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taichokage replied to the topic COCO VS STARJUN on the Battles board.
I might still be with Starjun albeit barely. He awakened his Gourmet Genetics in Cooking Festival so he was stronger than seen to an unknown degree. He was strong enough where Joa who should be the strongest human in the world did not think he could beat Starjun quickly enough, in other words Starjun wasn't fodder even to Joa. I don't think that Coco will get to use Devil poison ...
0 minutes ago
taichokage replied to the topic Raditz and Nappa Vs Saitama on the Battles board.
Saitama ftw. Guy is insane.
5 hours, 13 minutes ago
taichokage replied to the topic TEAM 7 VS TEAM MINATO on the Battles board.
@Kobra678: It said Kid Team 7 at their strongest minus Minato and Yamato. I read that as being that Minato and Yamato were exempt from being at their strongest not absent from the team. It could be read either way. Lol. But you're most likely right.
5 hours, 15 minutes ago
taichokage replied to the topic Hisoka vs Gambit on the Battles board.
Problem with Marvel is that at some point, every popular character gets a temporary god-mod. Most don't keep it though.
14 hours, 23 minutes ago
taichokage replied to the topic INUYASHA VS TOSHIRO HITSUGAYA on the Battles board.
Tetsaiga has large range as well. The wind scar can vanquish 100 low-mid class demons at once. Adamant barrage is weaker but has longer range. And Toshiro has no answer to Meido Zangetsuha if Inuyasha gets it off. Speed is arguable but that aside Inuyasha definitely has the power advantage.
16 hours, 54 minutes ago
Avengers since its founding probably has had over a hundred members in canon alone and many of them can solo this thread with ease. Specifications would be really helpful.
19 hours, 41 minutes ago
Yeah while he can manipulate the universe, Hao's level of control is greater since he basically is god. The issue is that he can't effect the same scale as Hao and since the latter is omnipresen when not restricted, it would be an endless stalemate.
22 hours, 3 minutes ago
In my opinion this is a stalemate. On one hand Yoshimori has the Shinkai. This grants him the ability to become God within a specific area. On the other hand you have Hao who is omnipresent and his area of effect is greater. While powerful he could not defeat Yoshimori as long as he uses the Shinkai. On the other hand Yoshimori can beat Hao because the Shinkai has limited ...
22 hours, 12 minutes ago
taichokage replied to the topic PRISCILLA VS GOOMOONRYONG VS RAI on the Battles board.
I know Priscilla. Somewhat know the other two. I am not current in Breaker or Noblesse but I think Rai can take Priscilla. I don't think Goomoonryong will be of much help here though.
22 hours, 46 minutes ago
taichokage replied to the topic KENPACHI VS MIHAWK on the Battles board.
Agreed. And I'm certain this has been done before.
23 hours, 26 minutes ago
taichokage replied to the topic TOGURO VS JUGGERNAUT on the Battles board.
Juggernaut smacks Toguro and kills him.
23 hours, 28 minutes ago
Or he makes a Careru doll, hops in and bulldozes the lot of them at hypersonic speed. Then feeds them to Kiss.
1 day, 1 hour ago
taichokage replied to the topic TEAM 7 VS TEAM MINATO on the Battles board.
Assuming I read this correctly, Round 1, Minato solos. Round 2 Juubito could solo with effort. Round 3 is tough but Team 7 barely. Naruto and Sasuke are too powerful although Kakashi could tangle with either 1 of them 1 on 1 and so could JuubitI. But they would probably lose. This one is tough but the first 2 rounds are a touch lopsided.
1 day, 1 hour ago
Coco from the 4 Beast arc onwards can take this with varying degrees of ease.
1 day, 1 hour ago
taichokage replied to the topic AKATSUKI vs. ESPADAS on the Battles board.
Again Baraggan is misunderstood. When he deals with bonbs he doesn't age them. He dilates time so he can casually evade them. The reason why Soifon initially failed but succeeded the second time was because Hacchi blocked his path with 5 super barriers. He lost because Hacchi had a counter for both his dilation and respira which nobody else had. I'm not saying he's stronger than Juubito. He really isn't. ...
1 day, 15 hours ago
taichokage replied to the topic Onepunch Man Vs The Incredible Hulk on the Battles board.
Lol. But that's a fair point. Boros pointed out that he was toying with him the whole time. I honestly will put my money on Saitama being World Breaker Hulk caliber EOS.
1 day, 15 hours ago
taichokage commented on othus12's series The king for a reason.
I agree. 3 episodes for a 1 season anime might be reasonable. But 3 episodes for a weekly series running for 17 years isn't even the equivalent of a quarter an episode for a 1 season series. That's the equivalent of dropping Kill la kill in the first 3 minutes. Longer series have longer stories. It takes longer to get to the flesh of the series. This all ties in ...
1 day, 15 hours ago
I could've sworn this was done already. Yama can't beat the Rider though.
1 day, 16 hours ago
taichokage replied to the topic Bazz B vs Akainu on the Battles board.
With magma that couldn't harm Bazz Bee? By feats he is more powerful don't get me wrong, but Bazz Bee is the heat. It's his specialty. He survived Yama's level of flames and emits magma himself as well as other forms of heat. Akainu would need to use brute strength to beat Bazz Bee which is not likely given Bazz Bee's flight, speed and if it comes to it, Blut.
1 day, 16 hours ago
taichokage replied to the topic Maka Albarn vs Nero on the Battles board.
Maka should be a bullet timer. She could tussle with Kishin Asura who could continuously tag Black Star who was faster than Kirin who could react to sniper shots. A lot of scaling but she is a lot stronger than earlier bullet timers. Don't know if she wins this though.
1 day, 16 hours ago
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