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Archers (Robin Hood Would be proud)

Inspired by my Gun Specialist Anime Characters list, here is the Archer edition. This will be updated regularly as I remember or come across more archers.

1. Uryuu Ishida

One of the main characters of Bleach. Nicknamed the Last Quincy and next in line as Quincy Emperor. (BLEACH)

2. Ryuken Ishida

Father of Ishida Uryuu, also a Quincy. (BLEACH)

3. Kagome Higurashi

Main heroine of Inuyasha. (Inuyasha)

4. Hayato Gokudera

Right hand to Tsuna and member of the Vongola Famiglia. He is highly intelligent and creates most of his own weaponry. (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

5. Coco

Member of the 4 Heavenly Kings. Not an archer first and foremost but highly efficient. (Toriko)

6. Aimaru

Leader of the Gourmet Knights. His combat style is powerful archery, but his main function is the creation of new medicine. (Toriko)

7. Kirge Opie

Stern Ritter J and Captain of the Jagdarmie. (BLEACH)

8. Margaret

Member of Kuja Tribe under Boa Hancock's reign. (One Piece)

9. Irvine

Member of the New Band of the Hawk. Is actually an Apostle. (Berserk)

10. Archer

The Servant of Archery. Presumably second only to Gilgamesh is power among the Archer class. (Fate Stay/Night)

11. Rickert

Original member of the Band of the Hawk. Also is a talented Inventor. (Berserk)

12. Pokkle

A hunter specialized in archery. (Hunter x Hunter)

13. Gowther

Member of the 7 Deadly Sins as the Goat's Sin of Lust. (Seven Deadly Sins)

14. Weinheidt

Member of Dawn Roar. (Seven Deadly Sins)

15. Chess

Soldier underneath King Wapol. (One Piece)

16. Kidomaru

Member of the Sound 4. (Naruto)

17. Kikyou

Former Head Priestess and the first love of Inuyasha. (Inuyasha)

18. Teresa Beria

Nun and Former Soma donor to Sasha. (Seikon no Qwaser)

19. Sagittarius Aiolos

Gold Saint in service to Athena the Goddess. (Saint Seiya)

20. Kaede

Younger sister and successor of Kikyou. (Inuyasha)

21. Isley

One of the 3 Abyssal ones. Although a swordmaster in human form, he is an archer in his awakened form. (Claymore)

22. Ran

A senior member of the Kuja Pirates under Boa Hancock. (One Piece)

23. Asguiaro Ebern

An arrancar with quincy-like powers. (BLEACH)

24. Sagittarius

An Archer spirit under Lucy's command. (Fairy Tail)

25. Sayo

An Archer of unknown skill who dreamed of becoming a true warrior. She was one of only two of Tatsumi's true friends. (Akame Ga Kill)

26. Chloe von Einzbern

The main Archer in Fate Kaleid. (Fate Kaleid)

27. Touma Hashiba

The Archer of the Ronin Warriors and is the Warrior of Heaven. (Ronin Warriors)

28. Judge R

The Man who plays both sides between the NOX organizaion and the GOH organization. (The God of High School)

29. Komaki Sakurai
takashichea moderator on July 25, 2014 at 6:43 p.m.

An archer one. Now, you becoming a weapon specialist (specifically long range and mid range weapons) in our community.

I'll keep an eye out for archers. When did you create this list? Don't forget to share your list in the List Redist ~ Share & Build Lists with the Community! thread. I have been waiting for someone to bump it. I got some weird lists to show off. You probably saw some of them.

takashichea moderator on Aug. 17, 2014 at 11:58 a.m.

How did I forget Sagittarius? I'm a Fairy Tail editor, and I completely forgot about him.

I have one more, her name is Chloe von Einzbern. She's the female version of Archer in Fate Kaleid series except more loli.


Didn't know Sayo was an archer.

taichokageon Aug. 17, 2014 at noon

Lol. I didn't think of him either until just now. Thank you for the help.


I had forgotten Sayo was an archer too until i looked back. It's reasonable since she didn't exactly have time for showings if you know what I mean.

Sonata moderator on March 2, 2015 at 1:43 p.m.

Komaki Sakurai from Tokyo Majin.

taichokageon March 2, 2015 at 2:06 p.m.

@Sonata: Thank you!

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