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My Favorite Shounen Anime Characters

This is an as of yet incomplete list of my favorite anime characters. After watching and reading several dozens of anime and manga, these have been the characters that stood out to me the most. Stay tuned for character descriptions and my reasons for favoring said characters. For the moment it might look random, but I will organize things shortly.

1. Goku

Chliché I know. Favorite Z protagonist. One of my favorite main protagonists. The Legendary Goku.

2. Vegeta

Second Favorite DBZ protagonist. More badass than Goku.

3. Hiei

The Vegeta of Yu yu Hakusho. My favorite character from the series bar none.

4. Koenma

Who wouldn't love a near Millenium old flying baby that can shapeshift into an adult and even revive the dead under dire circumstances?

5. Monkey D. Luffy

Probably the goofiest main character i know. His intent is to be the next King of Pirates. Currently he serves as the Captain of 9. His easy going, childish and often naive personality combined with his love of food and fighting makes it hard not to like this guy.

6. Roronoa Zoro

Pirate Hunter Zoro. An ironic title given that he himself became a pirate. He's the First of Luffy's crew and also the strongest member of the crew with the possible exception of Luffy himself. He fights with 3 katana including 1 in the mouth. Zoro is my second favorite One Piece character.

7. Trafalgar Law

Easily one of the coolest characters I've seen from any anime. He's tall dark and very hax. Other than having the ability to cut islands in half and deflect meteors and cut apart people and objects at will and reform them without damage or injury, he can use the same ability in a delicate fashion to remove poison from blood streams, or switch incoming bullets with snow flakes. Easily in my top 10 One Piece characters.

8. Marshall D. Teach

Marshall D. teach, aka Kurohige, aka Blackbeard. The alter Ego of Luffy. He is a Pirate in the truest sense of the word and will use treachery, captives, violence and murder to achieve his goals all while feinting honor and loyalty. He is the only person known in the One Piece World to have 2 Devil Fruit powers at the same time. He is currently one of the 4 Pirate Emperors who are considered the 4 most powerful Pirates in the world and he strives to be the King of all pirates just like Luffy. In all of One Piece, Blackbeard is my favorite character.

9. Sousuke Aizen

The Lord/King of Hueco Mundo and Ex Captain in the Gotei 13. He is probably the most intelligent person in the Bleach world aside from Kisuke Urahara by his own admission. He is also brokenly overpowered. My favorite character from bleach for the last 4 years or so.

10. Shunsui Kyouraku

My favorite Bleach Captain and previous favorite Bleach character until Aizen and Zaraki became more awesome than they already were. His zanpakutou is probably the most broken after Aizen's. He's also quite smart, very experienced, a bit of a pervert, a drunk and at times quite lazy. But he is by far one of the most powerful and smarter Captains in the Gotei 13.

11. Ulquiorra Schiffer

My favorite Espada. He has a very dim and depressed type of attitude. Apathetic says it best and that is his Espada epithet for a reason I suppose. While 4th in official power it is believed by many fans that Ulquiorra is the true strongest Espada, and with techniques like Lanza Del Rallempago, I see why.

12. Mukuro Rokudou

The anti-hero of the Vongola family but one of the strongest. One of the few people who managed to get the better of his fellow Vongola guardian Hibari Kyouya. Mukuro has many abilities but his specialty is illusions. His illusions are so good that they can fool cameras, and when he's serious he can make the figments of his imagination a reality on a small.scale, bringing his illusions to life literally.

13. Nea Walker

Also known as the 14th Noah.

14. Millenium Earl

The main antagonist from D. Gray Man. He is the most powerful being in the D. Gray Man world so far but his motives are not entirely grasped. It's believed that he could crush his opposition at any time but opts not to do so. He has a keen interest in Allen, the Main protagonist.

15. Toriko

One of the best main Shounen characters ever. Think Kenshiro + Goku and you have Toriko. A mixture of seriousness and calmness, goofiness and rage, mercy and brutality, brain and brawn and a gigantic appetite. Physically Toriko is immensely strong and his Gourmet cells (the root of his powers) provide a variety abilities such as heightened sense of smell beyond a bloodhound's, appetite energy to create giant iron weapons, resistance to nature extremes (heat,cold, gravity and what not) and much more. Currently Toriko is in my top 2 ongoing Shounen.

16. Aladdin

Aladdin aka the Magi is the chibi main protagonist of the series also known as Magi. He has got to be one of my favorite main protagonists. While born with natural magical talent, he doesn't misuse or take his abilities for granted. He's a very easy going and kind young fellow with an occasional craving for a woman's bosom.

17. Sinbad

King of Sindria. Sinbad is almost certainly the most powerful Djinn wielder in the story of Magi. He aquired 7 Djinn weapons, more than anybody else. Even to acquire 1 djinn weapon is an endeavor that meets with a high rate of failure. Being both a King as well as the greatest warrior of the day, Sinbad is highly respected and feared throughout neighboring countries. He wishes for Aladdin to become his countries' Magi to fortify his country even more. Sinbad is probably the most badass character in Magi.

18. Enel

God Enel. A highly underrated villain in my opinion. Other than being the first to speak of observation haki or "mantra" as he calls it, he is also the first and one of few to destroy an entire island. Even now Enel would be a prominent villain despite having been earlier in the series. Only because rubber doesn't conduct electricity (his main ability) did he have problems with Luffy.

19. Bartholomew Kuma

For someone who's main ability is called the paw paw fruit, Kuma is immensely powerful. I certainly wouldn't want this paw anywhere around me. By the mere touch of his hand, Kuma can repel nearly anything. Attacks, objects, people, air, kinetic force, even things like pain and fatigue. He can also repel him self for extreme movement speed which he boasts is nearly the speed of light. Kuma is one of the Shichibukai or 7 Warlords of the Sea, who are considered the greatest Pirates second only to the Yonko.

20. Don Quixote Doflamingo

For about 2 years, I couldn't make up my mind whether on whether Doflamingo or Kuma (the above entry) were my favorite Shichibukai. But since the Dressrosa arc began, I had made up my mind. It's Doflamingo. A King, Warlord, Underground Broker, Master Manipulator and one of the most powerful people in One Piece says it all. With a finger twitch, this man can control your every movement, cut you to pieces or soar the skies. And his physical prowess and stature are not the least bit behind his hax. So far his record with high tier opponents in One Piece has been 0 losses.

21. Broly

KAKAROT! 'nuff said.

22. Edward Newgate

Akainu can vouch. Do not make this grandpa angry.

23. Yoruichi Shihoin

The Goddess of Flash step, creator of Shunko, Ex Leader of the Onmitsukido, Ex Captain of the Gotei 2nd Division and Head of Shihoin Clan, one of the 4 great Noble Families in Soul Society. Her credentials are vast. She trained the likes of Byakuya (Current Captain of the 6th Division and head of the Kuchiki Clan, also among the 4 Great Noble Families), Soifon (Current Captain of the 2nd Division and Leader of the Onmitsukido, Urahara Kisuke (The most ingenious man of Soul Society and Ex Captain of the 12th Division) and co-trained Kurosaki Ichigo (the main character and currently considered among the 5 greatest potential powers in the world.

24. Frieza

In my opinion, the best villain of the Dragonball franchise (outside of Broly :). He is the first character in canon to destroy not only 1 but 2 planets with ease. He also single handedly beat all the Z Warriors excluding Goku who in a rage turned Super Saiyan and managed to defeat the Tyrant with effort. Frieza ruled an empire of over 70 planets and in his strongest form, held a power level of 120,000,000.

25. Madara Uchiha

My favorite character in Naruto. Potentially the most powerful shinobi in history. The sense of danger around him as a villain is greater than any other villain in the series. He is one of the few villains who has not as yet been influenced by the main character's persuasiveness. His manipulative plots have extended over the course of decades, making him not only among the very strongest, but most intelligent characters.

26. Nagato

The Founder of Akatsuki and it's puppet leader. In actuality it is lead by another who in turn was following the plan of yet another. Possessing the Rinnegan, Nagato is immensely powerful and extremely versatile. Even people at the level of kage fell before his might with ease.

27. Kisuke Urahara

By both actions and the word of Aizen, Urahara appears to be the most intelligent person in the Bleach world.

28. Buggy

Known as the Living Legend among Pirates, Buggy is one of the earliest enemies of the main crew in One Piece, although later he becomes a somewhat reluctant ally, even going so far as risking his life to save Luffy (albeit with the promise of a treasure map). Despite having relatively poor luck and mediocre power at the start of the series, his luck takes a 360° turn and events that defy logic take place to gain him respect, reputation and a legion of loyal followers. So much so that he was offered a position among the Shichibukai, aka the 7 Warlords of the Sea, known as some of the most notorious Pirates on the seas.

29. Silvers Rayleigh

A relic of the past, but an awesome one. There are few in the World of One Piece who can contend with Rayleigh in combat and even fewer in knowledge.

30. Piccolo

Probably as universally recognized as Goku. Piccolo is by far one of the most important characters in DBZ. Despite being surpassed by a few of the Z warriors, Piccolo is still stronger than a Super Saiyan.

31. Morgiana

Probably my favorite female lead in Shounen. Morgiana Is strong, brave, loyal and takes every situation seriously.

32. Kenpachi Zaraki

Zaraki is probably the only character in Bleach that I like more and more as the years go by. One of the powerful and bloodthirsty characters in the series. He's somewhat of an anti-hero but he only kills villains. The exception being 2 former Kenpachi as it is the only way to become the next Kenpachi. He is considered of the 5 greatest potentials in the world by Yhwach the Emperor of the Quincy and his own leaders, Yamamoto and the Csntral 46 feared his power Ao much that they deliberately kept his potential dormant until recently.

33. Shanks

He sparred with the greatest swordsman in the world, the strongest man in the world, and split the sky with his Pressence.........yeah.

34. Itachi Uchiha

Perhaps not the best older brother in the world but he cares deeply for his younger brother Sasuke. Everything controversial he did was for the sake of his brother. He's a master illusionist and can trap you in one forever if you're unlucky.

35. Kisame Hoshigaki

The tailed beast with no tail. Kisame has chakra amounts so great that they are comparable to the Jinchuuriki. He is one of the physically strongest in akatsuki and has probably the greatest mastery of water jutsu seen.

36. Retsu Unohana

This woman is ancient, but you wouldn't know it by looking. She has two very different personas at different points in her life. She is the oldest Captain with the exception of Yamamoto, as well as one of the strongest and considered the best healer in Soul Society.

37. Nnoitra Gilga

I liked Nnoitra only as a combatant until the end of his battle with Zaraki. His short monologue of his past strangely hit a note in me and he's the only character on the list that made it only because of how relatable he was for me, although I have almost nothing in common with Nnoitra. I'm not making sense now.

38. Feitan

The stand in leader of the Phantom Troupe and also my favorite, largely due to how much he emulates Hiei's character.

39. Kuroro Lucifer

The leader of the Phantom Troups. If I could pick a Nen ability, Kuroro Lucifer's would probably be it since he can steal unlimited Nen abilities. He is not invincible but extremely cunning.

40. Daemon Spade

Very broken to say the least. Whether its increasing his power six food by creating full power clones, trapping you in illusions or detaining you in his pocket dimension, you're in trouble in any case.

41. Reborn

The strongest Hitman in the world.

42. Cross Marian

Cross is a General, Scientist, Exorcist, Playboy, Mentor and has 2 exorcist weapons. he is the only person in the world to have 2.

43. Zebra!!

A bit of Broly, a bit of Zaraki and a touch of Raoh and you have Zebra. The incredibly brutal Gourmet Hunter of the Four Heavenly Kings. He can level countries of just whisper the sound of death, but either way you don't want to be anywhere near him. To describe Zebra in one word - Badass.

44. Judar

Judar is like the opposite side of Aladdin's coin. They're both the chosen Magi but Judar is as cruel and cunning as Aladdin is kind and gentle. He also specializes in ice magic, in contrast to Aladdin's strongest element fire.

45. Masrur

Sanji + Chad = Masrur.

46. Erza Scarlet

Despite Natsu being the main character, Erza takes on the big baddies as often as he does. Maybe more. She's quite strong physically making deadly in H2H but her forged is her defensive armor as well as her swordplay. She's probably the strongest of the main characters in Fairy Tail.

47. Kurama

Kurama despite his appearance is quite old and among the strongest demons. For his own humanity (or should I say demonity?) he took on a different body and altered his personality to both be more gentle. But when pushed, Kurama will change to his old self. He is also probably capable of the most cruelty out on any protagonist and even antagonist in the series, given what he did to help Mukuro (the below entry) and what he did to Elder Toguro.

48. Mukuro

Despite a horrific past, Mokuro overcame her trauma and became the strongest Demon known after Raizen weakened. She can cut tears in space so don't enter her personal space if you want to stay whole.

49. Shinigami-sama

Just epic in so many ways.

50. Crona

With everyone wanting a piece of him, the poor guy can't get a break. Or poor girl? Crona is mysterious. Crona uses male terms when referring to himself, Crona's mother uses female terms. Black Star indicated that Crona was male and the anime just went with male. Gender aside, Crona is quite powerful. Arguably second only to Asura and Excalibur at the end.

supernova7005on Oct. 31, 2013 at 3:26 p.m.

Pretty good list ;)

I expected Kenpachi to be much higher though :o

taichokage is online on Nov. 20, 2013 at 9:36 a.m.
Oh yeah thanks. It's not meant to be in order though. To try and rank this many would be very difficult.
takashichea moderator on Nov. 20, 2013 at 12:17 p.m.

I didn't know you were a Magi or a Beelzebub fan. It's a shame that the Beelzebub anime discontinued and there was no western interest in the show. A lot of new shows like Btooom and Magi got licensed and dubbed.

I invite you to the #Anime Vice Discussion Threads whenever you have free time.

taichokage is online on Nov. 22, 2013 at 4:31 a.m.
Oh thank you. Yes. I caught up to Magi about 10 months ago and I started reading Beelzebub last November so about a year ago. I'm a huge Magi fan. It's in my top 3 ongoing Shounen right now.
IndridColdon Nov. 27, 2013 at 4:20 p.m.

Very great choices, I'm actually trying to make a list too, but I am having some difficulties though.

taichokage is online on Nov. 29, 2013 at 6:15 a.m.

@IndridCold: Thanks. I found it surprisingly challenging too, and there were a few people that almost made the list and a few more that we're not yet on the site wiki so I couldn't add them.

takashichea moderator on July 14, 2014 at 4:03 p.m.

Thank god, I recycled the right page. When you added Kirin, it was actually a blank wiki page from the early Anime Vice time when they created a bunch of blank, test wiki pages. You can tell it's blank if there's no top editor on the page or even any information at all.

taichokage is online on July 14, 2014 at 4:12 p.m.
Oh, you're into 666 Satan too Taka?
takashichea moderator on July 14, 2014 at 4:14 p.m.

Oh, it was a battle request thread that Kobra678 made. I notice there was no Kirin in the wiki database, but I saw a blank page with the name. I saw your list on a blank page. No, I haven't even read the series.

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