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Middle Tier DBZ Characters
This list will contain powerful DBZ characters in approximate order from strongest to weakest that are above the level of planet destroying but still below the power range of a Super Saiyajin. BTW each character will get a small bio so at the moment this list is incomplete.
1. Krillin

Krillin or Kuririn, was one of the first humans that Goku ever met. They meet each other for the first time when they both bump into each other on their way to learn from Master Roshi. They form an almost brother-like friendship and rivalry and both learn the same techniques from Master Roshi, only Krillin had a more difficult time in doing so. Unlike Goku's other best human friend Yamcha, Krilin stuck with him on every major adventure and against every major enemy even though he knew full well that Goku's power and the enemy power rivaled his own by a huge margin. Despite this Krillin never gave up. He is the only human that fought against the Saiyajins, The Ginyu Force, Frieza, the Androids and Cell. Even though they all were well above his own level at the time that he battled them, he fought to the death against most of them and was a key factor in defeating Vegeta and Frieza. During the Android saga, Krillin risked his life by not killing the much more powerful Android 18 when he had the chance and eventually caused her to fall in love with him and they married. By the end of the series Krillin can easily be considered the strongest full blood human in the Dragonball Universe, even ahead of Yamcha before the end, being able to fight nearly on par with lower Androids and Cell Jr.s that were almost as powerful as the likes of Saiyajin Saga SSJ1 Goku. Tenshinhan alone was stronger but he was partly descended from a race of aliens, thus giving Krillin the title of the strongest human.

2. Yamcha

Yamcha is the first future Z warrior that Goku ever met and only the third human he had ever met in his life. He and Goku, along with Bulma and later Kuririn form a group and went on their first adventures together. They participated in the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd World tournaments together where Yamacha always got far but never went on to the finals. His first notable defeat was against Tenshinhan in the semi finals of the 22nd tournament. After the battle where Yamacha had his leg broken, he is initially hostile towards Tenshinhan and vice versa, but they later become friendly rivals with Tenshinhan always slightly ahead. He along with the other Z warriors battled against the Saiyajins years later but Yamacha never actually fought them and was disposed of by one of their minions the Saibamen. Though the rest of the Z warriors battle the saiyajins and ultimately win, most of them are killed as well and they meet YAmcha in the spirit world. There they train with King Kai and greatly improve their power and later on, they are revived from the dead via the dragonballs. Yamcha did not partake in the battle against Frieza and stayed on earth training during the entire saga. But later he does attempt to help in the android saga but he is utterly defeated by Android 20 (a.k.a. Dr. Gero) and realizing the tremendous power difference, he avoids almost all confrontation in the Android saga and the Cell saga as well. But he does assist in the final battle against Cell. In the Buu saga he once again has a small role and does not battle against Buu or Babaidi's other minions and he is killed when Majin Buu finally decides to obliterate the earth. But in the spirit word he does contribute his energy to Goku's genki dama which ultimately destroys Majin Buu.

3. Ginyu

Out of all the Force members, only Ginyu himself was able to fight on Goku's level, but even he is slightly overpowered by him. After a fierce struggle, Ginyu is the leader and most powerful member of the Ginyu force. He is brought to Goku by Jeice as the latter and all of the other force members could not challenge him, Ginyu is able to fight on par with Goku and they have a heated battle. But Ginyu realizes that Goku is even more powerful than himself and uses his special body switch technique to take over Goku's body and give Goku his body. But he does not know how to utilize Goku's power and his power level drops to less than a third of Goku's actual power level and less than half of his own original level.

4. Chiaotzu

Chiaotzu is the best friend and peer of Tenshinhan since they were young. He along with Tenshinhan met and faced Goku, Kuririn and Yamcha for the first time in the 22nd Worl Tournament. He fights and is slightly beaten by Kuririn, but Tenshinhan defeats Yamcha. Tenshinhan and Goku move on to the finals and face eah other. They are closely matched but Chiaotzu, under the instruction of their then master, Crane, used his invisible telekinetic abilities to harm Goku during the battle. Tenshinhan discovers this and angrily forbids Chiaotzu to do so again. After a heated battle, Tenshinhan wins but on a fluke. After the battle, they meet up with Goku and his friends and offer to share half of their winnings with them. Goku politely refuses but they do have dinner together and afterwords, they become friends and soon after, allies. Chiaotzu, Tenshinhan, Kuririn and Yamcha start to train with each other daily but Goku went off and was trained by Kami himself. Years later when the Saiyajins Vegeta and Nappa arrive, Piccolo, Tenshinhan, Kuririn, Yamcha and Chiaotzu himself intercept them. But first they had to deal with the Saiyajin minions the saibamen. Yamcha is killed by one of them but the rest make it to fight the Saiyajin Nappa. Despite their combined efforts, the four together could not defeat Nappa who was the far weaker of the two Saiyajins. Seeing no other options, Chiaotzu sacrificed himself in a suicidal explosion to kill Nappa but still fails to do so. Nappa proceeds to defeat the rest of the Z warriors until Goku arrives who disposes of both Nappa and Vegeta. After training in the spirit world, Chiaotzu and his friends become vastly more powerful to the point that their group were able to defeat the Ginyu Force with ease. Shortly after, Chiaotzu and the rest of the Z warriors are revived. After this point, Chiatzu's role in DBZ was not important and he is overlooked most of the time. But he and Tenshinhan do appear in the Buu saga years later and they contribute to the power of Goku's genki dama that ultimately destroyed Majin Buu.

5. Jeice

Jeice is arguably the second strongest or at least the most clever Ginyu Force member. He managed to live the longest out of all the Ginyu Force members and his power is on par with Burter's. He is the second smallest member of the force as only Guldo is smaller. Along with his partner Burter, they both challenged Goku on Namek but they are easily beaten and Burter is killed, but Jeice flees before he suffers the same fate. He returns, only this time with Captain Ginyu, the leader and most powerful member of the Ginyu Force. Out of all the Force members, only Ginyu himself was able to fight on Goku's level, but even he is slightly overpowered by him. After a fierce struggle, Ginyu realizes that Goku is even more powerful than himself and uses his special body switch technique to take over Goku's body and give Goku his body. But he cannot utilize Goku's power and is even beaten by Kuririn. Jeice tries to make himself useful and engages Vegeta in combat but is killed by him with an energy blast. In the spirit realm, Jeice along with the other Force members challenge the Z warriors that are they but he is humiliatingly defeated by Tenshinhan together with Burter and is sent to hell.

6. Burter

Burter is a member of the Elite group called the Ginyu Force. He is the largest member, even larger than Recoome. Like most of the other force members, Burter was well above the likes of Vegeta, Kuririn and Kid Gohan during the Frieza saga. He particularly specializes in speed and considered himself the fastest in the universe prior to meeting Goku. He is indeed fast as he instantly caught up to a dragonball that Vegeta had hurled miles away. However, soon afterwords Goku arrived and humiliated both Burter and Jeice at once. Goku was so far above them that they could not even see his movements and to them it appeared as if he was not moving at all. He is quickly defeated by Goku in just two strikes and right after is murdered by Vegeta. Along with the rest of the Ginyu force (minus Captain Ginyu,)he travels to the Kai world in the spirit realm and challenges the Z warriors there. But both he and his partner Jeice are defeated by Tenshinhan and they are sent to hell.

7. Nail

Nail was the most powerful warrior of the Namekian race until Piccolo surpassed him. His power level was over 40,000. He challenges Frieza the tyrant in an attempt to make him leave his home planet Namek, but he was utterly outclassed and was not able to inflict any damage on Frieza. Frieza uncharacteristically shows mercy and leaves a beaten and crippled Nail to himself. Eventually he is found by fellow Namekian Piccolo who is rushing to help defeat Frieza. Nail tells Piccolo to absorb him into himself and that doing so will raise Piccolo's power phenomenally. Piccolo reluctantly agrees but after absorbing Nail, his power was great enough to overpower Friea even in his second form whereas neither alone even came close to his first form which was only about half as powerful as his second form.

8. Recoome

Recomme is a member of the elite Ginyu Force. He is a large man and the second largest member of the Force. His power is clearly seen when he toys with Vegeta, Kuririn and Kid Gohan during the Frieza saga. His power level was well above Vegeta's who at the time had a power level of about 30,000. As he was about to dispose of the trio, Goku arrived at the scene. He defeats the seemingly unbeatable Recoome with a single blow and knocks him unconscious. Later, Vegeta mercilessly kills Recoome while he was still unconscious from Goku's blow. After his death, Recoome along with the rest of the Ginyu Force travel to King Kai's planet in the spirit realm. They attempt to defeat the Z Warriors there but they are humiliatingly defeated. Specifically, Recoome was defeated by Yamucha with ease who previously was not even close to Recoome's level.

9. Zarbon

Zarbon was the right hand man of Frieza for years. Aside from Frieza himself, Zarbon was only second in power to some of the Ginyu Force members. Even after Vegeta had ascended Dodoria and killed him, Zarbon still remained stronger and defeated Vegeta. But just like his colleague Dodoria, Vegeta returned to fight Zarbon and also ascended and killed him.

10. Dodoria

Dodoria was the left hand man of Frieza for over two decades. Before the events of the mainstream time line, he was the one who defeated Bardock (the father of Goku)indicating how powerful he was because at the time Bardock was the leader of the Saiyan elite and second only to King Vegeta. Years later during the Frieza saga, he also defeated Vegeta who's power level at the time exceeded 20,000. However, Vegeta recovered from the near death experience and came back and slaughtered Dodoria.

11. Guldo

Guldo is a member of the elite group, the Ginyu Force. He is the weakest out of the five members, and he was barely able to take on Kuririn (Krillin)and Kid Gohan from the early Frieza saga. He does however posses one incredible ability which is actually the reason he was allowed into the Ginyu Force. That is his ability to actually freeze time itself for a brief period. As long as he holds his breath, time all around him freezes and only he is free to move about. But even with this ability he was still easily dispatched by Vegeta who at the time was weaker than all the Ginyu Force members except for Guldo himself. But despite the fact that Guldo looks weak, it is only because he is in the company of those even more powerful than he. He is actually well above the power level of 9000 which is the minimum power level one must have to be able to destroy a planet.

12. King Vegeta

King Vegeta is the king of all Saiyajins and the father of Vegeta and Tarble. When he was alive, he was considered the most powerful of all saiyajins. With a mere wave of his hand he instantly destroyed a host of planets and moons with ease. But he was powerless to defeat the Tyrant Frieza and is killed by him. He is also the one who decreed that Broly be executed as an infant due to his monstrous power level but the mission ended in failure.

13. Bardock

Bardock was the leader of the Saiyajin Elites and the father of Goku and Raditz. He was considered the strongest Saiyajin after King Vegeta. During a mission to annihilate a resistance on another planet, Bardock was given precognitive powers by the last member of the race so that he would be tortured by the visions of his own world being destroyed. Despite his best efforts to warn them, none of the other Saiyajins would listen. Finally seeing no other option, he decided to confront Frieza who he foresaw as the destroyer of the saiyajin homeworld. He is intercepted by the whole Saiyajin army but he takes on the lot of them and makes it to Frieza's starship. After challenging the tyrant, Frieza emerges from his ship alone. Bardock on behalf of all the Saiyajins terminated their allegiance to Frieza and attacked Frieza with a powerful blast. But Frieza overpowered Bardock's attack with utter ease and with the same attack, obliterated both Bardock and the entire Saiyajin world. But right before the moment of his death, Bardock foresaw his own son Goku whom he had launched to another planet just earlier that day, challenging Frieza over 20 years in the future and finally defeating the tyrant.

hitsusatsu11on June 6, 2011 at 7:45 p.m.
Is Tenshinhan not on because you view him equal to a (lower tier) supa saiya jin?
taichokageon June 7, 2011 at 6:50 a.m.
@hitsusatsu11: Yes. During the Cell arc he showed feats that might place him above both Super Saiyajin 1 level and Super Namekian level at the time. He was able to hold off and damage Cell more than Super Namekian Piccolo was able to do. I think he is hands down the strongest character that was considered human.
LelouchCommandsYouon Dec. 28, 2013 at 8:25 p.m.

I do not agree with Chiaotzu. But the rest is good. Except I would consider Bardock at least a little superior to King Vegeta. Due to being a king, I don't think King Vegeta would be on the front lines as much.

taichokageon Jan. 2, 2014 at 10:19 a.m.
You have a point. This list needs a bit of updating.
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