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wishing here were more episodes of Petshop of Hrrors even if they got repetitive
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so, new member. Last site that I actually had a blog on died, RIP imeem. hopefully it wasn't a curse so I am trying again with the blogging. 
at the moment I should be working on some essay-thing but I am doing this. ^.^ work avoidance is great, but it does mean the essay will take like twice as long....*sigh* 
I love listening to songs over and over again while I'm working, I was just listening to 'sad eyes' by Bat For Lashes until I became seriously depressed  so now I've moved onto some Bollywood music. :) don't hate me for loving Bollywood, none of my real world friends like Bollywood movies. I just find the songs cheery......I seriously think that if I locked some of my emo friends in a room with Saawariya playing they would no longer be depressive much....though perhaps the Elvis impersonation is a bit mentally scarring. 
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