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t_duq completed the Big Brother quest.
Your actions on the message boards are being watched! If a staff member or moderator simply views your topic, you'll earn this quest.
1 year ago
If this particular user @reply's to something you've written with specific text, you'll unlock this quest and will be forever remembered as the guy who was responded to by that user with that text!
1 year ago
t_duq completed the Back-Talkin' quest.
If this particular user @reply's to something you've said. You'll be golden.
1 year ago
t_duq completed the Touched By God quest.
Write something so cool that a moderator has no choice BUT to @reply to you.
1 year ago
t_duq completed the Covert Communication quest.
Sometimes it's good to have a heart-to-heart chat. If a moderator or staff member starts a Private Message conversation with you, you'll complete this quest.
1 year ago
t_duq replied to the topic Dbz isn't overrated. on the Just Anime board.
DBZ is way over rated that i can't believe how blind people can be saying it isn't. The fights take 50 years to do a 5 minute job, the characters have no depth, the story isn't brilliant it may have influenced other anime but that doesn't really mean that we wouldn't have those anime DBZ isn't the be all and end all of anime. People think that because it was ...
1 year ago
t_duq created a blog post DBZ movie 14.
The new DBZ movie has been released online and apparently it's been really popular and every ones loved it giving it rave reviews all over the world. I've watched it and just can't see what the big fuss is about, the story is pretty rubbish, the characters are the same, the comedy is sub par, there is no real tragedy to be resolved, it's basically the same as all the ...
1 year ago
t_duq completed the Dear Diary quest.
Duder, start up your blog on the site already! Talk about anything... well, not anything.
1 year ago
There is no way that natsu is gonna defeat acognologia on his own as the guy couldn't even defeat one regular dragon with a team of wizards never mind a transformed dragon slayer who did it for a living and was good at it.
1 year ago
For me it has to be the last episode of guilty crown it is the only one to actually brings a tear to my eye.
1 year ago
t_duq completed the Spruced Up quest.
Spruce up your profile page. Add a background. Remember, this isn't MySpace, so try and keep it tasteful.
1 year ago
t_duq completed the Duder, It's Over! quest.
Duder, you'll totally see one of these at the end of a video.
1 year ago
t_duq completed the Genesis quest.
This quest will put you at the start of a very significant undertaking.
1 year ago
t_duq completed the I Avatar quest.
You really want to use that icon to represent yourself on the site? Why don't you try something new.
1 year ago
t_duq completed the Last Night Cram quest.
Procrastination is made easier with the right tools. Click this link to check out Best Buy's Next Class of laptops for your college needs.
1 year ago
t_duq completed the Saiyan-tastic! quest set.
1 year ago
t_duq completed the That's a New Look For You quest.
One Super Saiyan every thousand years? Yeah right, these characters reach transformation whenever they please. View each character page to complete this quest.
1 year ago
t_duq completed the All in the Family quest.
Now, there's no pressure, but you BETTER have super powers if you're among these family members of Goku. To complete this quest, view every one of his family members on the site.
1 year ago
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Bigheart711 17 hours, 6 minutes ago
Had fun on the Movie Night event. Now to do some actual work. @_@
sickVisionz 2 weeks ago
For the first time in a years I'm in the mood to wiki edit.
JJOR64 2 months, 3 weeks ago
I'm still alive people! June 25, 2014.
Daniel_Newton 5 months, 2 weeks ago
Hey guys, been busy lately writing for BagoGames. If you want to follow my stuff follow me on tumblr - http://goo.gl/q9bmnQ - I'd appreciate it :)
sora_thekey 1 year, 1 month ago
I got this $10,000 MXN grant to go to the top music school in Latin America (Fermatta) after I auditioned singing Give Me a Reason by P!nk!
AgentJ 1 year, 7 months ago
Batman is Anime, and Zelda's an RPG. These are a few of the most dumbest (sic) things.
Kelleth 1 year, 8 months ago
Always instant ban for Add Bots! No mercy to be found here! And We'll make fun of you while we're at it!
FoxxFireArt 2 years, 3 months ago
It seems the Twiter link on profiles isn't working. The same Tweet I made weeks ago is still on here.
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