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A list that will contain all the members of Akatsuki and a brief yet detailed description of each member. Bear with while this list is in it's developmental stages please.
1. Obito Uchiha

The real leader and founder of Akatsuki. Madara is a member of the Uchiha clan from generations ago. He mastered the arts of the sharingan to the level of the eternal mangekyou sharingan and is the only Uchiha ever to have attained this level. He is capable of such abilities as warping space/time around himself (allowing him to make himself absolutely intangible, or to teleport himself and/or others.)Additionally, he seems to know all other mangekyou sharingan techniques and was able to extinguish the inextinguishable amaterasu flame from Sasuke's mangekyou sharingan power. Later on, Madara also gains possession of the rinnegan eye. This possibly gives him powers similar or identical to what Pain possesses. Currently, Madara is the most dangerous man in the Naruto world.

2. Nagato

Pain is the leader of Akatsuki but actually follows the instructions of Madara Uchiha (known as Tobi by the rest of Akatsuki.) Only Konan, Kisame and Zetsu are aware that Madara is the true leader. Pain grew up with fellow Akatsuki member Konan and they have a brother/sister-like relationship. Pain possesses the rinnegan eye and was the only person alive known to have it. It grants the user the god-like abilities of the six paths. Because Pain is physically weak, he created 6 bodies made from actual human bodies to each host of his six main abilities. He can control all six of the bodies as if they are himself and he sees, feels, and senses what they do. The first and main path is the Deva Path. It is his strongest path. It grants him the ability to manipulate gravity. With this ability he can attract or repel any object he targets, crush whole villages, and even create miniature moons with crushing gravity by molding together surrounding mountains into one giant mass. His second path is the Animal Path. This grants him the ability to summon all sorts of animals including mystical and unnatural creatures such as Rhinoceroses that are easily 10 times the size of a normal one.

3. Itachi Uchiha
4. Kisame Hoshigaki
5. Kakuzu
6. Orochimaru
7. Sasori
8. Deidara
9. Konan
10. Hidan
11. Zetsu
Toxin45on June 13, 2011 at 5:09 p.m.
cool list
taichokage is online on June 13, 2011 at 8:34 p.m.
@Toxin45: Thank you. As you can see it isn't quite finished yet though. How do you like the ranking I cam up with? I tried listing them from strongest to weakest (Except for Zetsu since we don't know his full abilities yet.)
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