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@SpeedForceSpider: Honestly I don't think that will matter much against a target that's roughly 1000 feet tall.
1 hour, 5 minutes ago
Round 1: Giant. Round 2: Centaur.
4 hours, 45 minutes ago
Hey I know Akira Kongou too. I added him to the wiki. In fact, i was the first (and only) responder to Kongo Banchou threads for a little while there. Lol. That's enough whining though. By feats, he wins. But the hype goes to Saitama. Kenshiro without Mysou Tensei would not be a threat. Even with it, he can't (or hasn't shown able) to stay in that state for longer ...
16 hours, 54 minutes ago
She was Using Pandora's Box ability Reflect but not the Miricle power or whatever it's called. However the Prince probably does have planet level strikes with his hammer at least. He shook the whole planet and caused massive damage despite the fact that the brunt of the attack was blocked by Mo-Ri's Kinto-Un.
21 hours, 13 minutes ago
@Loadedgnome said:Oh yeah forgot about that. I just reread the chap where soo Jin reduces the explosion radius, and I just realized that her ability is just like the Shinkai from kekkaishiI said the exact same thing in another thread. It works literally like the Shinkai.
23 hours ago
taichokage replied to the topic Morito Hayama vs Captain America on the Battles board.
@EVA_01: Not really. 616 has had a lot of re-sets. A LOT of re-sets, but not retcons like DC.However, the long running characters by necessity do change authors and sometimes the feats will vary a bit. Like Thor back in the day was utterly broken. He is still VERY strong but a bit toned down in what he actually showed back in the day. But not by much.
23 hours ago
@Loadedgnome: Don't know the exact size but it wasn't DBZ Kai planet small or anything. It was at least true planetoid sized given that Mo-Ri's clone had to go 1000 km (or miles I forget) to get to the portal from where he was.
23 hours, 10 minutes ago
taichokage replied to the topic Morito Hayama vs Captain America on the Battles board.
@akronawol17 said:@taichokage: Cap has trouble with the 25-tonner Spiderman, so how can he beat up 30-tonners casually? still kinda sounds like PIS to me, but i'll take your word for itIt's because Cap's forte are his reactions and agility. For lack of strength he can defend with the shield which absorbs impact and he can counter accordingly. The issue is that Spiderman is Cap's superior in both speed and reactions ...
23 hours, 12 minutes ago
taichokage replied to the topic Morito Hayama vs Captain America on the Battles board.
@Chef_Banchou said:@taichokage: I understand that Ultimate Universe Cap is pretty damn powerful, but this isn't the version who's fighting Morito, so it doesn't matter, TBH. If it WERE that Cap, Morito would have a baaad time, lol.I was using it as a Parallel since Cap's power set is the same in the Ultimate timeline. He actually has many more impressive feats in 616.
23 hours, 27 minutes ago
taichokage replied to the topic Morito Hayama vs Captain America on the Battles board.
@akronawol17: They're only 30 tonners for the most part. Cap has done this pretty often to be honest. In the Ultimate Universe for example he beat the snot out of Giant Man.
23 hours, 34 minutes ago
@Loadedgnome said:Doesn't lee soo Jin have small scale reality warping?And you didn't restrict jins gourd, so he solos easyPlanet Scale. You can remove Il Pyo and the Prince and it makes no difference. Either Mo-Ri or Soo-Jin can solo.
23 hours, 41 minutes ago
May depend on who focuses on who. Also I forget if Scar can deconstruct a substance he doesn't know aka adamantium/vibranium. If so then he could be dangerous to Captain America, however he would likely lose to Gambit. The opposite is true for the others. Bradley would probably lose a bout with Steve but could beat Gambit. If Scar can deconstruct any substance then I could see 50/50. If he ...
1 day ago
taichokage replied to the topic Meliodas vs Zoro vs Alibaba on the Battles board.
To be honest, I don't recal an instance where Mel actually deflected a weapon itself. This would have truly come in handy when he was ambushed by Gil, Vivian and Hendricksen. I don't think he can reflect solid weapons but it seems any type of energy or element can be countered.
1 day ago
taichokage replied to the topic Beerus Vs Frieza, Cell, and Majin buu on the Battles board.
He already Cleared Goku, Mystic Gohan, Vegeta, Fat Buu, Piccolo and the rest who overall are a more impressive group than this, and quite easily at that. These 3 are comparatively scrubs.
1 day, 2 hours ago
I think I'm a bit less critical of Soul Eater even though I agree with most of what you say. For me, the thing that bumped it down a notch was the ending. I hadn't even read the manga at the time that I watched it and still knew it was a load of BS. I did enjoy it though. The manga was better in covering the later episodes though.
1 day, 3 hours ago
1 day, 3 hours ago
Mo-Ri solos.
1 day, 7 hours ago
taichokage had a submission approved for Suman Dark and earned 40 points (for a total of 73,431 points).
Expanded on Appearance.
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taichokage uploaded 1 new image.
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Here's a Full Profile for Suman Dark. There are just small details left to be added soon.
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