Vegapunk, a genius scientist that works with the World Government. Kuma is unique among the shichibukai in the fact that he is known for showing mercy. When he first encountered the Strawhats, he easily dispatched of all of them but offered to spare their lives if they gave him only the head of Luffy. The crew refused but Zoro the First Mate offered himself instead. Instead of killing him Kuma gave him a pain endurance test. Zoro barely passed but Kuma kept his word and spared all the Strawhats. Later on he spared them from being annihilated by Admiral Kizaru when he teleported them all away to random islands. Kuma is a very strong man. He ate the nikyo nikyo (paw paw) fruit. This gave him an assortment of abilities. He can move at the speed of light, strike others at the speed of light (sending them flying for 3 days), repel any physical or energy attack with his hands and even abstract things such as the pain in the body of others (he once removed all the pain from Luffy's body), and compress air to create gigantic explosions (large enough to engulf a small island.) Additionally, due to the modifications that Vegapunk gave him, he has a cybernetic body and can fire energy beams from his mouth and hands.

5. Boa Hancock
6. Jimbei
7. Sir Crocodile
8. Gecko Moria
9. Trafalgar Law
Kade17on Jan. 16, 2015 at 5:39 p.m.

I throughoutly enjoy your revised analysis of the various members of the Schibukai, by all means continue.

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@Kade17: Thanks :)

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