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Well comrades, what many of us have been waiting to hear has become official. I present you with this short blog. As announced in this year's 17th issue, the recent success One Punch Man serialized in Shueisha's Young Jump has been handed over to Madhouse Studios for it's upcoming anime. needless to say I was extremely pleased to hear this. Given it's quality of art, the average studio likely could not capture the essence. Below is a sample of some of the art that is present in the manga. It's a Gif made by rapidly flashing manga panels.

Now the quality isn't always this great but it is consistently high. It becomes apparent why a high quality animation studio is quite important for this particular series.

The 2 most centerpiece characters Saitama and his apprentice Genos (think robin to Batman) are to be voiced by Makoto Furukawa (notable for many minor roles including Gustav from the Seven Deadly Sins) and Kaito Ishikawa (small roles in Kuroko no Basket, Haikyuu and others).

Sources: animenewsnetwork

So what do you guys and gals think of this development. Yay or nay?

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Well friends, I almost never create posts but I was compelled to write this.

Today marks the day that Freelance Reporter and Filmmaker Kenji Goto was executed by the infamous faction known as ISIS. He was held for a $200,000,000 ransom that was not paid. Mr Goto was captured after arriving in Syria in an attempt to free Haruna Yukawa, who had previously been taken captive by ISIS. Before his capture, Mr Goto knew he would possibly be captured and released a video insisting that in the event of his capture, Syria as a Country was not to blame and that he felt he was responsible for his own fate. He was captured hours after entering ISIS territory.

Journalist and Activist Kenji Goto
Journalist and Activist Kenji Goto

Today on January 31st, 2015, Kenji Goto was executed by beheading after the deadline for his ransom had expired. This has reportedly sent a shock wave through Japan that does not deal with International hostage situations often when compared to other Nations around the world. This ties into the title of this post which partially serves as staying within the required parameters of our vice. I am not entirely clear on the details but Fuji Television Network announced that it would be cancelling an episode of Assassination Classroom due to the inappropriate theme of the series in light of the current situation. Likewise, World Trigger has been cancelled for at least one week. The question is whether this will be a permanent "delay" or a temporary one and assuming the latter is true, how long will the delay be. However, I divulge into this aspect of the post due to the demographics of our community as we are all here primarily to discuss, debate and enjoy anime/manga series that we like and love. But the main point to be taken from this post is that an innocent man who was an activist of all kinds was murdered today.

Sorry for the sad news folks but I thought somebody ought to share this story.

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Welcome friends. No this isn't a Typo. I actually posted a Blog. This is a joint blog post from Taka and myself commemorating our wiki editing success and partnership over the last year. Please enjoy...if you don't mind a mountain of text :)


  • What is your inspiration for editing continuously on Animevice?

I kept working because I had people to support and help particularly my teammates who requests me to join their wiki projects. I always did as much I could to help out. 4 years passed by so fast. I see people come and go. With what little time we have left, I make it my job to help out because we are all busy. Wiki editing is a hardcore hobby that takes so much time. You can easily sink so much time because it's that addicting. We have a book called PlayStation Nation about video game addiction. I believe our site counts for Wiki Nation (a name I came up for Sket Dance wiki project, Team Wiki Nation ). I'll be sharing my experiences being a wiki addict.


What is your inspiration for editing continuously on Animevice?

Well it's primarily 2 things. Firstly, I have no need for additional motivation to regularly edit series that I truly like and love. But the second reason, which is the community of animevice itself is the primary reason. I have friends in the forums who share fondness of series that I do, often under appreciated ones. It's for those friends that I edit for. It also keeps concepts fresh in your memory if you like to debate and discuss anime/manga topics as I do. Additionally, my wiki partners make it rather difficult for me to give up so early in the game.


  • How did you getting into wiki editing?

It was because of my little sister who found the site. I saw the site through Google images and saw a wealth of image galleries. It was the images that got me into wiki editing.


How did you get into wiki editing?

My first "real" page was Grand Fisher from Bleach. Despite minor issues, Foxx still allowed it to pass. But I became intimidated after that. I was not as good of a typer then as I am now and I was not even remotely tech Savvy. I couldn't even remember the header tab. I stopped editing at 1044 wiki points which was the same amount of points I had at the beginning of the year. It was not until January of 2014 that I noticed my favorite Shounen Toriko was getting attention by some editors. I decided to do a page on my favorite character from Toriko, Sunny to be precise and it wasn't as bad as I thought. The main issue was not having a computer until July of this year. I would walk 2 1/2 miles just for editing and I'd usually grab a coffee as a treat to myself.


  • Which franchises were you interested in starting your first wiki editing?

Shaman King was one of my first projects. It had mostly an empty slate where I can fill out stuff. I regret not going back to reformat the pages according to the wiki style guide. One day, I will. Shaman King is my first completed manga project. I wrote most of the volume summaries.


Which franchises were you interested in starting your first wiki editing?

Initially it was only Toriko. but after a little over a month, I joined the Seven Deadly Sins wiki Project. I since expanded into several projects both team and solo projects. I almost exclusively do Character pages.


  • What were your best and proud works you accomplished?

Haru Glory was my best character page. That was back when wiki editors didn't have limits on how much details they can go into depth. I have to trim out details. Rave Master was another project where I went all out with another teammate, Fire_Star. I finished all of the episode summaries and went back to help Fire_Star who was doing the character pages.

Another one would be the Implied Sex Scene and Eyecatch wiki. I had so much fun talking with users on the implied sex scene examples. For the eyecatch, we were building a huge image database.


What were your best and proud works that you accomplished?

Filling in over 50 character pages for the Toriko wiki project. As far as a single page goes, so far it is Allen Walker, but it will be surpassed in the not so distant future I'm sure.


  • What have been your favorite projects?

Hard to choose. I would say Fairy Tail, Akame ga Kill, and Toriko because those were my biggest team wiki projects. We had a lot of good chemistry with our group. Fairy Tail was the biggest wiki project because Ethan Lance and Foxx were putting up wiki tasks, while Annabanana, myself, and the rest of the gang were completing wiki tasks within a day. They had to keep making new tasks. It was really competitive and fun. After the Whiskey Media Saleout, there was less staff and mod focused wiki projects. Wiki became more cooperative than competitive. Toriko quickly became popular because of the battle community. It thanks to Yusuke for recommending Toriko, and I helped him organize the project which became the biggest one next to Fairy Tail. It was challenging yet fun to make pages and fill them out. The cool part was seeing new folks trying wiki editing for the first time. The biggest chore was renumbering all the episodes. Lastly, Akame ga Kill was the most recent anime series. It's a small group, but we were still close knit. We actually finished all the episode pages, and we almost done with the character pages. It was cool seeing how everyone got into Akame ga Kill and seeing how it shocked us during the anime's run. We had predictions on who dies next.


What have been your favorite Projects?

Toriko again. Not only is it my favorite Shounen but I had more partners than any other and the most help and inspiration on that project. But I enjoyed all my projects, from D.Gray-Man to One Punch Man etc. They were all fun.


  • Who have been your favorite partners to work with?

I have worked with a lot of folks over 4 years. I'm glad to work with great people and meeting new folks and getting them into wiki editing. These are the folks whom impact me a lot during these years. This will be short. I feel bad I have to choose.

  • Annabanana - She and I were the Fairy Tail's top wiki editors. We worked on the project, massively filling out episode pages, character pages, and organizing images. I thank her for recommending new Shonen shows. I only got her into Shaman King while PiFace314 got us into Sket Dance. She taught me a lot of wiki and image uploading tricks which I still used today.
  • BigHeart711 - While we never worked on a specific wiki project, we worked together on a community project, the anime trailers, for almost three yers. He's very optimistic and one of the nicest guys I met in the community. He and I talked about anime, college, and many things. When he was feeling sad or I was feeling sad about crappy things outside of the site or or some brutal event in Anime Vice, we would cheer up each other.
  • Daniel Newton - One of my closest friends in the site. He pushed me to be a wiki mod last year since he said it would be crime not to promote me. I did decline two times. He was a great innovator. We didn't work on specific wiki projects except Fairy Tail for a bit. What we worked on was new ideas he made with creative uses of HTML coding. Daniel pretty opened up a new world of wiki editing with his new ideas such as the template box, character portraits. He has changed the wiki frontier the most out of anyone in the site.
  • Taichokage - He is one of the hardest folks I seen. He is a veteran in the battle community who I seek his advice about making battle threads for some of the battle themes. My work in Toriko pales in comparison to his work. He and Yusuke write up a lot of awesome character pages.
  • Yusuke52 - I met Yusuke in a random encounter when I posted a blog about Crunchyroll licensing Toriko. He asked me if I could help him start a Toriko project in the site. I jumped on the offer to work with someone new. I never heard of Toriko until I saw that news. He got me into Toriko. Without him, I wouldn't been so involved with the battle community with an emphasis on wiki. He and I made a ton of Toriko pages since the only page made was Toriko's character page and the anime series page. It's great to see how much our teammates done.


Who have been your favorite partners to work with?

Well I've only been at the wiki game for roughly 1 year now and haven't had many partners, but during this time a few friends stood out considerably.


Even though we don't interact in the wiki as much as we used to on the forums, Destinyheroknight has a small presence on more projects than I initially realized, adding pages and/or filling in General info on many of the pages I finished, particularly The Seven Deadly Sins and One Punch Man. I also owe him some World Trigger pages. I promised (and failed) to get some done this year because I fell behind. (Sorry! I'll make it up.)


This guy has been the most consistent out of all the partners I've worked with. Despite being a character editor, now having dozens of pages over a thousand points, the quality of his pages consistently exceed mine. He has kept me on my toes throughout the year. I'm sure he knows this. Even though he didn't need it, I'd like to think he felt the same way. He is a better editor than myself and few people know or remember but the few times he debated, it was most often against me as well. He's been a consistent rival and a friend for the last year and a half or so.


Well what can I say. Taka, my good friend became the top editor of vice at the end of 2014, finally catching up to the behemoth editor FoxxFireArt which may or may not ever happen again. He was the first person to help me in the wiki and continued to do so until I became "fluent" enough on my own. Even now he still helps with images when he can (as I have a notorious reputation of having horrible images or no images at all even on the forums). He was literally the top editor of 2014 and now is the top editor of all time on animevice. I have worked on 3 team projects with him, Toriko, The Seven Deadly Sins and Magi, 3 of my top favorite Shounen series, although he has added bits of help here and there even with projects he is not involved in. Taka deserves the Platinum metal as the Greatest Editor of all time but really, he was my #1 favorite partner to work with because we formed a friendship and I never had to guess whether or not he would be active. He is always active.

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Height: Unknown (Reports of Taichokage's height have been at, '5 4", "5 7" and '5 11")
Weight: Unknown
Age: Unknown  (appears to be a young man, perhaps even a teenager)
Race: Unknown (rumored Japanese/Indian/African/Spanish)
Gender: Male
Hair: Unknown (Rumored black, white and brown)
Eyes: Black Normally (variable) 
Build: Muscular but lean
Unusual features (Rumors have it that his skin is incredibly dark. Others claim that he is unusually pale while others still say he has a brownish complexion)
Real Name: Unknown
Martial Status: Unknown
Alignment: Presumed Good
Affiliation: World Government, Gotei 13, Shinobi Alliance, Shaolin Monastery, Catholic Church
Personality: The person known as Taichokage is for lack of a better phrase an extremely mysterious character. He appears in the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times. His reason for appearing is not always understood but in every instance he leaves a very strong impression on anyone who witnessed him. He is known to be extremely intelligent as even with small phrases with limited vocabulary, he has outwitted nearly anyone who spoke to or against him. There have been many attempts to spy on and capture Taichokage by various organizations across the world but not only has each and every one failed, but often times their own plans backfired upon themselves due to the fact that Taichokage saw through every plan and acted in such a way that they harmed themselves. There have also been numerous reports about extreme kindness from Taichokage such as helping the poor, feeding the hungry, rescuing the endangered, stopping large battles single handed, giving mass amounts of charity and even healing the sick. However there have been rumors that Taichokage has inflicted acts of evil and cruelty as well. Among these include theft, impersonation, physical assaults, and even rape, kidnapping, arson, murder and assassination. These rumors remain unproven but large amounts of evidence point in the direction of Taichokage for many heinous crimes.
Powers: Taichokage is a being of immense power an knowledge. Taichokage is actually a multi dimensional/reality being. He exists in several realities and worlds at the same time and is aware of all of his selves. They are linked together and share all knowledge that each one gathers individually. They feel all of each others feelings at once yet at the same time only feel their own. They share the same mind yet have different wills. All of his selves look almost identical but each has a major difference. There have been 3 reported selves of Taichokage. 
Self # 1: The first is described as being around '5 11" in height and weighing about 180 lbs. He has near shoulder length jet black hair, deep blue eyes, an extremely athletic build and most notably incredibly perhaps even unnaturally dark skin. He has no facial hair. The few that have reportedly seen him describe him as almost a model of a man having no flaws in his features. And perhaps most remarkably about his appearance is the description of his eyes. All that have seen them have never contradicted the initial description with theirs. It is said that when you look into his eyes, there is the an extremely benevolent feeling that one gets. The depth of his eyes have no end and you can stare into them with sheer awe never stirring or wavering.
Self 1
Self 1


Self # 2: The second is described at being around '5 4" in height and weighing approximately 130 lbs. He has off white, almost grayish hair, dark red eyes, a very lean build and very pale skin, almost as if it were painted such a complexion. He has no facial hair. Those that have seen him describe him as a boy with maturity beyond his years. And similarly with the first description, there have been strange reports about his eyes. In addition to it's unnatural color, reports say that when one looks into his eyes, the most indescribable and sudden fear enters you. When looking into his eyes it feels as though he is a giant despite his small stature and you cannot look away despite how much you want to.
Self 2
Self 2


Self # 3: The third is described at being around '5 7" in height and weighing about 165 lbs. He has dark brown hair, green eyes, a muscular build, and light brown skin. He has no facial hair. Reports have it that he appeared to be a young man (perhaps in his late teens.) Also like the previous two descriptions, there are strange reports about his eyes. It is said that one cannot look him in the eye. When glancing at his face one seemingly is forced to look away.
Self 3
Self 3

This explains the different descriptions of Taichokage. The reason that there are so many conflicting rumors about Taichokage's appearance is because they are all true.
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