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One Piece and Bleach were pretty brutal this week. But Toriko.........................
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taichokage replied to the topic Movies & TV Club on the Off-Topic board.
@Acura_Max: Pretty cool. It could prevent a slide down the side that would cut off the arm. I am very hyped. Aside from Avengers there's nothing I'm looking forward to as much until 2017.
1 hour, 24 minutes ago
taichokage replied to the topic Master Goritaurus vs 3 Four Beasts on the Battles board.
Goritaurus frightens them to death.
1 hour, 26 minutes ago
@CosmicKnight75 said:A Jobbing Surfer lets his ass get kicked (or at least restrained) by Black Panther so.............yup.And Rhino.....................................And Storm...........
2 hours, 5 minutes ago
taichokage replied to the topic Movies & TV Club on the Off-Topic board.
@Kuma_From_Argentina: About 2 hours ago yes. Between Age of Ultron and this, 2015 will be insane!
2 hours, 7 minutes ago
One thing is for sure. I was right about your debating skills Cosmic.
4 hours, 42 minutes ago
@CosmicKnight75: Can you argue that though? You told me she re-created those verses. That sounds like supreme dominance at universal scale. Enrico Pucci in Jojo's can do this at well. With Stairway to Heaven he can accelerate to the end of the universe at will and re-create it. He cannot create a second universe though. Does Othinus have this feat of creating another universe simultaneously or just reforming the one ...
5 hours, 57 minutes ago
@CosmicKnight75: A lot are but not all. But Marvel has so many verses it's ridiculus. For instance Mephisto, a Devil figure in Marvel, his dimension is a whole universe. So is Cytorak's Cosmos. Marvel is so vast it's called an Omniverse. It has multiple (I believe it was unending amount) of multiverses. There are beings such as LT and the True Phoenix that span all of these and command them ...
6 hours, 20 minutes ago
@GeneralVan: You aren't the only one I've heard this from. It's not exactly an uncommon trend. And Kubo apparently did this with Giselle who didn't have the slightest indication unlike this instance, although it's still not 100% confirmed.
6 hours, 29 minutes ago
@akronawol17: I would say one stat Naruto has over Jio is durability. But that's probably the only one. Jio half mitigates this weakness by being able to absorb energy attacks.
6 hours, 36 minutes ago
@CosmicKnight75: Marvel has these same entities, Vishnu, Odin, Cronos etc. Odin for instance can fight on every plane of Existence. But their influence is still within One Universe. There is no theoretical limit to the size of the universe or any universe. Infinity and eternity simply mean space and time without limit. There are planes of existence that go beyond space and time which is the 4th dimension. Modern Science ...
6 hours, 38 minutes ago
@CosmicKnight75: Does Othinus extend beyond 1 universe?
7 hours, 40 minutes ago
taichokage replied to the topic Anime Transmorphers VS The X- Women on the Battles board.
Of course there was. Plot.
8 hours, 23 minutes ago
taichokage replied to the topic Ocular technique user free-for-all on the Battles board.
That's *almost* as Hax as Ban Mido's Evil Eye and Devil Arm combo.
10 hours, 21 minutes ago
taichokage replied to the topic Anime Transmorphers VS The X- Women on the Battles board.
That is beyond silly.
10 hours, 24 minutes ago
I've thought this over before as anyone can tell you I'm one of the biggest supporters for both series here. Objectively speaking, no it can't. However this ties into the problems of crossing series over, which particularly pertains to series' like Bleach. This is the same thing as Genjutsu not working against Bleach or most any series for that matter because it's the manipulation of chakra in the brain and ...
10 hours, 28 minutes ago
That's a pretty big difference. Death Note is not even on Berserk's radar in dark elements. To be honest neither is Monster. Well, maybe thats not fair. They're different kinds of dark. Do you mean like Psychological Thriller Dark? I that's the case then no. 666 Satan isn't like Berserk or Monster. It's more like HxH dark.
10 hours, 38 minutes ago
taichokage replied to the topic Anime Transmorphers VS The X- Women on the Battles board.
Yes unless she got a temporary amp. Marvel loves to do it to the Female Furies, especially the X-Women. Give them temporary God Mods. Jean, Storm, Rogue, Wanda (that's an Avenger though) etc. On average the X-ladies are far stronger than their male counterparts. Still only the Grey's with their Phoenix Amps are boosted up to Galactus level or higher. That looks crazy. Phasing should have 0 effect on Big ...
10 hours, 42 minutes ago
She's a lot thicker than Nami but I see a resemblance. Post time skip Nami would look closer since her hair is a lot longer.
10 hours, 45 minutes ago
taichokage replied to the topic Anime Transmorphers VS The X- Women on the Battles board.
Is that canon? I've never seen or heard of this. If so then that's 2 characters on the team who took Galactus which would make this one sided to the extreme.
10 hours, 50 minutes ago
taichokage replied to the topic Melk the 2nd VS Tashigi on the Battles board.
Hard to say. Melk only had the feat of lasting a few seconds against a restrained Pre-Food Honor Toriko. But that's probably more than Tashigi could do. She actually scratched Toriko, albeit that was more to do with the extreme quality of her craft of blades rather than fighting power. But still, more than Tashigi could probably do. Normal blades don't even cut Toriko.
11 hours, 10 minutes ago
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